Customer Reviews: No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle
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on January 27, 2010
I found the original NMH to be pretty likeable, but to say the sequel is just better is an understatement. Everything from the play mechanics to the visuals has been tweaked and overhauled for an overall more engrossing experience. This one oozes style and keeps the players attention from the first ranked battle to the last. I found myself spending so much time on the "retro" titles within as well, which are the new "jobs" yoy can aquire to earn money. They really are fun and remind me of the games I played on the NES back in tha day hehe. Simply put, from the end of last year till the beginning of this one, Wii's lineup is looking good. Let's hope the next titles to be released are on par with this one and Tatsunoko Vs Capcom. A+++!
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on January 27, 2010
No More Heroes returns with a vengence. Gone is the clunky free roam overworld you now just select wich location you want to travel to on a overworld map. Starting at rank #51 theres even more insane boss battles then the original. Jobs are now turned into SNES style games that are designed pretty well and will bring back some memories if your into old school gaming. Combat is essentially the same as the original with some additional power-ups and ability to interchange beam katanas on the fly. Game has an excess of sick..mature..dirty humor and style.
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Finally, a game that uses that Wii's shortcomings as a strength. I'm an older gamer and love and miss the 8 bit retro games I grew up with. I bought this game primarily for this reason. I initially plugged in my classic controller and thought to myself, another Wii hardcore game wannabe piece of garbage. 5 minutes later I used the Wiimote and nun-chuck and finally saw why all the gaming sites gave this game a 9 out of 10. I quickly learned how to power-up my katana by quickly shaking the wiimote holding down the 1 button, and loved the thrill. I also didn't have any problems with the camera, as I just pressed Z to lock onto enemies. The game is totally awesome if you play with this configuration, otherwise it really isn't so much fun in my opinion.
The minigames were hard to control, but so were the games I used to play when I played the Atari 2600 or NES. It had a nostalgic feel to it. I had a little trouble controlling the Pipe Mania clone, but once I figured the controls out, it was okay. The minigames were a lot of fun, and at the now low price (under thirty dollars), a lot of people should consider it to even just to play these mini-games.
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on January 29, 2010
Pretty nice I got the game the day it released. Dusted off the wii and started playing,at an instant I loved it. Not only did Suda throw in a parody of Cloud (FF7), but he introduced the game very well for those who haven't played the first (Should buy it if you haven't played it).

Unlike the first one, you don't get to drive and your jobs aren't in 3-D. The jobs you have are like old arcade games that will keep you off your real task for hours.

The beam katanas are back with a couple of new ones, there's a new katana that has slow powerful slashes and gets longer the more your ki goes up. There's also dual katanas that have fast slashes and devastating combos.

If you are looking for a violent game that gives you a laugh at the same time, get this game.

+ Graphics improved (Good for being on a Wii)
+ Longer gameplay
+ Playing arcade games to get stronger and money is loads of fun.
+ You charge the beam katana the same way :)
+ More stuff (Clothes, katanas, activities)

- Camera will SOMETIMES go against you
- I can't think of any more cons
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on February 23, 2010
Is there any other reason not to buy this game?

No More Heroes 2 I long awaited for. Had the release date marked on my calender I really love this game. The first one took my buy surprise and the second one was more like desert after the main meal.

Whats improved with the second game? Well... The characters have been touched up a lot everything is more detailed this time around (not that there was anything wrong with the original look), the Game has better music this time around that gets you pretty pumped, There's a lot more sexy female bosses for some reason (no complaints here), the goons you fight are much better. There's a lot more variety as far as the types and they do have different fighting styles, but they have nothing to do with the bosses you fight like in the previous game where they actually had a theme to go along with the level you were playing.... and well it looks like they removed and added some stuff to satisfy the complainers.

I'll get into that. With the first game everyone nagged about how hard the bike was to control and nagged about riding around in the world so they took that part out the game(I never nagged it was if fun)now you just point and click on area's on your map and you go right to them. The side missions are old school 8 bit mini games. They have their charm, but since you don't have to grind on side missions to get stuff you're not exactly forced to do them. I kind of missed the old mission style because it added more to the game, but this was alright I guess...would of been more fun if it could of been an unlockable like the Bizarre Jelly game.

Also the game doesn't have all the stores you used to travel around to. Obviously with Bishop gone there's no video store, but there's no guy to train you special moves anymore! That kind of was a let down. Dr. Nayomi is still there she looks like she upgraded herself its always a pleasure to see her, even if she doesn't have anything new to buy (I'm on the last boss and there's still only 2 katanas) so I guess she's been too busy looking for a bra to build Travis new weapons.

The scary shop keeper with the mask is still there although his taste have gone down hill, because I haven't brought anything he offered yet. Compared to the first game, the new clothes and accessories look like a flee markets bargain bin.

The fighting... ah yes the fighting! Travis has been touched up a bit. He has less moves than before and controls a bit differently. To be honest I really didn't like what they did with him. It took me a while to get used to the "new" Travis because I was so used to fighting with the old style that required more effort. This time he doesn't block so well, there's few "wii-waggle" attacks if any, and playing the other characters makes you regret going back to him. Travis is my dude, but they did him wrong with the controls and his skills. I guess he forgot everything he learned from the last game.

The other characters.... you can play as Travis's older brother but who cares about him, lets talk about my baby SHINOBU! oh yeah! She's the reason I brought this game. When I heard you could play the baddest boss from the last game I had to pick it up. Shinobu was no disappointment matter of fact she made the game for me! she is just as fun to play as she was to fight. All of her moves are there except "Sonic sword" or at least she forgot to call it that. She's grown up in the past 3 years since her uniform is replaced for a dress and high heels. She's a fast fighter with both long range and aerial attacks. You can actually fight an entire mob with her and not be hit once. It's hard to play her and not say that she is a better fighter than Travis in the game, because she has such a wider variety of attacks and power moves. Sadly she's only there for a couple of levels then she breaks your heart by leaving.

The bosses... there's a mixture of them although this time around you don't get to glimpse into their minds like you did in the first game (they said so much in their fighting styles very few words needed to be spoken about them). In this game there's no so much emphasis placed on what assassin your fighting they are just there so Travis can push them aside to get revenge. There's really not much mystery about them like who they are and what they are like in the first game. Their levels have nothing to do with them (excluding like 1 or 2), and they honestly are pretty easy. Much much easier than the first game you can pretty much get them on the first try. They don't seem to make you think as much about your attacks and defenses like the first game made you do.


No more Heroes 2 is still a lot of fun. Me I brought it because I enjoy the style of the game and knowing your getting something that's different from all the other games out there. Although it doesn't offer as much as the last game it still offers a lot in its own way. Between the two games I can't say which is best. I like being able to play as Shinobu like in 2 but I also like fighting against her as a boss. NMH1 and NMH2 are just too awsome games to pick up they don't need a comparison!

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on June 21, 2011
I absolutely adored the first No More Heroes. The combat was so satisfying, and riding around Santa Destroy on the motorcycle was fun. NMH2 is a good example of what happens when you try to please your critics.

I think some people criticized having to actually drive from place to place on your motorcycle. I would not be one of those people. I loved driving that thing. They took the open-world element out of the game. Granted, there wasn't much open world to see - just a large, mostly empty facade of a city punctuated by a few critical locations. Still, I blame the Wii's hardware limitations on this more than anything else. Despite the limitations, it was fun. I always drove the motorcycle in first-person, immersing myself into the experience.

Critics also did not like the minigames you could do to make money, although you could just do "killing missions". They took out the "killing missions" (they only pop up randomly now). They also took out the 3D minigames and replaced them with awkward, "8-bit", 2D minigames that frustrate more than entertain. Even the gym workouts have been 2D-ified. It wouldn't be a problem if these 2D minigames were fun, but they are not. For 2D games, they unfittingly require sensitive, analog control. In the old days, when you pressed "left", you went left, and "right" was right. With these 2D minigames, however, there are 10 degrees of left and 10 degrees of right. You must be precise, or you won't catch that coconut, or place that pipe where you want to. You will run into that bug that is five pixels away, and you will crash into a car that is three pixels away.

The combat is as good as ever, and the entertainingly ridiculous plot and characters return. This series has been and is a true Wii gem, and the inner Nintendo fanboy in me wishes that the PS3 port didn't happen and that Travis Touchdown becomes a playable character in the next Smash Bros.

This is a slightly worse game than the first, but the combat is still great, and that's what you're here for - not the stupid minigames. Have fun wielding your beam katana!
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on July 31, 2013
My husband fell in love with this title years ago when the Wii console was brand spanking new. When this sequel came out my husband unfortunately had to wait due to life being life before purchasing it.

As a rare treat I bought it for him recently and he loves it as much (if not better) than the original. The gameplay seems to be harder in this game versus the first which was a pleasure to see and with the addition of multiple characters to play and funny bantering, this is a great franchise that I hope will produce at least a third game.

In conclusion if u liked the first one, you'll also enjoy this one
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on December 1, 2010
This is the best Wii game of all the recent ones on Wii.. period..
HILARIOUS and UNCENSORED.. probably the best script ever in a video game. It's raw, and the only cheese is the cheese they put in intentionally.. no kiddie nonsense... so Non-Nintendo-like even.. It's sort of like a funny Devil-May-Cry/GTA, it plays pretty well, and has great graphics for the Wii.

Now, I'm an avid gamer on all consoles, and I know good games & engines when I play them, and this is one of them. Not to mention the spot-on, no-BS, parodies and 8-bit style mini games are a way cool for any old school video-game or anime buff... maybe even TOO COOL for the Wii.. (The camera/reset angles in some of the battles are the major beef I have with this game!) You'll have to see all the content for yourself. This game, unlike 99% of wii games makes me want to keep playing for more than 15-30 minutes.. I just want to leave work and play it now! My Wii is dust-free as long as I've got this in the drive! If you want to be surprised by a game on your Wii.. Look no further than No More Heroes 2.. because owning a Wii CAN sometimes be a 'Desperate Struggle' for a fully-grown gamer.
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on October 11, 2013
No More Heroes 2 was a joy to play. It is by far one of my favorite titles on the Wii, even more so than the first. The gameplay mechanics have just been improved and made more enjoyable. The "jobs" are now much more fun, especially if you want to grind. There is no more free world but I feel that it brings the game together more. Downsides are that it's very linear (if thats something you dislike) and that there aren't many useful collectibles in the game.
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on January 21, 2013
Many Wii games are cool in spite of its said lack of graphical power. But, again, in No More Heroes 2 you see that a game is as good as the programmers decide - wich not ever is what the players do expect. The cell-shading graphics are so well done, and the mini-games are sometimes more immersivev than the main action (they are very addictive). Excellent!
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