Customer Reviews: Nintendo DS Lite Protective Filter
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on August 1, 2008
This product was far better than I had dared expect.

If you have read the other reviews carefully, there are a number of skeptical reviews for this product. Because of this, I debated long and hard whether to get it. In the end, I decided that $7 was worth the risk.

Here are a few important advices:

-For this product to work perfectly, you MUST read the short 2 page manual that comes with it. Read and follow it carefully.
-You only get 1 try. Once you put the filler on, its there to stay. Even if there are air bubbles or any problems with it, DO NOT TRY AGAIN. It will definitely not make it better. Wait a while to see if it improves, if not, then you should probably just get a new filler.
-Since you only get 1 try, be sure to remove all dust particles. From my experience, I don't even notice the dust particles during game play. However, I can imagine it being annoying if there are too much.

There were 3 issues I was originally worried about:

1. The air bubbles.

When I first placed the filter on, there were immediately a lot of air bubbles (notably in the lower screen). At first I was rather disappointed because bubbles are obviously annoying. HOWEVER, after about 3 hours of game play, the air bubbles quite miraculously DISAPPEARED. ALL OF THEM. The filter will 'learn' to fit your screen. Don't even bother to push them out (which is what the manual suggests) because they will go away on their own. But you MUST wipe the screens completely. Don't reapply the filters. It will not make them better.

2. I read in one of the reviews that the lower screen gets scratched (/get marked) anyway even if the filter is on.

This is not true. I already had a few scratches on my ds before I applied the filters, and the filters actually canceled out all those scratches (they disappeared). Eventually (about a month), there will be some scratch marks on the filter but I consider the quality of the filter extremely high regardless and none of this distract game play. There will never be any scratch marks on the ds screen itself once the filter is on (I removed my filter once to reuse it on another ds and noticed no new scratch marks on the screen).

3. "the green logo sticker they glue in the center of each protector" (from another review) that damages the screen.

If you read the manual, you will notice that this sticker isn't even on the filter itself. Both filters have 2 filters (one on each side) that originally protect it and the logo is on one of the disposable filter protectors.

This product is perfect. But for it to work, the manual must be read because if you even try to remove the filters, they will in effect be ruined.
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on February 12, 2007
If you were ever thinking about purchasing a set of protective filters for your ds lite screens, then look no further because the nintendo ds lite filters by Hori are absolutely amazing. Two come in the package: one top filter, to reduce glare, and one bottom filter, to protect the touch screen from scratches. The question, though, is: how do they work? I admit that I haven't tried putting on the top filter, as I don't see a need to. Yes I realize that it's supposed to reduce glare, however the ds lite manual, in the first few pages, recommends that no filters be placed over the top screen, and as of now, I haven't had any real problems with glare as I mainly play at night... Perhaps later if I ever do put it on, I'll edit my review... As for the bottom filter... the essential one, all I can say is PERFECT!!! It goes on well with very small and few air bubbles, which can be pushed out, and improves the feel of the touchscreen. That's not to say that the filters feel sticky or anything, I just feel that they slightly improve the touchscreen feel, by making it less slick, however that could just be my mind playing tricks on me. The filters do leave about a 1mm margin on all sides, where they do not protect the touchscreen, however it's highly unlikely that there will ever be a game that you need to tap that close to the side... The space is so small that you hardly notice, plus it makes taking the filter off easier, and allows room for the air bubbles to escape; so believe me, it's a very good thing. As for the filter, once it's on you can take it off with some tape as you feel necessary, however there will likely be no need to (note that when you do take off the filter to clean or whatever, no sticky residue is left behind as the filter uses static to stay on). The filter protects well and feels like one with the ds lite; therefore if you were ever considering a filter for your ds lite, this is the one. Go get it now and protect your precious ds lite...
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on January 27, 2007
I did my research before buying a screen protector for my DS Lite because Nintendo's website said only to use licensed Nintendo products to avoid damaging your system. I couldn't find any screen protectors licensed by Nintendo anywhere, until I found these! Anyways, I got them in the mail and I have loved them ever since. Make sure you read the directions so that you know which screen protector goes on which screen (one's got a red tab, the other has a white tab). After applying the screen protectors I have played my DS Lite everyday for the past month and a half. Using the cleaning cloth (included with the screen protectors) it's a breeze to clean your screens. I didn't think it would work that well on fingerprints and stuff because fingerprints are greasy. I was shocked to find out the cloth cleans the screens unbelievably well! My screens don't have a single scratch, and are as clean as they were the day I took my DS Lite out of the box. Highly recommended product!
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on February 1, 2008
I bought this for my wife's Nintendo DS Lite to replace a previous screen protector that had begun to show scratches. This protects well, but she says the screen input is much less accurate. She uses the DS Lite mostly for playing Sudoku in the Brain Age (1 and 2) packs. With the Hori screen protector, she has more incidents where the DS Lite fails to pick up the correct number. For example, she writes a 1 and it picks up as a 5 or 3. The 4 seems particularly hard to communicate to the screen. There is also more "drag" or resistance felt in the cursor with the Hori screen protector.
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on July 18, 2007
Having spent the money on it, I now see why it costs what it does, why there aren't several with the Nintendo stamp of approval, and why this protector gets such raves: it's that good.

Any old screen protector can basically do the job: it's a piece of plastic to take damage for the piece of plastic underneath. But there are often air bubbles that won't work out, glare or brightness problems, the things won't stay flat (like corners curling up over time), or an adhesive is used and it dries out and causes problems over time, or serious problems if you ever try to remove it.

There is no adhesive on the filters (save for negligible amounts on the side you touch once it's installed, maybe), it won't be chuck full of air bubbles (though getting all mine out took several minutes--it's not free of them), and you'll have to take a real look at the unit to see if the screen is installed.

The package contains a microfiber cloth to clean the screen before installation, a top screen protector, and a touch screen protector. Each has on one side of it a plastic film that adheres without an adhesive (doesn't feel like static cling, but it may be), and one film that has an adhesive. The non-adhesive side you pull off, and install the screen with. Then you can get bubbles out with the other film still on, so any scratches you make on it aren't on the actual screen protector.

Finally, you peel the top film off (oh, yeah, both sides have tabs, so no worries about picking it apart!), and you're done. There's enough slack to leave about 0.5mm on any one side of the screens, and this is the only way it is clearly visible once you're done installing. It's probably done that way to make installing and removing easier.

The touch screen protector is fine, and easily worth the cost by itself--this is a well engineered product, including the installation procedure. However, I think the top screen protector is not worth it. The top screen is not really in danger of being scratched, and while the protector does lower glare, a bright fluorescent light, or sun light, will still make it difficult to see clearly. The screen also lowers the apparent vibrance of the LCD at wider viewing angles.
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on April 13, 2007
Despite not being much of a big name player in the American video game accessory market, Hori makes the best quality screen protector/filter for both the DS and PSP. I say this based only on having bought and been displeased with several other brands of screen protection.

I found them to adhere to the screens with relative ease, with no air bubbles trapped beneath, which can be problematic, and no compromise in touch screen sensitivity.

Top marks; highly recommended!!
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on March 28, 2008
This is a great filter. I have tried several filters in stores that were cheap and did not work well. This filter is seamless, it goes on great and its very easy to make sure you get all the bubbles out. I didn't use the top screen filter and the bottom screen filter hasn't affeted my games at all so I am thrilled with this purchase. The filter doesn't quite cover the entire screen but I imagine that makes it easier to remove. I highly recommend this quality filter.
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on April 1, 2016
I will always go for Hori products when it comes to protecting my Nintendo devices.
Although the screen protector will get scratches over years of usage, it still looks clear when gaming.
This will definitely protect you DS from using the stylus.
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on October 7, 2008
It's easy to apply. The screen protectors are between two other plastic sheets. First wipe the screen (with the included cloth), then you peel off one plastic sheet and face down the middle sheet (actual protector) to the screen and slowly press it down as you lay it out. Finally peel off the top sheet. I had no trouble applying the top screen protector, but I had to reapply the bottom screen protector several times because of bubbles. I eventually ended up with a couple of bubbles in the bottom middle before I gave up. Surprisingly, they disappeared on their own the next day. Seems like it's not really necessary to press out the bubbles as per the instructions.

Definitely buy to protect your NDS.
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on June 17, 2012
I purchased this screen protector thinking I must protect the Nintendo DS screen I recently gave to my son. Well, the instructions were in Japanese so I have to make do with the illustrations. The upper screen protector was easy; did it only once. But the lower touch screen was a headache. Not only was the protector a little bigger but I couldn't get rid of the bubbles!I have to cut it, do it several times and finally when everything seems to fit perfectly, it was filled with dust. I had to use my extra iPad screen protector by cutting it in its exact DS measurement.Such a hassle! I would not recommend this highly.
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