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on September 15, 2014
I bought my 3DS because I spend almost three hours every day commuting to my job, taking the bus and the subway, and I'm happy with my decision. I almost bought a 2DS, but ultimately decided to go with this for the bigger screen and I'm very happy I did. The build quality is great, and after using it for several months it still feels as solid as it did on day one. The controls are really nice, but as many other people have said, your hands can start to hurt after a long gaming session. This isn't really a problem for me, as I generally only play for 20 minutes or so at a time. My only complaint is that, with the bigger screen, the image does not look as crisp as most people are probably used to when they play on a smartphone or other handheld console like the Vita. This isn't a huge problem, but the resolution definitely doesn't come close to current standards (but the 3DS is a few years old, so I let this slide).

I find the game selection to be great. During my commute I generally like to play more chill games like Mario, Zelda, and Animal Crossing, and the 3DS has a lot of these. The battery life is great, and I can usually go for a couple days playing (with the brightness all the way up) before having to charge it. I usually leave the 3D effect turned off, and only use it for certain games. For a lot of games, I find it to be distracting, especially since the viewing angle is extremely limited, plus the battery lasts a lot longer with it turned off. It is still really nice to use sometimes, and I'm glad it's an option.

Overall, I highly recommend it if you're not bothered by the lower screen resolution and aren't looking for a handheld system that has mostly hardcore fighting/shooting games.
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on December 29, 2013
I am very happy with my Nintendo 3DS XL so far. I would say that everything about it is great except for these flaws:

The 3D effect is very finicky. You can make it work if you are sitting in one position and are willing to fiddle with the position of the device to get everything to line up just so. Then the magic happens and the 3D works and its great, as long as you don't move. At all. If you reach over to get a snack or a drink or turn your head, once you refocus on the device you'll probably have to reposition again. Fortunately, I have read that very few games actually require the 3D to be on, so when you don't want to fiddle with it, you can just turn it off and get a nice 2D image on the top screen.

While the battery life of the 3DS XL is improved over the original 3DS (despite the larger screens here), I would still love to have more battery life. It's not bad, but as the device ages I know I am going to lose battery capacity, so I would like to have more up front.

While the top screen has been expanded into a wider format, the touch screen has been kept in the original aspect ratio. While this was probably done for backward-compatibility reasons with the DS, it means that some gameplay ideas from the DS don't translate as well to the 3DS. For example, in the Ace Attorney series, you are commonly asked to point to a spot on a map. On the DS versions, the map image would slide from the top screen to the touch screen so that you could tap on it. In the only Ace Attorney game for 3DS, because the top screen is wider than the bottom, this sliding effect is not used, and you have to slide your stylus on the bottom screen to move a cursor on the top screen to where you want to point. This is much less convenient than the system the DS games had, and I assume it was done because of the screen size mismatch on 3DS.

Lastly, sometimes when I insert a DS game into the game slot, the 3DS doesn't seem to recognize it. This is a minor complaint, as ejecting the card and reinserting it has fixed the problem in all cases so far.
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on November 17, 2013
I've heard many complaints about the 3ds but now that I've got my hands on it I've found most are exaggerated or just false.

Graphics- Obviously far weaker than the PS Vita it can't even come close to competing in this category. Anyone buying a 3ds should know that already. It is an improvement over the original DS, which is good.

3D- This is the feature that surprised me the most. Every single last person I'd heard talk about the 3ds said that it was either horrible, hurt their eyes, or they just did not even bother using it.
This is so far from the truth. Granted, I consider myself a virtual reality enthusiast, but the feature is pretty damn cool. It's extremely finicky with angles though and you have to keep it in a sweet-spot of sorts for it to even function properly. I would imagine it would be quite the experience in the car so it's good they leave the option to turn it down and off all together.

Audio- The audio is alright, but nothing to write home about. My Kindle HD and Vita both have far superior sound quality but the 3ds is adequate.

Shape- This is the sole reason I even took a star off. The shape of the 3ds is literally pain inducing. Even for being the XL version the buttons are small and clustered too close together, causing pain after long periods of time of flexing your fingers to their limits while holding the bulk of the thing. The corners, while more rounded than previous incarnations, are still pointed enough to hurt after a while. Playing with stylus in hand is bound to hurt you somewhere no matter how you balance it.

Screens- The screens are pretty impressive. The bottom one is incredible resistant to scratching and both never show up oil except the most extreme cases, which is much better than the Vita. Obviously much lower resolution than the Vita it makes it hard at times to read the font because some companies did not bother making sure the letters were clear, not to mention in 3d.

Features- The online features are still very limited. They actually just limited them even more, removing the single way to send friends messages and drawings. Still requires Nintendo's archaic friendcode system. Really stuck in the past, it seems like they are not even trying.

Games- Games are pretty limited to certain types and genres, with only a few being worthwhile. Won't get into this as it's just my personal taste, but Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate have been my favorites. Use 3D well, literally hundreds of hours of gameplay, and Animal Crossing has online play (really Capcom? Still no online play for MH??).

Overall I'd have to say I'm actually more than satisfied with my purchase. It may have a lot to do with me being an avid fan of 3D displays and VR, but that's ok. There is plenty more to want for, sure, like modern day online mechanics but when it seems Nintendo is taking nothing but steps back these days I'm more than happy to say I'm satisfied with my first Nintendo product since Gamecube.

Now I just wish my friends had some...
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on May 18, 2014
I won't get into specifics, but all things considered, this is a fantastic console. Whether you're a casual, hardcore, or just a 'gamer' in general, this is the handheld to own. The build-quality is near perfect, as per Nintendo's standard. The fit, feel and function is sleek and precise, with the right curves in all the right places. This thing is built like a brick; in the best way possible. Personally, I've only experienced a few issues with the WiFi functionality (mostly a poor-reliable/ stable connection, but, then again, I don't necessarily have the finest service provider.) I prefer to use digital downloadable content, but if you own a cartridge, there won't be an issue. The reason for my 4 star review is due to the top screens' resolution with certain 3D games, and the occasional WiFi issue. The camera serves it's purpose well enough, but it is VGA-quality (not good). Very minor complaints for an overall excellent product. I will be using this device for years to come, and there are many good games available for it right now, and the future holds a lot of promise.
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on July 29, 2014
Whether you own a prior DS console or are looking to buy your first, this is it!! 3DS XL is so amazingly awesome! You won't regret this purchase. This handheld is perfect! I was so very attached to my DSi(I didn't think anything could replace it), my husband bought a 3DS, it was just meh, I mean it was kinda cool and all, I wasn't jealous he had it lol and still preferred my DSi. Then my husband bought the LE pikachu 3DS XL, I was blown away, it's so much more than I ever expected. I love everything about it!! I was jealous! I wanted a pikachu LE 3DS XL but got the mario&luigi dream team LE 3DS XL because the pikachu one sold out on release day(at least around us it did). Both versions of the 3DS XL are great! I think they could've put a better pic on the dreamteam console seeing as it was for year of only Luigi(or Luigi in front of Mario, for once) and some green, but that's for a different review. Fantastic buy now matter which 3DS XL you purchase!
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on January 25, 2017
-Delivered over a week early
-No scratches or stickers as promised
-Came with charger and stylus as promised

-Came without an SD card
-Came with previous user's Parental Control Restrictions

Overall I'm happy with the purchase, I would buy from same distributor again. They got it here VERY fast and delivered everything they said they would in the description. It was a little disappointing to find that the 4GB SD card had been removed, but they are only about $1 per GB at most places and it is not necessary unless you plan on taking pictures or customizing your 3DS home settings. My biggest issue was that the system settings had not been reset. I still had the previous user's Parental Control blocking me from using key features of the device, the only way to get it removed was by calling tech support.

I'm subtracting a star because of the whole tech support hassle, and because I feel that they should have included "Does not include SD card" in the description. All that aside this was a REALLY good buy.
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on January 16, 2016
Pros: Possibly the best hand held console that Nintendo has made since the GameBoy Color. The battery life is pretty good, the screen is just large enough but doesn't make the console unwieldy, the buttons give some nice feedback, the option to turn the 3D on and off is great, and the selection in games isn't too shabby.

Cons: Left and right bumper buttons are exposed to a degree that, if you're not careful, can break them by jamming them if you drop the system from chest height. The 3D slider can break rather easily, and if you're console is not sill under warranty can be costly to fix. The black color, while slimming, shows scuffs and scratches really easily.
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on October 22, 2015
Arrived earlier than expected, works quickly and efficiently. The larger screen is perfect for this girl with bad eyesight, and I like the use of a stylus on the touch screen. It's a lot heavier and smoother than I expected, so it might be good to get a case for it or something at this point (I'm going to get one myself soon). This is the first handheld console I've bought since the GameBoy Color a long time ago, so I can't speak for the previous DS generations. However based on what I've heard from friends and read in reviews, I believe that the 3ds xl is a much better purchase. I plan to play A LOT of different games on my new console, which I don't think I'd do with the 3ds or the 2ds. I know there's the "new" 3ds xl, but honestly I'm extremely satisfied with the "old" one, for lack of a better word.
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on November 24, 2013
The 3DS launched with too high price and not enough good games. Two hardware updates and two and a half years later the 3DS is an incredible gaming platform. Out of the three versions of the system (2DS, 3DS, and 3DSXL) the XL is certainly the best choice for gamers who want the most out of the 3DS experience. The obvious difference between the original and XL is the screen size, however, one of the best improvements over the original is the form factor. The original 3DS is ugly and keeps fingerprints around with it's glossy finish, inside and out. The XL is a better looking, better feeling system with its rounded edges and matte finish. The 3DSXL is also very durable; I dropped it on a wooden floor from about waist height, and the fall sounded so bad that I was afraid to open up the system to see the damage. To my surprise, there wasn't even a scratch on the outside of the system. On top of being a good looking and durable system, the 3DSXL also has tons of great games to choose from. While most of the system's best games are from Nintendo, more and more developers are jumping on board. The future is bright for the 3DS platform, and the XL is the best choice for gamers who want in on it.
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on February 17, 2015
The 3DS XL is a good system with a lot of potential, and maybe some of that potential will finally be tapped with the release of the New 3DS. As far as hardware goes, this XL version of the 3DS system is most suited to adults with larger hands. It has larger screens and control surfaces, so the system fits comfortably in an adult's hands without forcing fingers to bend in uncomfortable ways. It also feels sturdier and heavier than the original, smaller 3DS. However, its larger size means it is also significantly less portable than its smaller brother. It is pretty much impossible to bring this system on the go without a bag or large pockets, but the larger screens and sturdier system are a worthwhile tradeoff.
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