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July 13, 2013, Update

I have taken more photos since writing the initial review and am even more impressed with this little camera now than I was then. I am amazed how clear and sharp the photos are right out of the camera.

I can't do as much with this camera as I can with my Canon 60d DSLR. The latter has much better zoom capability, is much better for action shots, etc., but it costs many times more than this one so you would expect it to do more. However, for the typical family shots and street photography, this camera is a much closer second place to the 60d than I realized when I wrote the first review.

And the fact that you can carry it in your pocket, always ready for use, is a huge plus. I now find myself using this camera for family activities much more than I do the 60d.


My present primary camera is a DSLR Canon 60d. However, with its lenses, it is much too large and heavy to carry wherever I go when I am out and about. I wanted a small camera I could carry in my pocket, one that took very good photos and did not break the bank. The Coolpix S3500 fills that need very nicely.

Compared to my Canon 60d. which cost many times more what I paid for the S3500, it is a 2 or a 3. But considering what you get for your money, the S3500 is a strong 5.

The photos are clear and sharp, the colors (I have it set in "standard") are very natural appearing, and it handles "noise" up to ISO 1600 about as well as any camera.

At ISO 100 & 200 there is negligible noise and an increasing amount thereafter. But even at 1600 the noise removal software I use cleans up the photo as easily as it does my Canon 60d. Quite surprising for a camera of this price.

This camera has just about anything anyone could want for casual photography. And it takes good photos.

One thing I especially like is that it uses standard SD cards. I'm using an 8GB card so that I will have space if I want to shoot some video. The greater capacity of the card, the more photos and video clips it will hold.

Also, both surprising and welcome, is the 7X optical zoom. Typically cameras of this type, even more expensive ones, have an optical zoom of only 4X or 5X.

(Note: This camera, like virtually all others, has both optical zoom capability and an option of digital zoom. My advice is to make use of the optical zoom of 7X and turn off the digital zoom since all that does is to crop the photo to make the subject look larger. With the optical zoom you can actuallyincrease the size of whatever you are shooting.)

A Quick Start guide comes with the camera. Don't be fooled by the thickness of the book, there are only a few pages in English.h The rest of the book is repeating the same basic information in 3 other languages.

2 DVD's come with camera. One, and the most important to me, was the user manual. It too includes 4 languages, but you can download and save the language portion that you want. It is well done and I recommend using it when you set up the camera rather than the very basic quick start guide. Don't install everything on your computer, just the portion in the language of your choice.

The second DVD gives you tools for processing, printing, and uploading to Facebook your photos. I didn't install it because I have other software that I use.

Also in the box are a hand strap, battery, and charging device, there is no SD card, but the camera does have 25MB of internal memory that will allow you to take a few photos while you get an SD card, and no case. You charge the battery when it is in the camera using the cable.

If you are looking for a small, relatively inexpensive camera for family photos and other casual shooting, this camera deserves very serious consideration. I'm glad I chose it even though I thought I would never own any brand except Canon.
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on May 11, 2013
The camera exceeded my expectations. I actually was able to take pictures of people moving without the picture coming out blurry. Also the quality of the picture is so beautiful.
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on March 17, 2014
I bought this at the end of October. It is typical of a point-and-shoot camera in some ways, but was inferior in the respect that it does not allow you to take 2 pictures in a row; there is a long lag between pictures.

Worst of all in the terrible battery. This camera has seen very limited use, and the battery won't charge. After less than 6 months, that is unacceptable, even for a camera at this price point.

Save your time and money. This is not a good product at all.

UPDATE: I think I put the battery in wrong, in fairness. In prior cameras I have owned, the battery only fit in one way. The is not the case here, so you have to be careful to line up the contacts, which is not obvious, but I think it may explain the problems people have with the battery. It seems to be working again.

The long lag between pictures, and between pushing the button and the exposure, is less than ideal though, that is a fact.
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on October 2, 2013
I bought this camera for my parents, who are in their early 60's. They are not what you would call 'early adapters' and wanted something that was simple to figure out. This camera is great for quick picture taking and sharing, and definitely meets their needs. They have been really happy with the picture quality and ease of use. I have yet to hear any complaints that they cannot figure it out!
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on February 18, 2015
I ordered from Amazing_Deals, they are a great company with good customer service. So I ordered this camera and was so happy to get it but then so up set when it would not work; because the battery was already dead or bad. After, testing various things as well as ordering a new battery because I could not get the one that came with the camera to work. It turns out it was the charger because after the new battery arrived and I put it in the camera the camera worked great. With the new battery came a wall charger so I plug I the battery that came with the camera and it charged with no problem. So after sending a return/refund request which they where willing to do; I emailed the company again and told them that I wanted to keep the camera. After telling them what happened and what I did they agreed to allow me to keep the camera and they are refunding me $12 for the replacement of the charger that I bought.

The camera is really the best little family on the go camera it take great Pictures and fit in any pocket or purse (Ladies, even that very small evening purse). I know most cell phones come with cameras but how many of you have exhausted your cell battery with taking pics. This is a great addition to your everyday outings, don't lose those precious moments. As well its perfect for that little photographer in your family.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 27, 2013
We got this camera for our daughter- she's only eight, but very interested in photography and we wanted to get her a gift that she'd enjoy but she'd also get a lot of use out of. She's been using our iPhones as a camera for years so we figured a small digital camera (with no apps or phone capabilities) might be a good gift.

This is a *nice* camera. First and foremost, it's tiny. The last time I had a digital camera, it was large, bulky, and heavy. This camera is about the size of a deck of playoing cards (but thinner) and much lighter. And when the camera is powered off, the lens retracts back into the camera and is covered, so it can be slid into a pocket without the worry about scratching the lens.

It's super easy to use- just power it up, aim, and click. There's a built in flash, optical zoom, plus many on-board feature, including tons of fun filters.

My daughter has mastered the camera and all after its capabilities after about twenty minutes of playing with it. The photos she printed out were crisp and clear.

After years of using the iPhone as my go-to camera, I forgot how nice it is to have a camera that zooms optically, takes clear photos every time, and has a decent flash. I'm tempted to get one of these for myself since I tend to take a lot of photos and having to take at least five every time with the iPhone to get a clear photo is a huge time waster. At the size and price, it's very tempting.

Highly recommended.
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on June 24, 2013
I previously owned a Nikon Coolpix and loved it. One day it just died. this is a wonderful replacement. Accidently ordered 2 and intended to send one back. My husband looked at my pics and decided he wanted it because it has a much better photo quality than the camera he was using.
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on December 11, 2013
For the price, this camera was not worth it at all. I was excited by 4/5 average rating and got it over Thanksgiving weekend. I have to say it looks very cute and the color was wonderful, but that's where the positives end. I used it for two outings and 95% of my pictures were blurry. The only decent ones were where my subjects posed for at least 5 seconds...very unrealistic especially if you want candid shots. The camera itself is VERY SLOW at taking pictures, especially if you want to use flash, because it takes about 2-3 seconds to just charge the flash before it snaps the picture. After that, you have to wait another 2-3 seconds for the picture to save to your memory card. Most often than not, that picture turns out to be very blurry and disappointing.

I was lured in by the 20.1 MP and 7x zoom, which SOUNDS GREAT.... but isn't worth much if the camera itself can't take any good pictures and is so slow. I've had a Canon point and shoot digital camera for around 4 years and it works MUCH better, and although the price for that one was 3x this one you'd think it would AT LEAST be able to take a few decent pictures. Sending it back!
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on January 29, 2014
We purchased this camera (two of them for our daughters for Christmas). Although our daughters are still very young, two months later, they have not put these cameras down; they love it! They cameras have fallen a few times and I am happy to say, the cameras are pretty durable also. The pictures and videos are very clear and the camera itself is very easy to operate, even the special effects. I was also surprised at the length (amount of time) allowed for recording one video is eight minutes! These cameras are small, sleek, light and pretty; they fit just about anywhere. The only issue I have was that these cameras were advertised to come with a usb 16 gb memory stick/chip each and they did not contain these chips; we had to purchase the memory chips separately. These cameras do need extra memory and constant recharging, otherwise, great camera, especially for the price.
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on November 13, 2013
I have been using this camera for several months and love it. I like the high quality optics and the compactness of this little powerhouse. It was on sale, so I feel that I scored a great bargain.

It took me a while to get used to using just the screen to frame a photo, rather than a view-finder. It's hard to properly focus and frame with this type of mini camera, but I find that I rarely need to edit or fix a photo. They come out clear and with bright colors, most of the time. I like the fact that I can slip this camera in my pocket or travel bag and go. There is no stupid lens cap to keep track of. Yea! I recommend the Coolpix to anyone, expert or beginner for good photographs.

Note: The photo editing software has a steep learning curve. I gave up and kept using my Olympus Master photo editor, which is the best I have ever used -- simple, easy to navigate, and lets me save photos by name in folders I name.
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