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Customer Reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars

on May 4, 2012
This is a review I put on a website about these tires:

Size: 295/70R-17 (33x11.6)
Tread Depth New: .6725 in - 17.08mm
Current Tread Depth: Not measured
Total mileage: 18,222
Comparison Tire: BFG A/T (33x12.5-16.5), Interco SS M-16 A/T (295/70R-17)

Not as aggressive as the Interco SS M-16's that I had previously but definitely more of an attractive look over the BFG A/T's. The sidewalls have some nice looking lugs also that make it stand out from the standard tire. I've been looking at them all day and the center tread definitely doesn't impress well but they do have a great sidewall and make the truck look good.

Not a whole lot. I had to turn the radio off with the windows up and listen for it. It has a general hum to them but just sounds like tires running pavement. Nothing real bad. Definitely won't be able to hear it over wind noise if the windows were down.

They are still pretty quiet. I'll be interested in the long term noise because the Interco's were pretty quiet too for a while but definitely got louder as they wore. We shall see.

Still really quiet for being a M/T. Recently rotated them and the back tires are making a little more noise than the front. Even nearing 20k miles they don't have that much road noise any more than before.

I gave it a little gas coming out of the tire shop due to traffic and they had a little squeak to them but kept "trucking" on. The BFG would have lit up and the Interco would have kept pulling while spinning.

I did have a chance to back up a slope with wet grass and unpacked dirt. It gripped pretty well and then started to slip. I went back down the hill to "get a run" at it but I suck at driving. It started to slip again and I just held the pedal and let it spin itself out. It dug just a little bit and bit and pulled right out. With the BFG's it would have been 4x4 for sure.

Definitely impressive compared to the BFG's and so far would say equal or slightly better than the Interco's in mud. Wet traction and rain hydroplaning is definitely a much better improvement over the Interco's. There is hardly any hydroplaning even when hitting significant puddles at speed. I was impressed on the grippy-ness in the wet and you can give it quite a bit of gas even in the wet before it even thinks about spinning the tires.

Got around to some off roading through some mud. It had rained for several days. The holes were so deep and the hills so steep my hitch ball was digging into the ground from the incline. Had no issues pulling through any of it. The treads cleaned well and had no concerns.

So far the only time I've managed to get stuck was when the truck was buried to the floor boards (knee high) and the tires kept digging. There was nothing solid for it to grip on.

Ride Comfort & Stability
General ride home was comfortable. There was no bouncing as I experienced with the Interco and I also did not feel the lugs when rolling to a slow stop. Time will tell. Also the side walls seems a little stiffer than the Interco's. The Interco's had a tendency to roll and flex on the sidewalls a little. These have zero roll and feel much more stable at higher speed cornering than the M16's and the BFG's. I did notice that when hitting specific dips and bumps the steering did not pull and jerk like it did with the M16's and BFG's. It was a dip in the road I would always slow down from 60 to 30 to make it over it because of the risk of losing control and the bouncing. I hit it at about 50 tonight and the stability was amazing. The tires don't over or understeer and sidwalls feel pretty stiff. The edge of the lugs on the Interco's did tend to chunk off after a little while probably due to cornering at higher speeds with a loaded trailer.

The ride is pretty comfortable. The sidewalls are very stable and you don't have the tire roll that I had with the Interco's. They were pretty stable while towing also. I did have a slight sway pulling a heavier trailer but I'm sure it was more from the winds than the tires. Time will tell a little more as I pull more loads.

Been towing my 24' enclosed trailer at a gross weight of about 8k-9k. No issues at all when towing. Truck is really stable and sidewalls are strong enough that they don't flex when cornering. Really impressed with these tires for towing. Wear doesn't seem to be that much of an issue with these while towing.


We shall see! So far I like them and will probably buy another set over the Interco's.
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on August 24, 2013
These tires are straight up amazing. They looked awesome on the pallet when they were delivered and having them on my vehicle makes me all kinds of happy!
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on July 31, 2013
Purchased the TG's approximately 18 months ago and just got off the phone with the tire dealer in my area to get a second set. That in itself should tell you what I think of the tires. I have 54k on the set of TG's on my 06 F250 4x4. If I would have rotated the tires as suggested I would likely have made it to 58-60k. For a mud tire that is almost unheard of. My truck is my daily driver and its on the road a lot, always pulling a boat or camper trailer in the summer and a camper and trailer full of ATV's in the fall/winter. The tires are great in the mud, snow and rain. I am most impressed by the fact I am able to go through such deep mud in 2WD. I've had BFG TA/KO's as well as the Terra Grapplers, and granted they are AT tires, they are far from the performance of the TG's in sticky situations.
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on September 18, 2015
Love these tires. Hit a rock the size of a football and broke a rim. Got a new rim and used the same tire!!! Hard as nails... Ordering a new set but bigger size!!!
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on June 4, 2016
Great looking tire, quiet for a mud tire. Have put over 40k miles on them. Will definitely get another set when these are done.
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on December 17, 2014
These tires have great grip, and look awesome. Would have given 5 stars but they lowered my MPG average over the past thee months by 2.
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on December 20, 2014
I just bought these...i only have 1,000 on them on an f-150. I do half and half with freeway and off road. I can't get over how flexible the sidewall is at high weight distribution.. I have really slowed down on the freeway...i am all over the place and cornering is horrible..
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