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on October 5, 2012
This is my first Nintendo, and I'm happy with my choice. I almost bought the 3DS, but found out about the XL on YouTube watching reviews. It is so worth the extra money for the bigger screens. I can see now how it wouldn't be as much fun with a smaller screen. I LOVE all the included games and activities, you could buy this without a game, and be okay for a while if your on a budget. I think that it coming with a storage card (4GB) really gives it a huge advantage against the Sony Vita and it is why I decided against the Vita. The 3D graphics work well, and it's nice that you can turn that function off when your eyes need a break. The internet browser is good enough for browsing and email, but YouTube doesn't work on it. NetFlix does so that makes it a little better on the video end. I was disappointed there were no free apps in the online store, but that's not a huge complaint. For the price the 3DS XL is your portable gaming system. I spent a month researching it before buying, and I'm happy with it. Great product and I can't wait to get more games for it. Knowing I can save money and get classic DS titles is a big plus.
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on September 26, 2013
I purchased this about a month ago and I now play it more than my Xbox 360! I played on a DSi prior to this and loved it as well but this thing is just flat out amazing, I don't know how else to put it. The game selection is large and varied and has a game for everyone, the 3D is pretty neat in some of the games such as Ocarina of time HD although you have to hold it correctly to prevent ghosting, and the graphics are good enough to satisfy anyone but the PC gaming elitist.

When the original 3DS came out I kind of scoffed as it just didn't seem that great, fast forward like 2 years and the XL version comes out and after seeing one first person by a friend I was sold, I went home to do some research and it completely dwarfs the PSVita in every way besides graphics so I ordered one the next day. It really is a high quality system and improves upon the DSi in every way besides battery life and is backwards compatable with my DS game collection.

My only real complaint is the rather short battery life, if you have the 3d mode on and the online enabled this thing is lucky to last over 5 hours from my experience which is a bit bothersome so you may need to get a portable battery pack for $20 to double the life to 10 hours if you go on a trip or something. If you don't use 3D or online with medium brightness settings I could see you maybe squeezing the battery life to 7 and 14 hours respectably.

All in all though if you are just a normal person that doesn't travel much battery life will never be a problem and playing from bed with it plugged in to the wall allows you to play while charging it at home after a long day at work/school.

Overall, Nintendo hit the nail on the head with this product. They might be failing in the home console department with the WiiU but this thing is pure gold and there is no other handheld gaming system that can compare overall with it including Sony's offerings.
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on October 15, 2013
I had the 3DS XL for nearly two years now. I purchased the 3DS XL for it's larger screens, it's size and because I find some of the best games (especially JRPG's) are found on dedicated handhelds. I have a Vita and wanted to extend my possibilities. I brought Fire Emblem Awakening, Etrian Odyssey Untold, Pokemon X, SMT IV, Monster Hunter 4, Mighty Switch Force 2, Bloody Vampire and a few others. I'm looking forward to the new Etrian Odyssey games, Fire Emblem IF and others.


2 big screens
Easy to use
Great library with more games to come
Comes with a 2 GB SD Memory Card
Can use any SD or SDHC or SDXC up to 128 GB (maybe 256 GB)! (Unlike my vita)


No security pass code
Youtube App quality is terrible and the App crashes often
No tabs for browser. To be honest the browser isn't anything special
Only one analog stick, should've been two
3D. Should've made a cheaper 3D-less version
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on July 28, 2016
Got this for my son who broke his last year. It arrived quick and in excellent shape, better than expected and haven't had any problems with game play. This is perfect for long drives. Keeps the kids entertained on rainy days and it's cool that you can sync them up with other DS players. I strongly suggest that you get a case to carry this in because my son dropped his old one a few times and after the 5th or 6th time, it was done. The cost for repairing is about $100, so a nice used one is worth it and cheaper than buying a new one :)
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on April 21, 2014
I couldn't be more impressed with my 3DS XL. I bought it due to disappointment in the quality of games I was getting on the iTunes App Store, and it hasn't let me down. The XL DOES have it's drawbacks. It has a lower resolution screen than you might be used to, and a small game library. That being said, it more than makes up for these faults. What the game library lacks in quantity, it more than makes up for in quality. (LOZ: ALBW, FE: Awakening, and Bravely Default being some of the platform's best.) There is a decent selection of digital games and classic ports as well.

Thanks to it's size, the XL feels nice and sturdy. It also has nice "clicky" buttons instead of the softer buttons found on the DS Lite, and you DEFINITELY won't have a hard time seeing things on it's enormous screens. The 3D effect does work, and looks very impressive. (so long as you have TWO eyes) You might see a "ghosting effect" if you're not viewing the screen at the correct angle, but it's a pretty easy problem to fix.

If you plan on playing older DS games, you might be a little worried about picture quality, due to the fact that your games are going to be blown up to a screen that's almost 3x bigger. Rest assured, the vast majority of your games will look fine. I tried out everything from a SNES port (Chrono Trigger), NES ports (included with Contra 4), GBA Ports (Megaman Zero Collection), and plenty of regular DS games, both 2D and 3D.

Nearly every DS game I tried looked perfectly fine. 2d games look especially nice, and suffer only a MINOR amount of blurriness (which shouldn't be a problem unless you're very obsessive). DS games with polygonal graphics, do look a bit rougher... but they are still very passable.

If you're a gamer whose burnt out on smartphone gaming, sick of Flappy Bird clones & free-to-play social crap, wants to play games with actual depth and quality to them, and wants actual pressable buttons... you can't go wrong with a 3DS XL.
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on February 3, 2016
I will not go as in-depth into this and, as this is a very late review, I will touch only upon a few points.

Firstly, I love this sytem. It's my go-to handheld gaming console and I take it almost everywhere I go. The screens aren't as sharp as the original 3DS nor the N3DS, though I think it's sharper than the N3DS XL.

My hands are a little on the small side and this sytem can feel rather weighty to hold - if you're like me and sometimes play laying on your back expect your arms to tire out holding the system over your face. The 3D is nice, but not a feature I utilize often due to how my vision is, though I imagine I would put it to greater use if my eyes were better.

Overall this is still a great system, but with the release of the N3DS systems, you may wish to consider getting those instead. I still love this and will likely be using it for a while to come.
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on January 2, 2017
The pre-owned Nintendo came in and was in great shape. Unfortunately the charger was broken but forced back together. It came apart immediately upon its being opened and was an obvious fire hazard. We threw it away and ordered a brand new replacement for the faulty charger. There is nothing quite like having to make an additional purchase immediately after the initial outlay of money in order to use the purchased item.
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on January 9, 2013
This is what the 3DS should have been all along, I am very pleased with this product. It arrived in perfect condition, and on time fulfilled by Amazon and delivered by UPS. If you are planning on upgrading from the original 3DS do it! If you don't have a 3DS yet, get this one. The matte finish is much classier that does not attract finger prints and dust unlike the glossy finish on the original.It is much more ergonomocally designed than the original, with rounded corners and redesigned buttons. Also has a good weight that allows users to get a good grip on the system. The larger screens allow me to use the 3D effect to its fullest, I felt my eyes growing tired after extended use(45+ minutes) on the original. I can also not thank Nintendo enough for moving the stylus to the side, rather than keeping it on the top. The cameras are still the same 3 megapixal(think the first camera on a cell phone) but who doesn't own a camera, or have a better one on their phones these days. overall I think this was a very smart move by Nintendo and I will be enjoying my 3DS experience to the fullest.
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on June 23, 2015
I truly love the 3DS XL. It is a fantastic product and there are a ton of great games for it. The 3DS is the perfect size in this version, still managing to be a portable system while giving you a much larger screen than the original with upgraded controls. It was the definitive version to have until of course they released the New Nintendo 3DS XL. This version is still fantastic, however the main issue I have with it is that the 3D doesn't work unless you are staring head on at it. This was apparently fixed with the new 3DS, however I can't confirm. So aside from that one minor problem, I would recommend this as a still viable system.
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on January 25, 2014
I haven't purchased any 3DS games yet as I'm catching up on some old DS games first, but I have played a few 3D demos and the effect doesn't really impress me all that much. With that said, the game library is already solid with the aforementioned backwards compatibility; and if critics are any indication, 3DS-specific games have managed to maintain solid gameplay and storylines rather than hastily throwing out just any ol' thing to strike the 3D iron while it is relatively hot. The StreetPass function is also pretty fun. Throw in the eShop's virtual console where you can download some classic Game Boy, NES etc. games, yeah I'll give the whole package 5 stars.
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