Customer Reviews: E-Fun Nextbook Premium Series 8-Inch (Next8P)
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on November 26, 2012
I just got one for $80 at Big Lots on Black Friday at 6:00AM- 8 people in line ahead of me- and it works well for my needs: I subscribe to the eEditions of several newspapers and want to be able to read them throughout my condo. The 7" tablets are not big enough- especially with their widescreen aspect ratio, perfect for watching HD videos but not so good for reading newspapers and articles on the web.
True- the CPU and RAM are nothing like the more expensive tablets for viewing YouTube videos but I have computers for that. The top being all glass is really slik- this is made well. One big complaint: the included GetJar app store is pretty lame and I have had mixed results running Amazon App Store.
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on December 10, 2012
I am not at all happy with either the Nextbook premium 8SE OR it's 'technical support group'.

1. GetJar - the Nextbook does not support the apps provided by GetJar. I got told, by technical support, that I have to hunt around to find which ones are supported since 'most apps are written for cellphones'.
2. Graphics - they are at best fuzzy and not at all readable at times
3. Processor speed - although Efun 'claims' you can multitask using this tablet it froze up on me many times necessitating a complete shutdown. The reset 'button' provided did not correct the situation as EFun claims
4. Technical support - lastly when I asked, in frustration, what the tablet does I was told 'You can read books on it!'

I am returning it tomorrow after 12 frustrating days

Happy Holidays!
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on February 13, 2016
Well I'm no stranger to tablets, or Android. I'm on my third Android phone and have had the O'S versions 3.0, 4.0, and 5.0 on them.

The more frustrating things about this tablet are...

Software related (Google) issues.

1. The junk Google wants running even though you did not ask for it weigh heavily on resources.
2. The latest O/S version is typical Android... throw everything out that was familiar with the last versions and start anew. Event the keyboard app is stupid. The last version (in 4.0) when you touch the key, the character jumped up right next to your fingertip. This version echoes the character to wherever the data is being inputted... HUH??? Look down, look up, look down, look up, look down... No?

OK type away and don't look at the echo, miss a key (sorry I haven't evolved pointed fingers yet) and don't look up and start all over. HINT, input data with the tablet SIDEWAYS, the virtual "keys" are much larger.

3. Apps pop up newly downloaded without your knowledge or approval
4. The contacts disappear, make a backup! I DO NOT store my personal information in / on any cloud servers. YMMV
5. Thanks to poor programming the vertical screen area is about three and a half inches on your home screens. There's a LOT of empty space reserved for... NOTHING :-)

Device specific issues...

OK, it's not a $200 tablet, but I gotta believe these issues could be better.

1. The "SWIPE" gesture stinks. I find myself swiping the screen several times to get an app out of my way.
2. Charge time is excessive.
3. Run time is too short. Hint turn of the WiFi when not in use and dim the display
4. The rear of the case (mine is sea blue) is discoloring from I "think" hot spots on the PCB after using for only two days
5. Power up time is S-L-O-W. 32 seconds to the password input screen. Time to the home screen is ~23 seconds after inputting the password
6. The camera is as expected a waste of time. A $45 point and shoot digital camera from ANY maker will take FAR better pics.

So, to my purpose... I'm a vidiot. I keep the tablet next to the TV where I can research DVD cast, locations and other things about movies we watch. Rather than keep it plugged in all the time which might ding the battery, I leave it unplugged and have a long AC to USB for charging when needed.

The bottom line? For MY purposes, it's just OK. I have a Nikon Camera for real pics, a full sized PC for real computing power and flexibility, but as far as tablets go I think for a bit more ($$) you can do a LOT better.
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on April 6, 2012
Kept waiting for Netflix & Skype to get "fixed" on this. I, too, bought it from HSN. But the fabulous news is that I won the new iPad at a conference I attended last week. So, of course I returned this junk. If Netflix & Skype worked perfectly, it would have been better, but the speaker sounded so bad, that I wouldn't have wanted to watch a Netflix with it, even if it did work.
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on July 21, 2013
Our 9 yr old granddaughter is visiting for the summer. She's always bugging her Grandma to borrow her iPad. So while at Wal-Mart today I saw this E-Fun 8", 1Gb Android 4.1 (jellyBean) tablet for $99.

So far it's a nice little unit. 1Gb RAM, 8Gb internal storage, has a mSD card slot (got a 16Gb card for her), 1.5Ghz dual-core CPU, runs the games and apps she'll use just fine. Older versions I guess used a 3rd party app store but this has GooglePlay right on the box so that's a plus. Camera takes pretty nice pics.

The only minus I can see right now is it uses a proprietary power pack but I'm hoping an universal with changable tips would work if she ever needs one.

UPDATE: well after 1 day of use it won't hold charge for more than an hour, locks up and resets. returning it tomorrow and trying a Hisense 7" which has very good reviews.

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on April 5, 2012
I got my Next Book 8 on 04/2/12, after watching a very hard sell on HSN. They of course failed to mention that you can't use Android MarketPlace. They of course touted that watching Netflix on the tablet was a breeze, as of today 04/05/12, Netflix is not compatible with this device. I called E Fun and was told this issue would be resolved no later than 04/04....still waiting. It is decent on games, and downloading- installing - and uninstalling work well. But bottom line, I really want to watch Netflix on the tablet and can't. I am giving it about 10 more days of trial,but most likely it is going back to HSN. I am think I will to wait for the Kindle Fire 2. PS....E Fun is coming out with a new 9 inch tablet soon, so this HSN dump was a quick way to get rid of a bunch of last year's model.
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on January 10, 2013
I bought this on Cyber Monday from Sears for $80. I did read that it included a 3rd party application center and read reviews before buying. For the price, it was the best choice.

Regarding the apps, you can easily download apk apps and upload them into the tablet and install the apps that way. I have every apps that any other android tablet has. No issues. Movies are played with no problems, basic games handle graphics fine, and music plays great. The speakers are fairly decent for a tablet, better than most smart phones. Again for kids from 8 to 12, this fits perfectly.

Now for someone looking for the greatest and latest, this is probably not for you. Go shine off your credit card and wait for HSN to put up an ipad up for sale or go charge it at the Apple store. Now if you are not part of the society that "Wants everything now" regardless if you can't afford to pay it in cash, then this will browse the net, includes flash, plays basic games, allows for epub reading, etc. Nextflix? Sure, upload the apk. The tablet includes an APK installer/manager.
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on January 7, 2014
I received this for Christmas and it works great for what I need it to do: watch Netflix, utilize the calendar function, download and read books, and check email. The only cons for me would be the speaker volume if you do not use headphones (with headphones it is fine). The screen is also a great size and is very clear. inability to add instagram, and camera quality (but I have my phone for that). The battery life is within the normal range for a device of this size.

In my opinion many people will only love something if it is made by Apple, and I personally am with team Android. :-).
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on January 8, 2013
S*** s*** and more s***. Save yourself the time and blood pressure. This thing is not user friendly, downloading an app or even the app store was heck. Then getting an app to run was even worse. The tablet froze within the first hour of use ( usually not a good look for a product fresh out of the plastic.) Programs won't load and my amazon apps is black with no response. Camera is doodoo( compaired to what they are capable of)
After a few hours I got netflix. Sound but no picture

Maybe they'll have a okay product once they get to nextbook 12.

Would be IDEAL for someone to browse the internet, but let's just face it I can also do that from a phone with less greif.

My intentions were netflix and internet. As of now I am far from pleased

Believe it or not I'm usually a positive individual.
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on December 7, 2012
Everything seems to work. I've added a 32G memory stick. I've also downloaded several documents and photos and youtubes and music alburms. Everything works fine. Video is better than average. I've added some apps that came with the bundle and they work fine. Sound is not so good, but ok. The ebook set up is good, although I've not downloaded more books. I'm checking my library for ebook connections. The camera video and photo apps work. The only problem is that the camera is only good for taking photos of myself! I haven't found a way to point the camera at the subject and look at it before trying to snap a photo! WTF? Except for the camera I'm as hapy with it as is my daughter with her $400 android.
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