About No Snooping Allowed

Providing Privacy, Data &WiFi Protection Since 2014

No Snooping Allowed helps make wi-fi safe by protecting you from the harmful effects of radiation and securing your privacy and data from ‘Hackers, Thieves, Social Scum’ and warrant-less government spying. All of our products are handmade in the USA, with the spirit and love of liberty.

Our commitment is based on the belief that, 1> Warrantless NSA spying is unconsitutional. 2> Thieves who believe they have a right to your stuff should be offered no quarter and 3> People should be able to enjoy the benefits of WiFi devices wihout risking their health or privacy unnecessarily.

Protect yourself from hackers, thieves, social scum and warrantless government spying with No Snooping Allowed.

Founded in 2014 by Dan Latrimurti of Intentional Magic, LLC of Albuquerque and was inspired by the work of Constituional Attorney KrisAnne Hall who travels the country 265 days a year teaching the Constituion for free.