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on August 21, 2015
Works MOSTLY as advertised. The chopper is great and a nice replacement for my mini chopper. The individual cup blenders do in fact blend most everything to a liquid form. The individual cups blade works VERY fast; with only a 2-3 second pulse can grind a cup of ice to shavings. It does leave a very fine pulp for solid foods, such as carrots, but otherwise does very well. The big blender works but does NOT blend solids to a liquid form like the individual cups do. Commercials advertise using the blender exactly the same as the cups, but that's not accurate. It works pretty much as your average blender would work. If you're trying to make a health shake with veggies and fruits, use the cups because the blender will not do the job. The great thing about the blender blade design is that it blend thicker substances together, where as a regular blender blade would just spin in the bottom without combining the whole product.

I have 2 complaints about this product:
1 - The motor is VERY loud, especially when blending frozen products! And I don't mean the sound of the product breaking up, it's the motor that's making the most sound. I wouldn't recommend using this in the morning, for your shakes, if you want others to stay asleep.

2 - The large blender has a safety feature that will not allow you to remove the lid when in operation. There's a small port on the lid to add liquid products, but doesn't work very well if you want to add solids or pastes. Would be a lot better if the port was at least the size of half the lid. HOWEVER, all of the safety features of this blender do make it virtually impossible to hurt yourself while using it, making it a good product to use around and with children.
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on May 21, 2015
I'm very impressed! I was worried about how big the food processor part would be and it's a very good size. I've already made fruit smoothies with strawberries bananas and orange juice it was absolutely delicious! I love the suction cup base it keeps the unit in place and it's very sturdy. I've always bought Ninja products ....I upgraded to this model and I couldn't be happier.
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on January 4, 2015
I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I purchased this on the Friday before Christmas and it arrived the next day. Things could not have gone better because I was able to use it to make swift work of cookie dough which normally takes a lot of strength to mix as it is a very tough dough. It was literally done in seconds. Since then I have used it to make a variety of smoothies, some with leafy greens and fruit and others with fruit and dairy. My smoothies have been super smooth without any bits left behind. My son makes post work out smoothies with bananas, peanut butter, almond milk and oatmeal! He said that since we have gotten the NINJA his smoothies have been smooth and creamy like a milkshake...he loves the result!! I purchased the system with the meal prep kit and I love it. I have used it more than once to make chicken salad. I just add the onion, celery, chicken and mayonnaise to the food prep bowl and a few pulses later everything is chopped and blended. I can't believe I waited so long to get one of these.
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on November 9, 2015
Love this thing best blender I've ever owned
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on May 30, 2015
We needed a new blender. I use one, regularly about three times a week, for two things: thick smoothies (no ice) and making hummus. Hubby talked me into going "all in" and getting this set, and I felt like a sucker once it got here. Really? Our household of two needs 2 HP to make smoothies and hummus? But after using it, I am very pleased. Handles THICK smoothies no problem in the single-serve doohickey, and the processor bowl made two cups of great (again) THICK hummus with only two scrapedowns. I gave it 4 rather than 5 stars simply because I don't know yet how it holds up in the long run.

Here's what you want to know:
YES, it is easy to clean. Single-serve is like a traditional blender, with the blade on the bottom, so your smoothie gets all over THAT, but the pitcher and food processor have smooth sides and blade spindles that remove entirely. That said, the lid keeps the spindle and **breathtakingly sharp** blades in place, so keep that in mind when pouring your goods out of the pitcher or bowl; remove the spindle or keep the lid on and use the pour spout. You will also be glad to have a small bottlebrush to clean under the single-serve blades. DO NOT USE TONGUE.
QUALITY: Containers are plastic, very substantial, and smooth (see Cleaning). No flimsy stuff here. Power? Yeah, it has power. I suspect it will make quick work of a kale smoothie, which is what burned out our 1970's-era blender.
SHARP: Did I mention the blades are sharp? "Ninja" .. duh. I barely grazed my finger with one while washing it two days ago, and it is just now healing over. Extreme caution if your children are washing the dishes.
ICE: My test was with ice only, in the single-serve. It did not crush the ice: it make SNOW. More like "Hawaiian Shave Ice" than "Sno Cone". Perhaps the CRUSH setting and using it with liquids has different results. Will try with pitcher of margaritas soon, and update review once I've sobered up.
INSTRUCTIONS: Tells you how to put it together, short on suggestions on Foods To Make. Yes, the lids and attachment to the base are a bit fiddly, but nothing you won't get used to after the third try.
FOOD PROCESSOR INSERT: Have not tried it yet. It is a "Chopper" -- no slicing/grating blade included. ** would have been nice feature **

SUMMARY: Overkill? Probably. Worth it? Probably. If you have $160 to drop on a blender/chopper system, this has got to be the best out there. The standard Ninja was listed in an article of "Five 'As Seen On TV' Products Actually Worthwhile", and I would agree. For my needs (just two of us), I think the standard 9-cup pitcher is the LEAST useful, so getting the whole shebang was a good idea.
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on May 8, 2014
Just opened this today... I cleaned it up with a bit of dish soap and water and then blending it before use. This is my preferred method for washing... I used it on the bullet I had. I made a smoothie in it to test it out. It worked wonderfully, I would say on par with Jamba Juice consistency. It is not completely smooth, but it is the texture I was hoping for (i could distinguish flecks of the lettuce and spinach but they were just flecks). I only blended it for thirty seconds though, but my two year old who has strep throat/pneumonia currently loved it! It was small enough that it didn't seem to aggravate is "ows." We also made some deviled ham (I over processed a bit, I will have to adjust to this one vs the bullet, but it was still better than grating!) I also made a snow cone type thing/shaved ice for my sickie baby, and he loved it. It was a bit denser than I expected (kind of like a ball of hail) but like I said it made my little happy, so I am content with it.
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on November 21, 2013
The Ninja seemed to be a great product. We purchased one 6/27/13 and it quickly became integral to food preparation in our household. Its 1500 watt motor performed admirably. Alas, this story does not end well. On 11/20/13 the rotor of the base unit broke during use. Since it had been less than 5 months since we bought the Ninja customer support was contacted regarding warranty service. The company basically gave us the kiss-off. We were informed by customer support that there was no warranty service for the unit because it was purchased at Amazon and there was no way for them to know whether the unit was purchased new or used. The company offered to send a new motor unit for $59.95 or we could spend a minimum of $40 for shipping both ways to see if the item could be repaired. Since we paid $219.95 less than 5 months ago paying another $60 to rectify the problem does not seem fair. It was intimated that had we purchased the Ninja some place other than Amazon we would receive full warranty service. I did not realize that buying this product from Amazon would result in a substandard warranty. If you feel lucky than by all means pay for this overpriced piece of junk. It can blend with the best of them however long it holds up. The actual rating is less than 1 star.

UPDATE 11/26/13: After posting the review Amazon was contacted and they replaced the unit. The new replacement was received 11/25/13. The comments regarding the product and the manufacturer and warranty are still valid.
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on May 18, 2016
I cannot recommend this product. I bought it 5 months ago as a xmas present for my husband. We use the smoothie cup a lot. Functionally, the blender works well, but the cup repeatedly (and from the beginning) gets stuck on the machine. It 'locks' onto the base, and then it takes considerable force to get it off. Today, after working on it for 15 minutes (until my hands hurt), I finally called customer service who finally instructed me to turn the entire unit (base and cup) onto it's side to see if we could get it unlocked. The rep suggested that there was residue stuck in the lock mechanism that was making it difficult to unlock and remove the cup, but the spring was working freely and I couldn't see or feel any residue when I examined the unit after finally getting the cup off. The frustration factor is huge -- my take is that this is a poor product design. They no longer sell this unit on their website and I wouldn't be surprised if they changed the mechanism on other units. The CSR seemed to think that there should be 2-3 lock mechanisms in this unit, but there's only one. So if it malfunctions, you're sunk. AGAIN -- DO NOT BUY THIS UNIT IF YOU WANT TO USE THE SMOOTHIE FUNCTION. It's more expensive, but next time I'll buy from the competition. HIGHLY DISSATISFIED.
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I had wanted a Ninja for so long, but couldn't justify buying a new appliance when my Kitchenaid worked just fine. Finally, I decided to splurge for myself and bought this Ninja System. Let me tell you, I have now gotten rid of my Kitchenaid blender and food processor! The Ninja totally replaces them and works so much better. It has more power, works faster and performs many more tasks than the other blender and food processor did.

I love that the Ninja is so much easier to clean than my Kitchenaid was. The blade is removable, so it is so much quicker and easier to clean.

The pitcher locks onto the base so much easier and smoother. It removes easier and smoother too.

The lids lock securely.

You get a blade for each device, plus the dough blade. Excellent quality and generous of the company to add all these blades instead of trying to make them with just one blade to switch onto each device.

Although there are only 4 settings, plus the pulse, this thing handles all tasks perfectly and quickly. It makes my Kitchenaid look like a total joke and I just wish I would have bought this Ninja System sooner and never even bothered with the Kitchenaids.

You can get absolutely perfect smoothies, milkshakes, iced drinks in literally seconds. Frozen drinks, margaritas, slushies - perfect every single time and it really only takes a few taps on the pulse to get it done. I was amazed at how much quicker this is and how perfect you can get the consistency iof the drinks. No matter how thick or thin you like your smoothies, and whatever ice type you like for frozen drinks and slushies is possible. From tiny chunks like the real Icees/Slush Puppies or soft like snow, like italian ice, you can get it perfect. This system can make every consistency. And it doesn't matter if you use the large pitcher or the single serve, you will get the same great results.

Using the single serve is quick and easy. It is so nice to be able to mix up something in the cup and be able to take it right with you and not have to worry about a large pitcher to clean. It is really nice when you're running late or in a hurry because it takes literally just seconds to make your drink and be done and go. My son loves the single serve for use with protein shakes/smoothies. They're so much less gritty and he can add fruits into them to get a bit better flavor than just the powder and milk or water.

The base feels very solid, well made and durable. No cheap feeling to any part of this set. There are suction feet on the bottom so that it won't vibrate or move around on the counter.

You have 2 sizes of food processors to use. You can use the large one by itself, or if you need to process smaller amounts you just put the smaller bowl inside the larger one and add the ingredients to the smaller bowl.

This is one of my most favorite purchases, ever. It is everything you need, all in one package and just one main base/motor. It is actually saving me cabinet space too, instead of having the blender and 2 food processors. My kitchenaid blender was tall and slender, so it was hard to store - it was too tall for the kitchen cabinets and I hated taking the pitcher off the base to store it because the pitcher always wanted to fall over everywhere and it was tricky to attach and remove. The Ninja is a much more convenient shape and size. The single serve cups go right on the shelf with our other drinking glasses and protein shakers. The food processor bowls store inside each other nicely. The only thing that sets randomly by itself is one of the blades because you can fit 2 blades in the processor bowls to store them. No bug deal though, I just keep it in the corner cupboard in a plastic storage container so no one gets cut on it.

Love, Love, Love this system. We use it every day and it is just as powerful as the first time we used it. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. It is a great gift too since you have so many appliances in one. I was like a kid on Christmas when UPS dropped it off to me and I still get all giddy and giggly with delight when I use it.
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on June 19, 2014
Wow! This blender is awesome! I was using a Ninja Pro, with the motor on top, and decided to get a new Ninja before I wore it out so I could give my granddaughter something to use. Am I glad I did! I often put whole oats in to make a powder for recipes, and the BL771 does a great job. And, I love the single serving containers for making myself a shake almost every day. I throw all the ingredients in with 4 or 5 ice cubes and in no time I have a smooth smoothie. The only problem, if you can call it that, that I have with this machine is that they provide such a large container. I mostly use it for myself, so I wish they would offer the option of a smaller container. I just don't need the huge 64 oz for most things I process. Although, it will be nice to have if I do need to process larger amounts. The blades are extremely sharp, so be very careful, I haven't tried the bowl, the bowl in bowl, or the dough blade yet, but will add to this review when I do. I first looked at the Vitamix, but this is a no-brainer for 1/3rd the price. I chose this model because it doesn't take up quite as much counter space as another model. I especially like that the power goes off automatically after a while. When I turn it on, it stays very stable throughout the process. Yes, it is pretty noisy, but almost any blender would be. I also love that the blades lift out to make it much easier to clean the containers. This little gem has a permanent place on my countertop.
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