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on June 7, 2015
I loved this product until today. I used it to dice carrots and somehow the blade became welded to the lid and I was picking pieces of plastic out of the carrots. Photo's attached. Ironically, I just recommended this product to someone yesterday.

I called the folks at Ninja and their only solution was to sell me a new lid and blade for 34.00. I can get the whole thing brand new for about $50. I understand the warranty is only good for a year through Amazon, but they show lifetime warranty on their site. Catch is you have to buy it directly from Ninja or they won't honor it. This will be my first and last Ninja product.
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on January 4, 2016
So now that I've used this blender for 2-3 dozen times. I do believe I can properly review this(ninja master prep professional QB1004)!

#1 Many Complaints about people cutting themselves with this blender....Well....the blades are sharp!! Use common sense!!!! They need to be sharps to cut up leafy vegetables!
#2 Cutting of the outer plastic container. HOW?!? I haven't figured! The only way to do this is if the lid just isn't properly on. Not using common sense.
#3 Blender melting to blades. Well this one had be worried. But after using it. The blades have yet to get hot in that spot. You would literally have to use this blender for 10 minutes non stop to make that happen. If you plan on abusing your blender. This blender probably will not work for you.

Due to my worries. I splurged and spent 4 dollars on the 4 year extended warranty. I understand that 4 dollars on top of the 39.99 for the professional series type blender can break the bank. But I decided to not buy myself a coffee that day and to go for the warranty.

BTW the food processor and chopper both work great. No problems. For blending, I have thrown everything at it, no problems.
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on May 22, 2017
When I decided I wanted to homemake all of my baby's organic baby food, I did A LOT of research on what blenders would be the best. I initially was going to purchase a Beaba Babycook Pro 2x. But there were a lot of bad reviews and issues with mold growth. And a Vitamix was beyond what I wanted to spend for making baby food. That's when I found Ninja. I was a little skeptical at first because of the low price point. But I decided to give the Master Prep Professional a try. Wow, just wow.

This blender is amazing. I've been using this unit for over 3 months now. Which may not seem like a long time. But it is when you're using it almost daily. This bad boy can handle any challenge I throw it's way. Carrots, sweet potatoes, bananas, cheese, avocado, tofu, kale, broccoli, berries, ice etc, etc. I could go on and on. It can puree just about everything to a smooth consistency. Raw or cooked, hot or cold. Yes, this machine works extremely well for hot food. I remove my food from the steamer and immediately start blending in the Ninja.

In the beginning I would add formula to help the puree blend to a smoother, thinner consistency. But now I blend food without adding any liquid. Doing it this way will take a little bit longer to blend, but you will still get the same results. The only things I found is that I need to remove the blade and use a spatula to give the food a good mix, then push the blade back in and finish blending.

•All three containers blend food evenly. The blades rotate the food around the container when blending. But if I'm blending a large amount of thick food (potatoes), I will stir the food once by hand.
•This setup comes with 3 different sized containers to blend in. One small-2 cup container, One medium-5 cup container & one large-6 cup container.
•Each blending container has it's own blade. Both the small and medium containers have 2 tiers of blades. The large container has a three tier blade. I find myself using the largest container most often. Mainly because I make food in large batches.
•The smallest container is perfect for whipping up single size servings. I can even blend just one avocado. The blades won't just push the avocado to the sides like it does in a food processor.
•The medium and large container has a pouring spout that makes adding liquid to the pitcher a breeze when I'm blending. No need to remove the lid. I simply lift the flap covering the spout and pour the liquid into the pitcher.
•This Ninja is SO easy to use. There literally is only one button that you can press. I place the blade into the pitcher, pour my food in, snap the lid on, attach the motor on top of the pitcher (the motor will only fit on one way, so it's easy to know if it's properly attached) and press the button.
•You don't have to "pulse" blend your food like other reviewers have stated. I hold the button down for long stretches of time and have never had an issue with this.
•Each container has non-skid rubber on the bottom.
•Two of the three containers have easy pour spouts. And handles. This is nice for filling my freezer trays up with baby food.
•Pretty easy to clean. I love how the blades are removable. It so much easier to clean than a traditional blender. Obviously, you have to clean the blades with care. Those bad boys are crazy sharp. They will tear up your washcloth, fingers and dish brush if you're not careful.
•No leaks when mixing. Even if I have the pitcher filler to the top. Which brings me to the next thing I love..
•You can pack these pitchers full of food and the food will still blend as nicely as it would being half full.
•Amazing price.

•This blender will NOT puree berries to a completely smooth consistency. Meaning, it will not crush the seeds. No matter how much you blend or how much liquid you add, the texture will be grainy. BUT pretty much every blender outside of a Blendtec or Vitamix will have this issue.
•Only two of the containers have storage lids. I wish each container had it's own lid.
•Even with the non-skid rubber on the bottom, this blender moves while blending. It will make it's way across my counter when I'm blending.
•The pitchers are made of plastic. I would love if there was a glass option.
•The mixing lids are hard to clean because there are so many nooks and crannies.

Overall, for the price you cannot get any better than this Ninja Master Prep Professional. It's perfect for making baby food. I'm very happy and would highly recommend.
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on December 1, 2014
The motor stopped working on my device a month and a half after ordering. Was not able to return to Amazon at this time, and Ninja warranty specifies I must pay shipping costs both ways to have device repaired/replaced, which is just as expensive as buying an entirely new unit! I should have looked into the fine print before buying to make sure it was a true warranty. Will not buy again. Probably going to toss in the trash and find a different brand. Very disappointed!!
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on July 2, 2016
This is an excellent blender. I'm not going to go over all of the pros and cons feature by feature since there are already a large number of thorough reviews with the gist of which I broadly agree. I'll add this: I use it every morning and I've never been able to reproduce the results it gives me with another blender. It is absolutely irreplaceable.

That's a problem because these do eventually break. About 2 years is how long the last one survived, so about 750-800 uses. Now, is it reasonable to expect that an electric motor (what usually breaks for me) on a $40 device will live forever? Definitely not. Is it reasonable for it to die after approx 3000 minutes (back of the napkin calculation) of use? Possibly not, but that's a decision for each buyer to make herself. I think they could do with an improvement here and I'd be willing to pay extra for that, hence 4 stars instead of 5 which this product would otherwise have richly deserved.

Nota Bene: I purchased this at full retail price and have no relationship with the manufacturer or the seller. This review was written solely to share my experience with this product for the benefit of the Amazon community. While I do often write up products sent to me as review samples, this is not one of those reviews. *All* of my reviews are frank, straightforward and hopefully helpful, but it is up to the reader to decide whether to trust a review or not. As such, just as I disclose having received a review sample when that is the case, I thought it prudent to state that this is not one of those cases.
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on May 12, 2017
I previously owned a Ninja Blender years ago prior to relocating twice, losing it, and ended up buying another.

I've had this one for over a month now to sufficiently review it with confidence.

My main pet peeve is the little nib on the sides meant to help you align the top of the large pitcher and keep you from improperly attaching it prior to blending anything. It drives me BONKERS. I am constantly having to stoop to eyeball the nib and get it in the channel before I do anything. That feature alone made me knock off a star because I have more trouble attaching the lid due to that feature than I've ever had on a Ninja product. Their blenders years ago weren't nearly as cantankerous as they are now.

If you ignore this safety feature, the blender itself cleans very well after a rinse, bit of water and soap, blend, then rinse again and set aside to dry. I use it thoroughly to make smoothies rather than anything else. However the smaller one chops vegetables very cleanly for stir fry. If you like making pancakes, this also works when you throw all the ingredients in together. Try to make sure your liquids are at the bottom rather than on top to prevent any powdery residue sticking at the base.

The blades are insanely sharp so watch out. There's a reason this blender works so efficiently. I gently knocked my pinky against a blade on the drying rack and it cut very deeply. So make sure you set something on top of the drying blades to prevent any accidents. Remember it's under there too. I recommend a clear plastic storage container.
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I bought this a year ago at Walmart. For the incredibly low price, I wasnt expecting much, but I didnt have the money to replace my broken expensive blender. All I can say is WOW!!! This thing is awesome! I can literally make snow out of a blender full of ice cubes! I make green smoothies every morning using spinach, cucumber, lime, kiwi, oj, green grapes, ice cubes and ginger. I put all the ingredients in at once, seat the lid, place the motor part on top, then pulse the blender a few times until I can tell that all of the ingredients are mixed, then I hold it down until I can hear that all of the ice cubes are blended. No more having to open the blender and hand mix to get the top ingredients to mix. The upper blade takes care of all of that. I never have chunks of unblended ice in my smoothies. I can lift the spout lid if I want to add more liquids while blending without having to remove the motor.

Cleanup is way easier than my blender was because the blades lift out for rinsing. I throw it all into my dishwasher (minus the motor). This was well worth the money spent! No regrets at all.
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on December 4, 2015
very good, much better than the one I bought in Walmart, with a lower price, but be REALLY CAREFUL WITH THE BLADE, it is very sharp!
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on September 17, 2016
Please mark this review as helpful if it is.

- very powerful. It gets used every morning for a shake with frozen spinach, while frozen strawberries, frozen banana, frozen kale, protein powder, and bunch of other stuff. Handles it without a problem.
- CHEAP. let's be real, that's why everyone is looking at it. It has the motor of something that's $30 more. This is definitely worth the buy.

- yes you do have to take it apart into 3 pieces to clean it. But honestly if you run hot water over it, everything comes off pretty clean. Taking it apart, running hot water, and cleaning takes about 5min.

Overall, this thing is definitely worth the buy considering the price and motor.
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on April 17, 2017
I read a ton of reviews about how this will break down, leave chunks of plastic in your food, the pitcher will crack, etc. before finally deciding to risk it and get one for my birthday last year. I had a separate blender and a food processor that were both on their way out, so I killed two birds with one stone and bought the Ninja Pro for $40, crossed my fingers, and hoped for the best.

I'm happy that I did. I've found this set to be incredibly useful for blending sauces, salsas, and so forth. I also use it to chop numerous items (mostly veggies like carrots, onions, celery, etc.). That's the majority of what I use it for, and I do so quite a few times a week, and so far (in 7-8 months of regular use) it's been perfect. I've only used the blender maybe 10 times or so for margaritas, so I can't speak on that with any authority, but I will say that for $40 the chopper/processor is amazing and well worth it.
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