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on June 2, 2015
League of Evil is a faithful take on the 80s/90s NES & SNES platform games. It reminds me a lot of MegaMan and other similar games (ahh the good o' days). The premise of the game is simple - the world is being threatened by this League of Evil comprised of evil scientists. Your job as a special agent is to navigate through treacherously charming 8-bit graphics terrain (with an equally nostalgia-inducing 8-bit soundtrack), picking up what I think are suitcases of secrets before punching the crap out of the evil scientist at the end of each level.

On-screen virtual buttons are used to control your secret agent. Your left thumb controls left or right, while your right thumb has two buttons - A for punch/kill and B for jump. You can tap B twice to double jump. The control works okay, but it doesn't offer the feedback or the precision of actual physical buttons. Also, the agent moves a bit too frantically, basically a little too sensitive to the left/right control. Overall, it's a workable solution, but it's definitely tricky and will require some time to get a feel for it.

Graphics & Sound
Old school 8-bit graphics, music and sound effects. Nicely done and definitely nostalgia-inducing.

The game has the usual Flurry and Amazon Insights analytics, which are probably harmless since their main purpose is to allow the developer gain insight to how well the app is performing. However, it does include Chartboost, which is an in-app ad provider. It might be leftover code from the free version that's available on Google Play. I didn't encounter any ad while playing.

The permissions required aren't too bad. The internet access most likely is used for the link that takes you to the developer's other games.

Overall, League of Evil is an entertaining take on the old school 2D platform genre. It'll definitely bring back some memories if you played those games back in the day. It does look like the developer has stopped working on this app - there hasn't been any updates since early 2013. Nevertheless, it's a fun little game as is and definitely worth checking out.
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on June 2, 2015
League of Evil is another platformer presented in bite-size levels, in which you have to use your reflexes to dodge obstacles & kill enemies to pass them. It is very similar to Shadow Blade which I reviewed a few days ago.

You control your character using on-screen buttons. There are no alternate methods. Response is generally good although it would be better if we could adjust the positions of the buttons, and have the option of tactile feedback. Bouncing up & down walls might take some getting used to too. The graphics are retro 8-bit designs, and nothing to rave about. You have the option to adjust the audio volume inside the game, as well as whether to auto-retry (stop asking when you die), have gory details (hold the red pixels), and replay your previous attempt in ghost-like form while you play (could be distracting).

Collecting the briefcases & meeting the best times are NOT requirements for level completion (and unlocking the next level). Killing the evil scientist is.

It contains code for some undesirable components, likely carried over from the free version, but they have all been disabled. In fact, this paid game is listed as having IAP & GameCircle, but you won't find them in the game also. That doesn't mean it won't use the Internet - it does and uses it to fetch their latest game info as well as contacting Amazon's servers, so I played this game offline which ran fine. The game exits cleanly too which is good.

I rate this game 4.5, although personally I feel Shadow Blade is better. Nevertheless, you get what you paid for I guess, as Shadow Blade cost $1.99, while League of Evil is only $0.99. There are enough levels to justify its price, so I'm rounding the rating up to 5.
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on July 22, 2015
League of Evil is reminiscent of old NES platformers - difficultly included and all.

The object of each level is to kill the mad scientist at the end of each level. Each level also has a suitcase hidden inside it which is not necessary to acquire, but is a "bonus." You'll have to jump, run, and dodge your way past obstacles and enemies to get there. Each level is under a minute - "par" time for most of them is around 20-30 seconds, which makes this a great game to pick up for a quick break.

The difficulty is shockingly hard, but not unfairly so. If you die, it's because you did something wrong, not due to anything 'random.' The controls on a phone do make it harder, especially with the speed that your character moves at.

The graphics are fun and well-designed, as is the sound and music. Overall, the game is quick, light, and fun - if you don't mind a frustratingly difficult game.
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on June 2, 2015
Gameplay is fun and challenging. I found myself replaying levels even after collecting the briefcase and getting three stars, just to see how fast I could complete the level. That's a very good sign for a game. ONLY problem I have is...the size of the on-screen buttons. They're way too big and oddly positioned for my Fire HD 6. I know they added the option to customize the buttons for their other title "Devious Dungeon". So an update like that for this game, would be great.

Even though it's a 4-5 star game...those buttons make it hard to control and be precise, so 3 stars. I will change my rating if they add an option to customize controls though. Hint hint ;)
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Game play:
The first thing you see is a notice that this game uses Amazon Game Circle but you can select it to be off, just do not turn it on if you don't want it.

There are multiple scenarios like;
* Weapon of Mass Destruction 54 levels
* The Blocks Cometh 30 levels
* Welcome to the Jungle 30 levels
* Enter the Dragon 30 levels
* The Impossible Missions 18 levels
* Lite Missions 7 levels

Every scenario has the first level unlocked so you can begin there. The graphics are simple like the old Atari style. The object is to kill all of the scientists and the fights are very gory and bloody with flying heads and blood. The second level already increases the difficulty factor a lot. In addition if you have the ghosts on then as soon as the man starts running all of your failed attempts start running and jumping on the screen and cluttering the game playing area. They are very distracting. Turn off the ghost in the settings to stop seeing them.

You also get armed guards who shoot to kill so get them first, avoid them if possible or die.

Main screen:
* Start game
* Statistics
* Settings - Ghosts, Gore, Auto-retry, music volume, SFX volume.
* More games - provides you links to Twitter, Facebook, email, Amazon App Store, and League of Evil Free download
* ? - credits

What I like:
The game action is OK but the controls are hard to master as the touch screen itself is hard to hold the device while pressing on both sides of the screen. The game is playable but for me too repetitious. There are a lot of levels and they do change the challenge quite a bit. The graphics are simple but adequate and more of a retro concept.

What I don't like:
The main issue for me was using a touch screen as a controller for this type of game. The developer has done the best job he possibly could but for me it is just awkward. This game with a joystick and monitor would be great but having to hold the device and use the controls adds to the difficulty and frustration of the game. If this game were on a screen and you had a joystick you wouldn't have to be holding the screen at the same time.

This is a pretty fast action game as you have to focus with minimal distractions. The game also got very hard quickly and I cannot imagine playing through over 160 levels. It is so easy to die that you will get frustrated.

Don't forget to turn off your WIFI because of the links to the social media sites and Amazon if you let your children play this game. If you have a phone then put your phone into airplane mode so the transmitter is turned off. You might also turn off the gore in the settings.

The game play is good but gory but of course you can turn off the gore. Do yourself a favor and turn off the ghost option also. It just clutters the screen in my opinion and makes the game hard to play.

Graphics = good retro 5 stars
Action = good 4 stars
Using a touch screen as the control interface = 3 stars
Frustration factor = 3 stars

This is a good game but I probably would get carpal tunnel syndrome if I played it a lot. I would give it 3 ½ stars as a good time killer and a good retro style of game. I find the game play a little too frustrating for me so I give the game 3 stars.

Size: Game size is 19.5 MB compressed and 31.80 MB uncompressed. i manually moved it to my SD card and it left15.55Mb in my device memory and moved 31.62MB into my SD card.

* Storage - modify and delete internal storage contents
* Network communication - full internet access
* Network communication - view network state

The game contains the code for adware named Chartboost. It also has Amazon InApp Billing, Amazon Insight Analytics and Flurry Analytics that can monitor your in app game play and actions. It uses Crittercism to monitor the app for code failures.
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on July 13, 2017
Actually just bought this the other day before it became FAOTD and I absolutely love it. At under a dollar, this game is a steal!
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on June 23, 2017
Free app of the day at that time.
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on June 16, 2015
A very fun 2-D platforming game. You run, jump, double-jump, wall jump, punch, try to collect all the briefcases and get to the scientist at the end of the level in under a certain amount of time.
I have a hard time being quick and accurate with the on screen controls. I am playing on a Galaxy S III. I tried plugging in a controller to remedy this but it wouldn't recognize any controller input.
I would rate it five stars if I could play with a controller.
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on June 9, 2015
Cool game, but the arrow are way too far apart to be able to play effectively (at least on a tablet.) Makes it almost impossible to play the game. It would be a great game, otherwise.
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on January 6, 2017
For coins
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