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VINE VOICEon June 23, 2014
I love my new 3DS XL. I wasn't quite sure if I would be happy with a 3DS, but I thought I would give it a try since it would open a whole new library of games for me to try.

The 3DS has a nice feels to it. It's a lot more comfortable than the original DS that I owned. I like the placement of the different controls. All of the keys are very responsive. The touch screen is also accurate and responsive. The 3D effect can be adjusted or turned off completely. My eyes can't get used to the 3D effect, so I keep it off for the most part. I find the 3D works best when I hold is just right, but if I move my face or the DS, I get a weird blurring effect that bothers my eyes. So far, I have found that the 3D effect is more of a gimmick than an essential part of this system.

I am happy with the battery life. With the 3D turned off, it lasts several hours. The screen size is large enough that I can play games even after using a computer at work all day. I had shied away from the original 3DS due to the small screen size.

This system comes pre-loaded with Mario and Luigi Dream Team, which I liked a lot. Dream Team is a casual game that can be saved at any point, so you can play for short bursts. I was surprised to find that it took me 60 hours (according to the game clock) to beat the game. I like to explore everything in games, so this game was perfect and was probably one of the longest games I have played.

Overall, I am very happy I decided to purchase this 3DS XL. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys games. I'm looking forward to checking out more of the 3DS game library.
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on March 6, 2014
I always liked Nintendo and its products, but the 3DS was something I never thought I'd buy until I saw a lot of good games being released for it this year. Also, since this bundle, at time of purchase, was even cheaper than the simplest 3DS/3DS XL model available for sale here, it was the best time as ever to buy one.

The box has quite simple arts, but oh boy, when I opened it and saw the 3DS itself, I was honestly astonished. It comes with an aluminium (or so it looks like) front with a Mario and Luigi image nicely drawn in a yellowish gold, while the back of it has the "year of Luigi" engraving. Those subtle touches really makes the portable looks better than the majority of the other limited editions (losing only to Link Between Worlds edition). Apart from that, it includes a 4gb SD card with Mario and Luigi: Dream Team installed on the device, which is (so fast as I played) a nice and fun game.

Now, for the 3DS XL itself, it's way bigger than the normal 3DS by comparison and the screen is really big, making it better for longer gameplay session while it still fits in your pocket without much problems. It's a little heavy for its size, but it comes with a lot of features and software. Some are a one-play novelty, but some social apps like SpotPass and StreetPass are a welcome addition and a nice excuse to go out seeking for people hanging around with their 3DS and be rewarded from that (even in some games). The 3D effect is nicer than I thought, but it's not such a big aspect that would make anyone buy one of these. The touch screen is very responsive, though I still think it's an resistive touch screen. The colors displayed are very vivid and the battery seems to last quite a bit depending on the way you like your screen brightness, but watch out because the 3D effect drains the battery. A lot!

The only real downside I noticed is that the AC adapter provided inside the box ISN'T bivolt (just 110V), which is a shame and made me bought another adapter for it. Other than that, if you're really thinking of buying one because of the games or simply because some of your friends have it, you won't be dissapointed.
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on July 6, 2014
Everything works fine, my only complain was the quality. It's not like old gameboys that you can feel the "hardness". You have to take care of them like it was your smart phone or something like that. I recommend the first before you turn on the device, buy a screen protector. Both screens are very susceptible to scratches. I Highly recommend one of those hori screen protectors. They don't contain glue and also those are easy to put in.

*The design is great, I love the color and the detail that it have.

*The device comes with a 4GB SD card (class 4) to put games, something that i found great for demos, pictures and everything else. the video game it's inside. (Of the SD card)

What else to say, Mario & Luigi Dream Team is a good video game, very good graphics effects and can tied you for hours. (If you likes RPGS)

About the battery for me is good. (I was used to play on smarthphones but now that is over) with this device you can play more or less like 4-5 hours. (that depends if you have the 3D on or off)

Worth to buy? YES, Pokemon is a jewel (I'm old school pokemon player), also mario games. You can have a lot of fun with them. The console doesn't have the best graphics but you can have a good time with your friends or alone.
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on March 16, 2014
If you don't own a Nintendo 3DS or considering upgrading to a 3DS XL consider long and hard before you decide NOT to get this unit. I personally purchased this as a collector's item. It represents the 30 year Anniversary of Luigi's debut (and celebrated as the Year of Luigi from March 2013 - March 2014). It's definitely represents a milestone in Nintendo history. It's the first silver from 3DS to hit stateside which definitely make this a unique version. The images on the front and rear, they are as permanent as the text/images on the bottom of any 3DS so it won't just rub off with normal use (some of my friends have asked me about this so I figured I would let everyone who reads this know).

Right now (3/2014) this is still a great value since it's basically the same price as a regular 3DS XL plus it has a game included (which retails for about $30. But, once the inventory is gone for this the price will go up - maybe not as much as the Zelda or Pikachu special editions. Regardless, this is a great deal for a limited edition version. If you are in the market for a 3DS XL, this is an incredible value or if you are looking for a good time to get a limited edition 3DS XL then quit reading and press the buy button now while you can!
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on April 10, 2014
The Nintendo 3DS XL on its own is a great portable gaming console for any type of player. Young or Old. Casual or Hardcore. The Nintendo 3DS Library of New and Classic games caters to all. The screen size is amazing. Battery lasts great. If the size is still putting you on the fence I am confident enough in saying get EITHER Nintendo 3DS or 3DS XL. Great device.
The reason why I consider it the best deal is due yo the fact that a plain Nintendo 3DS XL is usually $199.99 with a 2GB SD card. With this bundle you pay $10 less and you get a FREE Pre-installed 3DS title (which is an amazing game and is usually worth anywhere from $25-$40) and you get a 4GB SD card with a Nice Mario and Luigi design. Even the box it comes in is beautiful lol
If you don't mind the Design take advantage of the deal. If you love Mario and Luigi than you should've already paid for it. Mind you the free game is off of the Mario and Luigi RPG style game and not the traditional. Thought I should note that. Other than that this Bundle is great and the game is amazing. Totally worth it and a MUST buy for any gamer.
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on November 15, 2014
Just had issues signing into internet and got that fixed just have major problems saving pics to sd card that comes with says not cabatible cuz mario game is saved on memory card. N FYI if water spills on it its OK just dry it take apart dry and make sure has vinly skin n rubber skin protection on it too just in case it will malfunction for 2-3 days and will start working again.I used a fan to air dry the insides. Make sure have tiny screw driver to take apart. I loved it apart from that.
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on September 15, 2016
This was a great ds. It is 3ds and is an xl. It is also a limited edition. There is a preloaded mario game on it, however you do need an Internet connection to download it before you can play the game. It also has a slot for other games. The 3d is an option. Also has a headphone jack. The charging port didn't hold up very well. My husband fixed it and it broke again and this time it isn't fixable. So now we are getting a new one. Be very careful when you charge these! Don't pull to hard on the charging cord while in the port!
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on September 7, 2015
I bought this for my son about a year ago and it has help up wonderfully . My son loves it and it works like a charm. We did have a little trouble trying to purchase games using my internet connection at home. I think it's a safety issue and my ISP was blocking the connection that it needed to download the game. In the end we needed to connect the game's internet to my iPhone whenever we buy a new game directly from Nintendo through the game. I have to do the same thing in order to download any updates. I don't think that's a problem with the unit. I think it just a safety feature through my ISP but nothing more. Overall, it's a great game and my son still loves it.
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on March 6, 2014
This is a short review for the Nintendo 3DS XL Mario & Luigi bundle.

I'd like to write a short review for your convenience of this item. I will not speak of the functionality of the 3DS XL, as it's the exact same as the original 3DS save for battery life and screen size.

The 3DS XL is colored silver and has a nice matte finish, which is much better than the glossy material the original 3DS had. This basically translates to less fingerprints and smudges on it, and that's good. The emblazoned pictures of Mario and Luigi look very nice on the XL's cover. The stylus is particularly large and feels comfortable to grip- in fact, it's awfully similar to the Wii U's stylus. Battery life is decent compared to the original, but if you're picky about it, feel free to buy an extended capacity battery. Also beware: according to the descriptions I've seen, the XL has a hard drive, so be careful not to shake the 3DS too much.

Dream Team is a great game! Overall, worth it.
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on August 26, 2014
I like it but i don't love it, The design is so so, i only purchased it because it was cheaper then the other models and game with a free game. which i haven't even really played. I was waiting for a super smash edition but felt they probably weren't going to make one, if they do ill just sell this one and buy that, i mainly just wanted to play pokemon in my spare time waiting for destiny ps4 and the new smash.

I have never been a fan of the whole mii thing, all the games for it kinda blow and are crappy wii versions of lame mini games. pretty much ask your self do you want to play
and maybe a metroid game int the future

If not then pass on the 3ds, I really only use this when I'm killing time outside the house, pretty much collects dust next to my ps4 when in the house.
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