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on November 25, 2012
This book truly changed everything! When I bought this book our daughter would scream and cry when we would try and put her in her crib for bedtime, to the point that there were nights we were up with her till one AM! Yes that's right. She had always been a night owl, and we'd always allowed her to stay up till 11PM-ish because she would always just hang out with us, then we'd send her to bed and she was fine. All of a sudden she just started pushing the limits and would flip out about going to bed. As stupid parents, we just thought, "she's obviously not tired, so we just need to keep her up later!" Unfortunately, that didn't work either, and she would just be crazier and more wound up, and more resistant to going to bed. We also felt like prisoners in our own home because we had a kid that was up with us till the middle of the night. We couldn't get anything done and eventually were so tired we couldn't stay up as late as she could! letting her cry it out was awful, and often it didn't work and we would go back in the room to make her feel better and she would just beg to be taken out of her crib because she couldn't go to sleep.

After reading this book we realized we were doing everything wrong! She was so hyper because she was tired! And by keeping her up later and letting her run the show, she was basically responding to the lack of structure by becoming crazier.

I had an idea of what we could do to make her sleep earlier, and this book helped me compile a list of ideas to create the perfect bedtime ritual to allow her to be ready for bed at a reasonable time. At the time I bought the book I would have settled for an 11pm bedtime with no crying. I honestly NEVER thought we could get her on an earlier sleep schedule, because she'd been going to bed so late ever since she was over a year old. I just thought it was the way she was wired. WRONG! With this book's help our daughter goes to bed as early as 8:30pm!!! It's truly a miracle. Kids can change, it's the parents that are the tough cookies.

I am so thrilled with this book, I can't say enough good things about it! Lots of sections weren't relevant to our problem, but this book covers basically any situation. We just read the parts that related to us and picked the ideas that we thought would help.

If you're having sleep issues with your toddler, don't hesitate, click the "buy button"! Now!
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on February 26, 2016
my daughter sleeps on her own thanks to the advice of this book
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on February 28, 2017
So many ideas. I didn't read much of the book but I did start bedtime and hour earlier (6pm) for my 13mo so that I wouldn't stress how long he was taking to fall asleep.Bedtime has been less stressful with just a couple small changes.
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on May 17, 2017
This is definitely a book geared toward first time parents, specifically because the suggestions, check lists, processes, etc. are likely self-explanatory to seasoned parents. I don't say this to criticize, but to inform. I got it thinking I would find some new ideas that I hadn't thought of or we had not already incorporated into our nighttime routine. Not really. It is much more labor intensive in its approach than I am ever going to be with bedtime, and since we already incorporate - in some way - the majority of the nighttime routine suggestions, I didn't find it super helpful in that regard.

There is a lot of focus on all manner of issues impeding sleep, most of which did not apply to us, and virtually no focus on our primary problem. Our toddler had a sudden onset of nighttime separation anxiety at 15 months, but once the fear was dealt with it morphed into manipulating us to keep her in our bed. We ultimately tried every strategy we could think of - many of which are outlined in this book - to get her happily back in her bed. When we finally realized that, once all her needs were met, she was both overtired and angry because she wasn't getting her own way, we put her in her bed. She objected loudly the first night, but we were there to comfort & console her, and by the fifth night she was going to bed without incident. Sleeping through the night has never been an issue for her, and wasn't negatively affected by insisting she go back to her own bed. In fact, she is better rested now, and so are we.

While the no-cry approach may work for a lot of situations (and indeed, both of my sons were easy about going to bed), for some kids it just doesn't. I do agree, however, that if there are underlying psychological, medical, physical, or mental issues affecting sleep, you have to get to the root of those problems. In that regard, I think the author has provided some good starting info on dealing with these more serious issues.
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on May 1, 2017
Haven't finished reading yet, but so far, if anything it's validating my struggles especially with a toddler "addicted" to breast feeding.
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on May 15, 2017
This was a refreshing read, compiling what is known about sleep and presenting realistic options. If I had read this one first when I had my first child twelve years ago, I would have known to steer clear of the "my way or the highway" kid and baby sleep books.
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on March 30, 2012
We had purchased the No Cry Sleep Solution for infants and it was effective in helping both of our boys transition into sleeping on their own. As our oldest entered the two's and three's we found we had a new set of sleep issues: nightmares, fear of shadows at night, wanting Mama or Daddy at all hours of the night, etc. This book helped us to develop a plan to gently transition him yet again to sleeping on his own and to being reassured that it was ok and normal if we lay with him for a period of time so he could fall back to sleep. As Pantley's all temporary and kids will eventually transition over. In seeing the difference in bonding, social behaviors, and confidence my four year old has compared to several I know who "cried it out"....he is a much more confident, secure child. Socially he seems to accept things better as well. Setting up sleep plans for him to adjust to bedtime and respecting where he's at has helped volumes!
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on January 23, 2016
Great book. Full of helpful hints and tricks. I like this book because I was against the cry it out method. Its a quick easy read too. My daughter had struggles with naps and now with a few tricks in this book its a much smoother process!
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on February 3, 2017
She's sleeping! She's gone from waking 3-8 times a night (since she was born almost 16 months ago) to waking no more than one time. It's been three weeks now. And it really is no-cry. Unlike so many other solutions that start with "We don't do cry-it-out. Just let you baby cry for..." Yeah, right. This helps your little one develop sleep skills in a loving, secure way. Skills that she will take with her for life. Love it!
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on December 11, 2015
This book is helping us get a better bedtime routine for my almost three-year-old. She clearly feels better now that she has a better routine and is getting more sleep, but it still takes her an hour to fall asleep after we turn out the lights. We're still hopeful that the tips in this book will help us get past this hurdle.
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