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Top Contributor: Coloringon February 13, 2016
Best microwave popcorn popper we have tried.... and we have tried enough of them, looking for one that works this well. The last one we tried was a glass model and it was the worst of the lot. But.... this one has made up for all of the previous phooey poppers! In our microwave, it takes nearly three and a half minutes to pop the recommended amount, but the kernels are large and tender, with very few unpopped kernels.
Hubby even makes his own popcorn now, so that makes this even better. As long as you don't add any oil to the popping container, clean up is easy with nothing more needed than simply wiping it out with a paper towel.
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on February 18, 2016
Great, amazing product!! Our air popper broke so we were in the market for a new popcorn maker. We didn't want another air popper because they are so loud but we thought that was the only option until we saw this. We were definitely skeptical even with all of the good reviews but we're so happy that got this! It works great (better than great!) and makes perfect popcorn with a good crunch. We've tried it with and without oil - without oil there is more unpopped kernels but its still works great; for us, using just a little bit of oil is the ticket - we use about 1 tsp of cooking oil to the maximum 1/3 cup of kernels. The popcorn is crisp and there is very little unpopped left at the bottom. Now we can enjoy popcorn whatever time of the day or night without waking up the entire house with the nose of an air popper. Highly, highly, highly recommend this to everyone. As an extra bonus, it comes with a 5 year warranty from Nordic Ware.
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on January 12, 2016
We bought this popper a couple weeks ago after much study and thought. My only other experience with MW popcorn had been with grocery store MW corn which still smells and tastes odd and it usually very greasy too.

Altho you don't need to use oil I do. I use Tbsp of peanut oil with a dollop of margarine for extra "flavor". I have some Flavacol on order and I'm anxious to see what that tastes like. But even as it is the popcorn is just amazingly good I'm using O-R original popcorn and it is just terrific, the stuff pops to an incredible size and 1/2 Cup of kernels will pop to overflowing the bowl. There will always be some un popped kernels, but that's seems to be the nature of MW'd popcorn. I have found that MW times will vary as your popcorn ages so you will always have to listen to determine when you are done. Haven't burned any corn yet! (Shouldn't have written that.)
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on February 1, 2016
I got this because it works without oil or butter and my doctor said "cut those things out of your diet" . I didn't want an air popper (just one more appliance to take care of) I wanted something easy to clean. This fit the bill and boy am I happy I got it! I just followed the directions that came with the bowl and get a full bowl of fluffy popcorn in just a few minutes. I used to burn my popcorn when I tried to do it in a regular bowl in my microwave so the first time I used this one I was delighted! No burned taste!!!
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Top Contributor: Cyclingon December 3, 2014
If you love eating homemade popcorn then this item is the you'll need. I bought through Amazon out of a dire need to make popcorn of my own because buying microwavable popcorn gets really pricey after awhile and you don't know on what kinds of ingredients they put on that stuff. But with this, you knw on what kind of addictives you put in be it a dab of butter or a teaspoon of olive oil and theis popper just works even with just plain popcorn kernels. You just simply grab a handful of raw popcorn kernels, put in this then microwave it for about 3 minutes on high or full power. watch the popping noise and if it pops between 2 to 3 seconds apart then you'll know it's done without burning the rest of the kernels. Just works for me EVERYTIME! and if you want, spray some butter on it then put a pinch of salt because microwaving the kernels without anything ese well...the salt doesn't stick to the popcorn because it's dry so spray some butter and you're good to go! I highly recommend this item due to the fact that it doesn't need anything else asides the popcorn kernels itself and the microwave.
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on December 21, 2015
What can I say? It works flawlessly. Popcorn pops perfectly (well, almost, I never escape without a few unpopped kernels but this does as well as any popcorn popper I've owned). You can pop it dry or add some oil (much less than is required for a traditional popcorn popper and much, much less than the godawful microwave popcorn bags).

It looks flimsy in the pictures on Amazon but it's actually pretty durable. It is a bit scratched up after two years of heavy use but it is not collecting burned popcorn or other popping detrius, and appears to be one of those simple gadgets that will last a long time. (And if it does need to be replaced, well, we're not talking about an expensive appliance here.) The competing product, the Presto 04830 PowerPop Microwave Multi-Popper, works reasonably well but the waveguides are expensive, and tend not to last very long and are relatively expensive. It is just more work than the Nordic Ware popper, which requires nothing but popcorn.

I have to say that this is the right choice for making popcorn.

Everything (all two pieces) are completely dishwasher safe. And if you're running an assembly line of popcorn for a party, it cleans easily by hand, too. Just make sure to give it time to cool off: it is HOT when it comes out of the microwave. Don't use it as a serving bowl.

The top will stay on unless you have too much popcorn in it, in which case it does what overfilled popcorn poppers do. Just make sure that you don't mind if the excess winds up in your microwave. (Or read the directions in terms of how much popcorn
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on February 12, 2016
These are amazing! Of course I was skeptical thinking what would be the point of buying the packaged popping corn if this actually worked. Well it works perfectly! Threw some coconut oil in the bottom of the bowl, microwaved it till it melted, added 1/3 cup of popcorn, put it back in the microwave at "popcorn" setting PERFECT! The third batch I made needed a few seconds longer, just listen for the popping sound slowing down and remove. I will never buy those chemical laden bags of microwave popcorn again. So easy to make and serve right in the bowl. Bought one for my granddaughter as well. Inexpensive, I highly recommend.
It seems like everytime I post a great review on something the price goes up! I ordered two of these on February 7th for$8.98, they were delivered on the 9th loved it so I ordered another one for another granddaughter by hitting "one click buy again" button. It arrived today packed with an invoice stating the price was $14.89 I was most displeased. I know I should have checked the order but I never thought the price would increase nearly six dollars in just seven days! Still love it but it has sort of lost its "shine", bummer. I wrote an amazing review for dried tart cherries, in three weeks the price rose nearly $12, maybe I should cease writing great reviews??
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on February 19, 2015
Yes it looks just like any other bowl with a plastic cover. But the special material does not get hot, and there are little steam vents built into the cover. The popcorn is just like it came out of an air popper and in my microwave took under 3 minutes. You can use a bit of oil if you want, but you don't need to.

When you hear that the popping is down to every second or two, you open your microwave and that's it. You've got hot, fluffy popcorn and you don't even need to transfer it to a different container. My friend who is visually impaired is also going to order one, too, because it's just so simple to use and works so well.

Since I don't use oil, cleanup is so easy- the bowl can basically be wiped dry because all the remains is a trace of dust from the popcorn kernels. (But if you use oil, the bowl and cover can be safely washed on the top rack of the dishwasher). Goodbye to the mess and odor of those microwaveable popcorn bags!
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on August 26, 2014
This is one of those gems that is relatively inexpensive and performs well...I want to thank the reviewer who mentioned this item in a review of an air popcorn popper.

I was originally looking for an air popper, but opted for this instead...I am glad I did. This microwave popper can make popcorn quickly, with or without oil, and without much mess. The popcorn does not have the dried out taste of air popped popcorn even when little or no oil is used and the bowl and cover are easy to wash.

The maker recommends 1/2 cup of corn for 12 cups of popcorn, but I have found that 3/8 cup is better...less waste.

UPDATE: I have enjoyed this popper; however, there is one flaw and that is with the lid. After using it for several years, the lid warped (due to high temps?) and this led to popcorn escaping from the bowl during the popping process. The lid moves to the side which allows the popping kernels to jump out creating a mess in the microwave. The solution is probably to use a lot less popcorn than recommended by the manufacturer, although the lid does move as the turntable in the microwave moves.
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on July 24, 2014
Love this popper! It's the best purchase I've made in a long time and well worth the price, which is pretty reasonable in my opinion. While I am a lover of popcorn, I've never been a fan of the fake-tasting microwave bags. I'm trying to eat healthier and decided I didn't need all the garbage in the microwave kind either, so I decided to give this popper a try. I figured for the price, even if it wasn't great, I wasn't out much. But it is awesome! I've used it with sunflower oil, coconut oil and no oil and it pops great popcorn with all the methods. It's an added bonus that it pops in its own serving bowl. It's easy to clean, too. And it will pay for itself if you compare the price of microwave popcorn bags to buying bulk corn. Not to mention, no bags to throw into a landfill.
A couple of things- the product info says something about inverting it, so I was confused about the instructions, but there is no inverting. The corn goes in the bottom, it pops right side up in the bowl. The bowl does get really hot, so be careful when you take it out. And test the timing- my microwave pops a bowl in 2 minutes, 50 seconds. Perfect every time!

This is a great, healthy, economical popper. You can't go wrong.
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