Customer Reviews: Newsies: The Musical
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on May 16, 2012
I was fortunate enough to see the Newsies on Broadway before it's offical debut. Let me tell you- Disney finally got it right! It took them a long time to get another exceptional show on stage, but Newsies is it. They took a different approach- economical, focusing on the music, dance, and story (which is what they should always do, but we know that for such an enormous enterprise as The Walt Disney Company that does not always happen). They kind of had to spend a lot less on it cause of all that they lost on The Little Mermaid and Tarzan (Newsies= $5 million vs. Mermaid's $15 million)- but it really worked with Newsies. There are very very few musicals that I have seen that actually leave me with my mouth dropped open- this is one of them. Now there are a few irreplaceable actors from the movie- namely Racetrack and Crutchie- hey, Max Casella is one of a kind- but don't get worked up about those changes. There are also some lyrical changes (that will take a bit to get used to) and a few story/character changes, but a lot of the changes were much needed (Let's face it guys- "My Lovey Dovey Baby" was just not happenin'). The movie as much as I really love it, was not fully ironed out. The Broadway version has tied up the loose ends of the movie, making it much more fluent. I was always so disappointed that the songs in the movie weren't LONGER. For such incredible songs they were just too bloody short!! Don't worry, the stage version has added adequent length to all songs and given us even more of them. I will always love Christian Bale's Jack Kelly, but Jeremy Jordan (who is a long time huge fan of the movie himself) does not disappoint. This album is an absolute MUST HAVE for any Newsies fan- it's what we've been waiting for, for, what is it- 20 YEARS!! It's a true dream come true. If you're a musical lover who is not familar with it- take it, I really don't think you will be disappointed. I'm telling you these songs are musical classics. Personally I think it's one of Alan Menkin's finest jewels. The album comes with all the lyrics and even those special bonus tracks. Oh, and if you don't get to see the show in NYC (that's kind of really expensive), I have a really good feeling about it and am pretty sure it will tour.
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on March 23, 2001
I was ecstatic that Amazon re-released the soundtrack- die-hard Newsies fans have been shelling out over $60 to get it on Ebay. And who can blame them? Alan Menken's upbeat soundtrack is one of the best parts of this movie. The voices and instrumentation are fantastic. I smile whenever I hear the first line: "In 1899, the streets of New York City echoed with the voices of Newsies..." Chills run up and down my spine with the Seize the Day chorale. I have to fight the urge to dance and sing along with the music every time I hear it. This CD is spinning in my CD player more than any other. Take advantage of this incredibly low price and buy the soundtrack today- it'll make a Newsies fan out of you! And while you're at it, search for Newsies under DVD and add your vote to get THAT released too. Thank you, Amazon!
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on April 7, 2001
Probably one of my most favorite Soundtracks from one of my most favorite movies of all time. I didn't get to see NEWSIES until about a year ago (on video). And I loved it! The music was one of the best parts of this who film...bringing the film to life. What energetic, fun-loving music?! This is the kind of music that is easy to sing along to and makes you wanna get up and learn the dance moves from the movie so you can dance all the numbers while you listen to this Soundtrack! Allen Menken and Jack Feldman made one of the best Soundtracks ever. My personal favorite tracks on this Soundtrack are "King Of New York", "Seize The Day", "The World Will Know", "Carrying The Banner", and of course my absolute favorite, Christian Bale's solo, "Santa Fe". And this is the real thing,'s not some recorded voices, it's actually all the actors singing these wonderful, unforgettable songs. If you loved the movie, NEWSIES, than this is a Soundtrack you must get. It's worth every penny (and hey, it's cheap here on, not a bad deal!). It's definitely a must-have.
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on September 27, 2005
The first thing I ever heard from "Newsies" was the Song SEIZE THE DAY on the Classic Disney 5 CD Box. I became curious and when I found the soundtrack on amazon, I spontaneously decided to purchase it. Good decision! I kept hearing the songs for weeks without knowing what this movie was about and I liked them anyway. Now I finally have seen the movie. I was a little surprised that there was so much dancing - I thought it would be more authentic and with some acting or whatever instead of the dancing - but now I'm a real die-hard fan. And as I found out on the Internet, Newsies has become a real Cult. For this movie wasn't a box office success, the huge and always grwoing amount of fans keeps itself a little "underground". If you're interested, you'll find much about the Newsies Cult on the Net. Well, if you listen to the Soundtrack with its uplifting songs of various styles, you'll have one reason why Newsies became a Cult. Now that I know the movie I enjoy the Soundtrack even more than before. 'But I must admit: I always envy those young teenagers having such a great dancing or singing talent! *Sigh* Well, now at last my track-by-track commentary:

PROLOGUE: The first appearance of the movie's main musical theme. It's a spoken prologue by "Racetrack" who sums up what the movie - and the actual events it is based upon - is about.

CARRYING THE BANNER: The absolute Newsie hit. Full of energy, the one song that'll always cheer you up. Great singing. Hilarious: The NY accents! And it's got a passage in it that is more quiet - there you can also hear the main theme. It always breaks my heart when Patrick's mom sings and then you hear Mush (Aaron Lohr *sigh*) sing "I gotta find an angle!" *Sigh again*

SANTA FE: The big solo ballad of the soundtrack, sung by Christian Bale himself. There is no dubbing on the whole CD. I appreaciate that, it makes the whole soundtrack more authentic and funny! Well, this number proves that Alan Menken is really good at writing in different styles. The theme of Santa Fe isn't a big theme of the movie, but as this song it really adds to the depth of the movie.

MY LOVES-DOVEY BABY: One of my favorites! A slightly sexy, smooth and funny Vaudeville-song sung by Medda (Ann-Margret) - who has only two short appearances in the movie. But nontheless, she's my favorit non-newsie character and this song's lyrics are so sweet and funny!

FIGHTIN' IRISH: One of the three score pieces on the CD. They are nice but among the singing-songs they aren't good to memorize. I will take this as a representative for the other two orchestra pieces and just say: Nice melodies and great orchestra. A good contrast to the rest of the CD.

THE WORLD WILL KNOW: The first song when the Newsies actually begin to act. Very dramatic and full of determination - great one!

SEIZE THE DAY: A song that the newsies sing to hold on. Nice chorals, it reminds me a bit of gospel. For this is the first contact I ever had with "Newsies", I just love it!

KING OF NEW YORK: A change of pace and mood. This song is just funny and cool and captures a part of the spirit of the movie and the real Newsies very well. It'w hen they had their first success during the strike and think of the things they'll do or buy now that they're "famous". It's the only song that includes Bill Pullman actually singing.

HIGH TIMES, HARD TIMES: Meddas' second song. First time I heard it, it was kind of weird but know it's among my favorites. A waltz to cheer the newsies up. You'll find yourself singing along when you heard it often enough - Trust me!

SEIZE THE DAY CHORALE: A chorale version of seize the day. It starts with a choir unaccompanied by the orchestra, then there are some steel drums and finally a short orchestra passage. Beautiful.

SANTA FE REPRISE: A heartbreaking Reprise of Santa Fe with slightly different lyrics. Again nice job by Christian.

ONCE AND FOR ALL: The most dramatic song on the soundtrack guiding to the climax of tension in the movie. Sarah, the most unnecassary character in the whole movie, sings one line here - and hey, that's not so bad! To all Newsie fans out there: Why don't just imagine it is Patricks mom singing this line who is still outside deciding to search for her son? Or whatever.. I think that one line is tolerable! ;-)Great song!

THE WORLD WILL KNOW REPRISE: It fits really good right behind the dramatic climax of ONCE AND FOR ALL. It starts quietly and pretty sweetly sung by the cute Les Jacobs (Luke Edwards), and then you hear the work kids from all of NY coming to support the Newsies and they sing a big chorale finale "When you got a million voices singing, who can hear a lousy whistle blow?", while the orchestra reprises SEIZE THE DAY. Definately one of the best songs!

FINALE: A beautifully sung Reprise of Carrying the Banner with a long and nice score passage, but ending with a loud and big finale, just as the movie deserves it!

So, if you're interested by now in becoming one of the insider Newsies fans, buy the movie, buy the soundtrack - you won't regret it!!!
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on August 24, 2001
I recently saw the movie Newsies for the second time, the first time when I was very young, and had to keep rerenting it to watch it again! I rewound the tape to see and hear the songs so many times I pratically have them all memorized! I think it's great that has released a soundtrack of all the wonderful music from the movie, my personal favorites being "King of New York", "Seize the Day", "Carrying the Banner" and of course Christian Bale's "Sante Fe". While I was watching the movie, chills ran up and down my spine and even just hearing the music makes me feel as if I am really there, in 1899, watching the Newsies peddle papers and listening to Jack and the others singing. This is a wonderful soundtrack, and I highly reccommend it. If you can find the movie or DVD, you should buy that too. Newsies is a wonderful movie that you won't want to miss out on.
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on October 25, 2005
My kids and I love listening to this when we travel (which we've been doing a lot of lately). We already love the movie, the CD is just pure singing fun. My 5yo daughter especially-- she asks to listen to this whenever we're in the car. Even my 2yo daughter has memorized some of the lines! And, singing this keeps me awake when I'm driving at night.

I don't know how some reviewers could say that Christian Bale has an off-key voice. I've been singing in the choir for years, and his voice sounded fine to me-- especially considering that he was a teen when he sang this, and his voice was undoubtedly changing. Anyway, these are supposed to be teenage boys or younger playing street kids, some of them having never been recorded in their life. They're not supposed to sound like the Vienna Boy's Choir (although the acappella segment of the reprise of "Seize the Day" comes close).
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on March 14, 2002
I've been obsessed with Newsies ever since my Indoor Colorguard did a performance to "Carryin' the Banner" three years ago, and FINALLY the DVD & CD are available! This is such a catchy CD...almost all the songs are fun and upbeat, and great to listen to. I can honestly say I love every song on this CD...the *only* weak part being Bill Pullman's voice. The man is a great actor, but his singing should have been dubbed. But he only does a few lines, so it's not that a big deal. Other than that, the songs are equal parts fun and's just a great CD!
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on May 17, 2012
My husband surprised me with this CD for Mother's Day and it was a hit! I'd love to go to Broadway and see the musical, but I don't think that is going to happen in the near future. If it tours I'll be sure to see it. I loved the movie when it came out, even owned the cassette tape and VHS, then upgraded to the CD and DVD. Yep, I'm a Newsies fan. This soundtrack was a lot of fun to listen to. Some lyrics are different and it will take a bit of time to be able to sing along to the right words, but I'm excited to get to know the music better. The new songs are fun and keep the energy going through the album. I want to tap my toes right now while thinking about it since one of the new songs is going through my head. If you're a Newsies fan, give this a try. If you're a musical fan, add this to your collection. Even if you aren't going to see the play, this is a great soundtrack to enjoy. I don't think you'll be disappointed!
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on July 1, 2012
Broadway musicals don't always translate well to recordings. The words and music sometimes can't stand up well without the support of the book, to say nothing of lighting, staging, choreography and the magic of being in the theatre. Now there's a new "Original Broadway Cast" CD out and it's just spectacular. Somehow, it seems to translate the show perfectly, with excitement, drama, pathos, and, well, just damn good show music.
Newsies is a brand new, bright and sparkling Broadway musical about an 1899 strike by newsboys against such giants as William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer. A less than successful 1992 Disney film, albeit with a large cult following, Broadway was always the aim of the creators. And, not unlike the David and Goliath theme of the story, the show made it to Broadway in March of this year, and is going strong. With eight Tony nominations and a couple of wins, as well as recognition by the Drama Desk Awards, with a couple of nominations and a win, it's a show with wit, verve, and charm that should be around for a long time.
It would be easy to reduce the effort to Annie in male attire, with newspaper boys replacing the orphan girls. But this show has none of the--- musical comedy fans forgive me --- obnoxious cutesiness and patently false optimism of Annie. Newsies has a much grittier, honest, upright, sincere feeling. With music by Alan Menkin, of Beauty and the Beast and Little Shop of Horrors fame, and lyrics by newcomer Jack Feldman, the CD will have you smiling, laughing, rooting for the newsboys, and, unless you have a heart of stone, shedding a tear or two.
Opening with a wonderful, yearning balled called "Santa Fe," about escaping from the tenements of New York City, to the spectacular anthem "King of New York," all the traditional buttons are pushed, but in a candid and particularly original way. It's a bouncy and happy score, and if not as scholarly and intellectual as Sondheim or his unsuccessful imitators, the recording captures all the rollicking, joyful music of this very special show.
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on January 30, 2001
The music from this movie is great!! I love it. If you are into musicals, this CD is a must have. The songs are very catchy. It is a CD that you will find yourself listening to all the time. It isn't boring. All of the songs have wonderful vocalists that bring the story to life. The songs are about news boys who go on strike. They are unhappy with the way they are treated. The music reflects the atmosphere of the movie. I know that once you get this CD you will fall in love with it.
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