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on October 2, 2015
Bought this Oct. 1st and arrived a day later. Set everything up and I was in love with this tablet once again. I know it's 2015 and the hardware is a bit outdated but this device still runs very smooth and very responsive. What I'm trying to prove is that even two year old hardware still has what it takes to stay relevant in today's market. I won't win any awards today in terms of intensive gaming but for what it can run, it can run very well. Besides I have a Nintendo 3DS for my mobile gaming fix. It can however run games like Minecraft Pocket Edition, Vain Glory, emulators like DraStic (Nintendo DS Emulator, paid app but worth it), etc. I bought this because I hate iOS 9 on my iPad Mini (which is 3 years old) and I absolutely enjoyed the Nexus 7 from 2012 and I really wanted the new model. Google was on a mission back then to prove there could be a fully functional and powerful tablet at an affordable price and they succeed. I hope that one day Google will go back to that way of thinking because the 2012 and 2013 model were absolute beasts at their price points.
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on June 13, 2014
Purchased: 08/14/15; $399.99

Needed another tablet, I killed my first N7 while getting out of the car when on vaca, dropped it (hard), irreparable. Boo! Hiss! Totally MY fault! [Hint: ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have it in a secure/anchored spot when moving about!!!] Owned N7 #1 for 13 months, w/absolutely NO issues! (including the OS upgrades > 5.1.1). After reviewing other available 7” & 8” LTE tablets, nothing even comes close to replacing the N7! It has more features, (NFC, Qi, 323 ppi, 5MP camera, stock Android OS, etc), and the absolute best resolution at a greatest affordable price! The N9, (the N7 product replacement), is too big for me, I need a ‘pocketable’ device, plus I already had the Qi charging pad and DeviceWear cover, so it made sense to stick w/the N7. So glad I did.

BTW, no issues with the initial OS upgrades either, (> 4.4.4 > 5.0.2 > 5.1 > 5.1.1 > general OS update), which BTW, took a couple hrs to accomplish, and it went incredibly smoothly for me. The only glitch was when I switched the T-Mobile SIM card, I got a “Sign into network” notification message, and when I clicked it, that took me to the mim.T-mobile page -- all the info there was correct. Couldn’t figure it out, so I did a live chat w/T-Mobile. Poof! Problem solved! After I gave her my TM pin (to verify account/security) and the SIM card #, she worked her magic, apparently (I’m assuming) she re-authenticated the SIM card ID). She was a champ! 5 stars!

FYI: I also DL’d several (essential to me) apps: Malwarebytes Anti Malware, Silent Time and Cloud Softphone, (I use Vestalink (VoIP), w/GVsip associated with my VL account ($119.99 2 yr contract ($5.00 APM) --- works great, E-911, caller ID and free calls US/Canada, VL via GV on my home phone (via OBi100) --- a great deal! If I want video call, I just use G-Hangouts. My N7 is a great phablet!

Was going to get the Battery Doctor app, but I don’t need it (yet),my battery performance has been phenomenal! I did get the Battery Monitor Widget though --- BTW, this app should be a native Android app, it’s so nice to see the battery % available stats on your home screen.

It’s fast, efficient and has a GREAT screen display! I highly recommend it!

N7 be happy, I be VERY HAPPY!


### ### ###

MY ORIGINAL AMAZON REVIEW for my first N7: Note: Kind of long winded (sorry) -- I deleted most of the redundant parts.

Purchased: 06/01/14; $294.99; Purchased with: Devicewear Ridge Vegan Leather Case; CHOE Upgraded Qi Wireless Charger.

This is such a great device, I think I'm speechless. Oops! Make that I'm ALMOST speechless! I think people who have read some of my previous (long-winded) reviews/comments for other Amazon products just fell out of their chairs!!!! :-)

But first off, full disclosure, I just happened to be at a BestBuy, saw it, liked it (a lot), but wanted to order thru Amazon, but BB said they would do a price match it with Amazon. Um, I said you got a deal if you would also match the T-Mobile SIM card price with T-Mobile and they said they would. BTW, the price dropped for the N7 that morning, (to $294.99), which I wasn't aware of until right then. I thought, um, sometimes these price drops don't last very long, I better snag it now! Of course, the price has since dropped another $5 since my purchase, oh well... All things considered, the buying process there actually went AOK, but it was still a bit of a small hassle for me and to be honest, I still definitely prefer shopping at Amazon. Oh well, BB got me this time... BTW, I did get the case and Qi pad at Amazon.

This device is beyond amazing! I'm a tablet newbie, never have ever used one before and I thought "Oh, the screen will be way too small, it will be so hard to read and the touchscreen will be so hard to use or won't work very well." Man! Was I ever wrong, it's so easy to read even with these tired old eyes, (zoom works great!). The touchscreen is fabulous and VERY accurate, even with my somewhat nerve damaged numb fingers, it has never been an issue for me to use. Setup was super easy and learning my way around Android was intuitive, I was zipping around like a pro within a few days, and BTW, the online N7 User Guide helped the learning curve for me a lot!

The T-Mobile setup was also very easy and use. I have a VERY weak cell signal where I live and it still worked just fine. Going on a 12 day trip in a few days and I'm sure it will come in handy if/when no Wi-Fi is available. I’m really looking forward to checking out all the great aspects of the N7 on this trip - hoping I don't drive my other half too crazy gushing about it! :-)

I really like the Devicewear Ridge case, (sturdy, good quality, comfortable to hold w/the N7), and the CHOE Qi pad, (very easy to find the N7 charge access point - it has no issue at all with the cover). Highly reco these products also.

Uh-Oh! I think my (almost) speechless mantra just went out the window! Sorry about that! Couldn't help myself because this device is an absolute joy for me to use and I definitely consider this one of my best electronic purchases! It's sweet, I'm hooked and I HIGHLY recommend it! Yes, I'm definitely in love with it...

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on August 18, 2017
This is an excellent tablet, and it is the third time I buy a Nexus 7 tablet. I love how fast it is. I can read my ebooks very comfortably and play games and movies with no problems. However...when I saw that the tablet was a LTE version I thought I was going to be able to use this tablet as a cell phone as well. But oh no, was I so wrong. This tablet will not work as a cell phone, it just doesn't have those features. Sure you can use an app to make wifi calls, but nothing as a cell phone. I was going to return my tablet because of it but better thought of it, so I'll stick to this tablet. It is too good to just let it go because it doesn't have cell phone features.
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on May 30, 2014
2 starts for getting a defective product shipped to me. I would rate the actual product 4 stars.

First unit arrived with a 1 cm wide patch on the front panel near front camera which I noticed just before examining the screen for putting a screen guard. The patch was under the glass, it was kind of a bubble and I triple checked to ensure that I could not wipe it off. The package in which this unit arrived had no signs of damage which means this one was shipped defective.

I immediately returned the unit and got a replacement delivered 5 days later. The replacement unit does no have any problems so far. Some other pros and cons below.

This is a great tablet for its price, I have been playing asphalt 8 and other FPS games and they run absolutely fine without any lag. Screen is gorgeous with excellent sensitivity/responsiveness. Speakers placed on left and right edges of the tablet have excellent stereo reproduction.

Youtube app with which this unit ships has a known buffering issue where it hangs several times while buffering a HD video. This however seems to have fixed in latest youtube app update from google as I do not see the problem after updating youtube app.
For screen real estate lovers, nexus 7 may seem on smaller side and you may want to wait until nexus 8 is launched.
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on November 16, 2014
The Google Nexus 7 is a portable tablet built by Asus for Google, which offers a stock Android experience. The updates to this device comes directly from Google allowing quick updates to the latest version of Android. When purchasing this device, I was upgrading from a Motorola Xoom, and I was torn between purchasing an Apple iPad or another Android tablet.

If portability is what you are looking for, the Nexus 7 (2013) is a great choice, and competes directly with the Apple iPad mini 2. I chose the LTE version which comes with 32GB of storage, and picked up a used unit from Amazon so I could bring the price down further. I was able to pick it up for $100 cheaper than the iPad mini 2 with the same configuration..

In terms of performance, some may argue that the iPad mini 2 will give a better performance, but I am happy overall with the android experience. I am looking forward to the upcoming Lollipop update and hope to be happy with the Nexus 7 (2013) LTE for at least a few more years.
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on November 16, 2014
This is my second Nexus 7. I used the Nexus 7 (2012) for over a year (after the orig. Galaxy Tab for the previous 2 years), and this 2013 (FHD/LTE) model is the best 7-inch tablet out there. It is well made and features such as software main buttons (vs. HW), make switching from portrait to landscape all the more convenient (wake up Samsung!).

Android 5.0 features, while making Android more Apple-OS-like, are poorly thought out. It's too bad we can't select which iterations of apps we install (something I'd pay for).

Major HW shortcoming is the lack of a microSD slot. Using an OTG cable and the Nexus Media Importer app make a decent if a bit awkward work around.

Most annoying for this LTE version is the lack of SMS text support (w/built in phone number; yes there are workarounds here too). Google engineering intentionally broke Android SMS texting support after Android 4.3 for tablets, no matter what your contract with your provider states. :-(
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on December 30, 2014
I bought this used on Amazon in great condition for an amazing price (with a missing SIM tray). I also bought a used 32G iPad Air a couple of months later, also at an excellent savings.

Philosophically I'm an Android man, and I have android phones and an android box to make my TV smart. As an ecosystem I really like the hackabillity of Android better, but, side-by-side I find myself reaching for the ipad much more often for mail, RSS feed reading and Skype. As the top rated Android tablet, the Nexus 7 still feels a little fat & heavy and yet cramped on the screen compared to the iPad Air (so I imagine vs. the iPad Air 2 it would be even more so). Most especially given the additional screen area of the larger iPad.

In the end it's looking like the Nexus will mostly serve as a connected GPS in my van and the iPad Air wins this round of the truly personal carry-around device contest.
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on April 24, 2014
After much searching review reading and procrastination I picked this over all other and many options.
I am not sorry. The best decision was to choose the LTE version with SIM Card slot for mobility data. (But back to that in a minute).
The review after a couple months of hard use is as follows:
Immediately went to Verizon store and added a data plan as a separate account. Sim card install for $35 and monthly plan with 2 gB data only $30/month. Now I am completely mobile free of wifi if need be.
Left for Tuscany Italy and went to the TIM Italian phone store and purchased a SIM card and data plan monthly for 17 Euros first month and extra data. (Did the same thing for my HTC Droid DNA.) Using MagicJack I could make free calls to all my MJ people and very low cost/Minute to everyone else.
As long as I had TIM coverage (3G and 2G) I was good to go.

Nexus 7 2nd gen
Very good battery life and good support with Google and Apps (although I did not buy from google but Amazon). I purchased Square Trade Warranty and would strong recommend that you do also.
Great screen, super fast response, tons of apps, reasonably good speaker, fast download, nice feel, Bluetooth works well (I purchased a Bear Motion ® Premium Folio Case with Detachable Bluetooth Keyboard for Google Nexus 7 II 2013 Version for $30 and it works well on Bluetooth ....has its own rechargeable battery). Gives protection and a good keyboard.
Installed Chrome, Outlook, and it picked up all my apps from my desktop and HTC Smart Phone. Almost to easy.
Worked all over Italy, and saved me a few times with Google Maps, Yelp, Trip Advisor, got mail and plotted trips.
Returned to USA, swapped out the SIM and was back on Verizon in ten minutes.
It downloaded KitKat upgrade within days of purchase. The day I went into Verizon they had just agreed to support this model tablet.
I had trouble with the audio jack to the point that it was dead. Called Asus and got service. They were prepared to take it back (to Texas) for repair or replace but I was leaving for Italy so I got a case number and postponed return. During the trip I got the Audio jack to work although it is touchy.
Sound could be a little louder but not so bad.

Bottom line is that I am recommending to all who ask.
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on April 14, 2016
I bought a refurbished one not quite 2 years ago (from Amazon/Warehouse Deals Inc.). Until about a month ago, it was excellent. Then it started not recognizing the SIM card. I had the SIM card and card holder replaced, with no improvement. After going through all steps recommended by Asus, including a reset back to factory, it still was not working. Asus' very rough estimate to repair is $190 and requires mailing in, but the exact amount would not be known until I sent it in. So I am disappointed in this development, as I like the tablet very much when it was fully functional.
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on December 15, 2013
This is a great tablet, perfect in every way except that Verizon, the only carrier in my area, will not support it for LTE. Others have activated an older tablet and transferred the sim card to their Google Asus Nexus 7 which seems to work just fine. I paid extra for this tablet so I could access the stock market, weather etc. in remote locations without wifi but I'm the victim of some sort of competitive Google/Verizon turf battle. I'd recommend this very nice, well sized, and wonderfully detailed screen tablet with 5 stars if you can use ATT or Tmobile who will activate and support this newest generation of Google Nexus 7.
Feb 17, 2014..update..Verizon has apparently resolved any issues it had with my Google Asus 7 Tablet and I was able to activate it at the Verizon Store. This is an amazing tablet, just what I wanted and very versatile. 5 stars
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