Customer Reviews: Nikon 7223 Action 16 X 50mm Binoculars
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on October 3, 2005
I was looking for a medium-powered pair of binoculars for back yard astronomy. I had picked up a pair of Bushnell 10X50's for a few dollars less than the Nikon's and I was disappointed with the quality (there was something wrong with the optics... could not get them to ever completely focus). I promptly returned them and picked up these. What a difference! They were much clearer than the Bushnell's, and the focus is extremely sharp in the center. I take them out just about every night and they offer me a great view of the sky. If you're looking for a good all-around pair of binoculars that's worth more than what you're paying, look no further!
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on September 8, 2005
These are wonderful binoculars. Rugged, and easy to use, these binoculars have great clarity, as much magnification as you can get without spending thousands of dollars, and come with a 20 year guarantee from one of the best optic producers in the world. You really can't go wrong on this one.
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on June 5, 2009
This is for the Nikon Action 12x50 binoculars. I am not a hard-core bird watcher, nor do I hold myself out to be overly knowledgeable about binoculars. I use binoculars to look at the landscape and wildlife in my backyard and on vacations -- at distances from 20ft. to approx. 1 mile. My previous binoculars were an old (probably 15 years old) pair of 10x50 Bushnells.

After reading hundreds of reviews here at Amazon, and googling and reading binocular reviews at other sites, I bought these Nikons. They are much better than the old Bushnells I have! I would imagine that a new pair of Bushnells would also be better than my old ones, due to technological progress, so I realize it's not exactly an apples to apples comparison.

After reading reviews and giving thought to how I use binoculars, I decided to go with the Nikons. My only dilemma was whether to get the 10x or the 12x. The hesitation came from other reviewers stating that with anything over 10x, you wouldn't be able to hold it steady enough and may need a tripod. I have not had that problem, and am extremely glad that I went with the 12x. I notice no difference in being able to steady them from the old 10x.
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on October 8, 2005
I know these are a fraction of the cost of some binoculars but for amateur use the Action series are fine for everyday viewing. The Nikon name also means a lot and considering that it comes with the tripod mount, they are well worth the money.
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on December 19, 2008
I bought these binoculars primarily for astronomy use. I thought the 16x magnification, combined with the 50mm objective lenses would make for a nice set of binoculars for astronomy use, without necessarily having to always mount them on a tripod. My reasoning was that I could still handle them reasonably well (without a tripod) for short periods of time (which I can), while having high enough magnification to see some nice details of objects in the sky (which I can, "IF" I can see the object). The one problem (the "IF" in the previous sentence) I have with these binoculars for astronomy use is the fact that the exit pupil size is just a bit small (only 3.1mm) for astronomy use. What I do see in the night sky is very sharp & detailed! And, quite frankly, I've seen some stunning views of the night sky while using these binoculars. BUT, because of the smaller exit pupil size, I don't always see some of the objects (primarily stars) that I can see with a good quality set of binoculars that have a larger exit pupil size. My Celestron 15x70 binoculars work better for astronomy because of the larger exit pupil size (I see MORE because of the larger exit pupil size). But, the 70mm size binoculars are larger, and therefore, harder to hold than the Nikon 50mm set. BUT, I still love these Nikon 16x50 binoculars! They are GREAT for daytime use, early morning & early evening (because of their high twilight factor), AND I'm still able to see some stunning views of the night skies as well (and with great detail to objects like the moon)! These are TOP NOTCH binoculars for the times I've mentioned, but if you want a set for astronomy, I recommend getting a bit smaller magnification with the 50mm objective lenses (maybe 12x or 10x).
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VINE VOICEon July 1, 2007
I purchased this product as last year's Christmas surplus at a very good price, but even at the list price it is a worthwhile buy.

Image quality for most average uses is excellent (you would invest in something much more expensive if you were a serious hobbyist). The advantage of this pair is that it is well made, and serves the purpose over a range of multiple uses (backyard birding, airplane spotting, landscapes, etc). And at the price point, if the kids drop it into the water, not a huge loss.

The unit is made well with excellent fit and finish, worthy of the Nikon name. I would recommend unhesitatingly for family use.
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on August 26, 2007
Excellent celestial binoculars for the price. The view is generally quite good, the device is not exceedingly heavy and they are rugged. This is an inexpensive pair of binoculars perfect for casual celestial viewing. The distortion of at the perimeter of the field of view becomes more apparent after usign them for a couple of hours, but overall the quality of viewing is good.
Update to my review 7-22-08. After using these binoculars for another year and some others, I can make additional recommendations for astronomical viewing. These ones still perform reasonably well for hunting down objects in dark sky (M, etc.) and are OK in bad conditions for getting oriented. However, for less money (about $50.00) I got a much better pair of Barska 15x70 at Big5 Sporting Goods. The Barskas are a better celestial scope, pariticularly in dark skies. I sometimes still start with the Nikon to get oriented, but once I am set to look in detail at things, the Barska gives a much better view, higher magnification, clearer field, less distortion. Therefore, I revise this review to indicate that the Nikons are perhaps not a great value. Also, the Barskas come with a really lame case, but who cares, cheap binoculars are meant to be out of the case and heavily used - don't baby them.
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on May 7, 2010
These binoculars are very good in image quality, fit and finish. The case and strap it comes with is also nice, but they are not very shock proof. I don't mean rough using or deliberately being careless with these binoculars, but in normal and regular use the optics become misaligned and the image is out of the field of view or can not be focused. For the price of $81 it may sound like a bargain but I would suggest the Nikon Extreme EX series instead, Nikon 7245 Action Ex Extreme 10 X 50 mm All Terrain Binoculars as a better option for about $132. If these are more expensive, then I would suggest getting the 8x40 instead.

Replacing these after a year of use, primarily at national parks observing geographical features and wildlife, I was disappointed the optics misaligned as I wanted these to last at least 5 years at this price. If Nikon improved the shock proof capability only slightly, I would be happy to pay $100 for these binoculars.
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on April 4, 2007
Quality optics and solid construction, as I would expect from Nikon. Good binocs for basic astronomy. Smaller diameter of the light exiting to the eye is better for old eyes.
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on December 6, 2011
These binoculars are more than what I expected! I own a pair of 10 X 50mm Nikons purchased over 10 years ago and they are very good but these 16 X 50mm are beyond the capability of my Nikon 10 X 50. The images are clear, sharp and no distortion or chromatic abberation is obvious clear to the edge of the field of view. My use is mostly astronomical studies and I consider Nikon's the best of all on the market within a very reasonable price range. You cannot go wrong owning Nikons!!! On a personal note; Amazon has never let me down in the ten years I have used their services and products. Great people to do business with!!
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