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on April 9, 2017
My sister has a Vitamix, and I used it when I was living w my sister. I like how powerful Vitamix is, and I had almost considered to buy a Vitamix when I moved in my own place. But my counter top is too low for Vitamix. So, i decided to go for Ninja Master Prep 450 watts (set of 2). I love this mixer, and been using it for almost 6 months already. Besides the fact that the price is so cheap, it blends as smooth as Vitamix, simple function and it's light to move around.

The blade, the cup and the lid are easy to clean. I pump in Baby Foaming Dish Soap and add a little bit of water and put back in the motor and let it run for 4-5 seconds, and then I rinse everything. If there is food residue on the blades and the lid, I use a little brush to remove it.

The motor part is the tricky part to clean if the food got stuck into it. I had to used a tooth pick to clean it, but it still not completely spotty clean. This is a biggest flaw of this mixer. Still, i find it's bearable as it is only 1/10 of the price of Vitamix.
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on December 15, 2016
Sorry - sometimes I get excited when I get a product that is of amazing value and amazing quality.

For anyone looking for a blender that costs under $40 and that also doubles as a mini food processor, this thing is AMAZING. It comes with a 6 blade 48-ounce pitcher (which literally turns ice into snow for perfect frozen drinks and smoothies and even instant ice creams using frozen fruit and milk) and a 4 blade 16-ounce mini processing bowl perfect for dicing up veggies in 2 seconds. No more chopping! And since the blending comes from a removable top motor pod that offers pulse and continuous blending options at one speed by pressing the button as you wish, it's super easy to store as well as cleaning the bottom of the pitcher/bowl since the blades are removable (but sharp as hell - so be careful)!

And while it says you can't put hot liquids in, I did pour in a very warm-mildly hot beer cheese soup I made to puree it a bit. Worked fine with no issues!
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on July 16, 2016
The Ninja Master Prep (QB1000) SharkNinja consists of a motor unit and two mixing containers, large and small, each with its own blade assembly and two lids, a mixing lid and a storage lid. Each blade assembly is on a shaft that protrudes through a hole in the mixing lid. This matters because there is no seal to hold the food in. While mixing, food pushes out through the hole and gets into the small crack of the motor unit where the shaft engages with the motor. This is impossible to clean. It's only the tiniest amount of food, but still seems like a bad design. There should be a seal there to prevent this.

I use the Ninja for making frozen desserts: I put frozen banana chunks, frozen strawberries, water or apple juice, and sometimes yogurt, into the Ninja to make a frozen fruit smoothie that comes out the consistency of soft-serve ice cream, but is 100% fruit, or fruit with yogurt. It is delicious. But it takes 5 or 6 runs to make it, because the frozen fruit chunks don't all get blended on the first few runs.

I put everything in, put on the lid and motor, and run it for a while. Then I have to remove the motor and pry off the lid, which sometimes sticks and is hard to remove, then use a spoon to force the still-solid chunks down to where the blades are, replace the lid and the motor, and run it again. It's still not all blended, so I repeat this process several more times before I finally have a smooth mix. It's a lot of work and a big nuisance.

On the plus side, it's easy to clean (except for that tiny space in the motor assembly!) and it makes really good fruit smoothies. And it only costs $40. If it cost $100 I'd rate it one star and send it back. But for $40 I give it three stars and I'll probably keep it.
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on November 7, 2016
Bought this mostly to make nut butter (almond butter, peanut butter) and was concerned that at 450W it wouldn't have enough power, but just 2 minutes of pulsing (and a little scraping of the sides) and the almonds are almond butter. Love how easy it is to clean with the simple removable blades — totally brilliant. Looking forward to making instant ice cream with it, too.
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on June 19, 2016
Bought this Ninja Master Prep set through Amazon Warehouse Deals because after several years of extensive use the motor pod finally gave out. I looked everywhere to buy the motor pod alone and this Amazon Warehouse offer was the best deal! I was hesitant at first thinking the unit might come with some sort of damage because of the online description. When package arrived, the box did have some visible wear but all the contents inside were sealed and brand new! My son will be happy once again to get his Ninja back for his bodybuilding protein smoothies! It also does wonders for salsas and as a mini food processor for chopping ingredients when cooking is a time saver!
review image review image
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on May 14, 2016
I bought the QB1000 model (Black) because it had an additional 50 watts as compared to the Grey model. My primary reason for this purchase is for blending smoothies. I'm a novice, so I was looking for a "starter" blender that was compact, powerful, of a reputable brand, and a descent price.

Compact, Reasonably priced, Reputable brand, Multi-tiered blades, Color (black), Dishwasher safe, Easy to assemble /disassemble, Included chopper bowl, Lids, Easy to use

Pulsing action motor - it seems kind of cool at first, but when you really need to blend something very finely, you become keenly aware of the requirement to stand there, stopping and starting the damn thing. Technically, it is not really a lot of time, but it feels tedious, and I am tethered to it in order for it to work. In retrospect, I would have just preferred pressing a button and letting it blend on its own, and not have to worry about burning out the motor (which is a concern with this product).

SPOUT - I don't know if it is a design flaw or because of the consistency of smoothies, but the smoothie always runs down the lip of the pitcher after every pour. It gets kind of annoying to have to wipe the spout each time (and waste some damn good smoothie).

BLENDING APPLES or PEARS - Smoothies come out very mushy. Think apple sauce. I usually have to blend it for a while to get it more smooth. (but still, pretty mushy).

BLENDING (frozen) KALE : I've tried some of the green smoothies using kale, green apple, ginger, little honey, and banana. The kale (and the apple) do not blend well. I had to keep pulsing and pulsing and pulsing to try to chop it down but still I could "eat" some of the pieces. Even when I try to thin it out with a little water, it still had a mushy-esqe consistency. I have since limited making this smoothie.

Overall, I am content with this blender. Because this was a Ninja product, I had had high expectations about its patented multi-tiered blades. Maybe I need a blender with higher wattage. While I don't know if I would buy it again, I think it's a great starter blender for someone beginning a daily smoothie ritual.
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on June 4, 2016
Yes, I bought this for my dog. I have a lab/chow/great dane mix who will be turning 17 in less than 2 months. He's always liked to eat snow when we've gone up to the mountains but now that his internal thermostat is out of whack eating snow on warm days helps to cool him down. Enter the Ninja. I no longer need to go to the mountains for snow since the Ninja will turn ice cubes into snow in seconds. My old guy loves it and cools it cools him down almost instantly. Hey, we've been together 16 years (came from the animal shelter) so it's the least I could do. I've just started making smoothies for myself so there is a secondary benefit. I've had Ninja for one month so hopefully it will continue to make snow for a long time to come. Thank you Ninja !
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on December 7, 2016
I could wax poetic about this product, but I think enough people have raved about its wonders already. If you want a quick recap of why we all love this so much, it works very well, it's super easy to clean, and the lids are a nice bonus feature for people who want to store what they chop/blend.

I'm sure there is more, but the whole "works" and "is easy to clean" pretty much sealed the deal for me. I cook from scratch every day and needed something that helps without complicating things. This was exactly what I was looking for. It's perfect AND affordable. How often does that happen?
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on February 5, 2016
This blender replaced a cheap one we had for a while that had the claw looking blade at the bottom. I hated that thing, took forever to blend anything and it never did a great job.

This is quite the opposite. Having the blades throughout the whole container works a lot better. This isn't a top of the line blender by any means, but it is a lot better than many other similarly priced ones. I've only used it for my protein shakes and to make home made salsa. So I can't say I've used it on a ton of foods, but it works great for what I need it for.

Clean up is fine for the most part. Just be sure you wash it right away and don't wait for the next day. Some parts are difficult to clean if the food stays on there and gets all hard and crusty.

Once again it's not a super fancy blender with a ton of features. It just does a great job at what it's supposed to do.
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on September 26, 2015
First, when I purchased this with Amazon Prime last week, it was $44.99. Now it is $49.99. Things change quickly on Amazon!

Anyway, for probably the least amount I have ever paid for a "small kitchen appliance," this one is THE most useful. The easiest. The quickest. The easiest cleanup. The sharpest blades! Be careful!

I have never had a smoothie before, that I can recall. But we love them now! I have laid in a supply of various frozen fruits, and even some kale, which I froze so it crumbles easier (you don't taste it in a smoothie). We always have yogurt in the fridge, and OJ, so I made smoothies right away and was very impressed by the ease in which the frozen fruit and trimmings became....smooth.

I have used the 16-oz bowl several times already. I have used it to crush ice, to make turkey salad, to process fresh tomatoes into a puree that I froze (this will be done as long as I have lots of fresh tomatoes in my garden, I won't waste any). I tossed in some carrot pieces, broccoli and green pepper, and made a really nice slaw-like mix that I mixed into leaf lettuce for salad.....I know I will have many, many more uses for both the 16-oz. prep bowl and the 48-oz pitcher.

I already have ordered a 40-oz. prep bowl and blade which was made for the Master Prep, so there will be even more I can do with this amazing kitchen machine.

Oh....and the footprint is small. There is no big base with buttons on this machine, it is just a pitcher or bowl, then the seal cap, then the little motor just press the button to pulse or hold it down for longer. It is very, very simple.

Cleanup is great too, just set the motor aside, take off the lid, rinse it out, take out the blade (be careful), rinse it, and when your bowl is empty, wash it. As long as you are careful with the blade and keep it away from your fingers, cleanup is completely easy and fast.
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