Customer Reviews: Nokia Lumia 520 (AT&T Go Phone) No Annual Contract (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on August 12, 2014
It's my first smart phone, and I have no complaints, other than the relative lack of apps vs. iPhone or Android. It's good for what it is, an upgrade for my old Pantech GoPhone. I use WiFi almost exclusively for data, so I don't pay 25 cents/minute unless I absolutely have to. It's not a phone for hipsters, but it gets the job done - it's got great GPS, and the lack of a front-facing camera keeps me from looking stupid taking selfies. On top of that, I only paid 50 bucks for it, and prepaid costs me just 25 bucks every 90 days.
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on November 24, 2013
Best bang for the buck cell phone on the market. I refused to pay for data, so when this phone became available I jumped on it and switched my pre-paid gophone and plan to this phone. I cut my monthly minutes cost in half by using wifi and skype $3 a month unlimited calling. Bought a sim cutter to cut my sim card to micro sim size and use my existing number and adapter to switch between. All the free apps and offline gps stuff is gravy to me.
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on August 23, 2014
I'm sitting here and after twenty minutes I'm still waiting for this thing to download an update. I had to reset the phone and loose all my data and pics because it decided to quit getting on the internet. Customer service was a joke. After arguing with the idiot that answered the call he had me set up a outlook account so I could move my data to the cloud which I tried to explain that if I couldn't access the internet how would I upload my data to the cloud, duh! I ended up manually re-entering all my contacts, lost my pictures and videos and patience. I do not advocate buying this phone.
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on December 20, 2013
My background...
I've used webOs (palm pre), iOS (iPhone 3GS, 4), android (Nexus 4, 5), and now the windows 8 (Nokia Lumia 520). I'm now on a prepaid plan (Straight Talk) and won't go back to a contract. I am a techie, and have used many desktop OS's as well (OSx, win 95, 2000, xp, Vista, 7 & 8, ubuntu, unix, etc). I bought this as a backup phone to my Nexus 5.

What is good about this phone?
+ inexpensive (I paid fifty dollars without a contract)
+ decent battery life
+ good, crisp display
+ live tiles update clearly
+ removable/replaceable battery
+ micro SD card can expand memory

What is bad about this phone?
- Windows Phone 8 isn't as refined an OS as iOS or Android (e.g. the resizing of tiles/icons is somewhat limited vs Android's widgets; and iOS is still the most intuitive OS on the market)
- Small catalog of Windows Phone apps is missing some "basic" ones (e.g. no Feedly, no alternative English keyboards such as Swiftkey, ...)
- Unified inbox for email is quirky and not intuitive
- no front camera (if you need selfies and/or video calls)

What is good or bad depending on who's asking?
= smaller screen, but not so small you can't see things
= small amount of standard memory (for those who install videos or tons of songs; for business folks it isn't as much an issue)

This is a good phone for you if you:
1. Want a starter smartphone
2. Are looking for a backup smartphone
3. Have limited requirements for functionality
4. Are looking to spend a small amount and get good value
5. Are looking for a way to tiptoe into Windows Phone 8
6. Don't want to cry if you lose it or break it
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on August 5, 2014
This phone worked fine for 3 months, then battery would not charge. Bought a new battery on Amazon, it would not charge. I don't understand the positive reviews of this phone. To return this would cost me more than it's worth. Buyer beware.
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on December 24, 2014
Nokia always made incredible phones in terms of hardware and software and I was really sorry to see them lose market share to the point of going out of business. Nokia voice quality beats anything that is out there on the market today. Microsoft's purchase has kept them alive and this is an incredible piece of hardware for the price. As many have noted, although AT&T won't like to publicize it, this phone can be operated without a Sim card. You won't be able to make phone calls or get cellular data, but it is an incredible value as a Wi-Fi only tablet, music player, real GPS with GPS chip device, email reader, camera and so much more. Insertable Sim card, replaceable battery, it's great. Given the choice between spending $600 to $900on an iPhone or $25 on this, the decision was easy for me. The only issue with this phone is Microsoft and their updates. The actual OS is fine and reasonably intuitive. However, when I plugged this phone in, it updated itself to Windows 8.1, which just like a PC easily took a couple of hours. I then downloaded maps for the entire United States for the GPS app, and that took nearly 4 hours. iOS and android Devices do not operate like PCs in this weird Microsoft your time has no value way. Now that the phone is up and running, it is amazing and I would highly recommend it. If you want to save some money, want a really good phone which wont cause you to have a heart attack if you drop and crack it, and also have a day's time to waste, this phone, along with it's more expensive siblings, is a great value.
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on November 25, 2013
This phone, considering the current selling price (69.99$), is worth more than the money spent on it. Here are the reasons why:

1. Its a smart phone and comparable with any smartphone out in the market. Not just in the price range of $100 but with those sold for $200-300. The windows app store is not right there with apple or android app store but it offers most of the commonly used apps such as Pandora, you tube, whats app, wechat, Facebook, Google maps, etc.
2. Nice and smooth browsing experience. Its just $70 and it makes you feel like you have a high end phone.
3. The Nokia apps for GPS and music are freaking awesome. Music browsing features and associated options are very user-friendly. Nokia music app lets the user to create his own music mixes while also letting the user to download up to four mixes which can be used offline. Isn't it awesome, huh?
4. Storage: This phone comes with 8 GB on-board storage capacity, which is good for storing as many apps that a regular person could use. Moreover, it supports micro SD cards up to 64 GB, which is humongous to store loads of music.
5. The only thing i would have preferred to have is a high capacity battery. This phone is equipped with a 1430 mAh battery which could last no more than one day. I wish it had a higher capacity battery, and wouldn't have regretted paying $15-20 for that. But, given the price, battery is good too.

Verdict: 4.5/5, and the deduction of 0.5 is for the lack of satisfactory battery life. Overall, i really like the phone. I purchased $150-200 worth phones before and no phone had given me a better experience than Nokia Lumia 520.
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on February 5, 2014
After reading several reviews for the Nokia Lumina 520 we purchase one new in September 2013. For the most part the reviews were spot on... a decent phone for an excellent price... all was good and no complaints.

However, 3 months into our purchase the on/off button stopped working. Took the phone to At&T store nearby who forwarded us to the AT&T warranty dept. They acknowledged that the phone needed to be replaced but even on a 3 month old phome they replace it with a "Remanufactured" one. Not so Great! They assured me the replacement would be as "good as new."

A week later Phone #2 arrived. Right out of the box it had an issue...The phone would completely shut down and restart whenever a text was sent. Back to At&t Store and again we were put in touch with the AT&T warranty dept. Again they acknowledged that the phone needed to be replaced. After spending 30 minutes with the representative begging for a "new " phone, the only thing they "could" do is send out a remanufactured device.

A week later Phone #3 arrives. It seems to work fine but a week into using we noticed the battery was being depleated even when it was turned off. Back to AT&T. This time warranty sent out a new battery hoping to resolve the situation. It did not. Trip #4 to the At&T store. By now I enter the store and I feel like Norm on "Cheers" everyone knows my name. This time I let a store represenative help me with the warranty people. As in the past we were offered a remanufactured device. I refused. They told me at first this was my "only" option. I told them I wanted a differnt phone altogether. They told me they could not do that. After having the store rep speak to the warranty people they offered me a $29 slider phone as a replacment. What a joke! After 45 minutes on the phone they finally offered an LG Optimus G. We took it.

So you as a buyer haved a decision to make. Do you take your chances on the Nokia 520. Sure we could have had a run of bad luck and gotten 3 bad phones out of 3. I am not sure of the odds on that but it seems to me like more than bad luck and more likely a qualtiy control issue with Nokia. Further, I can assure you that you do not want to deal with the AT&T warranty dept. My experience is that they could care less about you as the customer... it is all about the bottom line and giving the customer the least they can get away with.

My adivce would be to at the very least look at other phones. Sure the Nokia Lumina 520 is tempting but I can tell you that in the long run it was not worth the trouble for me.
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on August 13, 2014
This is an amazing phone for the price point. No iPhone is this cheap, not even old models like the 3Gs or 4- and no Android phones for the same price are this high-quality.
The Lumia 520 is a superb budget device; it does have a few tradeoffs, such as the lack of a front-facing camera (no video chat). Also, this phone only packs 512MB of RAM, which means that some resource-intensive apps aren't available. I haven't noticed a major problem with my phone's app selection. The integrated apps such as Office are major value adds.
The 520 is also one of the first Windows Phones to get the Lumia Cyan/Windows Phone 8.1 update, which adds a slew of features such as voice assistant Cortana (Yes, the Cortana from Halo), notification center, and tile backgrounds, to name a few. The performance is a little rough switching between apps (you'll see "resuming..." text a lot), but never anything that ruins the experience. Overall, this is an awesome phone. I highly recommend it. Oh, and don't let the 8GB storage worry you; with the 8.1 update, you can now install apps as well as music and videos on microSD cards, adding up to 64GB of storage space.
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on February 27, 2014
Bought 3 phones for my family before thanksgiving, was initially very happy.

Then one phone dead on Dec., Nokia has a yr. warranty to cover this model. But their service center in TX returned my phone without any repair for a very unacceptable faked reason "physical damage/fluid" before yr. end holidays starting. Reported to Nokia customer service & was escalated # of times, still receiving no call back forever. Finally, complained through BBB number of times, still they didn't repair but provided a replacement.

Now, another phone has a on/off issue - stay ON but cannot be turned off. Searching internet, people talking about its sudden dead & its common button switch issue.

So why Nokia Service Center in TX had no clue how to fix the issue, appearing they have service competence issue, or........ maybe rushing to clear the inventory before long holidays & selected not to bother fixing it?

Update 10/21/14
2nd phone had a on/off button issue & was fixed by Nokia. Now, the 3rd phone has a dead display but out of warranty. My other old LG smart phone android 2.2 still working as today, has been traveled to different countries.

Bought 3 Nokia 520 phones, 1 phone couldn't be fixed by Nokia, 1 phone had on/off button issue, now 3rd phone has a dead display but able to hear start up sound. Definitely no Nokia recommendation for anybody.
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