Customer Reviews: Le Noise ( Exclusive)
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on December 15, 2010
16x9 1080p/192khz 24 Bit 2.0 Sound/39 Minutes/Menu/Credits/No Extras

Whoa, what a great Blu-ray to show off your home theatre system! Neil continues to rock with Daniel Lanois adding some sonic effects to the music. This Blu-ray version of course blows away the audio quality of the audio cd. I would have liked to see some extras, but I'll enjoy this for years to come.

Its just Neil, Solo, Electric and Rockin'!

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on January 2, 2011
There are plenty of reviews here that break down this album track-by-track, so I'll spare you my opinion. The Blu-ray version is encoded with a linear PCM 192/24 bit stereo (only) soundtrack. The 180-gram vinyl version, with that analog warmth that vinyl junkies love so much, (might) still be the best, but this Blu-ray comes extremely close to being its equal. In some respects (dynamic range, separation, low frequency extension, etc) it surpasses the vinyl, and fans will appreciate the film of Neil playing along in D.L.'s home studio. The video quality contrasts with the hi-rez audio; it's purposely grainy in places and mostly B&W, with a few "trippy" color effects...and somehow it fits the feel & sound of the music perfectly. In other words, it's enjoyable, but not reference demo material. There are no other "special features" of any kind, but most fans that buy this release will be doing it for the (superb) audio anyway. In my only major gripe, the disc itself, like many of Young's recent releases, slips into the thin cardboard sleeve with no protection of any kind, and although Blu-ray is far more resistant to scratching than CD, it can still happen. Once inserted, the disc is awkward to remove, and that means fingerprints as well. The packaging seems an after-thought, and if Blu-ray Audio is ever going to "make it" improvements need to be made...and prices MUST drop.
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on November 25, 2011
If you are buying this because you want higher-resolution audio, i.e., the 24-bit, 96 kHz tracks this claims to have, you will be very disappointed. I checked, and it is anything but. I put a customer image of an Audacity-produced FFT spectrum up so you can see for yourself. With Neil Young expounding upon the virtues of high-resolution music, I find this more than simply a disappointment. It is a misrepresentation.

This is one of his best albums, and I would give the CD five stars.
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on November 4, 2013
Let me say this, I'm a die hard Neil YOUNG fan for decades (no pun intended). From After the Gold Rush to Le Noise and everything in-between. One of the many NY shows that i would like to share with everyone is one of the most memorable is, I remember being at a Theatre Concert Downtown 14th St, NYC in the early 70's, where Neil said twice to hush up during the show. Once he seemed to be a little upset over the audience making too much noise. "Please be quiet, you won't hear the acoustics." That became a lasting joke whenever Neil came on the radio. Allyson Steal The Night Bird on 102.7FM.
The second hush came after someone walked on stage from backstage with a note, "the war is over! There had to be a dozen of us there for the show. "RIP" guys. I really miss the ones of the gang that aren't with us anymore. "I sing the song because I love the man. I know that some of you won't understand" Back then life, well we all had it, never thinking about tomorrow.
Back to Neil. If you are an extremely electric NY fan, this one is like no other. When nobody is home I really crank it up. Only for the EXTREME NY FAN.
Just a zNY
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on January 30, 2011
Every project that Daniel Lanois (DL) has ever touched met with harsh criticism from those dyed-in-wool fans who've expected a more-of-the-same release from their favorite artist - not that Neil is one who is prone to recording more-of-the-same sound or material. Still, when DL got his chance to work with Emmylou and 'Wrecking Ball' was released (coincidentally, Neil's song gave the LP it's title), it was a magical pairing that yielded her the 1995 Grammy for best for Best Contemporary Folk Recording. DL went on to wrap a new sound around Bob Dylan's songs and voice that won Mr. D THREE Grammy's including Album of the Year for 1997's 'Time Out of Mind'. All this, after hatching, with 1987's 'Joshua Tree', THE U2 sound that put Bono and company on the map for keeps - another Album of the Year Grammy produced by DL. Oh ... and let's not forget Robbie Robertson's self-titled 1987 solo debut after splitting from The Band- another wonderful interpretation by DL of a great talent - a new sound is created around an old talent. Robertson's 'Somewhere Down the Crazy River', 'Fallen Angel' and 'Showdown at Big Sky' remain among some of Robbie's best solo work.

So Neil gets in touch with DL, tells him he would like to work with him, see what happens. DL jumps at the opportunity ! It is evident from the video that Neil and DL both loved every minute of it - fercriesake, Neil moved into DL's house and lived there for the duration of the recording of the LP ! DL put together a new acoustic amp/pickup/guitar just for Neil to use for this LP ! And I'm pretty sure that 'LeNoise' will not be the last that we hear from this guitar .... it's probably hanging out in the Redwoods right now .... alongside 'Old Black' and 'Hank'.

It's a great CD ! A fresh sound .... a new sound ... with an edge ! It's Neil - it's what he does! It's Lanois - helping Neil define it and do it ! It's a collaboration ! It's 'Le Noise' !!!!!
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on December 19, 2010
A great region free disk. (I am in NZ, so I needed it to be!)
If you want to check out the music first, the entire film is on Youtube, but of course that can't compare to the audio quality mastered on the disk.
And at least I waited until the product came out, before submitting a review, unlike some others on this page.
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on August 12, 2012
I just saw the new Neil Young film "Journeys"(Directed by: Jonathan Demme)so I was already familiar with some of the songs on this Blu-ray. In my opinion this is some of Neil Young's best new music to come out in a while. I highly recommend the Blu-ray or DVD to get the full impact of this collection of songs. It's a little short(somewhere around 41 min.)but all music. There is no extra content like you sometimes get with Blu-rays, but I think extra content would have lessened the films impact. I can't say if the Blu-ray is better than the DVD, but I thought the quality of the picture and sound was very good on the Blu-ray. After watching the Blu-ray several times I came back and purchased the Le Noise music CD. Although the CD is the same music it probably will not have the same impact if you haven't seen the film. This is not Neil "After the Gold Rush", but where he is today. I feel these songs are from the heart, and if you have enjoyed the journey so far, I think you will enjoy Le Noise.
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on February 22, 2015
Take Neil Young's awesome signature electric guitar sound, then add really tasteful and artistic digital mixer effects, and a suitably peculiar performance situation, and if you are lucky, what you get is... this.
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on February 8, 2013
I picked up this video because I am more of a lanois fan than a young fan. I appreciate neil young's frankness as an artist, I like his voice. I became familiar with lanois when he worked with U2. if you liked the Achtung Baby album from U2, the saturated unworldly sounds, then you might find this album interesting. While neil sings about life, love and the state of the world Lanois trys to punctuate the songs with mood through distortion and tweeking of guitar signals and vocals WHILE THE SONG IS BEING PERFORMED LIVE with possible overdubs later.

interesting if you like audio/performance experiments...sometimes moving other times puzzling.
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on June 15, 2011
Neil Young is such a fabulous songwriter that his talents with a guitar can get overlooked. This album should change that. Neil has done a lot of beautiful solo acoustic work in the past, but this is something entirely different. Neil's guitar work is so rich and textured that you can't hear this as simply a solo guitarist. The great thing about this video is that seeing is believing. Lanois's production turns this beautiful noise into art. I know Neil will head in an entirely different direction now, and I admire and appreciate that aspect of his career, but I'm glad he and Lanois found each other at this time and place and created this amazing soundscape.
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