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on July 22, 2013
The Windows platform is a nice change from the traditional Android or Apple phones. I am a TMobile subscriber so bought the unlocked phone. Didn't like that it has AT&T printed on the screen in the upper right hand corner, but LOVE that I can remove all of the pre-installed AT&T apps!! Most phones, you are stuck with whatever apps they load for you and you can't get rid of them. Not a problem on this phone. Also, this was my first experience with an on-screen keyboard. I have always stuck with phones with a full QWERTY keyboard for texting because I hated how small the keys are on-screen, but this one is perfectly spaced and large enough so I dont make typos! Oh, and when I do make a typo (especially in texting) it has spell-check AND auto-corrects some of the words for me!! Phone is very easy to navigate and works great!! I love it!!
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on June 29, 2013
I bought the phone and it was nice but has one problem that my husband did not like. It did turned off and didn't wanna turn on when somebody was calling. So I ruterned the phone. I did ask the seller to send me a new one and they did - but it was the same phone - it even had my baby's picture which we took the first time we used the phone to see the quality of camera - and charger was folded the same way I did it and did not have plastic covers and black cover from front and back of the phone were put there for the second time for sure. But they stil keep telling me it was a new phone. So please buy the phone but NOT from this seller - because the phone is good but service is awfull. And they refunded money but took 10% off the price I paid originaly because they say it was a new phone!!!!
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on May 22, 2012
The product is perfect and admirable to have, but selling it under AT&T is a dupe in the sea. Nobody would wanna buy this phone locked under AT&T with there way of business. Just sell it UNLOCKED with NO CONTRACT and let the customer choose his/her own service provider.
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on January 20, 2017
Okay so I'm not going to lie I have never been the biggest fan of Windows products however I had heard some good reviews on the phones so I opted to get one. The truth is I actually switched back to android after getting this phone because it does have a good amount of issues. Now don't get me wrong I got some good use out of this phone and I didn't despise it however I wasn't the biggest fan of it either. So before i get into the bad i'm going to mention the good because I feel good news should come before bad. So the first great thing about this phone is how sleek and nice looking it is. This is a sexy looking phone and it feel nice in the hand when surfing the web, texting, and calling; it's a nice phone to handle. It's also pretty reliable, I won't lie I drop my phones sometimes (who doesn't? if you say you don't you're a liar) and this phone has never cracked a screen or stopped working, worst thing that's happened is the case gets scuffed. Call quality is crystal clear and it's never dropped a call not even when I've been out hiking, the call quality on this phone is fantastic. The phone's LCD screen is also immensely beautiful and images and videos are in perfect HD resolution, the speaker is also surprisingly loud even though it's pretty small.

Now this phone earned the nickname "The Stormtrooper" for being immensely tough and resilient against breakage, however I feel much like Stormtroopers it misses it's shots on a lot and I mean a lot of points which gives me pause on ever buying one again. The first big issue isn't even a functionality problem more of a Windows problem. If you're an app person just walk away because Windows doesn't even have a quarter of the apps that Apple and Android have, in fact the amount of apps that this phone supports is almost comically small and laughable. The only two real social media platforms that this phone supports is Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is nonexistent (they offer a beta version but some phones don't support it and it's pretty broken) and snapchat is off the radar. As an alternative some users have created "portal" type versions of these apps that allow you to sort of connect to the social media platform you want however they are not very user friendly. The second biggest issue is the battery life on this phone, so while it boasts a whopping 7 hours of calling that is only true if that's all you do on this phone. If you surf the web, text, call, use Facebook, etc. You will be lucky to get 5 hours out of the phone before the battery saver function cuts your fun short and gives you a 30% battery life warning. The biggest problem with the battery isn't even the life span but the fact that it is an integrated part of the phone that cannot be accessed. The battery is a permanent part of the phone's internal working and cannot be switched out at all, one thing I like about other phones is the option to change your battery out because the batteries are removable however that isn't an option here since the battery pack cannot be removed. The third issue is that this phone does NOT support micro SD cards AT ALL nor can it be made to. This phone actually has an internal storage with no option for external storage so unless you upload your photos to Window's version of the Cloud (which is 100% permanent and cannot be taken down i might add so beware what you post) you will lose all of your vacation pictures and selfies if your phone were to ever gonk out. I got about a good year of use out my Lumia 900 before the phone finally gonked but I personally believe that there are better options for phones out there. All in all I didn't hate my Lumia but I probably will never purchase this phone again given the amount of setbacks it has. Now don't take my word for it try the phone yourself and for all you know you may love it. For me personally however I was not a fan of this phone.
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on May 28, 2013
I got my phone on Saturday after reviewing the customer reviews on here, and youtubing the phone demonstrations I couldn't find any issues, of course until after I got it.. I went to tmobile and had my SIM card cut down for free so that was easy. I played with it all weekend and it worked great until I left my house and tried to use my data plan for internet and send pictures.. I went back to tmobile to see if they could set it up for me and they couldn't. the guy said, "oh didn't anyone tell you our 4G data plans don't work on unlocked phones." And handed me back the phone. I of course found out from the tmobile website that they have a code or a series of APN and MMS codes to use, but I tried that and it still didn't work.. So now I'm waiting for my job's IT guy to come back from vacation to figure this out for me.. Other wise I love the phone and I'm just sending pictures if I want to by email. The camera features are great and my wifi connection is pretty fast. I can't think of anything else I've come across other than that.. It's not the end of the world that I can't use my data plan while out and about or get any MMS messages.. I'll survive.. Hopefully my work guy can figure it out and then I'll be completely happy.
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on August 29, 2013
Only thing I don't like about this one is camera. Other than that, after going through two updates via pc (no over the air update available), it's smooth, fast, and awesome. However, I don't know why Zune music is displayed instead of Xbox music even after updating the phone. Because of this , I can't use xbox music pass. Other than that, 16gb is plenty, (I had problems with LG L9 because it came with only 4GB, hard to install apps). No microSD though. I refuse to pay $700 for a phone. This is perfect. THere are many windows apps. I only use navigation, yelp, kindle, flixter, and audible so it's great. Oh and the GMail is not accessible, there is no app for it, you have to go to the browser. Bluetooth works great with my car. I canceled Rhapsody because Rhapsody on windows phone, at least this one, is slow and lagging. So I uploaded music tracks and the navigation for music is better than android apps I used before. Battery life is descent too. Phone is a lot heavier than say, LG Optimus L9 but have a stronger built feel than Lumia 521. I returned 521 due to volume button defect and freezing. It's funny because 521 had microSD and xbox music. Too bad button stopped working, 521 is cheaper too. But anyway I like this phone.

PS: It came in AT&T packaging even though it advertised as Unlocked GSM. Phone also has AT&T logo on it. I am under TMobile. Anyway it works and I like windows better than android in terms of getting rid of default network provider's apps easily since I am on T Mobile. With an android phone, this would be impossible, at least the android phones I've used. For example, I tried hard to get rid of at&t apps on my Motorola phone when I switched to TMobile but I couldn't.
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on July 1, 2013
I purchased this phone after carefully researching my next phone purchase. I was tired of Boost and Virgin Mobile and the terrible service they provide and their watered down phones. Don't believe anyone who tells you the phones manufactured for these prepaid services are the same ones that are released to contract carriers. I had the EVO on Virgin Mobile and Samsung Galaxy on Boost and they were nothing like the same phones given to my friends from contract carriers. You get what you paid for.
After receiving this phone I can truly say it is one of the best purchases I have ever made. I am as left leaning liberal as they come and it pains me to give the thumbs up to a major corporation, but the fact of the matter is that Nokia is a superior company to Samsung and HTC and AT&T invented the phone and has the largest 4G network. So when combined these two companies have created an untouchable product. This is my first windows phone and I can say that the OS is unbelievable. People choose Apple and Android b/c they are inherent Microsoft haters. However Microsoft powers the world whether they like it or not. This phone works smooth and the screen and looks are top notch. It never hangs or needs rebooting and the features actually work the first time you click them. The back button on Android is a joke there is no telling where it is taking you. When you press the back button on this phone, you go back to the previous screen. Isn't that a notion??? The camera is not the best in the world even though it is a name brand camera, but for goodness sakes it is a phone - who cares. I have also read the reviews that say the phone is "locked" to AT&T and this is not true. Yes it says AT&T on it but it works on any GSM network. Not too mention, I put it on AT&T's Go Phone prepaid plan so I am getting 4G LTE unlimited talk and text for $60 per month, and they sell the prepaid cards at a million stores and gas stations and you can setup your account online and AT&T even takes e-checks. I am done with the empty Android promises, locking phones, freezing screens, and inferior battery life that the Boost and Virgin Mobile phones provide. I don't even have to charge the phone every day and I talk over 5000 minutes per month. I will admit there are some apps like Mapquest and Google Maps that I miss from my android phone and AT&T charges for their navigation service. I will also admit the screen is no where near as brilliant as an I Phone or Galaxy or even the upper end Nokia. But I will gladly trade that for a phone that works everywhere and that does not freeze every five minutes. And I have invested $200 in the phone and I am paying $720 a year for 4G service on a great network and I don't have a contract and I can still sell this phone on Amazon a year from now for $100 or $150. Compare that with spending $500 or more and having a contract and spending $100 per month for unlimited. There is no comparison. I do regret I could not afford the Lumia 928 but for what I am getting I am grateful.
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on June 15, 2013
Omg! I so love my Nokia Lumia!Better than my android.I was a die hard fan of samsung galaxy but now am head over heels with windows phone platform.
I gave it 4 stars because of just how hard it is to get it set up.It took me forever to :
1.Get my new windows live account verified.I kept getting an error to check my inbox to veirfy my account and no link to this day has ever arrived in my live account to verify it.That's a downside to Microsoft.After a little googling I realized it is not an isolated case.When you first sign up put an alternate email (gmail,yahoo) instead of phone for verification.The verification takes forever to arrive but once you get it you are good to go and download your apps.
2.Set up the the phone to receive and send pictures!I am on one of those cheaper phone networks AKA SIMPLE mobile.There are no clear instructions anywhere on how to set up the phone to receive data and picture messages(supposedly simple mobile/T-mobile says they have no way to set i up).I almost returned the phone because of this but lo and behold again google came to the rescue.After a few clicks and trial and error:before you do anything download the Nokia app :"Network Setup" follow instructions for the other windows phones.Also under settings--> Cellular---apn=simple
3.Haven't been able to pair with my Honda CRV bluetooth Hands free link yet.Honestly I haven't been in the car long enough to fight this battle so this may just be a user error.
Besides the above the organization of the phone is just awesome.Fits perfectly in my jeans pockets.Haven't had issuses with the battery going out (and am on it 24/7).I go a full day without recharging unlike my samsung had to do it every half a day.Having everything in one place makes collaboration and keeping up with my peeps a breeze.I have to add the price I got from Bayshine store was a steal!Go get the phone!Windows is on a good track.
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on September 16, 2013
My order was fulfilled by TABLET DISTRIBUTORS without incident. This is an AT&T phone it has their logo on the front and on the boot up screen. I am using it with no problems on prepaid T-Mobile no data service. This phone is a little heavier than I expected from a plastic phone. It can be updated to WP 7.8 but not any further. The update process wasn't exactly easy, but it's doable.

For my purposes the battery makes it through about 10 hours, between recharges.
On the downside since it can't be upgraded to WP 8.0 there is no way for you to transfer music to it without a cable and the Zune software, which isn't as bad as I feared, but still annoying. The Bluetooth pairing works well with my 2013 Subaru and my Panasonic home phone.

It syncs with your google account for contacts ok, but numbers with a custom label are not synced, unfortunately.
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on July 16, 2013
This phone really made me happy. I wanted to save money so I went with an unlocked on a pay as you go plan. The WP7.8 is great. It does take a little setting up to get the best results. I am getting a lot more out of it than I got from my Iphone. The screen is a great size the candy bar shape Is great in your hand. The weight is perfect for me does not feel like a piece of plastic. The speaker on the phone is better quality than the Iphone. The music quality is good and the nokia specific windows phone apps are really good particularly the Nokia Music and the City Lens. I will mention although this is no reflection on the phone itself that the number of apps available did not match the iphone but I can still use my browser to access some of the missing banking apps. The accessories are resnobly priced also.
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