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on May 3, 2012
I wanted to love this camera based on the other reviews, but it came up short for me. Because I do a lot of high-resolution scrapbooks and greeting cards featuring my kids, I needed a camera that could outshine the 8MP camera on my iPhone (and let's face it, the iPhone's zoom feature is a joke). 16MP was more than enough, and the pictures came out beautiful, but there's a fatal flaw on this camera I just can't ignore:

It's useless for children. My toddlers move -fast-, and the shutter speed on this camera is absolutely appalling. By the time the camera is able to capture the shot, the moment is completely lost and gone, and that's 50% of the reason I wanted a new camera (the MP resolution being the other 50%). At least now I know when I go to buy a different camera to watch for this feature. I find it incredible that my phone captures photos more instantaneously than a Nikon.

If all you take is still shots, this may be the camera for you. I was impressed with the photo quality, the make of the camera, the ease of use, and the controls. The zoom feature is great but again, much too slow to capture the nanosecond of time children are stationary. The 3" LCD is also very good quality and the auto-focus works very well. The auto scene settings are really all you need to create great photos.

All in all, this is a good, but not a great buy. I can't overlook the Achilles' heel of the ultra-slow shutter, but I would recommend this for someone who only needs still or landscape portraiture.

UPDATE 4/5/12: after returning this camera (thanks Amazon), I purchased the Panasonic DMC25K. Although about $35.00 separates these cameras, I was more than satisfied with my new purchase. The Panasonic's shutter speed, controls, and scene modes are far superior for such a small price difference. If you're shopping around with a little flexibility in price, I can't recommend the Panasonic DMC25K enough over this Nikon.
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on April 16, 2012
When buying electronics on the internet you never really know what you're getting; sure the details of the device sound impressive but are they really, and is it the best deal possible with the constant progress in technology? (Hopefully this review will answer those questions.)

The Nikon Coolpix L26 is simply an excellent camera for an excellent price. 16 mega pixels make the photo clear and crisp; good for landscapes, amateur photography, and candid photos. The 5x Zoom is adequate and suits the camera very well. Best of all, the camera is very easy to use and because its battery operated all you need to do is insert the batteries and a memory card and you're good to go.

In conclusion if you want a good camera for a low price that's pretty idiot proof this is the one for you and apparently is for me as well.
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on June 1, 2012
Why did I buy this product? Long story if you have time. My wife and I were on a road trip to Indianapolis to visit our daugher and her family. We were planning to drive about four thousand miles total for the round trip. Along the way it was my opportunity to photograph historic districts in the cities where we stopped and some Catholic shrines and churches. I was carrying a Nikon 5400 and a Nikon F100 film camera. The charger on my 5400 conked out so I ordered the Nikon L26 to be sent to our daughters house. I was able to use it on the return trip and I was amazed at the image quality. I didn't want another charger to be worrying about so the two double AA batteries on this camera were the perfect solution. Now I could power my Nikon F100 and the Nikon L26 with a very simple reliable, easy to find power source. Perfect for road trips. This camera is very simple to use. Great image quality and portability are two reasons for anyone who wants to buy this camera. I wish that Nikon would make more cameras which use AA batteries.
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on August 10, 2014
I got this camera for my 9 year old daughter as a birthday gift since her and her brother love taking mommy's phone to take pictures and video and she loved it. Small to fit in her hand and for the price you just can't beat it. We have yet downloaded the pictures from our family it vacation.

The camera has different photo taking modes that were able to use like landscape, sunset and other modes which helped her take awesome pictures. I would recommend it to anybody looking for a first time camera. NOTE: this camera uses regular alkaline batteries which drain quickly better to upgrade to lithium batteries. I only wished that it would have some with it's own rechargeable batteries.
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on May 2, 2012
Found the nikon L26 to work very well. I like the button layout that makes it really easy to use. Also love AA battery and that is why I picked this one, along with its small size. I am returning it because it has no manual controls for shutter speed. I like to take a lot of night photo's with full moon landscapes out in the woods and you absolutely have to slow down the shutter. Good camera for someone who just wants to point and shoot but I like to play around a little more then that. I got a canon SX150 SI on the way. It has the manual features I am looking for and much more yet cost only about 45 dollars more.
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on March 1, 2013
I bought this camera to supplement my collection of bulky and decidedly non-pocketable bridge cameras. It arrived in a timely manner (less than 5 days) and was in the expected new condition with no damage.
I immediately put it to use and found it was exactly what I was looking for - something I could slip into my pocket and take anywhere. proved easy to use and I was quite satisfied with the quality of the resulting pictures. The only drawback, and this is also not a surprise to me since I wanted the flexibility of powering it with ordinary AA batteries (rechargeable or not), was its depth - it's a little bulky with a bulge on one end for the battery compartment. On the other hand, that made the camera easier for someone like me (with largish hands) to grip.
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on November 13, 2012
I bought this for my step-son on his 20th birthday. It's great, takes great pictures, and is easy to use. I would have given five stars, but it did NOT come with a memory card. If I hadn't read other reviews to know this, we would have been upset that he could not use the camera right away. Also, the placing of the memory card is under the battery closure and the closure is attached to the camera. So, that is a potential problem of breaking the battery cover off if not very careful.
He loves the camera.
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on May 23, 2012
This camera is awesome! It's to the mind what Gigabytes of memory is to a computer.

I would not categorize myself as a shutter-bug by any stretch, but I do like to capture the occasional 'special moments, which this camera performs perfectly.

Mostly though, I will be using this camera to gather the same sort of information where years ago I used the Polaroid, which was information one would usually relegate to a notepad.

The features in this camera allow you to do just about anything you would ever need from a camera, and the picture are crystal clear. I say 'about' because I am sure I haven't even scratched the surface as to the capabilities of this camera.

It was easy to set up as a simple point and shoot, so I was literally taking pictures in a few minutes. But even before I set up the camera for simple 'point and shoot", I read the direction meticulously and suggest this to be the best approach for everyone. Because even though you may not understand everything at the time you read the directions, it will all become clear to you when you come across it again while manipulating the buttons on the camera itself.

I would sincerely say in no more than a weeks time of using this camera I was expert enough to accomplish anything I wanted to do.

In all the reviews I read regarding this camera, I would say the women were spot on, whereas the men generally were to critical. Trust me as a man I can say it is in our nature to over-think just about everything! Trust me, I used to be one of those types! But, alas, eventually I learned that everything isn't exactly rocket science!!

The price was great, I can only think the reason is, it's a new product and they want to get of to a good start. I can tell you this, I have spent more than twice as much for less than half the quality and features I have found in this camera. Definitely a great value!

I am retired now from a career in mechanical engineering, where my use of a camera was primarily for gathering technical information. It is different now but not all that much, because I still use a camera for gathering information. :)

ON THE NEGATIVE: About the camera (per se), NOTHING!
But in regard to a camera case, I was unable to find a case to match my lifestyle and the size I would have perferred. The ideal case for me would have had an armored exterior, and interior with just enough room to hold the camera, two AA batteries and a extra SD memory card.
A horizontal belt loop equal to the horizontal length of the case, and suitable for mounting on a 1-1/2 inch ( nylon web ) belt.
The opening would be at the top with the camera situated ( shutter release button up ),and opening equal to half the height of the camera.

I was not able to find a case of this description but I found one that was somewhat close, that was also featured at Amazon.com, in close proximity of this camera.

I finally purchased the 'Case LOGIC' case, that featured a small, silver, belt loop style, ( Carabiner ) and added armored protection, of my own design, that included a ('Zytel') panel sewn in a ('U' shape configuration) within a piece of ('micro-fiber) cloth.

The armor was then assembled in the case, such that the Camera when sitting (shutter release button up) was cradled in the U-shaped protector.

Otherwise, without the (armor) the 'Case LOGIC' case would be perfectly fine for just about everyone. Nice case!

I hope this information is helps someone.

Live Good and Happy!
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on November 4, 2012
The purchase of the new Nikon digital camera was what I expected it to be: compact in size, easy to operate with a lot of features, and it arrived just when I expected it. I was more than pleased with my purchase until I discovered in the memory there was a picture I'd never taken. I didn't buy a "used" product. Is that why it was offered at a great price?
I'm skeptical about making an appliance or any type of digital orders in the future!
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on March 7, 2013
Bought this as a gift for my sister who fell in love with it. I recently bought another Nikon camera and was pleased with its performance so I opted for the Nikon brand for her purchase. Easy to use, as I did some test shots, and the picture quality is great. I only wish that i had bought this in a combo package to get the memory card and rechargeable batteries as I had done with mine. Overall, great camera, great quality pictures!!
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