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on January 1, 2016
Optically, these binoculars are excellent. They have exceptional clarity for their size. I spotted a deer over a mile away and could tell he was a spike while glassing. When properly set, they are as good as my Prostaff 7s binos. They weigh 3/4 pound. When wearing glass on your neck all day, saving a pound or more makes a huge difference. I hardly notice them. The same cannot be said for my Prostaffs.

As far as negatives, I found a few minor ones. They lack a mount for a tripod adapter. This is not a big deal by itself, most users of these glasses won't even care. If you plan to glass all day, you probably won't use these binoculars. But if you want an ultralight bino for this purpose and need a mount, look elsewhere. Otherwise, plan on trying your best to hold these steady for long periods of time. They are light and comfortable to hold. But holding such lightweight optics makes them subject to shake. Since they are 8x25mm, the exit pupil is narrow and further complicates the shake issue. Lastly, the eye piece extends for eye relief but tends to retract back. This is more than a minor annoyance for the spot and stalk hunter. When retracted, the ocular lens fogs badly in cold weather when placed against a warm sweaty face. This is less of a problem with the eye pice extended for relief. It costs the hunter critical time to defog and adjust the eye piece. The eye piece should hold its position and require deliberate rotation to retract.

So these little glasses are excellent but not very forgiving. If you can take the time to adjust and don't need to run and gun, they're perfect. If you are a fast paced hunter, they work but you might get frustrated with them. I

All in all, these are fantastic for the price. If you need a lightweight optic that won't break your neck or the bank, I can see no better option on the market. Despite a few criticisms, I wouldn't hesitate to buy them again or recommend them to a friend looking to shed some weight from his glass.
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on February 18, 2015
Very good binoculars for the price (seventy-something when I bought them) - fantastic for traveling or hiking when you are bringing them as an "accessory" or as a backup and they are not the main purpose of your trip. If the main purpose of your trip is using your binoculars (e.g. birdwatching or something like that), then these are probably not for you. I got them as a lighter, smaller, cheaper alternative to my Monarch 5's. Are they as good as the Monarchs? Hell no. But they cost and weigh a fraction, and do an admirable job.

First, the good:

- Superb quality for the price - sturdy, rubberized, solid, waterproof. These will likely last me for many decades.
- Good (not excellent) optics - they are not as sharp as the Monarchs, but hey. Seventy dollars.
- Extremely compact. They fold into a nice square package which easily fits into a jacket or cargo pants pocket if you leave the bag and strap out.
- Very light.
- Good solid focusing mechanism.
- Good quality bag.

The not-so-good:

- The exit pupil (i.e. the size of the image when it hits your eye) is small. This means that you have to hold them very steadily - if you move them a little bit off the center of your eye, you won't see anything. They are not ideal for using from a vehicle or if you have shaky hands.
- They have twist-out eye rests. The twisting mechanism is too loose and they tends to move from the lightest touch or vibration. Not a problem while you're looking through them (because your eyes will hold the rests in place), but they tend to twist back in when you hang the binoculars around your neck.
- The strap is a bit oversized and stiff in my opinion. I'll probably replace it by a piece of string or take it off completely since they're very light and won't chafe your neck.

All in all, if in doubt, get them. They are not perfect but very good for the price. I keep them in the glove compartment of the car and bring them to all the hikes I go on, unless I specifically go somewhere to use binoculars, in which case I'll bring the Monarchs.
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on September 10, 2017
These are great binoculars. The quality of the lenses is very high. (We have cheapo ones with which to compare, same magnification.) The mechanisms are smooth for both focus and field, so when you hand them off to someone else (or get them back from your friend or family member), it is really easy to get them adjusted to your eyes. The 8x25 is perfect for what we wanted to view out at the national parks, which is a medium close view where you can still see the entire waterfall or top of the mountain or the animal at a safe distance. If you use them indoors at, say, a symphony hall, halfway back, you can see individual performers quite closely. The size and weight make them highly portable and you can wear them on the strap around your neck without strain for long periods of time.
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on April 20, 2015
Perfect size but difficult to keep steady. Bought these to carry in my backpack but did not want to take up a lot of space. For what the lack in quality they make up in convienance. Since I bought these my larger, much more expensive ones sit home on the shelf collecting dust. Great buy for what I was looking for.
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on April 14, 2015
Have always used binoculars over the years .. mostly for birding and just general looking. In recent years I have moved from walking into a sport wheelchair as a result of Post Polio and wanted a light weight pair that I could easily use with one hand, use for viewing and birding and also use at close range for looking at things that I could not quite get close to in the wheelchair. I did a lot of reading and comparing and decided on this pair and size and it has been perfect. Give it my highest recommendation.
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on August 24, 2015
For the price, I have found these binoculars outstanding. Lightweight enough to carefully integrate into my backpacking gear. They are not super lightweight for backpacking, but the quality/price ratio makes it worth finding other ways to reduce total gear weight to fit these in. Small, so a bit tricky for stable viewing. However, after handling many different types of binoc's over the years, I have learned to find ways to stabilize the human and get decent viewing. So I would not fault these for stabilization. I would buy these for a friend. Also, my red lens flashlight fits nicely between the 2 scopes for some night use.
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on August 17, 2015
I have to admit I don't have a ton of experience with binoculars. What I can say is that these binoculars feel very well made, the material is nice to the touch, they have a rubberized coating that make them very easy (nicely "grippy') to hold on to, and the fold up into a fairly compact package. The optical quality on this particular model is excellent. I purchased them after reading a few review sites that stated they were a good bang for your buck and I have to say I agree with that completely.

If you are wanting to get into the binocular world or are looking for a slightly cheaper and smaller pair to carry around, I would not hesitate one bit in considering these, they truly are a joy to use.
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on July 8, 2014
Very good magnification and the size is perfect. Light and small for backpacking/hiking. My one compaint is that I wish the lense covers were attached somehow. I can see myself easily losing them.
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on August 9, 2016
Not sufficient eye relief for glasses wearers. Gave themto my son who uses contacts.
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on April 30, 2013
I have a Nikon Monarch full-size binocular for bird-watching and it's fabulous. I wanted a smaller one for when I go hiking. Based my positive experience with the Monarch I bought the Trailblazer, and I'm glad I did. It fits the bill perfectly. I attach the holder to my belt (I don't bother with the strap) and I can easily pull it out and quickly view a distant object of interest. The focus is sharp, it has adjustable eye-cups, and it's waterproof. Perfect for my intended purpose.

Don't expect a compact bino to be as good as a full-size one, because they don't pull in the same light. But this one is a decent comprise and I don't have a big heavy bino bouncing on my chest as I ascend a rough trail.
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