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Format: Video Game|Change
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on August 20, 2013
When we bought our Nintendo Wii the feature I was most excited about was the original NES titles that could be downloaded from the Nintendo online store. I grew up playing Mario Bros 1, 2 and 3 and loved them as a kid. Even as an adult they are a blast.

Then, my wife told me about a newer Mario Bros game for the Wii that she had played at her sisters house. She said it was similar to how the older games were designed, being that you can only go forwards and backwards and up and down pipes. This excited me and I immediately got on Amazon and ordered it.

I must say that I really like this game. The style play is similar to the old titles, but with lots of additions. You can have four players on the screen at time as you go through the level bumping boxes and getting power ups and coins. There are 8 worlds to explore, just like the older titles and you move through the map in a similar way as Mario 3 for NES. There is also a Coin Battle mode where each player on the screen tries to collect the most coins throughout certain levels and the player with the most by the levels finish is the winner (appeals to my wife's competitive nature).

The only thing I wish it had were some of the other power ups from the Mario 3. The Leaf and The Bear are two of my favorite power ups that are missing from this game.

Overall it is great and if you like Mario Bros games, chances are you will like this one.

The service from Amazon was great. The game was promptly delivered and the packaging was perfect.
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on October 15, 2014
This game is great for those of us that grew up with the original Nintendo version of Super Mario Bros!!! It’s an updated version but still has the simplicity of the original 2d scrolling style as opposed to some video games that are so complicated and feel the need to be 3d. My 7 year old nephew enjoys this game a lot, but his parents and myself enjoy playing just as much as he does! It’s great that there is the multiplayer option, so we can help him get past the parts that he can’t do alone. Multi-player is actually really fun for adults or older children as well because you can play “every man for himself” style and knock the other player off ledges, into enemies, etc. if you want to make it more interesting, or you can use each other (jump on each other’s heads, etc.) to reach bonus items or higher ledges that you couldn’t on your own.

I find this game the right amount of difficult for older/more experienced players, but not too difficult for the younger players to not be able to play at all (even though they will need help as the levels do get harder).

I also enjoy that this is a traditional style video game and the wii remote moving is limited to shaking it occasionally, not having to jump around the room to get your character to do something, but I know some people have complained about that.
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on January 7, 2015
I am not a huge fan of video games. I am one of THOSE moms that wants my kids to read, do art, go outside and play, play board games with the family. My kids do the first three a lot. BUT my son is reaching an age where he is having trouble finding friends that do much BUT play video games so I broke down and got a Wii for the social aspect. First we just did Wii sports so the kids would be moving. Then Skylanders (because that is what all his friends play). No one else in the family really played with the Wii. Then I asked my MIL to get this for him for Christmas because he had mentioned liking it at a friend's house and it isn't violent. He was THRILLED! And, I have to say, we have all gotten into playing as a family "team" in that we don't try to beat each other, we try to get us all through each level, helping each other out as much as possible. I went and got two more remotes so we could all play at the same time. It has replaced family movie night twice now. Last weekend I offered them the option of playing for a half hour all together if they put all their clean laundry away and got ready for the school week nicely - HA! THEY DID IT!!! Not only that, they actually worked AS a team to finish putting both of their things away. Needless to say, Im pleased as punch. And my husband, who isn't really into videos and HATES board games, actually enjoys playing this so we are actually doing something as a complete family. Rather than the usual family game where the kids and I play and my husband lounges around nearby or grouses about playing. Worth every penny for positive family time :-)
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on November 20, 2009
I bought a wii about two months ago with the sole purpose of playing mario kart and old nes and snes games off the net. I saw that this game was coming and bought several other of the mario titles because I was just really fiending for mario. The other games are very good but this is what I was looking for, really. It has that same super mario feel the older ones had, especially 3 and mario world had with some new stuff and wii controls. I don't own a ds so I can't compare to that version of super mario but I can say this game is pure fun. It's like in mario in that if you're not paying attention and being careful you can die easily and only being able to save your game when you beat a castle is kinda silly I think but nintendo wants you to play this game. Getting extra men is easy, I've played this game twice with a combined playing time of about 4 hours and I have about 45 extra men. I would have more but the first two hours I played were kinda wasted in that it didn't save because I didn't beat the castle otherwise I would have another 20 guys. Those additional 40 or whatever were gained in about two hours. I like this game and it seems like it's getting easier to control the more I play it. I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoyed old school super mario and anybody who is just looking for a good wii game. I still have yet to try it on multi-player mode but I bet it's pretty fun too.

Thank You Nintendo, I imagine all of Japan would turn on you if you messed this up but you didn't. This game has, so far, lived up to all the hype.
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on January 31, 2014
I've been playing Mario games for over 20 years. My son and I love Paper Mario and Mario Galaxy games on Wii.

This is classic side-scrolling Mario with excellent controls and standard great gameplay, as Nintendo often delivers. The only issue is that this game is hard. You will end up playing the same levels over and over. Thankfully the levels are relatively short, so it's not terrible, but it does become frustrating at times.

Also, the boss battles are surprisingly easy compared to the regular levels. That's not bad though, because if you run out of saves then you have to start the level over from the start.

It's also nice that you can play co-op. So, again, this is a fun game but it's by no means a walkthrough.
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on June 1, 2010
I'll make this quick; if you like the original Super Mario Bros., but you were hoping they'd come out with a 4 player version that is easy to pick up and a blast with other people or by yourself, then buy this game. I bought it for my wife for Mother's day and I scored big time brownie points. I'm in my late 20's and I love it. My 8 y/o step daughter can pick it up and play it. And we can all play together as a family, which is great and priceless.

So if you got a family of casual gamers and are looking for something that you can all play together as a family, it's hard to go wrong with Super Mario Bros. Wii.

My one wish was to have some more mini-games like the one for the DS. They could have even done a straight port and I would have been happy. Other than that; it's awesome.
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We Love it, love it, love it. The gangs is all back - Mario, Luigi, Princess, Yoshi and Toad. I originally had the DS version of this game and was hooked on it till I finally completed the game. Now I am able to play it on the Wii on my 56 inch HDTV and have up to 3 more players play along with me as a team. Our family spends hours and hours playing and laughing, arguing, joking around, complaining and just having the time of our lives. New Super Mario Bros is a great family game.

Nintendo has done it again. I can remember the original Nintendo game system that came out and finding all out the little secrets to get tons of lives and tricks to beat the game. Things have surely evolved since then. Now I have a hard time finding all the large gold coins on each level. Compared to the DS version, this version has new features such as propeller and penguin Mario to help you in times of need. Those times come in more often than not.

One handy dandy move that comes in real handy is that we always have one player convert into a bubble. This way if we are in danger of ending the game that person can save the day. This probably does not make sense to someone who has never played the game, but if you have more than one player you are able to press a button on the Wii remote and your character will go into a floating bubble. Everyone else can keep playing until someone touches them and it pops and you are back in the action. Players are also able to be added in and dropped after each level played, no need to restart the game.

A must have for any Mario Bros. enthusiast.
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on January 21, 2014
I have a hard time staying attentive when my 7yr old son plays wii. He always wants me to watch. I got this game in hopes I could follow along. Well . . . I follow AND play now. I'm addicted and my son is thrilled to have me so involved. It our thing now. I love, love, love that you play at the same time, not waiting to take turns. You can actually have up to 4 players, so we got my daughter in on the game too. She is 5 and does just ok, but is getting better.
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on January 18, 2016
I am a lover of all things Mario. This game was absolutely a great transition from the older consoles to the new Wii and I actually still play it on my new generation WiiU. This game shows for multiple players, which works absolutely WONDERFUL if you've got a few kids wanting to play at the same time. This game is fun for kids of all ages, from 1 to 99.
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on March 26, 2017
Our daughter loves this game. She's 7 and figured she would like a game with a bit of challenge to it. She gets frustrated here and there, but not too often. The package shipped fast and was packaged well.
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