Customer Reviews: Nikon COOLPIX AW110 Wi-Fi and Waterproof Digital Camera with GPS (Black) (OLD MODEL)
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on February 28, 2013
Please don't take the how many stars too seriously as this is my initial review.
I use two DSLR cameras with super high grade lenses from Canon and Olympus so I am picky, I will attempt to be fair and only compares apples to apples and not oranges :)

- Great build feels solid yet light.

- Fast shooting rate (though you might wanna slow down as sometimes focus will be off. This is common with all point and shoots... If you shot pictures like machine gun, a few of the pictures will come out blurry)

- As someone who has had point and shoot from Sony,Fuji Olympus and Samsung. I can say with confidence that this camera produces the best amount of detail that I have seen from a recent small sensor point and shoot. The only two cameras that produce cleaner detail in portrait pictures are probably the Nokia Pureview and my very old Samsung i85 (in Macro mode) neither of which are Tough or waterproof. For those of you who shot with DSLRs and use RAW format. JPEG images coming out of this camera can be quiet nicely enhanced and sharpened with Photoshop using inverse Gausian blur and a High pass filter as Nikon has been very smart not to over process their images. The same could not be said about the Olympus TG820 and Fuji xp50 that I tried and returned.

- Tons of generic battery available for real cheap.

- Easy to navigate and intuitive commands and buttons.


-The video quality is about equal to the rest of the competition but not as good as the latest Sony point and shoots.

- Having a RAW format option would have been nice

- Like all newer point and shoots this camera has too many Mega pixels for its sensor size. If Nikon would have keep it at around 8 or 9 MP, picture quality would have been even better.

In conclusion

If you are in the market for a rugged design, this camera is a solid contender.

Update 03-26-2013

I am really pleased with this camera's overall performance. Its a keeper and I am upgrading my rating to a 5 star
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on March 15, 2013
A little background, I am a professional photographer and have been taking photos for the past 30+ years. I typically shoot only with Nikon camera's and lenses, but for this purchase I did look at other brands.

Let's start with what makes this a GREAT camera:
* Excellent build quality - the look, feel, weight and attention to build details (seams, fit/finish, quality of components) is Excellent
* The wide availability of shooting modes (underwater, close-up, portrait, night +16 other modes) will satisfy even the picky pro user, but the "Easy Auto Mode" is awesome for the average user that just wants to pick up the camera and take a picture.
* The built in Wi-Fi and GPS features were easy to use and setup.
* IMHO, one of the first truly rugged point & shoots on the market. Freezeproof, Waterproof & Shockproof. Of course with limitations, but still a VERY rugged camera that can take some abuse.
* I've taken about 100 pictures so far and am seriously impressed with the quality of the pix and how well the camera does in low-light situations.
* Nikon has a Wireless Mobile Adapter Utility app that is pretty cool. I've used it to automatically upload pix right to my iPad. Clean, easy and flawless.

With the GREAT also comes some shortfalls. Not a whole lot IMHO, but enough to ding it ONE star
* You have to print out your own manual. Sure, a quick start guide is included, but this is a serious feature rich camera and as such, there should be a printed manual to help you gain familiarity and skills. My concern is that the average user is not going to print out the huge PDF manual to learn about the awesome feature set. Which means the camera doesn't get used to nearly it's broad capabilities.
* While the 3" OLED display is beautiful, it is a scratch magnet. Nikon should include a screen protector at this $350 price point.
* No included memory card, another shortfall at this price point IMHO. The camera does have 21MB of internal memory so you can shoot right out of the box, but even an 8GB card would have been a big plus.

Overall, I really love this camera. A great set of features and usability. The price point is a bit steep, but if you are the type of user that is very hard on your camera or you like to dig into the different features and modes and actually use them, then this is a perfect camera for you. I have a dedicated video camera, so I have not used that feature more than twice. But the times I did, it was easy to use and the HD quality was impressive.

A close to 5 STAR camera, but for the price point I felt that Nikon could have included a few extras. But you cannot go wrong with the build quality or the picture quality - those features are truly 5 STAR.
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on April 27, 2013
I bought the AW110 as i needed a cam that can take a beating and it particularly waterproof for shallow diving.
Since the AW110 in terms of specs can supposedly be submersed to the greatest depth without a underwater housing among all current and upcoming products that I know of, it seemed like a good starting point.
I think the other reviews give already a good overview, so I try not to repeat those and only focus on my experience.

- Magnetic compass worked really well under water
- I found the depth gauge also to be a quite useful feature even readings were always 1-1.5m higher than dive computer.
- Underwater pictures look decent
- I did not experience any fogging issues as described in the other reviews despite a lot of diving. Maybe because I was very careful with respect to opening it in a dry environment.

- There is an airspace between the plastic screen cover and the actual screen. When you swim deeper than 10m the screen bends in and touches the LCD in the middle and it looks worse when getting anywhere close to 18m. I thought that didn't look healthy for the screen, which brings me to...

- Screen died on me after three days of diving (and I am 100% sure I stayed within the limits and did not let any water leak into the cam). The camera still took pictures after that but without seeing any controls/viewfinder the cam was a lot less useful.

Looks like a great cam. just don't plan on taking it for diving (I'd say anything close to 10m). I returned it, and will be checking out some of the other upcoming offerings hopefully those keep up better.
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on October 5, 2013
Here is the straight scoop. I read a ton of reviews of this camera, the Canon, Pentax, Olympus waterproof cameras. The problem is the reviews dont really use the camera underwater. We went to Bora Bora (trip of a lifetime) with our 4 and 7 year old and the camera worked great on the beach - but as soon as we went in the water it leaked water. My kids are young - we were snorkeling - so about 6-12 inches from the surface. I also bought Nikons floaty leash (worked great) so the camera was never more that 12 - 18 inches deep and it leaked. When it dried out it came back to life and does work - but anytime it is- immersed it leaks. Ive had a few Nikon cameras over the years and not had any problems. So I returned it to Nikon when we got back. I have just logged on to the Nikon service center to see the status - and heres what I see :

Total cost of repair: $137.50*

So - as much as I like the form factor of the camera and the photos are decent (when not waterlogged), Im not going to be taking Nikon's repair center up on their offer. Im in the market for a really waterproof waterproof camera. With two kids under ten - I dont need much - just a few feet of water - swimming pools and ocean.
So Im afraid the other reviews you see on Amazon about this camera not being waterproof are true and while DP camera and others do great reviews - the reviews here are from people who actually have used the camera underwater.
I run a company. Im not sure how Nikon feels about selling a product that claims to be waterproof and then attempts to charge you for 'fixing it' when it leaked in 1 foot of water.
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on July 4, 2013
I am currently on my second AW110. I purchased the AW110 2 days prior to going on vacation to Bermuda. I was expecting to take great photos while snorkeling with this camera. The camera is rated for underwater use at a depth of 59', and not to exceed 1 hour. I snorkeled for 30 minutes, and did not reach a depth greater than 10' (which is a generous over-estimate). Upon coming out of the water, the camera would turn on, but the screen would not illuminate. The screen remained black and is no longer functional. While the camera has many nice features like integrated Wi-Fi, GPS, and the ability to take 3D pictures, the camera just didn't hold up to even 1/6th of the promised depth. I contacted Nikon Customer Support/Service which was a complete and utter joke. The representative that I spoke with claimed to be both customer service and technical support; she was neither technically proficient nor friendly. I was told to send my camera into Nikon at my own expense for it to be evaluated and Nikon would repair it if possible. If the camera was not repairable, they would "possibly" replace it. I am extremely thankful that I purchased the AW110 from as they just replaced the entire Camera with minimal questions asked, prepaid return shipping, and the postal carrier picked up the package at my front door. Lastly, I read many reviews before purchasing this camera and this has happened to MANY MANY individuals. A basic search on the Internet as well as will show an overwhelming community of consumers that have been viciously bitten by this product. When I mentioned this to the Technical Support Representative, she exclaimed that she had never heard of this issue before... I'll leave the readers of this review to generate their own opinion on that note. If I didn't already have a Nikon DSLR prior to purchasing this AW110, I'd be sure to shop with the 5 - Letter competitor that starts with C and ends with anon. Furthermore, I urge any representative of Nikon with any level of pride in their organization that may be reading this review to contact me.

Update #1: Nikon rejected this very same review on their website for "One or more reasons" which are unnamed. Only positive reviews are allowed. ;)
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on August 26, 2013
Short of it: Failed in shallow water like so many other peoples AW110.

We purchased this camera a few weeks before a trip to St John Virgin Islands that involved a lot of snorkeling. The camera controls and features are great. The pictures were good quality for a little point and shoot. The pictures before the trip in a pool came out wonderful. The only issue that we had with it was that 3 days into our trip it died. The screen went black which made the camera little more than useless. Many other people complain of the same issue with it so it seems to be a fairly common fault with this model. The deepest we went with it was probably 5 or 6 feet, most of the time was surface snorkeling. If you want a camera that can get splashed while you are boating this is probably a good idea. If you want something that can go into a couple feet of water stay away from this camera. It seems unimaginable that it could actually go to the 18 meters and still function when so many of them break a couple feet from the surface. In short we want to love this camera, we tried to love this camera, the features are great, except the one feature that we bought it for, to use in water. Nikon if you actually had this camera waterproofed it would be a killer, instead it scares me away from your brand. Feel free to keep my camera that I used for 3 days and just sent in for warranty until you solve this problem since it's pretty useless to me as it is now.

Update: We received an estimate from Nikon of $148.84 to repair this camera. The paperwork said that it was not covered by warranty. When I call to get more information as to why they denied the warranty I just get a message that says all their staff is assisting other calls then their phone system hangs up. Not only would I rate this camera low but Nikon's support is non-existent for all intents and purposes.
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on September 29, 2013
I have joined the ranks of the very disappointed Nikon consumer.
This camera died after only 3 days on a Hawaiian vacation. Barely in the water.
What a disappointment.
Seriously, save yourself the aggravation and don't buy this piece of crap.
Amazon on the other hand is stellar in customer service.
Gave me full refund. Thanks Amazon!
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on August 12, 2013
Have owned nikon cameras since 1984 and have been impressed with their quality and feel as well as picture quality. My oldest nikon still works perfectly. I have a nikon dslr and nikkor lens and again no problems. Then I bought the "waterproof" nikon. It did well until we went to the Bahamas. Second day of an eight day vacation we went snorkling. Max depth was maybe 10 feet. Came out of the water and it would not turn on. Opened battery compartment , wheel was in lock position, inside was water, ruined. Previous year was used in pool, beach, etc with no problems. I think that it was just not made well enough for serious water use. Will not buy again. Still like the nikon brand and if they come out with a new one I will probably buy it, but not this model.
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on October 31, 2013
Wish I had read the warnings others had about this product failing in water. Having used several underwater cameras for years (but never a Nikon) with excellent luck, I figured the technology was pretty well refined at this point. I could not have been more wrong. This camera failed after only a few hours of snorkeling on our recent trip to Hawaii, forcing us to purchase a new camera (a FinePix XP65 which was much cheaper, not rated anywhere near this camera's depth, and which after many more days of snorkeling still works!) The failure also prevented us from taking photos during the most beautiful of our snorkeling events (Kapoho Tide Pools). Like many, my screen failed first, and the entire camera failed shortly thereafter. So believe the reviews, there is something wrong with this model; either a design flaw in the model line or severe quality control issues are causing the waterproofing to fail even when the camera is taken no where near the rated depth. Since this product completely fails to function in one of the key areas it is designed to function, it gets a 1 star rating.
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on July 30, 2013
After looking at the many waterproof / rugged camera options, I decided to go with Nikon. I have multiple Nikon dSLRs and lenses and have been very happy with them. I now wish that I had paid closer attention to the other negative reviews.

In good sunlight, this camera takes decent pictures. I have only used dSLRs for a few years, and the pictures are not as good, but I didn't expect them to be. I was primarily interested in the rugged and waterproof features.

I ordered the camera over a month in advance of a vacation that was to include snorkeling. With some light use, the back screen of the camera was scratched and scuffed, but I didn't worry about that because it did not affect the use or picture quality.

The major problem was that within 10 minutes of taking the camera into the ocean, and with the camera not getting more than a foot or two under water (this was before we even started snorkeling), the screen died and went completely black. Even after letting the camera dry out, the screen will not turn on.

For the money, this camera is at best a mediocre point-and-shoot. The only real advantage (in theory) would be the ruggedness and waterproofing features, but they do not hold up in real world use. I do not have any other experience with waterproof cameras, but none of the others available could do any worse than this Nikon did for me.
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