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on December 9, 2013
Ill start by saying I really dont know much about Cameras. Im just the average Husband whos Wife has been saying for the last couple years that she would love a new Camera. So this Christmas Ive decided to take the jump and buy her this Nikon P520. Now I sat here like most of you are doing reading reviews and after about an hour I realized I still didnt know anything. It seems like a good Camera but then there are the bad reviews also. So I decided to contact an Old Friend that I hadnt spoken to in years who actually is a pretty well knowledged person at one of the Top Camera Companies that you see all the time. After sending him the link to this camera we went back and forth and he explained all the bells and whistles that this Camera had and also explained the pros and cons. What I came to realize after a couple days and alot of emails was I still really didnt know much about this Camera. So I left him with 2 last questions. 1) Is this Camera worth the money and 2) Is this Camera a Camera that you yourself with all your Camera Knowledge would actually purchase and enjoy. His answer to both of those questions was a very strong YES. Now thats what I needed. I just wanted to hear from someone who knew all the bells and whistles that it would be a Camera he would trust to take the pictures of his life. So I bought this Camera and without going on and on anymore then I already have I can tell you it was the best decision Ive made in a long time. Of course I gave it to her early so by Christmas we would know what we were doing. The pictures are Vivid and Vibrant. 2 words Ive never used in my life. Its easy enough to use for a guy like me but at the same time is capable of keeping the avid photographer happy with all the things its capable of doing. So after all this I would say yes, buy this Camera. We havent had one issue with it at all and it really seems like we made a good choice. Hope this helps the average Camera Buyer a little more then all the other head spinning reviews I sat and read for Hours.
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on July 23, 2013
This camera is way cool to look at. Ok, looks aside, I'm still trying to get used to some of the features of this camera. In comparison to my comparable canon, there are some pros and some cons. The pros: reaction. This camera has a great reaction. When you press the button to take your picture, it has a smooth and quick depression and you can really quickly take several pictures in a short amount of time with little effort. I also like the transition between the viewfinder and the LCD display, it's quick and easy and converts from one to the other fast. This camera also has a slightly better (more powerful) zoom than my other auto zoom camera and it seems so far that the stabilization is a little better, too. Cons: some of the features are a little confusing to go between, focusing is not quite as easy with this camera as with my Canon and while I think I have something in focus when I look at the picture, it's not. That may simply be an adjustment that I still have to make to the camera, but out of the box it seems a littler harder to get the focus right with this one than with the other one. This camera also goes to sleep or blanks out after a very short time of no activity; so if you have zoomed out and are waiting for, say, a fawn to get in range for a shot, be wary - the camera will blank out on you after about 20 seconds and you will have to "wake" it back up again. Hopefully you didn't miss your shot in that process. My other camera does this as well, but I don't believe the time is as short as with this one.
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on September 23, 2014
The camera looks so pretty and has a lot of features that I still could not figure them all out. I am a Nikon fan and have own many Nikon cameras. I test the wireless function (WMU), it works but the app on the phone is still too basic. You can only control snapping the picture but not be able to control taking video. I still hope that there would be a 3rd party app somewhere would do that. Every time you want to view the picture on the camera, it will have to start download the whole things every time. I can't imagine if I have 1000+ pics on the camera, it would take me a few minutes to load up on my phone. They should filter out to load up only that day pictures on something which can be done easily on the app. Hope Nikon will catch up on the app development soon.
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on August 20, 2013
Did a lot of research and read reviews as well as YouTube about this camera. Mostly very good comments.

Now that I have used this camera for a couple weeks I can say that I made a good decision in purchasing it.
I get all the manual control that I had on my old SLR camera,but with this camera it is a lot easier to use and do the the manual settings that I like.
One feature I wished it had is Stop Down Metering, I have found no camera of this type that offers this feature either so I didn't mark it down for this.

My pictures are very good and the video (which was not the reason I bought this camera) works great even at max zoom of 1000mm which allowed me to get fantastic videos at a recent outdoor concert, as long as I had good lighting the focusing worked great and was pretty fast.
The zoom works good and very smooth, the VR (Vibration Reduction) works way better than I imagined at the long Zoom range.

I have read some folks wished there was a button to switch between the EVF and the main viewing screen but I like the fact that when I fold the large view screen flat in it's storage area the EVF comes on automatically and when I unfold the large viewing screen it comes on automatically so I have no extra buttons to push.

I was concerned about the focusing of this camera as some have mentioned in that it sometimes will not focus sharply.
Now that I have this camera and am using it I have found that if I press down the shutter quickly I will sometimes get out of focus photos, but when I press the shutter button part way down (or maybe slowly) the camera has more time to get the correct focus?
I have found this seems to be the best method for sharp photos and I have not had any problems since.
The Nikon P520 menu system only took me about an hour to make all the settings that I prefer to use which I felt was very easy.

Most of all I really like the looks of this camera, it feels great in my hands, very comfortable and not too heavy.
The battery last longer than what I was expecting even with using fill flash for many of my sunny outdoor photos, so I can't complain about the battery life.

Comes with everything needed to copy photos from the camera to the PC and charging the battery.
Same cord that I use to charge the camera battery also copies the photos to the PC as you can remove the AC connector and use the USB end to connect to the PC.

The only gripe I have is that there are no threads in the lens barrel to attach a filter to protect the lens glass, for a camera of this type that should be a no brainer.

I have ordered a slip on adapter kit for this camera that is threaded at one end for adding filters (the kit also comes with 3 filters), I will see how this works and report on this later.

All in all I am enjoying taking photos with this camera, I find myself looking for any reason to go out picture taking, this camera is really fun and I highly recommend it. The price was very fair on Amazon.

I received the lens adapter with 3 filters and one of them being a polarizing filter.
The adapter is a hard plastic and slips over the outside of the camera lens barrel, fits nice and tight.
There is a small recess in the adapter so that it will only let you push the adapter on to the camera lens just a 1/4 inch so this is really nice and very easy to put on the camera lens, feels very snug and firm.
The adapter is threaded on one end where you would screw on the filters, this feels really secure and works well.
So I can say that I'm very happy with the lens adapter and the filters it comes with. So far so good.
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on May 11, 2014
I read a lot if reviews before purchasing this. I have had a Nikon coolpix for the past 3 years. Prior to that I owned a similar Olympus but Olympus quit putting in a eye view finder and I photograph birds and other fast moving objects so that is a must. I need a camera that I can just grab and go so it cannot weigh much, plus I tend to drop it bang cameras a lot so can't really validate purchasing an slr. Essentially I needed a camera that had a very wide range of focal lengths, decent resolution and did not take several paychecks to purchase. So to all those who whine and complain about the camera..... Sure it's not as good as a 15000 slr w a 800mm lense, that you can then switch to a 29mm lense when you want a scenic view, but common this costs 350.
If you don't believe me, the pics on the link below were take about 15-20 yards away- you can see the dried salt on the terns nostrils- that's good enough for me. Oh and the pier I was standing on was moving and there were frequent wind gusts meaning I was never still for long and the motion adjustment was just fine.

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on June 9, 2013
I use both a Nikon D80 and a D3, as well as a Nikon FE (film). But, when I go on trips and I am concerned about getting a picture quick I only take my Coolpix P520. The controls and capabilities on this camera have produced some marvelous pictures. And, rather than trying to figure which lens to use and changing out lens, I am able to take the fleeting picture. Sure the Coolpix P520 isn't my Nikon D3. But, it certainly does take some very pleasing pictures. In fact,one of my pictures taken by the Coolpix P520 that was posted on line was even chosen as a "favorite" by a professional photographer. To say the least he was quite surprised when he noticed what camera I used. Sure the Coolpix P520 has its limits when you compare it to a DSLR like my D3. But, as is said: "There is a time and place for everything" - even in photography.
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on June 13, 2016
A fine camera, more compact than a DSLR with its multiple lenses, but fitted with an excellent zoom lens and capable of shutter-priority, aperture-priority and fully manual operation. Think of it as a halfway point between a pocket point-and-shoot and a DSLR that's so bulky you end up using your phone instead. The in-camera three-image HDR often delivers a good result; but HDR photos tend to be too exposed, and so require further adjustment by computer editor. So you might as well just take bracketed exposure-compensation shots and merge them on a computer where you have more control. Slowest shutter speed is eight seconds, long enough to make those silky waterfall shots I've always admired.
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on May 17, 2016
I researched cameras for so long before I bought but I have really loved this camera. My family is a Nikon family haven't used many other brands except Sony but Nikon for us is the way to go, love the features, the ease to use, the quality of the pictures. I love having this with me and snapping a picture and love how to organize and delete on the camera.

One feature I really enjoy is how the screen flips out front and back so you can see it from the front or its just on the back and to protect the screen you can just put it flush against the back on the camera

Nothing is better than a nice quality Nikon in your collection
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on September 2, 2015
40+ years ago when I got my start in photography 'Nikon' stood for incredible quality and design. This camera now represents run of the mill mediocrity.

I have an expensive Nikon DSLR, which is 6-8 years old perhaps, and I can trust it to get EVERY shot I take. The Coolpix, on the other hand, probably misses 50-60% of the shots I take with it. The focusing and metering are too slow. The controls are too finicky, and I can't get it recognize where I want it to focus. It's very insensitive to light, and anything but the brightest of conditions has it shooting at 1/20th of a second it seems. The sensor is so small it can't tolerate pushing the ISO much past 400 without it becoming grainy. I've done 800 at times, but after that it's hopeless. My DSLR Nikon I use up at 1600 and it's still giving great shots.

Not having a thread for filters was really stupid. I bought a non-Nikon after market gadget that allows filters to be attached, but when the flash is used it's protruding a bit and you get a shadow on the edge of the shot.

The viewfinder is munchkin sized and all but worthless at least for my aging eyes, so I have to use the LCD screen.And with it lit up the batteries last about 20 minutes and they're pooped out,maybe 50 shots. My DSLR battery has taken as many as 1500 pictures in one night (at a wedding) and I still had plenty of charge left on it. The powerful zoom - nice, but I almost never need it that extended out. Sharp optics - but what good are they if the focusing/metering is too screwed up? Overall, not a 'go to' camera, but more appropriate for casual snapshots only.
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on May 4, 2015
An excellent, almost utterly outstanding camera!
Fantastic low-light capability -- I really didn't think you could get a 42X zoom and low-light capability like this on a digital camera.
42X zoom is probably a bit of an overkill -- it's there if you want it, however.
I'm still getting used to it, so I know I'm missing some of the finer points of the camera.
I purchased this particular model for the GPS capability, which is pretty good, especially when the camera is used outdoors.
I'm hoping that the software can be updated with a few tweaks:
1) Capability to turn off the "Power-on" sound -- you can change the graphics, but I haven't found a way to turn the sound off. Depending on the venue, it could be a bit distracting.
2) GPS is captured in a "Degrees / Minutes / Seconds" format -- I would like to see the capability of displaying a "Degrees / Minutes.decimals" format.
3) Would like to see the GPS info available for display on the screen, as well as being added to the picture. Right now, the GPS info is recorded as part of the picture's file properties. Also, if you modify the file, you lose the GPS info.
All my previous digital cameras have been of the pocket, "Point and Shoot" variety. Sure, they had their positive points, but they were limited in true picture-taking capabilities. This camera takes on some size and weight, but it gives you so much more in picture quality.
No, it's not a thousand-dollar camera, and it won't fit in your pocket, but for me, it's now my standard go-to camera.
If you don't need the GPS capability, I would recommend the Coolpix P530 camera, or its follow-on.
Highly recommended -- you won't be disappointed.
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