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New Super Mario Bros. 2
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$28.98+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on November 30, 2017
It's actually better than the first one. You get more abilities like the leaf, which lets you fly, gold flowers which is better than the flower, and adds gold coins to your counter, and the gold lwaf, which allows you to fly without having to run as far as witb the regular leaf.

Number two, the Star Coins are much easier to find for the most part. Every now and then I might have to watch a video walkthrough on youtube for a secret exit or a Star Coin, but they are usually easy to get.

I'm a guy that doesn't like stuff that's too difficult, and this game can be challenging at times, but for the most part, is pretty easy and simple. Yeah it has basic challenges like be careful of enemies and what not, but so long as you take your time and try to do stuff right, it's not too difficult.

The levels are unique and fun. Alot of similarity between this one and the first one when it comes to level design (under water, in the clouds, on the ground, swamps, mountains), but the game is so sille and fun you won't reall mind.

It's a fun game that isn't too demanding, and it's replayability is incredible. I can come back later in the future and play this over and over again, and mever get tired of it.

All for all, it feels like there could be more, but I'm satisfied with what this has offered so far.
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on January 20, 2014
Note: This is actually my first written game review ever so it might not be the best. But, overtime I should get better with the help of you guys.

Before I get into this review, I will first like to point out that despite the name of the game, it is actually not the second one in the series. Let me explain: This is actually a direct sequel to New Super Mario Bros., released in 2006 for the Nintendo DS and is the third New Super Mario Bros. side-scroller, the second one being New Super Mario Bros. Wii, which came out on the wii. Hope that clears things up, now on to the review!

This game marked my second main Mario game for the 3ds, the first being Super Mario 3d land. I wonder if this game could live up to 3d land and while it didn't, that does not mean I did not have a blast paying this game.

The story is a epic one. Its is about...well, I think we all know how the story goes so lets just skip right to the other things like unlike pervious Mario games, this has a heavier emphasis on coin-collecting than other Super Mario games, with multiple unique items dedicated to producing large amounts of coins. Anyway, from going from 3d to 2d, this game does not disappoint in terms of graphics. Sure, the 3d effect really does not do much to this game since it is 2d, and it doesn't even need the 3d to be able to play this game (unlike 3d land), but it does not take away from how beautiful this game is. All of the colors pop and just overall look amazing. This game has three game modes: Single, co-op, and coin rush mode. Coin Rush focuses exclusively on quickly completing a series of stages while collecting as many coins as possible. Thanks to the Nintendo Network, you can download dlc packs to expand your coin hunt. An interesting thing to point out is that New Super Mario Bros. 2 is not only the first Mario game to have dlc, but also the first Nintendo game overall to feature true downloadable content. Their are 10 dlc packs you can buy.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 continues the style of gameplay from New Super Mario Bros, so if you played those game, you already know what you are getting yourself into. Eight worlds, beat Brower at the end. But, with added power ups that will help you collect more coins, like gold Mario which will allow you throw a gold fire ball and what ever it touches will turn into coins (by the way, I will like to point that besides beating the main game, you also have the goal to collect 1,000,000 coins, something that I did not even do yet). In co-op mode (which you have to have another copy of the game and another 3ds, your friend gets to play as Luigi and you get to go through the main game again, but this time, it is with a partner. I would of like it better if this co-op was online, but besides that, it does not take away from the game.

The most disappointing aspect of New Super Mario Bros. 2 is that it’s remarkably easy, and doesn’t really elevate the series past what New Super Mario Bros. Wii managed to do. That is really my only complaint. If you haven't played a Mario game before (if that is the case, I wonder what you have been doing with your life lol), then this should be a good start and should put up a challenge. But for you veterans out their, even though it is easy, you still have to but this game because it is a lot of fun. Overall, this is a must buy and a great addition to your 3ds collection.
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on March 25, 2013
After having to live up to the previous galaxy, 3d land, and new super mario bros wii this game had a lot to live up to. The ones i mentioned were probably the best mario games ever since mario 64 and the originals on the nes. However this one was a bit of a step backwards. My main complaint is that the game *is* pretty much nsbw but on a handheld. The game uses the same music with more Wahs and even though the games graphics are a bit sharper its still pretty much the same. The levels however while simular to the nsbw are diffrent. With all that being said even though its a bit of a step backwards it isnt a huge step backwards as there is still lots of fun and even though its more forgiving then past mario games there is still a few challenging moments as the levels themselves are very well designed just like all the other mario games just dont play it thinking this is gonna change the gaming industry. The one thing it does seperate from mario bros wii is the coin system and the game wants you to collect 1,000,000 coins which is very fun but also kinda broken as you will easily have over 200+ lives by the time you do this. Anyway if you like the other mario games i would recomend it as you will enjoy it expecilly if your not very good at them as this would be a great starter game since its easier

pros: its classic styled mario
the raccoon suit makes a return to 2d mario
coin system is more unique and kinda gives it a slow paced sonic gamewith mario feel
cons: recycled content on surface it looks just like the previous game
coin system while unique does kinda break the game with lives
to easy
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on December 20, 2012
Many previous Super Mario games had a simple premise: Find Princess Peach and rescue her. Along the way, you collected power ups and stomped your way to Bowser. In this installment of the Super Mario Bros. franchise, there is more than just the standard Mario game. This game has... COINS! Lots and lots of coins! The game keeps a running count of all the coins you have collected throughout the game and even boasts a "Coin Rush" mode where you can challenge yourself to speed run through 3 levels and collect as many coins as you possibly can with only 1 life! With limited time and powerups, the Coin Rush mode is definitely where the challenge is in the New Super Mario Bros. 2. And with the addition of courses available as DLC, you can continue to play the game well after you have rescued Princess Peach and have defeated Bowser. Because the coin rush mode is so addicting, you will continuously try to score more coins and rise in the leader boards. The coin rush mode definitely adds a new twist to the Super Mario franchise and adds to the replay value of the New Super Mario Bros 2 game. A must buy for all Super Mario fans of all ages!
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on August 8, 2015
My 9 year old's feedback: Good game. Only 4 out of 5 stars because it is kind of like Super Mario Bros WiiU - a little bit repetitive. If you have the WiiU version, this game is exactly the same.
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on September 25, 2017
Very good. Is a mix of mario bros, mario bros 3 and super mario world
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on December 27, 2016
Good game. Of the three games I gave my brother for Christmas, this was his favorite. This was to be expected, since Mario games are his favorite.
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on January 11, 2013
I needed a good platformer to play. I was hoping this would sate my appetite. Sadly, it's not much different from New Super Mario Bros. or New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The game brings back all the same mechanics from the previous versions, including Super Mushrooms and Mini Mushrooms, but made a few changes to the game. They took out Yoshi and added a very familiar item from Mario Bros 3: the Raccoon Feather! They also added a few new items: the White Raccoon Feather, the Gold Mushroom, and the Gold Flower.

First, the main emphasis of the game (as if the cover art wasn't clear enough already): gold coins. The gold mushroom just gives tons of gold coins, and the gold flower just turns everything into gold coins, including enemies and blocks. The game keeps a running total of how many gold coins you've collected, and the idea is to try to reach 1,000,000. The problem is, unless you go out of your way to get them, you'll probably get about 50,000 by the time you complete everything else there is to complete in the game. Which brings me to a new mode they introduce: Coin Rush!

In Coin Rush, you start with 100 seconds, and they pick 3 random levels, fill it with coins, give you a gold flower, and have you try to get as many coins as you can. Whatever you collect is added to your running total. This is the ideal way to reach your 1,000,000 total since single games can get you 5000 or 10,000 or even more if you're really good at it. My guess is the 1,000,000 coin collecting is Nintendo's way of trying to add content to the game without actually adding content to the game. Those interested in what the reward is can look it up on their own, but I can guarantee disappointment.

Oh yes! White Raccoon Mario. If you happen to fail a level a dozen or so times, you'll notice a nice block appear next to you at the start of the level or the midway point. This feather will turn you into White Raccoon Mario. It basically allows you to fly with a very, VERY, short running start, makes you invincible to any attack until you reach the goal post (minus lava, bottomless pit, etc), and allows you to defeat any enemy simply by touching them. The catch? When you finish the level, the circle will remain red colored, rather than changing to the "completed" blue color. I can't say for sure if it'll prevent you from getting the star on your profile for completing all levels, since mine are all blue, but that's just something to keep in mind. One tactic I used on the more difficult and frustrating levels was to use White Raccoon Mario to collect the Star/Lunar coins, complete the level, then replay the level without the feather to change the tile to the completed color.

Oh right! You can play co-op! I haven't gotten a chance to see if this can be done with one cartridge or if two are needed, but I will update my review as soon as I get a chance to.

All in all, I had a blast playing the game. It kept me busy for quite a while. The game isn't very challenging, though, and there isn't much replay value once you collect everything. The game virtually hasn't changed from the other games of similar name, so if you're expecting something new, you're going to be disappointed. If you're looking for a relaxing platformer, this is a pretty good choice. More hardcore players might opt for something like Rayman Origins instead.
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on May 18, 2014
I must be quick to admit that I am not a big fan of the New SMB series. That being said, this iteration has proven to be my favorite so far. I really feel that the New Super Mario Bros. series is best on their portable versions, as their ease and relatively simple gameplay are great for on-the-go gaming. This game is, first and foremost, very fun. Second, the coin collecting mechanic makes more very interesting gameplay. Third, the fact that this game has DLC, extends the life of the title (in short, the main game 100% takes only around 15 hours). I would have given this game a four, as I feel that this is not really one of the most inventive, or otherwise "freshest" entry in the series, but considering what this game is aiming at (old-school Mario that appeals to all ages), I think it merits a five for being a very fun game.
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on May 27, 2013
I'm much more a fan of the 2D side-scrolling Mario titles than I am the 3D free roam-esque titles akin to Super Mario 64. I remember buying my old Wii to try Super Mario Galaxy 2 and simply...shut the game off after a few hours. I felt like the game was lacking something, but it had everything. Then I bought New Super Mario Bros. Wii and fell in love. THAT was the Mario experience I'd been looking for! I hold Super Mario 64 in its own regard for the 3D titles, but all of the other ones afterward haven't been to my liking for some reason that I really can't figure out. Maybe I'm just a sucker for the side-scrolling experience that I fell in love with back in '92.

This game is fantastic. It doesn't earn five stars specifically because, like most reviewers have stated, it doesn't do enough to add anything to the series. It feels more of an expansion-port of New Super Mario Bros. Wii than a standalone sequel, but that's more than alright because of how well designed the levels are. It amazes me that after all these years Nintendo developers can still come up with brilliant levels that all result in a fun way to reach the top of the famous flagpole. I do enjoy the aspect of "coin greed" they seem to have implemented with this package, but more for a fun little gimmick than a real game play element. This game is nothing but fun. That's why I bought it over Super Mario 3D Land (though will have to try the latter). When I think of Mario, I think of the first game I ever beat in my entire life; Super Mario World. I think of side-scrolling action with unique, fun ways to get out of the traps laid masterfully laid before you in each title.

Though this game doesn't add very much 'newness' to the New Super Mario Bros. series, it's still a fantastic title. I like that I can play this game in short spurts. I typically play a few levels in a row, quick save, then fold my 3DS until I play again. It's very quick, accessible, and fun. I'm 21 and this game appeals to me much more than these gritty, action-y games coming out for the more adult oriented demographic.
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