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on December 17, 2016
As absurd as this may sound to the enlightened modern, Ivan Throne is a Ninja. He is also deaf. He was raised in a silent world and trained in the art of concealment. Where a normal man may have used his loss of hearing as an excuse to fail, Ivan forged it into strength. His oriental martial influence is apparent in his thought patterns. However, the most fascinating thing about him is that despite that influence, he is a devout Christian. However, this is NOT directed at a Christian audience; so do not allow that to dissuade you from reading it. The world is a dark and cruel place. It is also beautiful and kind. He has established nine laws for navigating the darkness in a very serious and powerful way. In fact, it is “The Way.” Not the easy prosperity gospel of the modern churchian, but the stark reality that we live in a fallen world with all that entails. These laws are not ideas that come naturally. They are the result of years of study, training, reflection, and experience. It is not for the faint of heart, weak in character, nor lazy in spirit. If you consider yourself an athlete, a warrior, or a leader, this book is required reading to harness your dark character traits natural to all fallen men into powerful tools to impact reality. This book will gain traction and momentum as it gains exposure. Ivan has tapped into the essence of the warrior priest and warrior king. He is forging a brotherhood of like-minded men, where iron sharpens iron. It is a necessary vision for a chaotic time. This book is a manual. Once you finish it, you will immediately start reading it again. I think he has created something as unique as the man himself. I highly recommend this book. It is essential reading if you desire to navigate the darkness with clarity of purpose, firmness of conviction, and clarity of vision.
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on October 24, 2016
I have never heard of Ivan Thrown before I bought this book. Given the cover I would have not even thought twice about buying the book. I usually don’t go for “self-help” books. But, after reading the preface on the publisher’s blog I bought the book within that minute. The back story in the preface is emotional and incredible. If this man can go through what he went through I want to know how he went through it and to see what I can learn from it. The writing is phenomenal. If the author can write the preface this well, the rest of the book is worth reading.

In short, The Nine Laws is a superb work. The beginning is proverbial, much like the book of Proverbs in the Bible. Many I agree with, some I do not. But, given the context of the whole work I now understand where the proverbs come from. The rest of the book is divided into 4 parts that build on each other. Part 1: the Nine Laws. Part 2: the Nine Laws Aligned. Part 3: Training. Part 4: Arena of Blood and War. Part 1 and 2 discuss the laws, what they are, and how they are aligned within our dark world. Part 3 gives you the opportunity to put the aligned laws into practice. Part 4 really digs into our current situation here in the West and calls all men to arms to live the life of the Dark Triad Man. Even though he addressed issues we face today all four parts contain truths for all generations.

This work called The Nine Laws is timeless. One critique to the work, and possible glitch in the timelessness of the work, are the short pop-culture references. For instance, Ivan briefly mentions the current election (2016), and uses the word “selfies”. Without commentary I believe future generations would be lost on these pop-cultural references. Perhaps an explanation of the references would help understand the author’s intent in context. Another critique is the lack of illustrations. I wish the author had included more illustrations throughout the book, especially in Part 3 in the training section. He gave illustrations from his life and history in Part 1, but this dropped off as the book progressed.

I look forward to buying this book in print, and buy my son a copy too. I would even front the money for leather bound, for this book is worth continuous study and implementation. It would be worth it. Perhaps I will meet the author one day and show him my well used copy of his wonderful book. Until then, I am pleased to read this on my Kindle.
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on July 9, 2017
I’ve read a handful of mindset improvement books. I’ve pulled varying levels of value from all of them. I’m not without skepticism; some of it strikes me as a racket (remember the life coaching fad several years ago?)

The Nine Laws is unique.

I do understand the few mixed to negative reviews of this work though I strongly disagree. Ivan Throne writes in a way that can come across every bit as muscular and severe as his name. At first, I thought this was just a style, and, as a writer myself it was one I appreciated though it took some getting used to. But then I realized my reading experience here wasn’t about style. The thoughts expressed here are those of someone eloquent who nevertheless refuses to condescend to his audience. All of the sentences are of normal length, but I found myself re-reading many of them multiple times because they were so pregnant with concept. That said, the words are only as abstract as they need to be. And the subject we are talking here is the mind vis a vis the universe, so yeah, you do kind of have to settle in.

From one of the exercises: "Condense your words and speech, and therefore condense your intention. Where deliberate and heavy words are used with calm impact, power resonates into fate."

Something else: this book will challenge you. Not like a difficult course of study, but like when you stand in one of those dressing rooms that has two mirrors so you can see yourself from all angles, and you’re naked. It can be a little unpleasant. The introductory chapters have the spirit of calling the reader out, daring them. Turns out this isn’t some macho version of reverse psychology (are you man enough?) The chapters and exercises that follow take a mental and emotional effort to complete with integrity. I bought the Kindle version so I have been writing the exercises out in a notebook and leaving space for return and further development. I highly recommend this. The exercises are no more condescending than the chapters. They are not about filling in blanks and making lists. They are delivered in a way that can translate into an evolving routine and they are deep. I find myself thinking about them and returning to them often.
After I spend some more time on the work I plan to read the chapters again. I can’t imagine the focal energy that went into writing this.
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on October 20, 2016
This is a refreshing, honest, and incredible book.

Most “similar” works fail miserably for two reasons. First they either deny or foolishly explain away the nature of the world. Ivan’s assessment is cold, brutal and honest. Second, so many “ways of living” books attempt to reassure the reader, coddling the those who should instead be fortified. Delusion is potentially fatal. Ivan fortifies with virtual steel. His approach is born of genuine concern and an apparent desire for others to thrive.

The first thing that grabbed my attention and held it was Ivan’s utter lack of equivocation. This is not simply a testament to good and clear style. It is, rather, evidence of strong presence of mind and sound devotion to the craft of living. His observations were honed by humbling experience, tactfully ingrained in the text.

And ideal living is what it is all about. Most people shuffle blindly through life. Theirs may not necessarily be a waste of opportunity. It is certainly not fulfillment.

I wrote a lengthy review at: [...]. A must read for the modern man.

Bravo and thank you, Ivan.

Perrin Lovett
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on March 28, 2017
This book is for those who truly want success in the Dark World we live in today, enough to do anything it takes to achieve it. You would be a fool to pick up this book expecting to be shown a "9 quick and easy steps to success" because the Way, as Ivan calls it, will not be a cakewalk. Ivan does the teaching, you do the work, but you still have to make your own decisions in the Dark World. Ivan Throne, the Dark Triad Man, will mentor you on what the Nine Laws and the Dark Triad are, and how you can apply them in order to "collide with Fate", as he calls it.
Do not expect to read through it once and automatically have learned and mastered everything this book has to offer, because this book is deeper than the ocean floor. By the way, me writing this review in a similar fashion that Ivan Throne has written the Nine Laws is proof of how much I've changed and grown ever since I picked up this book. A phenomenal book for anyone who is willing to train and study hard to achieve greatness in the Dark World, as well as anyone willing to break through their illusions and come face-to-face with Reality.
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on October 5, 2016
A devastatingly competent and insightful manual for living and dying as a dark triad agent in a fallen world infested with cowards, liars and thieves. It is an extremely well-written manual, and it delivers the goods page after page without stutter, hesitation or stall. Ivan Throne successfully pierces the fog of fear, ignorance and stagnation by jolting the reader into the dark world and setting forth the introduction of a wide-ranging set of tools that will sharpen the mind, body and spirit into an unrelenting unmoved mover status once thoroughly absorbed and practiced.

It is as real and gritty as it gets, gentlemen.
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on March 27, 2017
An excellent and entertaining guide to gaining a survival mentality. The world is a brutal place and Ivan teaches us how to navigate those waters deftly and adroitly. Let's face it, the whole of modernity has taught us all to go soft. If you even slightly suspect that you're one of those people that isn't hardened against the cold, uncaring of the universe, the Earth and humanity then you need this book. If you think you've already got it all dialed in, you don't, you have more to learn; you need this book too.
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on January 28, 2017
I picked up this book expecting to be mildly entertained with a self-help book to help men become “manly men”. My, how quickly I was proven wrong. This book may have been pointed at men, but it is just as useful for women.

Also, I was not entertained. Not at all. I was disturbed at times. Quite often I was unsettled. I found myself arguing with the author silently sometimes while reading. Other times I was forced to resentfully agree. None of this meets my standard of being entertained.

I used my highlighting and noting options on my kindle for the first time. I made a note to buy the physical version of the book – something I rarely do when I have the e-version. I bought a notebook so I could write out thoughts and considerations on what was covered. About a quarter of the notebook is already full.

Some of it I don’t understand what the author is getting at. Some of it I am not sure if I agree with or not. Some of it I simply left a “?” as a note. I would walk away for a few days and turn things over in my head, then come back for more. I read entire books between chapters, because quite frankly I needed a break. This book is work. A lot of it. Emotionally and mentally jarring and painful work. My average reading time for a book is 1.3 days. 24 days after buying this book I am barely halfway through it.

That’s right – I am writing a review of a book I am only halfway through. I have only reviewed one other book I hadn’t yet finished, and that was because it was so awful I didn’t need to read further to find out how bad it was. With this book, it’s the opposite. I don’t have to read further to tell how amazing it is.

There is a power in this book. Considering power is one of the “Nine Laws”, I am not surprised. As a matter of fact, you are not just told about the Nine Laws in this book, you are shown how many of them operate in the writing of the book itself. Don’t expect to have your hand held. Don’t expect it to be easy. Don’t expect to be given clear-cut answers and resolutions. Because there aren’t any. And when you are done, don’t expect to be done. I can already tell this book is written in layers, and I will have to go back again and again and dig deeper.

I don’t want too. But I must. It is an odd compulsion now.

A special note: This may leave you with the idea this book is unpleasant to read. It isn’t. This is by far one of the most beautifully written books I have ever read. If you get absolutely nothing out of this book, it is worth reading just for the skillfully exquisite use of wordcraft. Robin Williams, in the movie The Dead Poet’s Society, one said “Language was invented for one reason, boys - to woo women - and, in that endeavor, laziness will not do. It also won’t do in your essays.”

Well, consider me woo’d.
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on May 1, 2017
I loved this book. How we can be the best we can be. Men will be men and women will be women and we are all great. The way we hav to watch evil before it kills us with a shot in the back of the head. Ivan knows the direction of the world and how we spin toward evil and chaos b/c we good people let it happen until we have to stop it. Thank you "V" for interviewing this great man!!!!!
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on October 16, 2016
Great read, a book all men need to read!
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