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on April 8, 2016
This impact has a poorly designed anvil that will ruin your impact sockets. I have included pictures to show that the flats of the anvil are too short and anvil shoulder is rounded, which beats the death out of the sockets. The old sockets are Sunex, and the newer ones are Snap-On / Williams.

An impact anvil needs to seat fully or it will ruin your sockets. I have used the shown IR 231 since 1988 on my my job and these sockets until I wore it out. Seeing the Nitro Cat review I bought one. My socket sets cost more than the wrench, so the Nitro Cat is leaving. Not worth it. I will buy another Ingersol Rand.
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on March 22, 2015
I work in a import dealership and was looking to replace my 20 year old MAC impact gun. I only have about 5 more years til retirement and did not want spend $400 to $500 for a new gun off of one of the tool trucks. I found this while searching extensively for alternatives and I was impressed with the reviews. I bought this about six months ago and have been 100 per cent satisfied with it. It is very quiet and is deceptively powerful. I have not found anything it can't loosen yet.

Update: Have been using this daily for over a year now and still no problems. A couple of other techs in my shop have purchased these and are likewise happy with this tool.
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on August 27, 2014
Let me start off saying I've been a forklift mechanic for going on 18years. For the last 15years I've owned only 1 Matco brand composite 1/2inch drive impact gun. The hammer mechanism finally broke rest in peace it was a good gun. Now I really did not want to drop another 500bucks on another name brand impact. After some research I decided to give Aircat a try. I figured for the cost what the hell. Now I tested this gun out on a 30,000lbs lift capacity forktruck with 20 lugnuts per drive wheel that are torqued down to at least 500ft lbs and it blasted them of easily. I was amazed so I zipped them back on at the highest setting on the gun but only bumped the trigger twice after tight then put a torque wrench on the lugs yep 500ft lbs. I'm very impressed now I'm not delusional to think this impact gun is gonna last me 15yrs(cause nothing is built to last nowadays) but if I get 3-5years use out of it I'll be happy.
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on April 7, 2017
I had an older impact that couldn't take off the rotor nut on my 99 Integra. I read reviews of this impact and decided to give it a try. The delivery was quick. When I first got it, I had some doubt because of the size of the impact and weight. Would it be enough to take off the rotor nut. First try and the nut came right off. This is now my favorite impact at a decent price.

- light and easy to carry using one hand.
- quiet and impact vibration is low.
- easy flip switch for forward/reverse and power control

- trigger control is too sensitive. Will take some time to adjust for control.
- Wish box was a bit bigger to keep impact with with attachment.
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on April 2, 2013
So I just received this awesome impact wrench. It uses way less air than most for the price. I had 3 lug nuts on my truck that wouldn't buge with a 4 way or my buddies snap on MG725, Which states it maxes out with about 1190 ftlb of torque. It costs $459 and I only paid $165 for the nitro. The nitro took them right off. I'm real satisfied with it. For the money you just can't beat it.
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on September 18, 2016
I bought this tool to remove 10 year old rusted out bolts and castle nuts on my Subaru's front end joints on the axle housing. It worked great so far and I paired them with TEKTON 4885 1/2-Inch Drive Deep Impact Socket Set (Metric) which you can pick up here on Amazon too. My Tekton impact sockets didn't end up getting destroyed like one of the other reviewer's impact sockets. I used a 30 Gallon Sanborn air compressor I picked up at Menards along with a BluBird 3/8" 50 ft. hose (also available on Amazon) which is the recommended size hose to use for the NitroCat 1200-K. I used a Husky 4 piece quick connect set I got at Home Depot to connect the 1/4" NPT fitting to the NitroCat and it worked great without any leaks on the NitroCat end. Though I do have leaks at my compressor end because I used some cheap MasterForce branded China 1/4" NPT and coupler but it leaked a lot less than having the Husky 1/4" NPT female connected to the stock Sanborn coupler (which has no markings).

The NitroCat needs 1 male 1/4" NPT fitting to connect under the handle and then that needs to be plugged into a female coupler attached to one end of the hose and the other end of the hose should have a female 1/4" NPT fitting plugged into your air compressor's coupler. Hope that help some of you who are just getting started setting up air powered tools for the first time. Took me a while to do enough research on how to get the right fittings to connect to everything and getting the right air compressor.

Be careful of the 1/4" NPT fittings/couplers as a lot of the local stuff you can buy from Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, etc... are all industrial fittings and you may unintentionally have industrial fittings hooked up to auto fittings which will cause air leaks in the quick connect/disconnect couplers. It's best to buy matching sets/brand of coupler and NPT fittings to avoid air leaks on the NitroCat. There is a difference between industrial and auto fittings and to make matters worse there are even more like Lincoln and ARO to make it even more confusing. And then if you visit Milton Industries online they will have an entire list of types of fittings from M-Style, A-Style, AA-Style, AMT Style, D-Style, G-Style, H-Style, L-Style, P-Style, T-Style, V-Style, and I'll stop there.

One last tip, when using the NitroCat to remove rusty nuts and bolts make sure you use your favorite brand of penetrating oil first (make sure to wait for 5-15 minutes so the oil can penetrate and do its job) so the stuck bolt or nut will come out easier. I used LPS KB88 as someone recommended elsewhere but you can use Kano Kroil, PB Blaster, Seafoam Deep Creep or whatever you want. Supposedly LPS KB88 is the best above Krano Kroil according to some people and LPS itself. Honestly, I don't know what is the best but the KB88 worked for me and I also tried Sea Foam Deep Creep which didn't work as well but worked better than WD-40. Sadly, I don't have the resources and time to test out Kano Kroil or PB Blaster to see which is the ultimate penetrating oil to use with the impact wrench. If I had more resources I would've purchased an Ingersoll Rand impact wrench but I would still say this is a great beginners impact wrench and you can't really go wrong with choosing it as your first wrench. No regrets, still a better buy than whatever you can get at your local big box hardware store. Of course, while searching for an impact wrench to buy I came across Harbor Freights Earthquake XT with similar pricing but with a 90-Day Risk Free Trial. Unfortunately, I do not live very close to one to try it out. Maybe consider that as an alternative if you don't want to spend more money on an Ingersoll Rand or Snap-On.

I suspect people are losing effective torque power on this impact wrench due to leaking fittings, different hose sizes, and compressor specifications. The general rule of thumb someone told me was 5 CFM per a tool @ 90 PSI per one person. My compressor is rated at 5.5 CFM @ 90 PSI which runs the NitroCat fine.
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on July 24, 2013
Got this impact wrench for my dad for Father's Day. He had been using an old Campbell Hausfeld and we decided to upgrade him. This impact has lots of power off of the 20 gallon compressor we have with about 5.5cfm @ 90psi. I originally thought it'd be too powerful but I realize now that it is impossible to have too much. It has a single, full torque, reverse setting and 3 forward settings. The body is solid enough to take the beating we give our tools. The trigger makes it very easy to give any nut or bolt a few taps of the impact. There is also little noise compared to cheaper impact guns.

The thing I like most about this gun compared to others I have used is the ergonomics. The grip has a rubber inlet for grip and finger grooves. The thing I like least about this model is the dial on the rear doesn't have a very positive click into position. It is difficult to quickly change direction and know what forward setting you have it on.

Definitely worth the buy.
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on January 20, 2017
This airgun is a great product. As advertised it has large amounts of power combined with low noise levels. I have had no problem loosening the lug nuts on my dodge pickup truck. For the cost this gun compares to any large name tool company!!
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on May 24, 2016
This has to be the single best air gun I've ever come across. I've used a lot of them, I've been around cars and working on them since I was 10. This is by far the quietest and most powerful in its form factor. It's also quite light due its kevlar composite body. I never realized how heavy my IR was until I picked up again after using the Aircat for a few weeks. I noticed the torque particularly on a Mercedes whose lug nuts needed to come off. I wanted to see just for fun how much more torque the aircat had. So I used my IR and it took off only 6 lug nuts. The remaining 14 came off with the aircat no problem, didn't even sound like it struggled. I didn't like the switching mechanism at the back. But it's grown on me. Unlike my IR whose 5 settings for torque can be flipped around completely and you never really can feel what setting it's in, the aircat is very clear about what setting your in, if a little unclear as to how much torque you're getting at those settings.
I use it for everything. Removing hubs and bearings using the Hub Grappler kit, rotors and drums from the drum remover tool, frame work, brakes, and suspension work. It may be TOO much torque for some things...I definitely don't use it on overly rusted bolts and nuts until I soak them in penetrating oil and even then, if it doesn't come out easy, I reach for the torch. But it's made my life a lot easier and I recommend it over pretty much any other air gun.
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on March 20, 2016
This is a good impact. It is lightweight, but still durable. The grip offers a lot of support and is still comfortable. I am a mechanic at ford and I used this tool every single day and I am completely happy with it. For the money this is the best impact you can buy. Previously I had a half inch Cornwell impact and it does not come close to this NitroCat as far as power. I received my impact and about two weeks later the trigger started to leak some oil, I do not know if it was due to manufacturer defect or if I was oiling it too much but I contacted the merchant and they sent me a new one no problem and had me send my old one back after I received the new one. I was impressed with the customer service.

You can easily switch it from forward to reverse with one hand. Forward has three different settings, low, medium, and high. I found that the low setting is about perfect for lug nuts and high is perfect for high torque applications. They say this has a variable speed trigger, but in a lot of the reviews I have read people have had complaints about it. Personally I find the trigger easy to feather.

The only complaint that I have about it is when I first started using it I found it kind of top heavy. After using it for a while though I have gotten used to it and i have found it to be a great impact. A lot of guys in my shop who have snap on or mac or IR guns that are upwards of four hundred dollars will ask to borrow my gun to bust bolts loose. I am not sure about the durability yet because I have only had it for about three months, but so far I am extremely happy with it and I would recommend it.
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