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on October 21, 2016
Good bundle. Lots of accessories to get you started. Key product features include:
Includes all you need for your Nintendo 3DS in one box
• Features 20 great items such as the Play It Loud, car charger, carrying case, game cases and much more
• Play It Loud features dual stereo speakers and also offers added comfort and grip
• Play It Loud requires (2) AAA batteries to operate (not included)
• Available in multiple colors to match your preference
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on December 29, 2013
I was perusing 3DS accessories when I stumbled upon this little jewel. My number one reason for ordering this 20-in-1 kit was the Play-It-Loud. It is the device you can mount your 3DS in that not only makes it more comfortable to hold than the brick that is the system but also plugs into the 3DS headphone jack. There are two excellent speakers built into the Play-It-Loud which amplify your sound. Again, these are nice speakers so and deliver great sound. The Play-It-Loud runs on two AAA batteries, and it gets fairly impressive battery life. You can tell when the batteries begin to fail because the sound quality will deteriorate drastically. In the Play-It-Loud are also two slots for holding extra video games. I'm OCD when it comes to my video games and their cases. I always keep my games in their original cases so I have no use for those two slots, but I do admire the ingenuity.

Speaking of cases: you will find in your purchase 3 plastic clam-shell cases for holding 3DS or DS cartridges. I've already stated my opinion regarding separating games and their original cases.

The accessory kit also comes with two upper and two lower screen protectors. These are excellent and easy enough to install with the instructions. If you're hard on your 3DS then these are another excellent reason to purchase this kit.

There are also two regular styluses and a “full size” stylus. The two regular ones are identical to the original shipped with the console. The full size stylus is the size and style of a fancy pen. It has a nice feel for those of us with bigger hands. I can never find a problem with having an extra stylus or two hanging around.

There are also screen cleaners, exceptionally handy little items. There are also two wrist straps for securely carrying your console.

There are also a few handy little devices: a car charger, a pair of earbuds, a USB SD card reader, and an audio splitter. These are interesting accessories with some excellent uses beyond your console. I have no particular feelings one way or the other about these things.

Speaking of carrying your 3DS the kit features a hard shell case for your console and a carry bag. The carry case is obviously for the 3DS and the three game cases. The problem with the carry bag is that it isn't big enough to carry the Play-It-Loud, which was my main motivation in purchasing this kit.

Over all this kit is very heavy on the accessories, but they're impressive enough pieces and the low price for such high quality makes it an excellent buy. There is also a kit for the new 3DS XL with similar products which I'd imagine are of the same quality.
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on January 12, 2014
As stated in the title, this in an amazing accessory!
This deal is worth it even if you only plan to use the Play-It-Loud controller; it has saved my hands and fingers from cramping up due to poor/uncomfortable design on the DS countless times in just the month since I've bought it. Along with the play it loud making gaming so much more comfortable, it also has a couple of sets of screen protectors that were greatly appreciated, though I haven't put them to the test really, a bunch of extra styluses which at some point WILL be needed (I gave one away right off the bat to a friend who lost his), and a carrying case which could be used for the DS, but I just keep a bunch of games in. I honestly haven't used the other accessories, but even without them this kit is great!

The ONLY reason I removed one start is because the Play-It-Loud controller lacks any sort of headphone jack; you are either stuck playing comfortably and loud, or silently (via headphones) with hand-cramps. This is a bit of an issue to me since I am deployed military sleeping in the same room as 17 other people, and I frequently want to relax and play in my bed.
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on October 29, 2016
Not sure what I expected but the car charger didnt workand the handheld speakers sound like they're coming from aluminum cans. However, the case is pretty useful since it has the little net pocket. The stylus are also pretty handy, but being my clumsy self I tend to lose them lol. The game cartridges are also nice though. They hold games and keep them safe. Forget about the screen savers though. The bottom touch was messed up until I took it off. The top however is fine
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on March 4, 2013
I bought this for my boyfriend for Valentines Day and it was a hit! I was nervous about the over reviews stating that the speakers weren't very loud on the 360 controller-like adapter you put your 3DS in, but the sound is GREAT! Lasts long too so long as you remember to turn it off in the back when you're done playing. ;)

Seriously a great buy though. Boyfriend loved it and I'm going to get myself one now too!
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on March 26, 2013
This Nintendo product is simply limited as it has too many limiting factors that was disappointing. To name a few, the chargers in the essentials packet do not allow the game to be charging and play at the same time. You must wait and allow the 3DS to completely charge up before it will allow you to play, that is disappointing especially for three small children. Another limiting factor is when using the charger in the car-the car must be on to allow the charger to work but here again if the 3DS is depleted, it will not allow you to play while being charged- you must allow the 3DS to charge fully then play the game. So these chargers are useless.
I would not buy this Nintendo product again.
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on January 15, 2017
This comes with a lot of great accessories for the Nintendo DS. This is not designed for the new Nintendo 3DS XL. It is larger and the case and and hand grip will not fit it. I made that mistake. Otherwise, great product. If you found my review helpful, please click on the "yes" below that you found this helpful and I will continue to review more products and give updates to my reviews. Thank you!
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on December 24, 2016
This product does NOT fit 3ds. It will not slide into the play it loud grip. Which is why I bought this package! Tried every way to slide it in and it's too big! My device is not a 3ds xl. Just a 3ds.
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on July 19, 2017
4 and a half stars, headphones aren't the greatest quality, but this is the perfect gift to go along with a 3DS! So much useful stuff that can be used for things other than a 3DS also!
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on February 17, 2013
Great Bundle for my little Gamer :D I was going to get this set in pink but ended up with this set in red. Everything in this set is very high quality. I was suprised about that because i thought it may have flawes but it didn't. Thank you :D You made my kid very happy with this product. I'll buy again.
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