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on May 17, 2015
Amazingly in great shape,it was almost like getting a new one.It came packaged in original box,but the battery was missing.I phoned a buddy who owns a Nikon D300,and asked if he had a "spare" he could loan me,while i placed a new battery on order.Only thing,I've found wrong thus far is the Auto Focus Assist Lite doesn't seem to work.That doesn't really bother me,but it does bring up a question,what else might be wrong that i haven't discovered?I've thus far,put the camera through what i deem as normal camera actions,and haven't had a problem.Focus meter,fps,exposure meter,flash,etc work like a charm.Very pleased in my purchase.Although i purchased this camera as a backup to my D7000, i use the D300's as my everyday Knock around camera,so it will get some use for sure.Love the feel,the build,and the overall responsiveness of this fine photo tool.
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on December 1, 2012
love this camera...I previously had a D90 and the external methods of changing setting and modes on this camera is great...I would have given it a 5 but I haven't upgraded the lenses yet that might make it unbeatable.
update: the fast shooting and the two memory card slots give me a lot of versatility/storage while shooting fast moving targets...the histogram allows me to make sure my WB is set properly even tho I do not do a lot of RAW shooting or in camera processing at this time..
update: I have now upgraded my lenses and this thing takes fantastic shots....with ease....set up your custom shooting menus and modify on the fly and get great shots.....
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on December 17, 2010
I was a Pentax K-10 user and researched this product for months as I was dedicate to the Pentax systems. I now realize why Nikon is so highly rated. The features and quality of the product produced is really exceptional. This is not a camera for beginners and takes a very real investment in time to master the options and features available to produce high quality photos. Automatic correction of chromatic aberration is just one example of the many features this Nikon offers over the competition. The focus options and focus speed are state of the art compared to my previous Pentax. When you really compare this camera to similarly priced competitors you will know why Nikon continues to be the leader in the DSLR market. The hours of availability for Nikon service and technical assistance is superior to almost any product I have purchased.

An expensive investment but I could not be more pleased.
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on December 19, 2009
After much research I moved from a Nikon D70s to the D300s. I was very happy with the D70s however I needed a larger pixel count for the large prints I prefer to make (13x19"+). I agree with many pro's that have advised that you don't need more than 8MP if you are producing 8x10's or even 11x14 full frame in most cases. If you go beyond that print size or crop severely for 11x14's, then a larger pixel count is where you need to be.

The D300s has been a perfect camera for me. I certainly put it in the prosumer category. It should not be your first camera. If you shoot mostly Auto or like to point and shoot, the D300s is not for you even if you have the money. It is very full-featured/complex camera and to get good pictures and your money's worth you need to be willing to invest the time to learn its many modes and capabilities. It is capable of shooting great pictures in very low light or in fast moving scenes with its wide ISO range, very low noise and advanced focus system. The ergonomics feel just right to me unlike many Canons I have tried. It has good balance and a very solid feel (metal frame). I shoot often with a Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 VR that is heavy and a good grip and balance is important for me.

I have found the color and resolution to be superb. I easily get professional (saleable) 13 x19" prints working through Lightroom 2.5 and Photoshop CS4 to a Canon Pro 9000 MkII printer. The D300s' many focus, white balance and color modes are a great help in a rapidly changing shoot. I have programmed several custom settings for both studio and outdoor work. Its great to be able to shift multiple camera settings with one button push. The "Info" button alone should keep you from buying the D300 vs D300s.

The dual memory card setup is also great. I switch between using the second card as a backup for important shoots to using it in overflow mode when I'm out for a long shoot. I shoot RAW most of the time and the safety of the overflow mode keeps me in the shooting flow so I don't have to stop, lose the mood and change memory cards. I often add a power grip when I'm using multi-Speedlight set-ups with a remote commander. The Nikon Remote Commander can draw down the main battery over the course of a long studio shoot. Otherwise the battery will easily do a full day and hundreds of shots. The Info button instantly shows you battery condition as a % in both the main and power grip. Nice upgrade so you don't have to look at a little battery icon and guess.

I am very happy with the D300s and highly recommend it if you are looking for a solid, pro-level camera. It has performed flawlessly for me. Amazon (B&H Photo) remains perfect for me with great price and on time delivery.
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on March 9, 2010
This was my first DSLR. If you've never owned a DSLR, it does take some experimentation with settings and lighting to see what the camera can do and how the pictures will turn out. But that's the great thing about digital cameras...you can shoot at will and see the immediate effects. Also, learning and familiarizing yourself with the controls really helps when snapping shots of young kids that that tend to move incessantly.

- The picture quality is awesome (no surprise here and universally agreed upon by most reviews)...especially when I compare it to pics taken with my ultra portable point and shoot Canon SD630.

- The layout and functions are quite intuitive and easy to use so it wasn't hard to get the hang of it (and a good guide book really helps).

- The construction seems very solid, you can feel it in your hands.

- External flash is very key in getting good results.

- I purchased it with the 18mm-200mm VR-II lens. The lens was very expensive but if you could only get one lens, it's definitely a great all around lens. Also surprisingly compact for a telephoto zoom.

- Favorite feature...dual card slots, ability to save JPEG to one slot and RAW to the other provides a lot of flexibility.

- Haven't played around with the video yet so I can't really comment. But I think the built in mono mic is sort of a lame feature. If Nikon can provide HD video, it should at least have stereo sound. There is an optional mic you can purchase but again, it's another thing you would need to buy and another thing you will have to lug around.

- The only gripe is that it is EXPENSIVE. But if you are into photography and preserving moments of your kids and family, it's probably worth the money. A better price point would have earned it a full 5 stars.

Overall, really happy with the camera and having a lot of fun learning about all the features and capabilities.
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on July 14, 2016
Best camera I ever owned. I love how mechanical it was and how there's a button for nearly everything. The new camera bodies have menus and sub menus and it becomes difficult to remember where to look for things. I hope Nikon builds another one like it
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on March 21, 2010
I received this camera about a week or two ago and have so far been very pleased. I owned a D40x for the longest time and that was a wonderful intro DSLR (and have yet to really see the same quality in the D3000 or D5000 even though they may have more features). After being only ok'd by the D90 which lasted a few weeks before encountering the fatal F-- Error this camera has been very solid and without a hint of an issue.

The camera is a bit heavier, but you're moving into a more solid body compared to the intros and and even the middle grade D90. The ability to use remote flashes and take easily 6fps shots without thinking is wonderful. The 3D tracking system if you adjust the autofocus refresh time is amazing. This is the first camera that I've been wow'd with in a long time. I considered Canon's 50d and even looked highly at the 7d, but the D300s just felt like it was easier to control and easier to work with overall.
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on June 18, 2010
So i bought this camera as an upgrade to my D300. i've been in love with the D300 for as long as i had it even while using a D3 in college. i'll spare a review of the original and just talk about the D300s. the camera is amazingly built even better than the original, and that's saying a lot. everything about it gives me confidence in holding it. the image quality is phenomenal, with no noise, amazing dynamic range, and great ability to restore shadows and highlights in RAW files. the SD card slot also helps a great deal. i can now shoot the JPG files to it, and look them over on the macbook pro, which has an SD slot, then edit the RAW files on my desktop. having a dedicated live view button is nice, and allows you to remain in your shooting speed (S, CL, CH). you simply press the multi-selector's center button to start a movie. speaking of which, the image quality is fantastic, and focusing is very easy even when recording, since the screen is bright and very sharp. as for the file size of the videos, i was unable to find any information online, so i'll post it here for you reading. for a 30 second clip at 720p, you can expect file size to be up to 90MB, depending on the subject. the one unfortunate thing, and you can't save your settings from a D300 and import them to the 300s. overall, after having the camera for 3 days, and already using it on a serious shoot, i have to say it's an even better camera that i was expecting and there is nothing about it i feel like it's missing.
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on September 19, 2011
Having used and abused my Nikon D300 since it originally came on the market, sold thousands of dollars worth of photographs in galleries and personal collections, put it through the most horrible photographic conditions like high winds filled with fine dust, beat it around in a Jeep capturing back country photographs, carried it hiking up and down canyons of SE Utah, etc...this is one tough camera that delivers superb photos in all conditions. I purchased the Nikon D300s so I could have two cameras of equal quality and not have to change lenses on photo shoots. Knowing the sensor and megapixels will change when the new Nikon D400 comes out, I opted for the 300s for the price, my knowledge of the camera, and I will bet money my pictures with the D300s will match anything new from Nikon! One great camera, great price, rugged and tough, and perfect balance for use with heavy and long lenses. This is one of the best cameras Nikon has ever produced for amateurs, semi-professionals, and professional photographers in this price range!
Keith Cauley
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on September 28, 2010
The easiest way to describe a camera's functional success is to understand the photographer's use and background in my opinion. So to begin, I would like to mention that I am a part-time professional photographer. I mainly shoot weddings, but have also done portraits and pet photography. I have a full time job, and enjoy doing photography in my free time as a source of creative expression - and also a bonus paycheck.

Now, onto the camera. This is the 3rd Nikon DSLR that I have owned. I got into the digital landscape early with the D70 despite the doubt from friends and family. I then upgraded to the D80, while still at college as it was a nice upgrade, but affordable for a college student with serious photography ambitions.

When I started to get serious with wedding photography a few months ago, I spent weeks browsing Amazon's reviews for Nikon DSLRs. I finally settled on the D300s and am glad I did. I love the camera. It's fast, easy to use and provides plenty of personalizing the functions to suit my needs.

This customization is by far the biggest plus of the camera. Having set my camera for quick bracketing, it allows me to not worry about exposures or the details at a wedding when capturing the moment.

The setting dials allow for quick switches between priority modes as well as controlling the aperture and shutter in manual mode. The body feels secure in my hands and the weight is very manageable. Nikon should also be given credit for their battery design as I can shoot for an entire wedding (6+ hours) on just half a battery - negating the need to worry about multiple backups.

The dual card slots are also great as the D80 recorded to SD whereas the D300s records to CF primarily, and my SD card selection was already pretty big. Being able to save files to the SD as a backup of the CF image is a great tool, although I primarily use the SD card to record any video.

The video in itself is a nice bonus, but by no means should you consider this as a stand alone video camera. Focus is manual and controlling the exposure can be difficult. It does take nice video at 720p, but there are better cameras out there for video.

All in all - it has been a fantastic purchase and I have loved using it with no plans of upgrading in the immediate future. I highly recommend this camera.
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