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New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$32.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on October 13, 2017
omg such a fun game to play with friends and family up to 4 people can play at a time i loved playing and beating this game with my little brother
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on May 25, 2011
I'm sorry I put off buying this game so long just because it cost more than many other games. It is awesome! I played the original Super Mario Bros and have played every Mario since then. This is absolutely the best. It meshed together all of the greatest aspects in the history of the game and threw in some new very cool ones.

Noticeable first is the layout that looks like Super Mario 64, with the map on the screen. Then that the 2nd player gets to choose the character to play with, circa Mario 2. He can fly reminiscent of Mario 3, but this time with a helicopter hat instead of a tail. He has fire power, but now he also has snowball power - able to freeze things instead of melt them. One of the coolest and yet most challenging parts of the game is that Mario and Luigi play TOGETHER. Not taking turns as has always happened. And you can have up to 4 people playing.

Various levels, has the ship at the end of the level like Mario 3, but also has the castles, too. Oh! And remember jumping on the flag at then of levels in the original Super Mario Bros? Yep, that's back. The match game from Mario 3 is here, too.

The music isn't too irritating like some newer games. The graphics are great for Mario. Lot sof tunnel hopping, jumping on Yoshi is here. Just any good thing you can think of from previous Mario versions is here. Plus more. In Mario 3, Mario and Luigi had separate 'thing' lists, mushrooms, flowers, stars, and such. Now Mario and Luigi share it. If Mario gets a Mushroom, so does Luigi. When you jump and hit a box in a level, both players get something. When you get 100 coins and get a 1up, both players do. The coins you collected in Mario 2, those are here. It has a very classic Mario feel but with new features. None of that Mario DS stuff.

I highly recommend it. And I bought it here on Amazon for a little over $30 using Swagbucks and it came with free shipping.
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on June 5, 2017
My wife and I have played through worlds one and two, and we are both really enjoying the game. The game is a very good combination of challenge and fun, and we've found ourselves laughing out loud at the fun and intensity of the experience more than once.
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on January 16, 2018
So much fun to play with my siblings I got in to replace our old one and it's still so much fun!!
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on November 24, 2009
I've been a fan of the Super Mario Bros. series of games since I played Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt at about age five, and when I heard that a new side-scrolling Mario platformer was coming to Wii I couldn't wait to play it. Super Mario Bros. 3 is still my favorite game of all time, but New Super Mario Bros. Wii is the first Mario title to truly rival it.

Some people have been misinformed about New Super Mario Bros. Wii and believe that it is a port of New Super Mario Bros. for DS; that assumption couldn't be farther from the truth. NSMB Wii is a completely different game with entirely new stages/level designs, power-ups, world maps, newly added game mechanics, and story (although yes - Peach has been kidnapped again). The Magic Mushroom, Starman, Fire Flower, and Mini Mushroom (NSMB DS) all return, and exclusive power-ups such as the Penguin Suit, Ice Flower (which differs from the Super Mario Galaxy version), and Propeller Mushroom are available for the first time. Yoshi also shows up in various levels; though once you reach the flag pole at a stage's end Yoshi must be left behind. As far as stage designs go, you'll do everything from riding large flying sting rays, to carrying a luminescent block through a pitch-black underground level, to clearing clouds that obscure the next platform by using a spin technique. There are also MANY hidden passages, star coins to find, and alternate exits to discover.

The stage environments are beautiful and colorful, the character models look great, and I haven't experienced any slow-down regardless of how much activity is taking place on-screen. Play control is exceptional, but then solid play control is a hallmark of the whole Super Mario series. You'll end up playing through levels multiple times if you want to find everything, and there are hint movies as well as an in-stage assist to aid less experienced players. The excellent single player mode is ideal for thorough exploration (and the best way to experience the game in my opinion), and the multiplayer mode is great, frantic fun for up to four players simultaneously that's sure to add plenty of replay value to an already wonderful game. I don't think you have to be a dedicated Mario fan or even an admirer of the classics to enjoy NSMB Wii (though it certainly doesn't hurt), and when it comes to fun, creative gameplay there's really no game for Wii or any other current console that I more highly recommend. I think most gamers that give this title a chance will get a lot out of it, and players like myself that will recognize returning enemies and various elements from past Mario games will benefit from nostalgia.
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on December 18, 2017
Excellent services and perfect product. I delighted to recommend it. Thank you!
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on February 2, 2011
I am writing my first review to express how happy I am that I have finally found a "next-gen" game that my girlfriend not only plays, but ASKS ME TO PLAY WITH HER. I have been with her for almost a decade and have gotten her to play little more than Rock Band and Wii fit. Games like these are helping me with a big step in moving my gaming-relationship forward! Next stop, CODMW2? :)

Music: True to the classics, yet a new feel. The whole game literally bounces to the rhythms!

Difficulty: Wow, I am very surprised at how difficult this game can be on time, especially with multiplayer. Try and have fun with the fact that your fellow players will kill you several times, rather than getting frustrated about it.

Multiplayer: Chaotic, surprising, unrelenting, and I love it. Full on collisions, multiple opportunities for both team work and competition, and there is never a dull moment.

Length: Although I haven't completed it 100%, I am more than satisfied with how long it has taken me to get the the point where I am. Not sure yet if there are secrets that make the game ridiculously long like in SMW for SNES (I'd rather try finding it myself before looking it up).

To sum it all up: BUY IT! The nostalgia alone is worth every penny. I am practically broke and I am happy with the money I spent. If you want a game to play with your family and/or SO, this is the game fore you!
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on May 21, 2010
Well, thank God for Nintendo and the Wii... not just because of their inventive use of motion control for video games, but for their willingness to embrace retro-themed games that retain the fun of the titles many of us grew up with still love, and for not feeling a need to FORCE motion controls into every game they develop!

New Super Mario Bros. was a FANTASTIC game on the DS, so I was really excited to get an all-new entry in the series for the Wii. I was even more excited that simultaneous multiplayer was now a feature, because even back in 1986 I thought that would've made the original Super Mario Bros. an absolute blast! I still regret that it was never incorporated.

Color me surprised, then, to launch into this game in solo mode only to find that the difficulty level was fairly crushing right out of the gate. Mario games usually have a more progressive level of difficulty, but this game will have you littering dead Marios across the Mushroom Kingdom at a rate you've never experienced before! Now, the game IS as fun as it is frustrating; as with the best Nintendo titles, your goal is always JUST within reach, prompting you to want to play endlessly. It's definitely patterned after all the old Mario games you know and love, with lots of new twists, abilities and alternate routes to traverse thrown in for good measure.

I wish I had people around to experience this game with in multiplayer, because I think Nintendo really, primarily developed this one with multiplayer in mind. It seems that it might be easier with friends to help out; in single-player mode, it's absolutely crushing. I made it through World 2 by the skin of my teeth, and World 3 is destroying me; the Wii Remote gets thrown across the couch pretty regularly, which at least prompts amused laughs from my little daughter. :D

If you're up for an old-fashioned Mario experience, then grab this game without hesitation! But be prepared for a royal butt-kicking. The game DOES offer you in-game assistance if you lose enough lives in one level, but only a lazy cheater would accept that. ... Right?
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on December 10, 2017
Second time I had to buy this game. It is a family favorite. 1-4 players.
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on March 2, 2017
Bought for my grandkids. They wore out the first disc. Would buy again.
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