Customer Reviews: Noctua NH-D14 6 Dual Heatpipe with 140mm/120mm Dual SSO Bearing Fans CPU Cooler
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on September 6, 2010
This product oozes with quality. The instructions are good (not great) making the product easy to install. They could have done a tad better job at showing what the thermal grease should look like on the heat sink. Instead they mention the typical warning that too much of a good thing is bad. But how much is too much? It is nice that the grease tube comes w/enough grease for dozens of CPU mount/remounts. I used this cooler with the ASUS Rampage III Extreme mobo and a Coolermaster Sniper case. This cooler sits a bit too low for the optional ASUS active thermal module. But not that low that I couldn't trim the aluminum module so I could still use everything. The extra thermal grease came in handy as I needed to remove/re-apply grease to the ASUS thermal module that never had much to begin with. The fans are nicely labeled so you know the direction of airflow. I don't recall the instructions mentioning anything about getting the airflow moving the right way. At first I didn't notice the direction of airflow, but once I did, I had to remove the cooler and rotate it 180. I wanted warm/hot case air to be pushed outside the chassis. The fans are super quiet and the cooling is excellent. Overall, I am very happy w/this product!!
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on May 12, 2015
Managed to squeeze this bad boy in my 200r on my i4670 (locked, will get k version next upgrade) i went from gaming at max 70-74c to maxing 53-55c. One of the best air coolers without stepping up to water cooling.

Picture is of my stock intel cooler compared to the D14 with lighter for scale.
review image
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on March 14, 2015
Brought my cpu speeds down from 40c idle to 16c idle and when overclocked to 4.2 ghz from 3.4 ghz it idles at 23c.

Super quiet and looks like a beast.

Couldn't be happier with this.

As a side note make sure you have an incredibly large case or you probably not be able to make this work.
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on December 4, 2014
This is an awesome heatsink. It's huge and I put it in my ASUS Sabertooth 990FX Motherboard R2.0 with no problems. I left my system in my case and sitting up so I could get my left hand on the back of the pc case to hold on to the back plate to get 2 screws started and once I did that. It was easy to tighten down the heatsink with the fans removed. I had to take my heatspeaders off of my ram modules but no problem there. Just go nice and slow. I did not have to heat them at all. My ram is running fine without the spreaders. I plugged it up and rewired my system cables to get better air flow. When I fired up my system I was surprise how quiet my fans were. I wanted cool instead of silence....but I got both. It's really quiet compared to original fan. When I had it under a heavy workload. My system would give me the overheat warning and it would affect the speed of my pc. You could also hear the fan rev up and down trying to cool off the processor. Not anymore. I have a NZXT Phanthom enthusiast full ATX case. So no problem of heatsink hitting the side panel or having to leave it off. So you should have a big case, low profile ram and you will have no problems installing this cooler. And the Noctua NH-D14 heatsink is a bargain. Old temps were 32C (idle) to 65+C (load) and the new temps are 25C (idle) to 43C (load). Yeah, I'm loving it. I would recommend the product to any of my friends.
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on January 8, 2016
If you're on the fence about buying this for aesthetic reasons, let me tell you it's definitely worth it. I was extremely close to buying an AIO water cooler, but the question of reliability really bothered me. The size and ugly fan colors initially turned me away from this, but after much research I decided to give it a shot. This thing really is huge and the fans are pretty darn ugly, but it is absolutely worth it for the performance. After getting it installed, there really is just something sexy about it.

Anyway, before this I had a CM 212 Evo paired with my i7-6700k processor. I'm not sure if I applied too much thermal paste, but my idle temps were around 34C (which isn't terrible), but my load temps were around 79C. My PC isn't in the best room as far as ambient temperature, but it just seemed like those temps were too high. I ended up reapplying thermal paste on the Evo and still got similar results.

Initially, I wasn't expecting that much of an improvement with this Noctua, but WOW!!! My idle temps dropped to around 24C, and load temps fell to around 58-60C! Keep in mind that the fans run at full speed all the time on this as it doesn't come with PWM fans, but these things are near silent. While coolers like the Evo or AIO setups will rev up the fans relatively loudly to increase cooling, the D14 barely makes a peep. If you're gaming, your GPU fans will absolutely drown out any sound this thing makes.

Again, this thing is pretty big, so make sure it fits in your case before ordering. I have it in a Corsair Obsidian 450d and there are a few mm of clearance between the top of the 140mm fan and the window. Also, mine came with the fans installed backwards, where the "Noctua" stamping on the top of each heatsink would have been upside down. This wouldn't have been a big deal, but one heatsink extends a bit further than the other, so if I kept it upside down the longer side would have extended more into my RAM slots. I have some low-profile Corsair Vengeance LPX RAM so it wouldn't really have been an issue, but I reversed the fans and moved the anti-vibration bumpers into the correct position (with the "Noctua" stamping facing the correct direction.

Overall, if you can get over the size and the brown color scheme, this is probably the best air cooler on the market.
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on April 13, 2014
This is a great heatsink and I definitely recommend it, but I thought I'd give a few notes on my experience that might help potential buyers.

- First off, this thing cools incredibly well. In a hot room, with an iffily vented case, under full load I can't get my CPU above 50C. Perfect on that front.

- It should be obvious, but this thing is huge. I have a full sized tower and it barely fit inside, in fact I had to change the placement of one of my case fans on the side of the tower opposite the motherboard to make it fit. Measure twice and order once, I hate people on here complaining about the size of the thing. the stats are available people, do your research.

- Covers two of my ram slots. I'm using low profile ram, so this isn't an issue, but normal ram would have definitely been in the way. Check the website, and measure your machine to see if it is going to fit, again, the information is out there.

- Might not be great for a poorly vented case. This thing is big and created a mild dead spot under my CPU (right up against my GPU, not good). For ten bucks, a PCI slot fan completely fixed the problem, but I'd do a little thinking about your overall airflow before picking this up, it's like having a brick in the middle of your case.

- Not the world's easiest install after the system is already up and running. For a fresh build, this thing couldn't be easier, four nuts and some thermal paste. But, the sink weighs enough that a reinforcement is needed on the back of the motherboard, so it's necessary to pull the comp apart to the point where that is completely accessible. It's not a complicated job, but it's not super quick, and it's relatively dirty, but on the upside it's a great chance to clean out your entire PC, send your dog into sneezing fits, and cover your house with a super fine layer of dust.

- In my opinion, every single downside to this cooler should be completely obvious because of the design, so it's not fair to knock it for them. The only reason I bring them up is to help future buyers make a decision, this is a five star cooler, and a great way to keep your CPU going strong. I heartily recommend.
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on April 7, 2015
Incredible cooler, much larger than I expected but still fit in my mid size Cooler Master case. It sits over the RAM, so I had adjust the fan slightly but it's very easy to move up a bit for RAM with heat shields. Would recommend for anyone wanting to drop temps but no go water cooled yet.
review image review image
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on May 2, 2015
There are lots of reviews for this product. Its a well known and proven product in the enthusiast community.

That's why I bought two of these for an air cooled EVGA SR-2 project. These are large, twin tower heat sinks and they are very heavy. Opening the box you could tell much attention has been paid to all aspects of designing these coolers. All the parts you need to install them on a multitude of boards are included. Even the thermal paste was in the box.

In this case, they are installed on a pair of socket 1336 Intel Xeon 5670's. Installed both fans for each cooler using a Y-Splitter on the mother board CPU fan headers. The system is being tested at stock speeds right now ensuring stable performance. Idle temperatures are 27C-28C in an ambient 26C room. Running Prime95 for thirty minutes saw the temperatures rise to 45C-46C. This is in line with the performance most reviews have recorded.

Sound is negligible as I can't hear the Noctua fans over the case fans. Great performance and quiet. Very pleased so far.

Soon, I'll push this system to 4+ GHz. I'll update the review once achieved.

Update: <a href=""><img src="" alt="PassMark Rating" border="0" ></a>
review image
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on November 12, 2014
I swapped out my Corsair H100i (which totally sucks by the way) for this product due to temperatures reaching past 100C during stress tests. in a nutshell... this product is genuinely amazing. I'll list out the pros and cons:

-Packaging is clean and organized and comes with a great thermal paste.
-Easy install. Instructions are simple and straight-forward
-Cooling performance is top-notch... it dominates liquid coolers easily
-Perfect fitting with thermal paste evenly spread. The product has screw springs that serve to SECURELY fix the plating to the CPU and in this process helps squash and spread the thermal paste evenly across the surface.
-Quiet. It is so much quieter compared to liquid coolers
-Cheaper. The price point is anywhere between 15%~30% cheaper than liquid coolers of similar performance
-Less room for errors. The design is simple and straightforward... there is almost no way the product can fail. Liquid coolers can mess up in so many areas (e.g. coolant leak, pump failure, difficult placement in casing, plate to CPU connection, too many plugs/wires)

-It is big. The 120mm fan would touch my ram sticks so I ended up taking it off and using it as a top case exhaust fan (push configuration). But I honestly the cooling with just one fan is still freaking amazing, plus the 120mm fan still serves a purpose. Make sure your RAM sticks are compatible (check on their website).

Overall I highly recommend this over liquid coolers.. my temps are at 28~30C idle. At 100% loading my temps are at 61C max... Using a H440 case as reference.
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on February 17, 2013
While I love this heatsink and it is a big step up from the coolermaster hyper 212 evo, It block my RAM slots (2 of the 4). This is the only thing I wish I had thought about before I bought my RAM. It is no fault of the noctua nh-d14 heatsink but when I upgraded I didnt forsee the issues with corsair vengeance RAM and the height issue. So rather than run a system with 32gb I am forced to run a system with 16gb. Not a big deal since 16 gb is all you need anyhow but I could have saved $80 dollars on RAM had I known. This heatsink keeps my CPU cool, 44C at 100% load for 15 mins makes me pretty happy and considering I cannot get it to that point without a application like prime 95 or the burn in test I was quite pleased. I dont really overclock but I still wanted to gauge the cooling of this heatsink at stock settings. I am very pleased with this heatsink, just wish I could swap my RAM out for low profile RAM.
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