Customer Reviews: Nintendo DSi XL - Midnight Blue
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Color: Midnight Blue|Change
Price:$189.00 - $299.00
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on October 8, 2011
After waiting for a LOOOOONG time for a pink version of the XL to come out, i've finally switched over from a DS Lite.. but.. I'm a little disappointed.

First of all, the color shown in pictures is deceiving, the product is more of a copper-ish pink then a "rose" color. The picture makes the color seem a lot more lighter and pinker than the actual product. Besides that, the product is working well.

I've upgraded from a DS lite to this DSi XL, I was worried about how the larger screen would stretch out the pixels but after playing awhile, you barely notice the difference. The size also fits comfortably in my hands, they feel less cramped now which is great because I can play longer. I notice that the speakers in the DSi XL sounds a lot better, more crisp than the DS lite.

So far, I'm very happy with this purchase and recommend anyone with a DS lite to switch on over to the DSi XL. If the reason you don't want to upgrade to the DSi XL is because you want the GBA port, then i'm here to tell you that there are definitely ways to play GBA games on the DSi XL using a flash kart.
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VINE VOICEon November 30, 2011
This is a metallic color that I agree with the other reviewer, while it's pink, does have tones of copper in the color. I purchased mine to play a few games that I wanted to play. This works perfectly. It has done exactly what I need it to every time. While the screen could be bigger for older eyes like mine; I recognize that most people who play these are younger and have younger eyes. The buttons are placed in such a way that they are very easy to access but are out of the way when you are playing a game that don't use buttons. The speakers are loud enough for me and the volume is easy to access and slide up and down and adjust with very little effort.

I know there is a newer version out there (DSi 3D) but this one does everything I would want it to do.

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on December 30, 2010
My kids have a regular DSi and we just upgraded to the DSi XL and we LOVE IT! The bigger screen size really makes a huge difference in how much you can see what's really going on in the screen. It makes it much more enjoyable.
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There is no question that that Nintendo has always shown to have the most joy when it has came down to gaming on the go. Since the Game Boy was unveiled over 20 years ago, it really revolutionized the way we play games on the go. Today, Nintendo has shown no signs of stopping with the Nintendo DS & with the Wii. They also have stepped it up even further with the joy of the new Nintendo 3DS. But when it did come down to thei last handheld system, the Nintendo DSi, many gamers really were expecting more. They still got a lot though. But is it a system overlooking, no not really. There are still plenty of reasons to play the DSi way.

The Nintendo DSi XL is a strong and brilliant system which includes a lot of great features including in the system. The DSi XL is a bit bigger than the regular Nintendo DSi, and also expands well as a extra digital camera where you can take great photos, wherever you go, as well as digitally designing on them by making mirror images, or adding your favorite messages on them for your friends. The DSi XL also holds more memory so you can also store your favorite downloaded games from the Nintendo DSi Shop like Dr. Mario Express, Asphault 4: Extreme Racing and Art Style: Base 10 to just name a few. But that isn't all. Aside from that you can also play all your favorite Nintendo DS classics like the mentally challenging Brain Age, New Super Mario Brothers, and the delightful The Legend Of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. The graphics and the display on the system looks great, and handles well with the classic Nintendo DS systems.

Yet, there are a few disadvantages with the system. The first one is that there is no expansion slot for the classic Game Boy Advanced games. It was with the original Nintendo DS and the Nintendo DS Lite. Unfortunately that brings in a few flaws, there are a few of the classic Nintendo DS games you wouldn't be able to play with it. So if you do own the Guitar Hero: On Tour games, you sadly wouldn't be able to those games. Also, if you have the classic Nintendo DS Rumble Pak which was included with Metroid Prime Pinball, that feedback device is also not here for use. The second is that the battery life could've lasted a bit longer for gamers. I do wish that there could've been a longer life for the battery. While it recharges well, it has the same battery life as the classic Nintendo DS systems.

Despite a few flaws, the Nintendo DSi XL is still a great system to own for gaming on the go. It handles well, and is definitely worth its money. If you're looking for a new game system, or if you're a die hard Nintendo DS owner whom is willing to upgrade to the next level, but not yet the level of the Nintendo 3DS, than this would be a great place to go to. It really is worth its money for all the gaming you could ever want.

Graphics: B+

Sound: B+

Control: B

Price: B+

Fun & Enjoyment: B+
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on January 1, 2011
This is one of the best video game systems ever, kudos Nintendo!

The Midnight Blue color is one of the best out there. It looks like a blend of Pacific Blue and Cerulean. It does not stain your fingers like someone on a Best Buy review said, but after having it for about two weeks, I cannot get rid of the finger prints without wiping it with a microfiber cloth.

Update: If you don't wipe off the top COVER, it will get really dirty. My front camera didn't take a quality pic, and it was because the camera was dirty from my smudgy fingers!

The sound is pretty good. It definitely sounds better than the DS Lite. It also gets very loud, so I tend to have it on the second or third volume level.

Touchy topic here(excuse the pun), but the screen is actually better than expected! I DO notice the pixelation of the larger screen, but half the time, it is because I am too close to it. I have gotten used to the small screens of the DS Lite, so I need to back up off of the screens a bit. It really is not terribly blurry like some others state, and it does not bother me. Please get screen protectors! DSi XL Official Nintendo Screen Protectors are excellent. You will absolutely regret it if you do not get screen protectors, trust me.

Update: The pixels, I haven't noticed after having it for 3 months now, stopped noticing about 2 months ago(I guess).

Update 2: When the DS Lite and DSi XL are next to each other on PictoChat, The DSi XL's graphics are a little 'softer', if you get what I mean. Not blurry, but softer.

DSi SOUND: Great sound quality, comes out crystal clear, filters aren't rubbish.

Update: I'm mildly irritated that your remixed version of the recording overwrites the original one. Why not make it a whole new version?

Photo Clock: I don't have to keep fiddling with the alarms for different days, and I like my own sounds over the three basic ones(#3 alarm sounds like a baby mobile, yuck!)

Flipnote Studio: To keep it short and sweet,OVERRRATED by Nintendo(sorry!). I use it to doodle occasionally, not impressed. Flipnote Hatena(however you spell it), ehh, underwhelming.

Brain Age Express(both): Great training games, not overly boring. I enjoy Virus Buster, which needs to be unlocked. CHALLENGE mode(get Brain Age of 20 to unlock) is tougher than the regular games, but overall the same(only got to 1st level on Math, 2nd on Arts/Letters).

Update: I have gotten bored with these, thank goodness I didn't buy this for Brain Age!

DSi Shop: Don't have Points, can't comment, but the navigation let me down, loads too long and too often.

Update: I feel the games aren't so great for how much they cost, even thought I haven't bought one.

This is great for checking email, game scores, and the like. I recommend trying to find a mobile version of the site to get onto, because it can be a little slow with the loading time. It will not replace the computer, but it is O.K.

Update: It is easy to find access points, haven't found a Nintendo Zone(for WIFI), but then again, hardly use this like I used to.

This thing is HUGE compared to the DS Lite! I had been playing the DSi XL for a few days when I put the DS Lite and the DSI XL side by side. I opened the DS Lite, and I was amazed I had played with the thing! Its screens were so small and everything was puny on it. I am so glad I upgraded.

I recommend anyone with a DS Lite, Original DS, or a Gameboy(WHAT?!) to stop squinting at those little screens and get the DSi XL.

Note to DSi owners: This is NOT for you. This is just a bigger version of what you own. So do not waste your money, or if you are a kid, do not waste your parents' money.
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on November 22, 2014
We love the XL. I am too old for that tiny DS screen. We ended up returning this blue one because there was a Black Friday (2013) sale a bit cheaper and I saved a little money getting a black one. But the product is great, and I wouldn't have been able to beat the price except for the Black Friday thing.
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on January 16, 2012
I bought this for my daughters for Christmas, and they loved it so much, my in-laws bought them a second so they could play multiplayer. Works perfectly and with the options for wifi internet access (under adult supervision of course), camera, and free downloadable games, it is the perfect gift for tweens to use in their spare time. Highly recommend that you manage your kids play time on it, or they will never put it down, but the larger screen, internet access and general ease of use made it the perfect gift for 8-13 yr olds.
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on April 14, 2016
I'm in my 50's and I love the dsi xl! Main reason I purchased it is because of the large screen size. I honestly don't know how younger people keep from straining their eyes out with the regular ds and dsi
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on May 16, 2011
First off, I'm 25 and I purchased the midnight blue DSi XL at the same time I bought my wife the burgundy version. We were both hesitant about upgrading due to our library of GBA games and the lack of a GBA slot on any models past the DS Lite. Needless to say, that even without this feature, it's well worth they buy, especially if you're playing games where seeing something larger would make it more enjoyable and more comfortable to play.

The first game I played in my new DSi XL after charging it was Clubhouse Games, Mahjong Solitare in particular. On the DS Lite, each tile was about a millimeter across and some of the characters were impossible to distinguish. On the larger screen of the XL, they were visible enough that once black blobs were actually different kanji characters on the tiles. I was able to finish a game without squinting a single time.

The second game I decided to try was Pokemon White. Upon entering the game, I noticed right away that my eyes were more relaxed with the larger screen. I didn't notice the pixelation that some users claim to experience. On the DS Lite, the pixels are there but small enough that your eyes blend them together into smooth lines and curves. On the XL, since the image is bigger, every pixel represented is larger as well, which gives dark border lines a blocky feel to them. These lines, in comparison to the rest of the image, which is also larger, blend perfectly in with the larger scale of the image being shown on the screen, making the "blocky" lines overlookable. There was no visible stretching or distortion in either of the games I played.

Each dot on an image takes more space on the XL's screen simply because the image is larger, that's a given. A lot of the negative reviews I see are people complaining that they expected screen to show DVD quality images and playback. Anyone with a basic understanding of screen resolution and resizing knows that the period at the end of this sentence will be physically larger on a projector screen than it will on your PC screen. Given that the screens on the XL are almost twice the size of the DS Lite, I don't know what people were honestly expecting.

I also noticed that the sound was a bit better than the DS Lite. The slightly larger accoustic chambers in the XL help out a great deal, and take out some of the "tinnier" high notes.

My only complaint is that it took some time to find a comfortable position to hold it. It doesn't fit as comfortably in your hand as a smaller DS unit does. I was able to find a position, with more of my hand under the unit to support its weight, but it might not be comfortable for everyone.

All in all, a great system that does what is expected of it.

=============The Too Long; Didn't Read Summary:===============
This is a great system if you keep your expectations reasonable. The graphics are similar to other DS systems, the only difference being screens twice the size of standard DS screens. With larger screens, each part of the image is larger and therefore takes more space on the screen, leading to a slighty blockier appearance of lines. These aren't glaring and easily blend into the image. Most of the negative reviews about they system who didn't rate it down for parts/labor failure and the return policy were from people with unreasonable expectations.
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on April 10, 2015
Perfect size for Nintendo DS games. Worth the upgrade if you own the original 1st model of the DS. Owning this will make you want to replay all the DS games over again. Comfortable grip and screen size. I used to squint when playing the original model, and playing the XL model is easy for the eyes. Perfect size, screen and controls.
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