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on June 9, 2015
Well, having gone through alot of trouble trying to get a DSi, I hoped it would be worth it. And it defineately was! The problem I always had with the old versions of the DS was that it was just a games console, nothing else, it jus played games. That's why I spent time trying to find games that were like tools (e.g.the web browser game you could buy). But the DSi has met my expectations.

It's cameras may be low res, but do we expect them to be 10 megapixel super cameras? No, they're just for fun, and that's what some people are finding hard to grasp, the DSi is for enjoyment.

The DSiware was slow to load most of the time, as was the bowser, but it was very useful for good games like Wario snapped or apps lke Flipnote Studio. A problem I found though was that you couldn't link your WiiWare account with your DSiware account, so you had to buy separate points, but this won't be a problem for people who don't own a Wii.

I was dissapointed by the internet, as it didn't use a 3G connection or special Nintendo hotspot connection, but an extra cost would probably be added if this was the case. On the other hand, the wi-fi is easy to use if you are connecting to a free hotspot like McDonalds and your wi-fi at home is also simple to log on to, you can get surfing in a couple of minutes.

Overall, this is a brilliant update from the previous DS's, and next up will probaby be a DS with video recording and software for it. But this is perfect for me, being just 11 years old and just wanting to play around with photos and sounds for fun. Well Done Nintendo!
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on October 8, 2013
I like Nintendo handhelds to be sure, My first was a Gameboy Advance. I've also had a Ds Lite, the original Dsi and now this. First off I have to say, this system has trade-offs to be sure, the screen is considerably less clear than my Ds lite. It's also 1/3 heavier at least, than the Ds lite. But don't lose hope! While the screen has the same ppi rating as the Ds lite and Dsi, It still looks great. It's bright and seriously, the ds lite now feels like a Gameboy micro in my hand. The fit and finish are excellent, The Midnight Blue looks exceptional and battery life is decent.

Very Comfortable
Screen is Beautiful, if not crystal clear
I repeat, Very, Very Large
Finish is Nice

Screen is a little bit Blurry
Little heavier than some might expect
Super Big (not necessarily a con)
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on August 25, 2017
Turned it on, set it up, works great so far. Came with extras so that's a plus.
My son decimated his 3DS, and I wasn't a fan of the 3D part to begin with.
Larger screen, nice shell, no obvious signs of wear and tear.
I'm a happy mom for now.
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on January 12, 2011
Nintendo DSi XL - Midnight Blue
I originally purchased this for my son, I tried the built in Brain Age and became hooked so I purchased my own. It is very addictive and gave me a slight headache as I went over the training modules.

In the beginning I was pegged as a brain age of 64 but after 2 weeks of 30 minutes of training every day I am a youthful age 25 in Math and 21 in Arts and Letters.

As our brain starts to deteriorate after age 20, age 20 for brain age is ideal. If you have a DSI or the DSI XL that has Brain Age built in, I would mandate that the child/children put in some training every day.

As you get more daily stamps for returning to train, more programs are unlocked. It is loads of fun and my brain is reversing in age.

FYI- there are parental controls that you can use to turn off wi-fi or set limits on what rating of games can be played in the unit.
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on January 23, 2017
Very good mobile gaming console from Nintendo.
The packaging was good and arrive in very short time.
In the box came the gaming console, the pencil, the wall charger and some documents.

Very nice console. I still use it very often.

Great product.
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on August 30, 2010
I've owned the original "phat" DS, I still own the DS Lite (even the great gold Zelda edition) and I prefer playing the DSi XL now whenever possible. I sold my old DSi to get the DSi XL and I'm very happy I did. Besides the extra screen real estate of the XL, the battery life of the DSi was noticeably less compared to the DSi XL. The bigger screens of the XL are excellent--yes they do slightly render graphics a bit softer than the DS Lite. If you compare the welcome screen text on the DS Lite to the DSi XL, the DS Lite text is sharp as a tack, whereas it is slightly, slightly blurred on the XL. Being a home theater buff I'm a stickler for visuals presented in the best way possible, but the slightly softer, or in some cases slightly more blocky graphics (I emphasize slightly) of the larger DSi XL screens are not off-putting in the least. I greatly prefer to play games on my DSi XL unless:
A) I want extreme portability, the DSi XL is much larger than the DSi or DS Lite in terms of fitting in your pocket.
B) I want GBA support, like the DSi, the DSi XL sadly loses the GBA slot for an extra camera--I really hardly ever use even one of the cameras.
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on January 20, 2013
Awesome product a big upgrade from the DS Lite.

What more can I say other then get technical, this is like a luxury car vs the DS lite there is no comparison.
If you have large hands then you will like the placement of all of the buttons, if you are younger this is probably not the version for you as it is fairly large and hefty and can tire young or old hands.

I can't even really pickup my old DSLite now that I have this DSi XL ~ it seems so awkward and tiny.

Overall this product is an excellent purchase, couldn't really ask for more (as they've already done it with the 3DS but couldn't afford that so I got this instead, still worth it).
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on April 10, 2011
I love this thing! My boyfriend wanted to play DS with me, so I got this and gave him my old DS and a gift. If you already have an old GBA and don't care about backwards compatibility, the DSi XL is great. For as big as the screen is, it is really not much bigger overall than the original DS. The original had a 3in screen, the DSi had a 3.25in screen, and this is 4.2in. However, it has the same resolution as the DSi. This almost scared me off, but I'm glad I got it. The large screen means you can hold it further from your face and still read it, which is very comfortable, and the bright and vivid colors totally make up for the low resolution compared to the screen size. Also, the DSi XL screen has a much better viewing angle than even the DSi, which makes it easy to show what you are doing to your friends and to see the screens if you want to play with it set on a table like a laptop. All-in-all, a great system and great purchase.
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on July 21, 2014
Great buy, expected it to be more convenient than the DS Lite but did not think it would be as benefitting to the sight. But it was and that's great. It's easy to handle, has a bit more weight to it but was expected. I'm fine with it and it works well. Bought it used and everything has been in working order. Did not come with the blue stylus shown in the photo however, it came with a black stylus similar but not the same as the ones that come with the Nintendo product in original packaging. No complaints here, I like this buy.
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on November 15, 2016
I bought a used one of these mainly because the power switch on my Nintendo DS lite was starting to go bad. The picture on this one is much bigger and nicer. I can't comment much on using the internet because it won't work with our router. It can play all of the original DS games and NOT the 3DS ones. The only flaw that I have noticed with this one is when you calibrate the touch screen the upper right corner of the screen doesn't seem to work right. I don't know if this is a defect in the system or what. Overall, it works quite well and it is good enough for what I use it for. I recommend this one for anyone looking to upgrade their Nintendo DS.
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