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on December 22, 2015
I always avoided purchasing this lens because of its enormous size and bulk. I wish I would have manned up earlier, as the images are so sharp with creamy bokeh, and I love my bokeh creamy! I'm a wedding photographer, and though this guy is heavy for sure, very well worth it! Wedding Photogs: Before you purchase, I recommend buying a 10 pound weight and doing curls for 8 hours straight to see if you can handle this. Or... you know... use a tripod.
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on February 20, 2016
Beautiful..everything it does is beautiful. if you need the large aperture and the extended focal length for glamour and outdoor photography this lenstakes photos that are breathtaking. i use it on MY D750. HIGHLY recommended.
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on December 20, 2013
I've had this lens for several years, and yes I wish it were smaller and lighter. But recently I compared the results i get with it to my other top Nikon lenses (the 85 mm 1.4, the 14-24 2.8 zoom, etc). And as someone else said in a review, the main problem with this lens is that you won't be satisfied with the other lenses in your bag. I use it on a D700 and a D300, mostly for portraits. When you blow up small areas of a photo or make a cropped enlargement it's amazing how sharp the detail is compared to other lenses. Maybe the newer model is even better but? I've flirted with selling this one day (mostly because it's so big) but every time I look at the results I have a change of heart. Maybe I just need a good shoulder harness!
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on May 8, 2016
Great lens, Great pictures
review image
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on March 17, 2010
I've had this lens for about 4 months now and am amazed at the quality of the images from it. Coupled with my D300s, it produces sharp images at f/2.8. I really have not tested it at the small end of the aperture scale. I recently shot some high school basketball games and was very impressed with the results. As many may know, lighting in high school gymnasiums is not the best. Yet, with this lens, I was able to get excellent images. Focusing is fast and quiet. The build quality is excellent--no compromises here. It is a hefty lens, but with the D300s + grip, it balances out reasonabley well. I recommend extended use to be with a monopod or tripod. It is an expensive piece of glass, but each time I see the results from it, I smile!!
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on November 1, 2017
Great value. Excellent quality. Was shooting nature at f/5 and getting great blur in the background. Depending on the megapixel count of your camera, you can even crop down to a macro shot.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on October 10, 2010
I use this on my D90 for any action shots. The fast aperture allows for lightning fast shutter speeds and really lets you capture the moment in crystal clear detail. The lens will never give you a bad looking shot - any shots that look less than perfect are a result of user error. f/2.8 allows for a shallow depth of field, working well for isolating your subject. This lens does well for portraits too. This lens is a monster size wise. You will NOT be inconspicuous when you've got this attached to your body, so you get a lot of attention when carrying it around. That said, it's got very solid construction and once you see what it is capable of capturing, you'll be spoiled. It also retains its value very well. Would buy again for sure, I just wish it cost less, but I suppose sometimes you have to pay to play.
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on January 2, 2009
This review applies specially to D300 owners, yes, maybe we will buy a full frame camera in the future, but for now and for long, this will be our work horse.

I dont consider myself a "professional photographer", I rather say that I like displaying my art through photography if that makes any sense.

Why is the above info important? For one, because I dont carry the lens ALL day long on my backpack or neck and I take the time to compose a good picture instead of letting the equipment do the work for me. Now, if this sounds like someone whose opinion you would value, read on.

size: The lens is big (put a 12 inch school ruler on front of your camera, roughly that size), it is heavy (because of the form, it feels like a five pound dumbell, not too much for regular lifting but with minutes passing you feel it). Now, those two are not really drawbacks as I'm not an engineer and therefore I assume that is whats necessary to make it that good, so I live happy with that. A V8 is heavy for the components, that's the way I see it.

Performance: I do find the VR a little noisy, the af is not unless youre changing it way too much, and still is not "noisy", its just not quiet. AF Lock-Tracking on the D300 with this lens is a dream, the lens is so fast focusing that you kind of get used to it. Metering is a little under exposed but, I blame the camera obviously.

sharpness: Just another reviewer stating the obvious, sharp as hell, even shooting at 2.8 on the most abnormal conditions.

grip: I keep the camera gripped, always, don't think I've ever "ungripped" it other than to change the battery, therefore, I cannot comment on the lens w/o the grip. With grip on, the lens feels big, a little front heavy, but, as I said, that IS the lens. It feels a lot better shooting vertical which in my case is 90% of the time.

final conclusion: This lens does not go well on your next birthday party*, it however will do magic for your kids on a soccer game or on their bikes, or shooting at F1 cars or birds, whatever you throw, it'll take it. NOW, do not depend on the lens or the VR, use VR only when needed, too many people now rely on that and forget about the art of composing to make it work.

*for general uses like that, I keep the trusty D40 w/18-200, sb-400 and a $40 grip I bought through amazon as well.
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on February 26, 2016
this lens fantastic its giving very sharp shot .
i use it in two way in crop sensor camera which is very good for portarait .
the other bod i got its nikon v1 with ft1 adapter which can shot wild life and birding.

the lens is sharp fast AF i recomend it to everybody how want to get more profisional shots .
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on November 2, 2017
Perfect telephoto, especially on an FX sensor. I have mine on DX (relatively old Nikon D300s) but it focuses lightning fast and the VR is a nice touch. Doesn't help much when the subject is moving but it can come in handy for low-light situations where subjects aren't moving much.
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