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on September 13, 2012
Season one of NOBLE INTENTIONS is a compilation of the first five episodes in this series. Each one is a perfect standalone story, but all are connected and help weave a tale of Jack's life, or at least this small snippet of it. You can't help but love Jack. Sure, he kills for a living, but he's good at it. And he knows when to draw the line. It's his weaknesses that makes him so relateable, and one of those weaknesses is the group of close friends he keeps around him. Each of the secondary characters in this book with grab at your heart and never get it back. This series is full of humor, action, suspense, emotion, and lots of surprises. There's really nothing in here not to like, and so it comes with the highest recommendation I can possibly give it. You'll fly through the first season and start begging for the second. And if season one is any indication, it'll be worth every agonizing second to wait for season two!
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on August 5, 2013
I realize the author has numerous books, so is already "successful". I, personally, won't be reading any more of the author's books, though. I love the premise, I love the characters, I love the writing style. I even loved the overall plots. Basically, there was only one thing I didn't like, but it pervaded the entire series and ruined it.

These criminal/political masters and overlords are, apparently, gods. They know everything, instantly, often with no explanation at all. A character drives across half the country (drives, no plane tickets, fake name [assuming the character was dumb enough to not pay with cash when gassing up, which I doubt]) to a farm in the middle of nowhere that NOBODY knows he's connected to, and the bad guys know? Almost instantly? Sure, it's POSSIBLE, but that is EVERY situation.

Every. Single. Time. Which no explanation of HOW (the GPS thing was finally a good start, although the bad guys just calling the company itself, giving them a unit number, and the company just gives these strangers a location? I don't think so), the bad guys know and also, magically, have somebody there. And it appears that EVERY organization is this all powerful, all knowing, magical, thaumaturgical entity.

The author writes very engagingly, and has created some really fun, really cool characters. Unfortunately, the "deus ex machina" plot devices made me feel like I was reading a childrens book, at times, some tweener's book that doesn't make sense in any way, but is still entertaining.
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on August 31, 2012
I found this series fully enjoyable. What's not to love? Jack is a complex guy with almost superhuman fighting skills who is compassionate, lovable, sexy and admirable even though he kills for a living! His longtime friend and associate "Bear" is on the scene when needed and is a remarkable and exciting guy. The girls in Jack's life make him human and show that he is capable of love. There is even a sweet little girl involved through no fault of her own that has captured everybody's love. I look forward to reading the next part of Jack's story and hope we don't have to wait too long to buy it. This book is a lot of enjoyment for the money! Ryan, a new author, has the talent to captivate a reader, keeping one turning the pages (so to speak) to see what happens next.
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on June 13, 2013
I started out liking the series, but the further I read, the more nonsensical the situations became--no matter where the characters find themselves, there is someone they have to beat up and/or kill...even people not involved in the overall story line. It reaches such a point of unbelievability that it just becomes gratuitous and empty.
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on July 18, 2013
I read 50% of this book then had to put it down to contain my frustration. 1 guy killing so many people, even those who had little relevance to the plot. Then his gal just out of surgery has the strength to take out one of the bad guys. Bad plot all around, shallow characters... it was like he wrote the book using Wikipedia for character development. I'm sorry I wasted my time on this one!
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on May 3, 2013
I love to be entertained. And L.T. Ryan kept me riveted for a week now. Non stop action from start to finish. Jack, Bear, and Clarissa make a great team of protagonists. I have read two of the Jack Noble books so far this week. And not once did I want to set it aside. But alas my wife did insist that I put it down while we ate. Started Season 2 this afternoon. Should be done before the weekend comes to a close. I sure do miss my youth when I read slowly, and a book could l last me at least a week. Here's to L. T. Ryan, Entertainer Extraordinaire.
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on June 10, 2013
So many books, so little time. It would be a shame to waste any of that time on this. Reads like a poorly crafted TV Pilot. A lot of disjointed action, pointless killing and shallow character developement.
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on September 1, 2015
I have yet to finish reading, but so far Noble Intentions to me is pedestrian; good guy, bad buy, assassin, killer, devoted woman, innocent child, blood and murder...all the ingredients of over-used, saturated themes. Writers and authors I believe are ruining the creativity and innovative style of storytelling with their inept, copied plotting and writing, trying to make a fast buck, gain unwarranted attention and celebrity.

I'm just one complainer. I hope more readers have enough insight to look for exciting, entertaining creative literature. That's what I look for. Perhaps I'll not finish reading Nobel Intentions. I know I'm going to start reading Paper Towns, perhaps that novel will pleasure me.

Update: 1/9/2016: Noble Intentions took me a while to read it since I was also reading two other books that interested me more. Once I start reading a book and find a few plot twists that interest me I usually finish reading it. This book was predictable with small pieces of originality to keep a reader slowly turning pages.

The main characters Nobel and Bear were way too pedestrian, way too tightly woven in a web of mundane, rudimentary storytelling. The action scenes were also way too silly and pretentious, and most of the secondary characters were just that, shallow and secondary. I guess I want too much passion and intelligence, creativity and believability from a novelist.

Short sentences that neither depict the emotions necessary, nor the proper words demanding my attention to make a more concise, entertaining sentence, and for that matter a paragraph, cuts the story short of being fabulous. I'm not writing about academia, I'm writing about a style of current American Literature, when writing complete sentences reveal plotting intrigue and depth, as well as character significance during the overall story. I didn't find any of that here, but yet I finished reading the book and was unsatisfied. Even the so-called cliff-hanger ending didn't encourage me to read the next Noble book.

Okay, I'm done with this. I usually don't go into the plot of a novel while writing a review, and I didn't with this one, however, I hope you found this sideline review helpful. Some people like reading silly mundane stories, and others don't. I don't. I gave this story 2 stars** because, it wasn't all THAT entertaining nor intelligent.
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on April 19, 2014
I am glad I got this book free as it was not worth paying for it. After reading about 50% I could not stomach any more killings for no reason other than someone got in his way. I don't know how anyone could enjoy all this violence I certainly didn't. I wish I had read further than the positive reviews before downloading it. I do not want to read any more from this author.
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on March 27, 2014
The reviews were all good, but to me this was just too graphic with torture. I couldn't read the whole book, it just turned my stomach. I much prefer a more humorous mystery. I won't be reading anymore of these novels by this author. He may be a very good writer, but his style is just not for me.
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