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New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$30.54+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on October 15, 2014
This game is great for those of us that grew up with the original Nintendo version of Super Mario Bros!!! It’s an updated version but still has the simplicity of the original 2d scrolling style as opposed to some video games that are so complicated and feel the need to be 3d. My 7 year old nephew enjoys this game a lot, but his parents and myself enjoy playing just as much as he does! It’s great that there is the multiplayer option, so we can help him get past the parts that he can’t do alone. Multi-player is actually really fun for adults or older children as well because you can play “every man for himself” style and knock the other player off ledges, into enemies, etc. if you want to make it more interesting, or you can use each other (jump on each other’s heads, etc.) to reach bonus items or higher ledges that you couldn’t on your own.

I find this game the right amount of difficult for older/more experienced players, but not too difficult for the younger players to not be able to play at all (even though they will need help as the levels do get harder).

I also enjoy that this is a traditional style video game and the wii remote moving is limited to shaking it occasionally, not having to jump around the room to get your character to do something, but I know some people have complained about that.
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on August 20, 2013
When we bought our Nintendo Wii the feature I was most excited about was the original NES titles that could be downloaded from the Nintendo online store. I grew up playing Mario Bros 1, 2 and 3 and loved them as a kid. Even as an adult they are a blast.

Then, my wife told me about a newer Mario Bros game for the Wii that she had played at her sisters house. She said it was similar to how the older games were designed, being that you can only go forwards and backwards and up and down pipes. This excited me and I immediately got on Amazon and ordered it.

I must say that I really like this game. The style play is similar to the old titles, but with lots of additions. You can have four players on the screen at time as you go through the level bumping boxes and getting power ups and coins. There are 8 worlds to explore, just like the older titles and you move through the map in a similar way as Mario 3 for NES. There is also a Coin Battle mode where each player on the screen tries to collect the most coins throughout certain levels and the player with the most by the levels finish is the winner (appeals to my wife's competitive nature).

The only thing I wish it had were some of the other power ups from the Mario 3. The Leaf and The Bear are two of my favorite power ups that are missing from this game.

Overall it is great and if you like Mario Bros games, chances are you will like this one.

The service from Amazon was great. The game was promptly delivered and the packaging was perfect.
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on March 10, 2015
This game is filled with fun for the whole family! Four player game, (wii remotes sold separately) with characters Luigi, Blue Toad, Yellow Toad, and of course Mario. Do not be fooled by forums claiming you can "unlock" Wario, Waluigi, Donkey Kong, etc. as they are false claims. Bowser and his minions have captured Princess Peach and you have to survive 8 strange worlds to rescue her. Each world has a different theme, a minor castle, and a major castle. The game is also filled with road houses providing star power, matching game for powerups, or shooting yourself out of a cannon to get extra lives. Each world has a secret passageway (black pipe). SPOILER ALERT!!!! There is a extra ninth world you will encounter after beating the game. The way it works is, there are 3 star coins in each level in the eight worlds. When you collect all the stars in a world, you unlock a new LEVEL in the level nine world. This game is packed with adventure! Highly, highly recommended!!!!! Any Mario fan will adore.
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on October 11, 2016
I ordered this game for my Son who has been asking for a few weeks. I was shocked to find it at a fairly good price brand new. I don't have a lot to say about this item as it was Brand new as listed it was sealed still and arrived on time and was packed with bubble rap. Once my son got it open it was all original with the game direction and books. My Son has had it 5 days and has asked to play it each day for his free play time. The game itself over all is pretty cool to see how far technology and the design has come in the actual pictures on the screen. I would recommend this game to others for their kids or tha bug adult child in their life. :-)
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on May 31, 2016
When our kids finally wore out our first Super Mario Bros game, our daughter knew she just had to buy it again for her sister to replace it! Not sure if the gift was REALLY for her sister... as they play it TOGETHER! Haha ... but it is admittedly the most played game of the dozens we own... whether by our teen daughters, by us as the parents, or by the little cousins (who happened to get their own for Christmast this year after playing it our house)! Admittedly one of the best of the best Wii games!
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on August 18, 2016
Having grown up with the first Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), as soon as I saw this game, I knew I needed to have it. It's just as addictive as Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, and 3. It keeps the family entertained on game night, and these are the kinds of games that remind me why I bought a Wii in the first place, instead of a PlayStation or Xbox. I've only given it 4/5 because this game is already somewhat outmoded because of the Wii U. But whether you have a Wii or Wii U, consider this a must-have for your collection. I also highly recommend Nintendo Selects: Super Mario All-Stars.
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on January 20, 2014
So I got this cause my Wii was collecting dust and it FINALLY went down pretty cheap. (Nintendo first party games always take years and years to drop in price... Hmm I wonder why Nintendo systems don't sell well :P )

After having to recharge my batteries for my Wii mote for a day or two I finally got into playing it. It has a nostalgic feel of the old SNES mario games but with extra things such as the helicopter hat and co-op etc. After playing a few levels I found that it did start to get a bit more difficult over time and that it would be much more fun with co-op. Unfortunately not having any good friends around to play it with me kinda makes the game less interesting. It is fun don't get me wrong but this is more a game for you and friends/family then by yourself.

I might continue playing it someday but for now its just gonna get dusty like the rest of my Wii games.
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on May 24, 2015
My grand-babies and I love this game. We have a totally FAB time playing it... even when we're scraping over it, or who's turn it is to get a power-up, of any variety. My mom ( aka, the babies great-grand-ma or GIgi for short ) is completely befuddled as to what all the fuss is about. SO even though it brings out the fighter in us all ( or in other words, me and my two most favorite people in the world... James and Jilly ) we ultimately end up rotfl at all our crazy maneuvers and down right silly shenanigans.
I recommend this game to anyone and everyone, quite definitely and most especially those with one or more bff's to share in all the fun with...!! :o)
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on November 18, 2012
I grew up playing Mario...I remember when we first connected the Nintendo to our (haha, 20" squarish TV...) in late 1980s.

Now, my five year old and I are playing Mario games on the Wii. This game is excellent because the levels are all very creative and fun. Most importantly, my son and I can play together, as in both on the screen at the same time instead of "taking turns." I think this is much more fun than watching each other play.

I have to hand it to the Nintendo engineers: they came up with this "bubble" for the game-play. During any level, my son can simply press the "A" button to "get in a bubble," which makes him invincible and allows him to float around. If he shakes the controller, he flies towards my player and I can "Pop" his bubble and allow him play again. I hope I explained this right...basically, any part of a board that is too challenging, and he can "get in a bubble" and catch up to me. Now, he so good that he tells me to "get in a bubble" to catch up to him (and I listen). You can also "get in a bubble" if Mario is about to fall down a pit etc. This feature makes this game extremely kid friendly.

Overall, we love this game and have played many hours. Once you complete a level, you can play it again and again, as you know kids like repetition....
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on August 9, 2017
Really fun game, and it allows you to play with friends and run into all sorts of funny scenarios trying to jump around each other. Wish it allows you to use the third-party classic controllers because the experience with the Wii remote turned sideways is pretty terrible. Maybe that's just me.
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