Customer Reviews: Nintendo 3DS XL Black/Black - Nintendo 3DS XL
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Price:$245.00 - $399.99
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on October 5, 2012
This is my first Nintendo, and I'm happy with my choice. I almost bought the 3DS, but found out about the XL on YouTube watching reviews. It is so worth the extra money for the bigger screens. I can see now how it wouldn't be as much fun with a smaller screen. I LOVE all the included games and activities, you could buy this without a game, and be okay for a while if your on a budget. I think that it coming with a storage card (4GB) really gives it a huge advantage against the Sony Vita and it is why I decided against the Vita. The 3D graphics work well, and it's nice that you can turn that function off when your eyes need a break. The internet browser is good enough for browsing and email, but YouTube doesn't work on it. NetFlix does so that makes it a little better on the video end. I was disappointed there were no free apps in the online store, but that's not a huge complaint. For the price the 3DS XL is your portable gaming system. I spent a month researching it before buying, and I'm happy with it. Great product and I can't wait to get more games for it. Knowing I can save money and get classic DS titles is a big plus.
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on January 28, 2013
I owned the original DS (phat) and loved it but it bit the dust not to long ago (RIP) so I deiced to go all out and get this. I'm not looking back at all. The software included with the 3DS is excellent and the eShop is so much easier than carrying around games and has great content, not just small games you didn't know existed. The larger size of the XL was great because it was so much more comfortable to hold than the tiny DS models that keep me on my original DS, and the bigger screen never hurts.

Now the part most people do or don't like about the 3DS, the 3D part. Its actually a very well done system. The nice thing about it is the slider on the right side of the screen that lets you turn up or down the 3D. On its highest setting it I sometimes see double when looking at far away object on certain games (The Legend of Zelda) but if I keep the slider about half way up its fantastic. It's not looking at a screen playing a game it is like seeing though an actual window into the game. Its a new gaming experience like I've never seen before and its mind blowing. Just play with the 3D slider until you find a level you like and don't hold the screen super close and you'll have a blast. Or if you don't like the 3D (some demo games I've played have been very weird in 3d) you can just turn the 3D off and play great games without missing a thing.

If you have a DS(i) and are looking for something more this is the best gaming console I've ever used, and that includes the big names like Xbox)
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on February 14, 2014
I am a long time gamer and have owned most major systems since the original NES. After taking some years off from Nintendo while playing xbox and playstation, I decided I would rekindle some of that childish spirit with a new Nintendo system.

I found the interface to be quite pleasant and screen size was more than adequate for an adult. Games like Mario 3D land and Pokemon play great and feel natural on the system.

The ergonomics were the biggest draw back for me. I have relatively large hands and found my right hand to be particularly cramped when holding the unit for about an hour. My thumb was forced into a pretty uncomfortable position in order to use the buttons on the right side. In addition, the way the two bottom edges nestled into my palms was also fairly uncomfortable after extended periods.

The only other drawback, which i was aware of when purchasing, was the lack of resolution. A child would probably never notice this and i'm sure some adult gamers just simply don't care. However, after playing games for so long in an HD format, watching pixelated characters and rough edges in most games on the 3DS was difficult to ignore and broke immersion in some instances.

With all that said, sales figures speak for themselves. People love these things and this review is written by an adult male, more or less for other adult i think it may have just not been for me. I bought a PS Vita shortly after and found it much more comfortable for long stretches.
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on March 24, 2016
By far the better of the two 3DS's so far. Obviously, it's bigger, and it has huge screens to compliment this.
However, it's actually much more comfortable to hold and it even feels lighter if that's possible.


The system has a massive 4.8 inch top screen, with the touch screen only being a bit smaller. The hardware uses a nice matte finish instead of the easily smudged, easily scratched, and far too reflective glossy finish of the original. The matte finish looks really nice and feels far better in the hands.

Battery is far larger and lasts about 4-8 hours for me with the 3D off, and 3.5-6.5 with it on, and DS games get about 5-9 hours. The screens are huge and are truly beautiful. However, one of the biggest improvements is one that happened to almost every single original 3DS owner: the scratches. The 3DS XL has fixed the screen scratching problem that has plagued 3DS owners for a long time now. t.

The volume switch has been made different as well. The SD Card Slot has been moved over to the right, and the stylus has moved there as well.


Every game I have played on here looks amazing. The new screen is very bright with a lot of color, and the huge screen compliments the games very well.

The 3D is far better on here as well. Not only does it look fantastic on the new screen, but the sweet spot has been made larger some how! Sadly, there is no light telling you if the 3D is usable or not, but that's a minor thing and not too noticeable.


The speakers are slightly quieter than the original.

Overall highly recommended!!!
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on August 10, 2016
As a disclaimer I do not use the DS everyday, I am a casual user for when I have urges to play pokemon or smash or mario. Still I have had the product for about a year so I think I can write a pretty detailed review. I owned a DS Lite for approximately 5 years before I sold it and bought this on black friday last year. I have nothing but good to say about it. The product is a great value, though I would suggest waiting until it goes on sale because I bought this DS at $130, instead of $175. Given the new model is out for about $200 I might spring for that if you have the extra cash. Still this DS performs great, the UI is clean, it has tons of games, the build quality is amazing (no problems thus far). The great thing about a 3DS is that it can be for any age, because of the wide selection of games available, it makes the device so much more versatile than most consoles. The cameras are decent, but usually you don't buy a gaming console for the cameras. The app store is very nice if you want to watch Netflix or Youtube or whatever on your 3DS, and the battery life is pretty darn good with about 5-6 hours of hard use. The hinge opens as smoothly as it did the first day I used it, and the screens show no sign of wear from being hit with my fingers or a stylus. My only gripe is that the load times for some of the games and apps can feel like forever with all the fast phones and such we have these days. I can say that the game bundled with this device is well worth the extra few dollars and it can keep anyone occupied for quite a while because the store it huge. All in all this device is pretty awesome, great quality product with great software and options for any age, extremely durable and built to last. Hope this helps!!!
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on September 13, 2013
I was looking for a 3ds XL for a long time, and I waited for the black/black version to come out. The product itself is beautiful, and it came in as promised with all the items, and great condition. It was also delivered on time.

No complaints, just a good experience.
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on December 6, 2014
Fantastic product I can't say enough about it. It is very entertaining. I'm a 50 year old guy and I enjoy some down time. This is my go to gadget. I can access the Internet through wifi, play an occasional game (Lego City Undercover, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Crosswords Plus etc...) Watch tv and movies through Netflix, Hulu Plus and even videos from YouTube. I'm even learning a language from the "My Coach" Language Series. What more can I ask for? Battery life is usually 6 hours.
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on June 3, 2015
I decided to get two of these for my best friend and his fiancee for their wedding (before you say that's a bad idea, they both showed up from their flight out to the wedding with Gameboy SP's in their carry-on). After I couldn't resist getting one for myself, and while that was a LOT of money total it was so worth it.

I own a $3,000 gaming desktop, and since I've bought this 3DS (along with Pokemon X and Super Smash) all I've used that desktop for is googling walkthroughs and other things.

Screen size is AWESOME, control over level of 3D is nice, battery life is good, and the recharge time is great. My brother has the regular 3DS and you'd have to pay me a lot of money to get me to use that one instead of this one.
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on February 11, 2016
I gave this 4 stars instead of five because the download for the Mario Land game was difficult and took hours to get installed. But, after it finally did get downloaded (and only after the entire system updated) my boys enjoyed it. I really don't like the 3D, it made us all feel sick and there were plenty of health warnings on it about it! I was thankful you can turn that part off so you can view it in 2D. We hadn't purchased any other games to go with this yet, so I was happy to see there was plenty of other fun things to do on this before we spend a fortune on multiple games. Overall, I think this is a nice little gaming system for my boys.
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on September 15, 2014
I bought my 3DS because I spend almost three hours every day commuting to my job, taking the bus and the subway, and I'm happy with my decision. I almost bought a 2DS, but ultimately decided to go with this for the bigger screen and I'm very happy I did. The build quality is great, and after using it for several months it still feels as solid as it did on day one. The controls are really nice, but as many other people have said, your hands can start to hurt after a long gaming session. This isn't really a problem for me, as I generally only play for 20 minutes or so at a time. My only complaint is that, with the bigger screen, the image does not look as crisp as most people are probably used to when they play on a smartphone or other handheld console like the Vita. This isn't a huge problem, but the resolution definitely doesn't come close to current standards (but the 3DS is a few years old, so I let this slide).

I find the game selection to be great. During my commute I generally like to play more chill games like Mario, Zelda, and Animal Crossing, and the 3DS has a lot of these. The battery life is great, and I can usually go for a couple days playing (with the brightness all the way up) before having to charge it. I usually leave the 3D effect turned off, and only use it for certain games. For a lot of games, I find it to be distracting, especially since the viewing angle is extremely limited, plus the battery lasts a lot longer with it turned off. It is still really nice to use sometimes, and I'm glad it's an option.

Overall, I highly recommend it if you're not bothered by the lower screen resolution and aren't looking for a handheld system that has mostly hardcore fighting/shooting games.
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