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No Place Like Soul
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:$11.98+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on March 28, 2008
I'm a big SOULIVE fan and I paid extra for the import version of this just to get it early. Let's just say I was upset listening to this CD for the first time. I usually skip over the vocal tracks on every other SOULIVE project. THERE ARE ONLY TWO TRACKS WITHOUT VOCALS. Both of those tracks are excelent especially "Bubble". I wasn't really feelin' the vocal cuts at all until I went to see them live. The live perfomance made me want to listen again. There are a few catchy songs on there like "One of Those days" and "Mary" but this project showcases vocals with SOULIVE as the backup.
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on November 4, 2007
This album is a slight departure from most of Soulive's catalog... They've added lyrics! If you are not a fan of Soulive having a singer, don't buy this album, you'll just be all sore and grumpy. If you appreciate everything that Soulive does (I do, except for Next), plunk down your money on this bad boy, bring it home, put on the stereo and sit back for some smooth, funky righteous tunes.... or something like that.
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on February 24, 2015
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on March 6, 2013
on this one, they really hadn't found themselves or their sound. noise, loud noise. more of a promotion than their usual hard driving soulful style
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on October 29, 2007
Picture the scene if you will. I'm in the Virgin Megastore in Times Square New York City, trying to meet my fix for Music (feening!) Whilst looking in the jazz section I find my self jigging along to the Cd being played in the back ground. Whilst seeking some advice from an employee of said establishment I asked' Who is this playing?' I was then directed to this CD. Whilst being one of the newer acts of the newly re-formed Stax label, I assume (wrongly) that this was their first CD. I really should have known better, as their playing sounds tight like a group that has been together for a while.
What of the CD itself. Just listening to it makes me yearn to hear these Boys live (Instrumental grooves like Outrage & Bubble really pour it on)
Now not being a long time fan, I can appreciate this CD on its own merits. As mentioned, the Instrumental Bubble & Outrage are a full blown out Soul-rock affair. Solid. What about the vocal cuts. Toussaint brings a reggae tinsed quality to the proceedings, which works. Favorites cuts on here: Callin', 'Don't Tell me' (the first toon that I dug on here) Bubble, Never Know, Morning Light, Comfort, Outrage. One of my finds of 2007.
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on August 8, 2007
I'm one of the newer fans to Soulive. Saw them at a concert a few months ago and was hooked. Didn't even realize Toussant wasn't an original member until I started to look for their past albums. I got turned onto the band from their new sound, and bought past albums and liked the uptempo funk/jazz sound also. Bands should always try to improve and experiment with their sound. As they progress, music in general progresses. The best bands make music b/c they love to play; not necessarily to sell as many records as possible (like all those 'pop' stars out there). Anyways, my favourites on this album are definitely 'Mary', 'Callin', and 'One of those Days'. I will admit, the instrumentals on this album are nowhere near as good as the ones on the past albums(Turn it Out, Doin Somethin, and Soulive are the best). The bands sound now definitely matches its name and I hope they make more albums like this. Vocals intermixed with instrumentals. Great job guys.
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on August 12, 2007
Before I begin, let's get one thing straight. A record review does not consist of comparing a live show to what you hear on wax, so to speak - two different animals. So we won't be doing any of that here. This is a studio recording, and because of that, we will be referencing other studio recordings for comparison and contrast. Hope that's not too difficult for some of you out there.

So, here we go:

After listening (check that, enduring) "No Place Like Soul", one can't help but wonder if Alan's ego has got the best of Soulive. Up until "Breakout", Alan's compositions took a backseat, but then he went the Playonbrother route and emerged with a penchant for turning out recycled textbook cookie-cutter "soul" grooves (see, "Freedom" on "Breakout", et al). "No Place..." takes this tired formula and runs with it, at the expense of the trademark Soulive sound.

Toussaint is a horrible vocalist, hands down. 80% of the time he sounds as if he's straining, struggling to stay on key. This indeed force-feeds the listener the rough-edged soul vocal template, but absolutely negates any of the expressive subtleties that defines a true soul singer (see Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, etc). Add to that the fact that the lyrics are contrived and uninspired, and one wonders if the band couldn't snag a really talented lead vocalist/lyricist (a la Reggie Watts) and settled upon a miscast Toussaint.

The grooves themselves lack any of the carefully harnessed energy, the meticulously placed explosions of improvisation, really the **urgency** that made their earlier work such a refreshing change from the norm.

I guess the best way I can describe this unfortunate experience is: boring, mailed-in.

Let's just chalk this up to Soulive's desperation to graduate from Indie darlings to mainstream box-dwellers. Better yet, let's just make believe this never happened and wait for the REAL follow-up to "Breakout" sometime in '08.

One star for the memories.
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on August 2, 2007
OK. Looks like I'm going to have to come to bat for the best band of all time. I have big beef with Amazon's review of this album. 1st of all, throughout the years Soulive's staple has always been their ability to change their sound yet retain their local fan base. Many fans have their preference. Some loved the oldschool trio material,others loved the sound that came about when horns were added and now they have a full time vocalist named Tousaint who in my humble opinion fits the trio like Willie Mays' glove. For the last couple of years they've been experimenting with sit-in vocalist. Artists like Chaka Khan,Ivan Neville,Reggie Watts,Goapele and one night for some super-lucky people in Los Angeles....Stevie Wonder jumped on stage to jamm a few precious minutes. For those that are new to Soulive I'll admit that this album might not come out and bite you right away but as any long-time fan would tell is a COMPLETELY different experience to hear them live. Neal Evans' organ/clavi/bass chops,Eric Krasno's guitar rifts and Alan Evans' tight pocket drumming are still killn'. I can absolutely garuntee that after you hear the new material live you'll be listening to this album over and over again.The sound is different no doubt but this is hands down their most complete album from top to bottom. Head to and check their tour schedule to see if they're shaking the walls at a club near you. Peace!
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on August 2, 2007
Soulive has wandered down a completely new and exciting path. The addition of vocals and carefully sculpted and structured songs is a major change from the deep and dirty funk these guys once brought to their live shows. But their talent and song writing ability shine through brilliantly. Rather than focusing on individual merits through solos this album shows the bands ability to blend with one another and to put out consistent modern soul music that still manages to stay true to both the roots of the band and the origins of soul music itself. There are a number of Standout tracks such as "Waterfall" "One of Those Days" and the openly sweet and sexy album closer "Kim" (Written and sung by the group's drummer Alan Evans). This record is going to be a shock for longtime Soulive fans who expect the usual funk from the group but those fans who are open to new musical experiences will find that the talent and energy that have become a hallmark of Soulive are present throughout. Pick this one up, lay back poor some wine and dig.
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on August 2, 2007
When I heard that Soulive was using a full time vocalist for this new album, I went into it with an open mind. As it turned out, they went completely astray from their traditional sound of raw, gritty and even unpredictable umtempo instrumental funk jazz. Other than a few nice cuts such as 'One of Those Days', 'Outrage', and 'Comfort'; the majority of this album sounds like plain old lounge singing you can find on a cruise ship. I can understand an artist or group wanting to change up it's sound once in a while to do something different, but this dosen't work for Soulive. (It did'nt necessarily work for Kelly Clarkson either). 'Breakout' had guest singing, but those songs were well placed, and they gave a nice flow to the album. I don't want to hear a whole Soulive album with guest vocals. I don't hate this album, however, these guys are way too good to put out junk like this. For their next album, they should really get back to basics, and re-establish the sound from their earlier albums that won over much of their fan base. 'Breakout', 'Turn it Out' and their self-titled live album are their best efforts to date. Bascially, if you're a hardcore Soulive fan like me and want to support their music, buy it. If you're expecting this to sound as good as any of their previous work, don't waste your money.
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