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on February 5, 2016
Love it
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on February 19, 2016
This CD contains all my favorite Ozzy songs (from the late 80's). I went to Ozzy's "No More Tours" tour back in the early 90's. Apparently this was to be Ozzy's last tour, but obviously that was not true. The guy still keeps rocking and seems to get better with age. Ozzy for President!
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on July 7, 2009
Lost my original copy, just picking up a replacement. Back when rock and roll was rock and roll, not just bass and repeating lyrics...
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on April 30, 2013
I wanted to complete my collection. What else can you say, it is Ozzy and Ozzy is of course great!
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on August 1, 2002
Indeed, this is one of those records you shouldn't miss! Fortunately for all of us, this new 24 - bit remaster wasn't [messed up] up like the other recent Ozzy re - releases. There is no reason to cry (therefore, "No more Tears"), here, as pretty much every song smokes! Actually, I used to like this record a whole lot more a few years ago, when I originally bought it, but still.

When I heard it was coming out with extra tracks, I lost no time and got it immediately. The only reason I rate this with 4 and not five stars is because 5 stars are, as far as I'm concerned, exclusive for Ozzy's records with Randy Rhoads. After well over than a decade, songs like "Mr Tinkertrain", "Mama I'm coming Home", "Desire" and the title track still sound amazing. Other songs, like "S.I.N" and "I don't want to change the world" are also great, but for some reason, "Time after time" and "Road to nowhere" don't strike me as much as they used to... don't get me wrong, they are terrific songs, i guess i just changed a bit over the years... "Hellraiser" is fine, but i do like Motorhead's version better. The band, comprised of guitarist Zakk Wylde, drummer Randy Castillo and bassist Bob Daisley, is in tip top shape, turning up some of the best performances ever heard in an Ozzy record. Most of the songs are guitar heavy, and Zakk is the undoubteddly the one we have to thank for that, going far and beyond what he had already shown on the previous album, "No Rest for the Wicked". The Ozz himself is in good shape, too, and if you ask me, this was the last record where he actually sounded killer.

The bonus songs? Quite good, actually:"Don't Blame me" is by no means an apology from Ozz, but rather a cool rocker, and "Party with the Animals" is another uptempo number chockfull of great guitar playing and an excellent overall performance. Just one question,though: is it Ozzy going ape, or is it a real gorilla doing those sounds at the end of "Party with the animals"? No, I'm just kidding... Buy the record, you won't regret it, as it is Ozzy's last truly great rockin album, now with a crystal clear remastered sound...Enjoy!
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on June 12, 2000
I am definitely not your stereotypical Ozzy fan. As a child in the 80s, I was brought up to believe Ozzy was satanic. I'd never heard his music, and adults were telling me to never listen to it, so I didn't. But I grew up and matured, and during college I developed new tastes in music. When Ozzy released No More Tears back in 1991, I was exposed not to a satanic Ozzy, but a musical genius with depth of power and emotion. No More Tears is an incredible release, not only for when you just wanna let off steam and head bang, but also for when you wanna just kick back and take in life.
"Mr. Tinkertrain" starts out with a surreal, mellow, child-like soundscape, but it soon turns into a head bangin' ride. Fun and driving full force ahead, "I Don't Want to Change the World" rocks and makes a great point ("...I don't want the world to change me"). "Momma I'm Coming Home" (released as a single) is beautiful and is one Ozzy's power ballads for the album. Revving up the guitars once again, "Desire" has a great attitude and takes aim at his skeptics and detractors ("And I can't stop `cause it drives them crazy"). Another successful single at the time, the title track "No More Tears" is an amazing composition of guitars, deep synths, and strings that is driving and subtle, beautiful and hauntingly eerie (thanks to Ozzy's lyrics and vocals) all at the same time. Tormented by inner as well as outer demons, "S.I.N." is Ozzy's cry for help (done in classic manic Ozzy style). "Hellraiser" - now there's a definition of Ozzy if there ever was one. Again self-reflective, this is a slower but driving guitar and drum classic with great harmonies. "Time After Time" is the other touching and beautiful power ballad on the release. Seeming to talk about his issues with drugs and alcohol, "Zombie Stomp" (like the name suggests) is a real stomper (once it gets going) that uses some interesting sampling in the long building intro. I'm not sure what the title "A.V.H." refers to, but the song is manic and a head on rock collision ("I'm riding on a train I can't control"). Wrapping up the release, "Road to Nowhere" is a solid rock anthem takes a look back on Ozzy's life with no regrets; even though "The wreckage of my past keeps haunting me," he points out that "The Road to Nowhere leads to me."
The whole release really is a fun thrashin' head trip that makes you think and reflect at times. A solid 4 star release, No More Tears is sometimes just what I need to vent or get the adrenaline pumping. My only negative regarding Ozzy's music is his references to drug use. While they aren't too frequent, and I know that's just part of being Ozzy, they still do bug me given my anti-drug stance (not preaching, just a fact). However, it's only music, and music doesn't make you do things, you do; I have the maturity and stability of mind to get past it.
My dilemma is how to recommend the album. I'm not an Ozzy "fan" per se - I'm a yuppie for pete's sake; what self-respecting Ozzy fan will take me seriously? I don't own any of his other albums or any of his work with Black Sabbath, so I'm not sure how this release compares to any of his others. But if you're anything like me, some uptight suit and tie corporate slave who needs to occasionally unwind, Ozzy's No More Tears might just be the little pill you need to take to be able to get up and face another day.
Looking through the other reviews, it appears that the timing was perfect for me. I was in a mode to accept new and different music, and Ozzy was at a time when his musical and lyrical expertise were peaking. If you're not the typical Ozzy fan but have been always curious, give No More Tears a listen and decide for yourself - satanic, or bad-a** rocker genius? I think you'll surprisingly find the latter.
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on May 5, 2003
I bought this album a few weeks ago and immediately was hooked on the album. The Prince of Darkness, Ozzy is at his best work ever. It definately beats his previous albums by a landslide. Writing the songs with Lemmy from Moterhead made Ozzy's music way more better and unified than anything ever heard before. This album also featured Ozzy's new guitarist Zakk Wylde who did an unbelievable job on the riffs. Some of Ozzy's all-time greatest hits came out of this album.
The opener, "Mr. Tinkertrain" is a very strong heavy metal tune with excellent guitar riffs, a very catchy beat and a GREAT job on the vocal talents by Ozzy. This a pure MASTERPIECE. The ballad of the album, "Mama, I'm Comin' Home," is OZZY'S GREATEST SONG EVER!! I am HOOKED ON THIS SONG!! It is Ozzy's all-time greatest ballad ever. This song shows a whole other side of him we have never seen before. Ozzy and Lemmy did a outstanding collaboration together on this one. This is one of Heavy Metal's greatest albums done. The song is an A+!!
Then solid rocker, "S.I.N." is really catchy and real loud. Great lyrics, great beats. Another somewhat-slow tune is "Time After Time" which is one the album's best tunes. The closer, "Party With The Animals" is such a fast tune and so HEAVY on guitar riffs. It's definately another great Ozzy anthem.
The album overall definately earns it's 4 out of 5 stars. Buy this Ozzy album and you will have "No More Tears".
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on September 7, 2000
I love this album, as everyone else seems to do, and I would really like to give it 5 Stars. But somehow, this isn't my favorite Ozzy album. There are tons of brilliant Songs here, really : "Mr. Tinkertrain", "I don't want to change the World", "Mama, I'm coming home", "No more Tears", "S.I.N.", "Time after Time" and "Road to Nowhere" are my personal favorites. These songs are some of the best Ozzy ever produced, right up there with "Mr. Crowley", "Bark at the Moon" or, if you push away the historical meaning "Paranoid", "Black Sabbath", "Changes"... You get the Idea. But, I still think that this album could have been better. Overall, it's too long. If you look closer, not all the songs are brilliant. "Hellraiser" would be great if there was no Motörhead Version of it, which is by far better. "Zombie Stomp" and "A.V.H." are very medicore, but maybe that is due to the fact that all they got the company of absolutely amazing songs. My biggest complaint about the Album is it's production: It just doesn't kick. It sounds like Ozzy shared the producer with Bon Jovi (Hate 'em). Too polished for Ozzy's music. In the end I think that this is one of the best Rock-Albums of the nineties. But - my favorite Ozzy Album is still "No Rest for the Wicked". Still recommended for everyone who likes Ozzy, and it's also a great place to start if you just get to know him. Buy it, if you don't already have, you can't go wrong.
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on February 16, 2004
My Opinion: First off this album is WAY overrated. It's good, but it's no where as good as it's made out to be. I've had people say the only songs of Ozzy's they knew were Mama I'm Comin Home and Crazy Train, and that's sad. If you want GOOD Ozz stuff try out Bark at the Moon, No Rest For The Wicked, and anything he did in Sabbath. On to the review
1.Mr. Tinkertrain-really good song. Good vocal usage. This is probably my second favorite song on here (tied with No More Tears). 9/10
2.I Don't Want To Change The World-best song on the album.10/10
3.Mama, I'm Coming Home-good song, but nowhere near the first 2 and the title track.
4.Desire-it's a good song, with a really catchy chorus. 8/10
5.No More Tears-tied with the 1st track for my second favorite song on the album. It's got a creepy meaning behind it. It's about a serial killer. 10/10
6.S.I.N-pretty good song with good guitar work 7/10
7.Hellraiser-3rd best song on the album. This song is also on a Motorhead album, but I don't remember which one. 7/10
8.Time After Time-good song, but almost identical to Road To Nowhere in music. Shouldn't have been on the Essential, thats' for sure 6/10
9.Zombie Stomb-cool bass line, but other than that, this is a stupid song. 5/10
10.A.V.H-GREAT guitar at the start. It's gotta southern edge to it. It's cool 7/10
11.Road To Nowhere-overrated song, but it's ok. 8/10
12.Don't Blame Me-cool song. Basically a generic rocker, but it's a decent song. 8/10
13.Party With The Animals-good song with catchy music. 8/10
Overall: This is no Black Sabbath Volume 4 or No Rest For The Wicked, but it's an okay release, it's just REALLY overrated. Try out anything with Ozzy in Sabbath, NRftW, Bark at the Moon, Ozzmosis, The Ultimate Sin, and DEFINATELY Speak of the Devil, they are all better
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on August 1, 2001
Ha! Ozzy was what, around 50 when he recorded this one? It sure don't sound like it, he's got more energy than most of the bands that are out there nowadays!! This was my first Ozzy record and it easily became my favorite. Mr. Tinkertrain is a great album opener, basically all the songs on this one are outstanding notably: Hellraiser, No More Tears, Desire, Mama, I'm coming home(great accoustic guitars!). Zack Wylde showed us even more of his talent on this one, and wowed us all with those great squeals and solos. Basically this is just feel good metal, tunes to rock out to, and that's exaclty what they do and you can tell Ozzy is having alot of fun and enjoyed making the album. Some people complain about the sound being too polished on this one, but what's wrong with that?! Well this was my introduction to Ozzy, and I was hooked from then on.
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