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NIGHT TRAIN MURDERS (aka: LAST STOP ON THE NIGHT TRAIN- 1975) opens w/ a scene of two men robbing Santa Claus, while godawful theme music plays. No, honestly, this song is terrible, featuring vocals that can only be described as sounding like someone getting themselves stuck in the zipper of their jeans! The scene switches to two young women, named Margaret and Laura (Irene Miracle and Marina Berti), getting ready for the fateful trip -from Germany to Italy- of the title. Uh oh! Those two creeps / Santa robbers, on the run from the cops, jump on board the same train as the girls! This can't be good. Some humorous things occur, as we are introduced to some of the other passengers, and their quirks. Margaret and Laura get settled in, while the two miscreants, named Blackie and Curly (Flavio Bucci and Gianfranco De Grassi), roam about the train, antagonizing people. Soon, their antics take a serious turn, hinting at violence to come. Blackie and Curly hook up w/ a rather odd woman (Macha Meril) who is like gasoline to their fire. The three of them take sadistic, sexual advantage of Margaret and Laura, becoming a trio of terror. While the two thugs are indeed repellent, Meril's character is more sinister, since she is the instigator, and is so gleeful about the whole mess, no matter how tragic it becomes. This is inter-cut w/ scenes of a Christmas dinner-party at Laura's parents house. Yes, this movie does have a lot in common w/ LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT. The main characters, the situation, the insane, disgusting action / atmosphere, and the finale, are all similar. The addition of a voyeur-turned-rapist certainly adds to the ick factor. I prefer this movie to Craven's, mostly because it's more polished, and has more depth. I realize that others enjoy the grimy, dirty look and feel of LHOTL, but I'm just not a big fan. Also, I HATE rape scenes, and they're shorter here. Oh, and the ending is just plain better in this film. It's morally ambivalent, and far more -bitingly- effective ...
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on April 14, 2018
A three star movie; this one gets an extra star for the satisfying ending. This movie demonstrates inhuman perversity and sadism European style with a few glaring differences from American culture. Most notably, the American thugs are typically armed. During the finale, the European dad grabs a double-barreled shotgun off the wall to do the final vengeful deed; an American parent (dad or mother) would have grabbed a Mossberg 590 or a scope-mounted AR-15 from their well stocked gun safe. In all likelihood they would have already been carrying a semi-auto for their permitted concealed carry handgun. Thank God for the Second Amendment.
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on July 9, 2007
Night Train Murders is often called Last House on the Left on a train and make no mistake it's fairly obvious where Night Train Murders got its idea from. It's pretty much the same exact movie at times only difference is set on a train. Basically if you have seen Last House on the Left you pretty much know how this movie will turn out.

Night Train Murders has a lot going for it though; for starters unlike the movie it knocked off there is no comedy here. It's a straight forward movie with no happy ending.

The script by Renato Izzo & Aldo Lado lacks in the character development, but despite that they are able to create real characters as well as make some political statements. Aldo Lado also directs and does a fine job at the pacing of the movie; the first half of the movie is rather slow. Not a whole lot happens as we follow the two teenage girls who despite depth come across as real and likeable people.

Some people might find the first half boring and in many ways I understand why. But despite the slowness I still quite enjoyed it. I liked the two main characters and that helped keep my interest. The scenes with the parents early on are also well done and like the two girls the parents lack depth, but come across as real people.

Night Train Murders does start to get a little boring right before the villains attack the two girls. But it's only a matter of minutes before the movie picks up again. The torture scenes on the train are actually rather tame compared to most movies like this. Though the razor blade scene easily has to rate as one of the most twisted scenes ever; besides that scene while there are some shocking moments and the torture scenes are unpleasant Night Train Murders is though very tame compared too many movies with this style.

The train scenes during the attack are very well done; first off it's well shot and beautifully lit. The blue lighting used really is amazing and adds to the tension. The girls are stuck with these terrible people and you feel as if you are stuck with them as well. Anything that might be lacking in those scenes is made up for with the feel of claustrophobia.

The villains are pretty much a poor mans version of the villains from Last House on the Left, Flavio Bucci as Blackie even has a resemblance to David Hess. Despite that the villains work well for the most part and are very unlikable. In movies like this even when the villains pay for their crimes there is no happy ending due to what came before. But Night Train Murders while offers nothing really different to this genre doesn't have your typical ending.

Like in real life not everybody pays for their crimes and while there is revenge in Night Train Murders not everybody gets what's coming to them. While it's some what disappointing it also keeps the movie a little more real. The two thugs are worthless vile people who truly get what they deserve, but I thought the most interesting part was the fact the Lady on the Train played by Macha Meril was probably the most sadistic.

The lower class will often pay for their crimes, which they should; but many times the upper class even if more ruthless a lot of the times get away with what they have done. Some of these aspects help keep Night Train Murders feel very real. The revenge scenes were solid, but they could have maybe lasted a little longer. They are too quick, but at the same time get the job done.

While Night Train Murders may not be the best this genre has to offer and the torture scenes are tame compared to other movies like this, it still works well and is rather unpleasant to watch. Even when the movie ends you still feel a bit down due to what came before it. For those looking for something hardcore you won't find it here, but Night Train Murders is quite well done in my opinion.
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VINE VOICEon February 22, 2013
Yes, yes, yes, it's a Last House On The Left ripoff through and through, but the action here takes place on a train-The Night Train!!
This time out, the two unfortunate females are on a train to Italy. Also on board are two doofus thugs(one of them is Flavio Bucci, who was the blind piano player in Suspiria). If it would have been just the two thugs, some mischief, vandalism, and all around A-Hole-ism might have been about the extent of it, but that's where the rich lady comes in. The rich lady, played by Macha Meri(the psychic from Deep Red), comes across as a snooty upper class wench, but we can guess by some sexy pictures that fall out of her travel bag, that there is more to her than meets the eye....kinda like The Transformers. After a sexual encounter with Doofus Thug #1(Flavio) in the train pissoir(which begins as an attempted rape), the rich lady takes the opportunity to use the two thugs as a means to cut loose(footloose) and live out her wacky sex fantasies. This also brings out the worst in the two thugs who become much more dangerous and threatening than they originally came across as being.
Our two female friends become the target of this unholy trio as they force their way into the girls' train car and proceed to degrade and sexually assault them, eventually ending in their deaths(don't accuse me of spoilers, you knew that was gonna happen! This is a Last House On The Left ripoff, remember?). One particularly sleazy moment has a fellow passenger on the train witnessing the horrors going on inside the train car, and instead of stopping it or reporting it, he joins in just long enough to rape one of the girls! Good Golly Miss Molly!
Of course, in our Last House tradition, these three clowns end up in the clutches of the parents of one of the girls. Well, you know what happens then.
This movie is certainly sleazy and mean spirited, though not as graphically violent as it's reputation would have you believe. It has it's moments though. You get to know the female victims a bit better here than you did in Last House, but Last House's ace in the hole was David Hess, who was more imposing and sinister than the three villains here combined.
In the end, it's another exceptional piece of Italian exploitation sleaze. Dig in.
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on July 16, 2017
Good Italian made flim... Its sad n disturbing...
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on October 29, 2004
First off, I am a fan of Italian horror films of the 70's and 80's. I had always wanted to see Night Train Murders, but it was never released in the United States making it nearly impossible to view. Instead of buying a bootleg, which I thought about on several occasions, I waited for its official release. After receiving my DVD, I was pleasently surprised by how good the film was. Like most Italian flicks, they "rip-off" or "borrow" ideas from American films. Zombie borrowed from Dawn of the Dead, The Beyond borrowed from The Shining, Conquest borrowed from Conan the Barbarian, and Night Train Murders borrows from Last House on The Left. So much in fact that it was released as Second House on the Left, New House on the Left, and Last Stop on the Night Train in other parts of the world. Many of the story elements are borrowed from Craven's film debut, including characters and situations. Even though it freely borrowed from Craven's film, I actually came out liking this film better. First of all it has higher production values so the filmmakers were able to heighten the cinematography, and other such aspects. I also liked how Night Train Murders was more disturbing and gritty. There were no awkward comedy moments like the ones present during Last House. There is more character development so you learn to like the two leading actresses more. In turn, since you like them better, you hate the goons more for the violoations they did to them. The director inserts a lot of flair and style while making a truely likeable revenge/exploitation epic that finally gets its just release in the United States. I've been waiting a long time for this film and I greatly thank Blue Underground for releasing a this steller DVD. The picture absolutely looks wonderful and the extra features were great. For fans of Italian horror, this DVD will not disappoint!
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on February 3, 2016
Just love these Italian movies.They had there very own special way to make a movie.
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on August 30, 2014
I found this "classic" slasher movie to be a bit long,unremarkable, and not at all shocking by modern standards. It may be a study for students of giallo, but is far less shocking than Last House on the Left old version.
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on March 22, 2018
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on February 25, 2010
Despite a very disjointed start (in very poor quality - almost looks 16mm) the story comes together and all hell is let loose. Well acted, often edge of your seat situations - some of which are pretty disturbing, the film moves along at a brisk pace - perhaps too brisk as the clues leading up to the climactic confrontation are too rushed and justice dealt out too swiftly - though that's the only real fault I can find in an otherwise great film.

Transfer quality is rough at the start as I mentioned but soon becomes satisfactory if not pretty good maybe due to different film stocks used.
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