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on May 3, 2011
this camera is for you. This camera does have some great features, some of which I have not even had time to use yet. The main draw, however, (other than the size) is that it is simple and easy to use. There are tons of point and shoot cameras out there, and there is no use being snobby over which one you buy, because they all do pretty much the same thing. This one is great for the price. You could get a nicer camera, but for 90% of the people in the market for a digital camera, this will do what you need and want it to, and more.

I use mine mainly for snapshots and spontaneous pictures with friends and the like. However, I do enjoy photography, and I have experience with SLR cameras as well (and I own one). Therefore, I also sometimes take artistic shots. This camera does it all unless you are a professional photographer, in which case, you already know you need a different camera.

The size is perfect. This will even fit in small pockets on skinny jeans or whatever. The case I bought with the camera adds some bulk, but the camera is so slim, even the case fits in my pockets comfortably.

I use Amazon Student Prime, so shipping is never a hassle. I can't really comment on other shipping speeds. The package was simple, but the camera box protects the camera with styrofoam and cardboard, and the shipping box used inflated plastic bags to keep the camera box safe. Someone would really have to try to damage the camera to manage it.

Amazon lists plenty of features of this camera, but here is my list:

Records HD movies with one button
Big LCD screen on back to help compose pictures in a size you can actually see
19 scenes to choose from to assist in getting a better picture
Pet Focus will find your pet's face and once focused, will shoot the picture
There are several cool filters like selective coloring, a miniature effect and a fisheye effect
Is tiny and lightweight
Comes in cool colors
This camera will even warn you if it thinks someone blinked.

Bottom line: This camera is what you want. I search for weeks or longer before deciding to buy something, and I chose this camera. For a point and shoot, it has everything you need, and so many things you didn't even know you wanted. Unless you don't actually know what you're looking for, you won't regret buying this camera.
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on October 20, 2011
I received my camera from Amazon this afternoon. The first shots that I took with it were blurry, just as some of the previous reviews that I read stated they would be. But then I told myself that Nikon has been making great cameras for many years, so if there was a problem here, it most likely was me, not the camera. The camera does not come with an owner's manual - just the quick start guide, and that does not give you any details about the various settings. The complete owner's manual is available on the Nikon site. Once I read the manual, and found out how to set up the camera so that image stabilization and auto focus worked as they should and other settings did not conflict, everything was great! If you purchase this camera thinking that it is a simple point and shoot camera, it isn't. But that does not mean that you cannot take great pictures once you understand the settings. Also, I should add that I am not a professional photographer - not even close - but I was able to set up this camera so that it takes great pictures. So if you too are an amateur photographer, don't be afraid to purchase this camera. I am giving this camera four stars instead of five only because I have not had it long enough to explore all the features.
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I have now used this camera to take about thirty pictures, in about four or five separate sessions, that I have downloaded and worked on, mostly just to crop. Except for the cases in which the camera warned me (twice) that it did not have a firm grip on a focusable-on surface, the results have been clear -- clearer than I would have expected and brighter, too -- given the relatively low indoor-light they were taken in, and this on "automatic." Well, it is a Nikon, after all.

Having had wide angle lenses that tended to "fish-eye" I was really glad that this camera had a wide angle zoom starting at its widest without any noticeable fish-eye effect at all, creating very correct rectilinear images.

As other reviewers have said, and I would say this about any good camera from any company: "Read the manual!"

When I first got the camera, having earlier read the one- and two-star reviews, I was hopeful that I would not run into those kind of problems, though I do see that this camera is sophisticated and complex, and I did read the manual included on CD (and available at the Nikon site for free), and have found it a joy to use. Just as logical and easy as you would expect of a major brand camera.

It is a small, almost tiny camera, and you do have to be careful with the USB-cable/charger flap, as it is small and might be delicate. But that aside, the camera operates really well, and I look forward to using it for years to come.

I love its color, I somehow got a tan one, unlike any I have ever seen. Sublime.
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on June 29, 2013
I bought this camera after having a Cannon PowerShot A530 for 5 years. After I lost it, I could not find another one just like it so since I was happy with my big Nikon SLR, I went with this camera. I realized that while Nikon is a great SLR, their point and shoots leave a lot to be desired.
I bought the camera before a beach vacation and I loved that it fit in my back pocket. It was sleek and slim. But the pictures were always blurry. I could not just whip it out and start shooting. I had to stop, steady the camera and zoom in and out until I was sure it was ready to shoot and it was still blurry. The colors were noisy and bland. This was a while just standing still. So I knew that taking this camera to a concert would be a mistake. It does horribly in low lighting and heaven help you if there was any backlighting. The zoom only made the pictures look more grainy. My pictures all came out like a drunk had shot them.
After two years, I began to think about replacing this piece of garbage. This camera ultimately made the decision for me because now, it won't charge at all. I only use my camera in the summer, usually on vacation or outdoor events so I did not get a lot of use out of it before it died.
I will recommend Nikon as an SLR but I highly recommend you think about a Cannon if you're looking for a small point and shoot. I also recommend you get a point and shoot that takes AA batteries!
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on August 30, 2011
I want to say that I like this camera soooo badly! It's very slick looking, nice and small, and a good price. The specs sound great... I bought it because I wanted the 5x optical zoom that seemed at the time to be one of the better ones you can get. I don't care so much for the 14 megapixels because, honestly, I probably won't use more than 5 anyway. The files are just too large if you do. I like that it has the dedicated video button. I like that during the video, you can zoom in and out. I couldn't do that on my previous camera. That's about all I like.

The camera is SO SLOW! I can't take more than one picture at a time without having to wait for the flash to recharge itself before even showing me the display again. Then I have to wait for the autofocus to work. Then I can finally take the picture... if my kid is even still in the frame! I have missed soooo many shots while waiting for this camera to perform. Then the shots I do get are out of focus because I'm trying to chase a moving target that got sick of sitting still for the slow camera.

I wanted to return the camera, but I decided to try using a faster memory card to see if maybe that was the problem. It was not. The faster card (30mb/s) made no difference at all. Still super slow, blurry, etc... Now, still, I would like to return the camera, but of course Amazon has a one month return policy on electronics. Not to mention that I'd probably get charged a restocking fee, if what I read was correct. Maybe I can auction it off to another unsuspecting soul!
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on January 3, 2013
I bought a handful of these for our business. They are used in the field by personnel to take pictures of job site progress. We do not operate in harsh environments. The cameras work well for this purpose and we actually need to turn the quality down on them to make the photos a little smaller for our purposes. As far as a point and shoot camera they have all been good performers. It's obviously no match for my Canon DSLR, but for the money spent they are good value. I think we have 4 or 5 of these S3100s in our fleet and one of the newer S3300s. It seems at about the 4500-5000 picture range the lens motor ends up failing. It sounds like there is a stripped gear in it. Nikon has repaired 3 of mine under warranty so far, and the 4th one is sitting here on my desk waiting to be sent to repair. This one has a lens motor failure AND the LCD screen is completely white. I'm not sure if it's a defect of the S3100, but these were purchased over a period of time in 2011 (September, October, November, April 2012) from Amazon.com and as of this week every one of them has failed with the same failure method (lens motor clicking/jammed/stripped gear). Nikon has been excellent with the repair process. It doesn't even require a phone call. Just fill out a form on the web site and send the camera off with a copy of the receipt and you're good to go. The repair process has been a little slow, but I keep an extra camera around for just this reason. At the price, it's cheap enough to do. The S3300 (newer model) that we have has not yet exhibited this problem, but it is a good bit newer than the others (purchased in August 2012). Only time well tell I suppose. I definitely would steer clear of this older model if you're just trying to save a few bucks. The newer S3300 can be had for less money on Amazon.com, but then again, I can't promise that one doesn't have these issues as well. As I said, only time will tell.
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on October 4, 2011
After reading several of the reviews that indicate that this camera is sub par such as "The picture quality is poor", and "The VR is useless". I was hesitant to buy this camera, but also saw some reviews that indicated otherwise. So I decided to make the purchase. I couldn't be happier. I normally use my Nikon DSLR most of the time, but wanted a small camera to carry while riding my road bike on Century, and other long distant road bike rides. The camera has been great from the start, and is very easy to use. The first time I used it after recieving the camera was on a Metric Century bike ride where I took about 30 photo's of other cyclist as well of myself with other cyclist behind me while riding down the road. In this situation it was diffacult to hold the camera still as I was pedaling and had to also pay attention to my riding. I was amazed at the quality and sharpness of all the photo's. I have since used the camera on several other bike rides and am just amazed. Of 100 plus photo's that I have taken thus far all of which were taken while riding my bike, there were only one or two that had some slight blur, and were deleated. This is the second Nikon digital point and shot camera that I have owned, the previous was a S220, and I think that this one is by far a better camera. Not much more to say other than this camera fits my needs very well. I think it is a great camera.
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on May 26, 2011
I consider myself an average picture taker: trips, vacations, special events...I have been using this camera for about two months now and am very happy with it. It replaces an earlier Coolpix model that I was also happy with, but did not survive a drop on a concrete floor. It is simple to use, my pictures come out great and transfer easily to my computer for storage/sharing. My old camera required two AA batteries and they had to be changed frequently. This camera plugs in to charge the same as you would a cell phone. I charge it before a trip and it keeps the charge the entire time, a big savings for me. The zoom on this camera is greater than my old one which is a very noticeable bonus. It is also slim enough to slide into a pocket, another bonus, and hopefully a way to avoid another drop to a hard floor! I would definitely recommend this camera.
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on May 13, 2011
This camera pretty much rocks for its price. I bought this camera because I was in need of a camera update and the cell phone camera on my G2 wasn't cutting it.

When I took this think out of the box for the first time I was glad to notice that it's small and thin and fits nicely in my pocket. My old camera was much bulkier and I couldn't carry it in my pocket without a strange looking bulge in my pants that made me look like an idiot.

I am not a digital photographer so I bought this camera as more of a point-and-shoot camera. I wanted a camera that I could snap a quick picture that would have lots of details and look pretty nice without too much photo editing. Normally when I take a picture I am wanting a picture of my friends or myself at a certain event or next to a landmark etc... So I wanted a camera that would be simple but still take a sweet picture. I can't tell you how many times I've had people trying to snap a picture for me only to not be able to get my old camera to work right and the picture(s) turn out horribly. Like I want to load a fuzzy blur up onto my Facebook page.

That being said, this camera can also cause difficulties with the technologically retarded. This camera has to achieve a "focus" before it will snap a picture. Sometimes you can push down the button trying to take a picture and the "focus" will be off and it won't even snap a photo at all. For those special individuals, who for some reason are always snapping my photos, this can cause extreme problems with their abilities to be able get the camera to function.

Now you may be asking yourself why I would have rated the camera so high and said that it rocks and then ripping it a new one, but I just wanted to let you know the only problem that I have had with it so far. This camera perhaps is not the easiest camera to use, but if you spend 5 minutes to learn how it works then you will be able to get excellent pictures from it.

The camera's picture taking mode basically has 4 different options, Auto mode, Scene mode, Smart portrait, and Subject tracking. In my experience so far with this camera I have noticed that the Auto-mode isn't always perfect. I may have to take a bunch of pictures, before I can get the picture looking like I want it to look. To be honest I am a bit picky with my pictures though. Many times when I am having somebody else snap a picture for me that can be quite an annoyance. The Auto-mode definitely works better on landscapes than it does for people (in my opinion).

The scene-selector mode is sweet when I am the one taking the picture there are 15+ differing options that optimize the camera for different types of pictures such as: sunset, portrait, pet, beach, party/indoor, etc. I gave up even trying to teach the technologically handicapped this mode after the 2nd attempt.
The mode that has been the most useful for me has been the Smart-portrait mode. This mode basically finds a couple of people's faces and then focuses the picture on them. Since the majority of the time I am taking pictures of people I have found this to be an amazing option. I use this mode for 90% of my pictures. I get pictures that look amazing and I usually give the camera to other people in this mode although sometimes it won't take a picture and they will have to "refocus" the camera by re-pressing the button.

The smart tracking picture mode has honestly not been something that I have needed yet but I suppose it takes pictures of moving objects or something like that.
I could ramble on more but I figure that this should be sufficient for now. Overall this camera takes great pictures, they look sweet in print and they are very photoshopable (is that actually a word?) and look great in print form and also on the web.
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on July 24, 2012
To whom it may concern,

I would like to express my disappointment towards such a remarkable company. I bought this Nikon Coolpix the one I am sending the feedback for, and it has been really frustrating to notice two things after purchasing it:

1) The item has no world wide guarantee, which is unacceptable.

2) Just a month ago, I tried to turn on the camera and it did not work. A message on the screen showing "Low Battery" remains on the screen until now. I did follow the instructions of the first charge, and did let the battery fully uncharge a couple of times. Therefore, the problem was not developed here, but it was sold defective.

My disappointment and frustration came when I tried to contact your guarantee help desk. I started searching for a local store here in Argentina and all of them refused to provide service since the guarantee does not cover other countries than the few listed on the brochure inside the box. Today, I see myself compromised to send this camera to an outside service store, for which I not only have to take care of paying all taxes and taking it to the post office, but also trust on your word that it will be returned to me as new and the money I spent for shipping it for service will be also refunded.

How can I trust on your company, if you do business like this. How come you not provide world wide guarantee and do provide such terrible defective items. I do not understand. At the same time I bought this Nikon, I took a Canon camera, and guess what, they do have world wide guarantee and most important it is still working.

I hope you have a good answer for this, and encourage you to pay more attention on what you sell because this ain't customer satisfaction at all.

Look forward to your answer,

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