Customer Reviews: Newsradio: The Complete Series (Slim Packaging)
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on October 31, 2008
I loved newsradio and was over joyed to see a complete set was being produced. Now however, I wish I had collected newsradio season by season as I did with M*A*S*H and other great shows. The all in one package basically took all the disks from the five season packages and put them in a stack, one on top of the other, without so much as a piece of film between them. I was forced to acquire a CD book to hold the disc to make them easier to access and prevent scratching. I would suggest you be prepared to do like wise.
There is also no guide book only an episode list on the box. Even for someone like myself who knows all of episodes by heart this is a problem. I know the episodes as the Lisa-Dave brake up episode, or the bill shocks himself episode not "Led Zeppelin II". Someone who has only seen each episode a few times will probable be completely lost.
Do yourself a favor, buy each seasons individually. The price is about the same (if you don't buy the fifth season and who needs it. I mean we all know the show was not the same after Phil Hartman died.) and you will get better cases, better guides and great show. Who could ask for more.
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on November 28, 2008
This is a review of the packaging, not the series. The entertainment industry weenies continue to see how little value they can give you for the highest possible price. Unfortunately, packaging is the one (the others are double sided disks that get scratched no matter how carful you are and compressing the show, to squeeze more on each disk, reducing the quality). This time they hit a new... all time low! When you open the box you will find a paper thin plastic "space filler" shrink wrapped (so thin, the wrap bends it all out of shape) with a piece of cardboard on a spindle. Pry the cardboard up and you will find all 12 disks stacked on top of each other. That's it. I really can't explain how cheap this was done. I've thrown away packing materials that were far superior. I'm sure they would respond that " they want to keep the price down so we can afford to buy it". Since I can buy a thin jewel case retail for about 10 cents, we are talking pennies at the manufacturing level...not wholesale - that cost could realistic be 1 cent. I'd pay 12 cents more to protect my $47 investment.

Bottom line, good series, but if you buy this be prepared to provide your own cases to protect the dvds.
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on April 3, 2013
I'm not sure what I can say that others haven't already said, but I've added a picture of the stack of DVDs you will find when you open your series. This is flat-out unacceptable. There is no sense whatsoever in "keeping costs down" if it renders the DVDs unwatchable, which IS what will happen in short order unless you immediately transfer them into something more protective.

Newsradio is a fantastic, charming, endearing, unique, absurdly funny show. That's why I purchased it. This review is not for the show.
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on December 25, 2008
I am a big fan of the show. I was pleased to get the boxed set. I was however disappponted to see how poorly packaged it was.
Unlike most boxed sets, with each disc packaged separately
, the set comes in a stacked container..definitely not the best for
repeated handling. Cost cutting at its best.
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on May 31, 2015
Normally, I'd give this 5 stars because, y'know, it's still News Radio.
If you're looking for forgotten treasures full of snappy writing and chemistry that can't be replicated, then I can't recommend this series enough. But chances are, you're here because you swear by this show already or know somebody that does. That said, the things I'd want to know before buying this set.

*No spindle packaging like the last Complete Series set. The packaging is actually quite simple. 1 case with 9 discs protected by 9 envelopes.

*The picture is what I'd call an "honest" transfer. It looks great but has the occasional grain to it. This is just the reality of watching things that were actually filmed on film. Nothing to be done about it but enjoy what you've got.

*No special features. This is actually a deal breaker for me as I already own the individual seasons (I was hoping to consolidate space) and know how much I enjoy those extras. If this isn't a problem for you, then by all means, buy away. Personally, I'll be holding onto my old copies and trading this new set in.

If you're new to the franchise, this will do just fine. But it's not an upgrade for old fans who already own the series. Hope this helps anybody on the fence.
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VINE VOICEon March 26, 2012
Paul Simms created a TV Series that (sadly)lasted onlyu 97 episodes. The indisytry requirement for syndication is 100 episode4s. This show is called "News Radio" and it makes "WKRP" look like "My Mother The Car." To begin with we have an ensemble cast that rivals any of the legendary casts in history (including "Friends", "The West Wing" and "Will & Grace" with outrageously funny writing that borde3red on the insnane from time to time- as did the characters themselves- and a set as brilliantly designed as "Cheers". There are episodes of this series that rival "Chukles Boites The Dust" as funniest epsiodes in history (Matthew Brock and his hysterical mispronounciation of Joey Buttafuco on the air; Jimmy James' heart attack, The Jumper,) It's almost a Bob Newhart style, where a rational and normal man is set into a group of luhnatics and expected to lead them.

Two things occured to this show that heold it back. The first was the untimely murder of one of it's stars, Phil Hartman and though they replaced him with Jon Lovgtiz, one of the fiunniest men in America, no one really fell into a pattern of how to write for him- his strengths weren;t utilized and where he was Hafdrtman's best friend it's possible that the chemistry could never have worked anyway. The second was the Network who kept throwing in stupid tested elements, forcing 434 productions to do things tyo placate the American audience, thinking they would please as manyt as possible and subsequently dissapointing all. In Season 5 we had the addition of Future "gilmour Girls" star, ANdrea Plan B who dominated an Arc that caused me to stop watching the series while it airted. Then the addition of a tall handsome wino to whom Lisa got married pushed us away from the characters we'd grown to love and into worlds with characters we simply didn't like. For this, ther show loses a star.

Despite this, it's well worth buyingthe series and watching the first four seaqsons over and over and over. Enjpoy Viki Lawrence- a remarkable talent, and Phil Hartmen, who is a lovablke cipher, Steven Root and his remarkable comic timing, Then there is Andy Dick who is a blend of Andy Kaufman and David SChgwimmer; his willingness to do anything to make us laugh and his knack for pjhysical comedy. Joe Rogan, who would become famous for feeding goat entrails to idiot Americans on "Fear Factor" is an actor and comdeian of such brilliance that his chemistry with Andy Dick on this show was worthy of ruminating over possible ways to paiur the two if not in "The Odd Couple" on Broadway, then some sit-com. one would never guess that the beef-cake brilliant actor Rogan and the skinmny, loing fingerer Dick could have a Tracy/Hepburn or Newman/Redford chemistry, but they do.

The show is full of miustakes, but it's a rare series that isn;t and watching a series upwards of ten times gives a critic the opportunity to do something no one of the production team could do: How many siblings did Matthew have? How many birthdays each year did Catherine Duke have? (It's like Helen CHappel's sister, Lorraine who is then brought onto the series full time in season six and her name is Casey and came from San Francisco, not Maui.)

There are many inside jokes with this show that must have begun withg the production team (certainly I'm not the only one who wished they would fired their cosume designer) but it becane clear that our writers either epent a lot of time drinking or a lot of time doiscussing "Firefly" while playing Video Games. I'd guess that the writers room had no living plants ajd the coats stretched across chairs were denim or polar fleece and not Burberry, but these guys were brave and brilliant.

So I place this one in the top ten of all time simply because half the erpisodes are brilliant. Some of the episodes were phones in, but they handled the motion picture schedules of Hollywoods finer actors, the murder of one of their best actors and a network who was fighting to learn that there IS no formula to creating and producing a hit sit-com; like all art, it is a miracle and it doesn';t alw3ays have to do with quality. This is why ALF was a hit and Stio 60 lasted only 24 episodes. George's Seurat never sold a painting in his lifetime and Norman Rockwell died a millionaire.

As for the manty typos here I apologize: I suffer from a severe pns neuromuscular illness and to take the time to correct the errors would delay this review further- a review I've been meaning to write for more than a year.

Secondly, buy this- gift this and you heard it here first: "Good times... good times..."
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on November 20, 2014
Do not purchase the "Complete Series" in slim packaging. Purchase each season separately, save a minimum of ten bucks and more than likely fifteen to twenty bucks, and get superior packaging and case information.

In my opinion, one of the truly great comedies of all time. It's a shame the distributors did such a poor job on the packaging as well as not figuring out it would be cheaper to buy each season separately. Weird.
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on January 5, 2016
I bought this because I can't find my older set, so this is the 2nd time I am owning the series. Newsradio is a great show, but pass on this set. If you can find the older DVD sets you will get actual cases and not a cheap thin cardboard box filled with envelopes. I haven't seen packaging this bad in a while.
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on December 11, 2009
Watching these DVDs, I remember why I love this show so much: it's funny, and it's dense. Most sitcoms have an A story and a B story. NewsRadio has half the alphabet in each episode, there's always tons of different stuff going on, unlike in many other shows where the stories are drawn out, sometimes to good effect but usually not so much.

Also, all the characters have all kinds of weird running gag quirks, such as Dave's babyface and matching stature, Lisa's math capabilities and growing up without watching TV, Matthew's insane admiration of Bill and so on.

Yes, the packaging is fairly cheap but it gets the job done.

One thing: I'm not completely sure, but it looks like these might be syndication shows, clocking in at 21:50 per episode in the fourth season. In the 4th season episode where Bill interviews Jon Lovitz hanging from the side of the building I remember Joe falling/jumping out of the window (to Dave's dismay) to join them, but this didn't happen. However, this might have happened in a different episode although I can't remember another one with people hanging from the side of the building.
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on December 3, 2008
I purchased this box set ignoring the warnings of how these discs were being shipped, ie. stacked on top of each other with no protection between to prevent scratches and nicks? I thought for sure that had to be a mistake... but it was true! All 12 of these discs came just that way... but to my surprise and delight, not one episode was pixilated or stuck or frozen during play! Not one! They all played just fine and I was laughing so hard. I'd forgotten just how incredibly funny this series was, despite the foolishness of Andy Dick. Phil Hartman, Dave Foley and Stephen Root were priceless. Vicky Lewis and Joe Rogan were allowed to grow into their parts and amply filled the absence of Hartman following his untimely death. And they were of course joined in that effort by Saturday Night alumnis, Jon Lovitz. This show was a truly irreverant piece of work... a true gem! - and to protect them I replaced their packaging with a couple of 6-disc cases... which I also recommend to protect this series!
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