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on July 19, 2014
I bought this because I was looking for a tart pan that didn't have such narrow flutes -- I wanted the edge "scallops" to be at least 3/4 inch wide, as my other tart pans have flutes that are quite narrow. I was hoping for something that would make the pastry appear more robust, and not so fiddly and fussy. So I'm quite happy that the fluting on the pan is as I expected. But I didn't pay attention to the fact that this is also a quiche pan, which makes it too deep for the amount filling a standard tart recipe would make for this diameter pan, unless it's a quiche recipe. But I've been needing a deeper quiche pan, so I'm not disappointed. However, unlike other tart pans, the removable bottom does not sit entirely flat/flush with the inside rim. Once the bottom is in place, there's a narrow, slightly recessed gutter around the outer edge of the pan, into which you'll have to push your pastry. The bottom of the pan I received is a not the same non-stick material as the rim, so perhaps I didn't get the exact same item as other reviewers. The pastry I made released easily from the pan regardless, and I'm happy not to have yet another element of the pan with the old-fashioned, not-so-health-friendly, non-stick finish.

As other reviewers noted, the diameter of this pan is larger than eight inches. It measures 8.5 inches at the bottom, and a bit over 9.5 at the top, as the sides of the pan are flared out a bit. I like the fact that Nordic Ware is made in the US, and this pan appears to be more sturdy than my other tart tins. But I was a bit put off by the fact that this pan uses an older, less environmentally-friendly (and in this case, the most immediate environment you need to be concerned with is the one in your own kitchen) non-stick finish that requires baking in a well-ventilated kitchen, and mustn't be heated to more than 500 degrees, per the info and instructions on the packaging. I don't bake tarts anywhere near that high a heat, but it probably indicates that you shouldn't use a hand-torch to caramelize sugar on top if you want to do that, or put it under a broiler for top browning, even for a short period of time.

Bottom line PROS: Pan appears to be sturdy; wider flutes make fitting in pastry easier than with narrow-fluted tart pans; pan depth is perfect for making quiches and other deep-dish tarts

CONS: Pan is larger than 8 inches; might not be best for traditional tart recipes, as size and depth are best for deep-dish recipes; removable bottom dips down at outer edges and doesn't sit entirely flat inside the rim; non-stick finish on rim isn't an "eco-friendly" finish, and as noted on the packaging info, must be used in a well-ventilated kitchen, and not at temps over 500 degrees (including a warning about using the pan in the vicinity of pet birds -- yikes!)
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on September 19, 2016
Ugh. As soon as it arrived, I had to first peel about 10 inches of sticky strong putty glue from the removable bottom piece in order to get that darned cardboard off. (Seriously, the ribbons and ribbons of glue were about the size of a small plate, when one dot to secure it would do. Geez, you'd think this was Ft. Knox gold.) I'm not a weakling but spent several minutes carefully tugging hard around the edges of the removable bottom to get off that cardboard and glue. In the process the very, very thin removable bottom section bent like a feather in a breeze. It now doesn't fit tight in the bottom of tart pan and nothing could return it to its original shape. This is the first piece of Nordic Ware I've ever bought that was not the highest quality and made me regret the purchase. It also leaks like a sieve.
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on September 3, 2017
I laid a pre-made, refrigerator pie crust into this pan, pushed the edges into the flutes and poured in my quiche.
It was glorious! Gorgeous, looked like it came from an uptown bakery. I'm ordering another right now!
It was very easy to clean, I soaked it for 5 minutes in a sink of hot soapy water then used a scouring pad. It was clean in no time.
I rinsed it and dried with kitchen towel.
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on June 28, 2017
I have never purchased a Nordic Ware pan that I didn't thoroughly enjoy, so this is a first. The removal base of this pan is not the same material or quality as the fluted outer shell. The base is a shiny silver metal and not nearly as strong as the outer shell. The cardboard insert prevents you from seeing the removable base until you remove the shrink wrap and separate the base from the shell. The base of my tart pan was both scratched and bent, and was bent further while trying to remove the cardboard which was "glued" to the base (a testament to the flimsy quality of the base). I am returning this pan and will look for a replacement where the removable base is made of the same durable nonstick metal as the shell. Very disappointed, especially since the shell and depth of this pan are otherwise exactly what I was looking for.
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on October 28, 2015
Okay, this arrived yesterday and to my surprise only the sides are nonstick. The removable bottom is nothing more than a lipped aluminum disk without any nonstick coating. I've used these types of pans many times (both nonstick and regular). The one I'm replacing is simple aluminum.
I didn't buy this one for the nonstick quality. I bought this one for the dark color the nonstick coating provides because dark pans will brown a crust better in the oven.
If I need a nonstick surface for this pan I can always cut a round of parchment paper so that's not my issue. My issue is the shiny silver-color aluminum bottom without the nonstick coating. Nothing in the descriptors said anything about the sides being nonstick coated but NOT the removable bottom. It's really deceptive as it totally defeats why I wanted a dark color pan - for browsing a crust well.
I guess I can look forward to well browned sides and blond bottoms in my deep dish quiches moving forward. Thanks a lot NordicWare!
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on July 8, 2017
Perfect size & deep depth. I like the scalloped edges & deep sides which have the non-stick coating. But the bottom plate is shiny metal not coated in non-stick. Why? So I give 4 stars. I coat the whole pan in spray oil. The tarts cook fine & easy to removed with the oiled bottom. It's a good price so guess you get what you pay for. There isn't many deep tart pans to choose from. So far the pan is working out.
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on September 28, 2017
Love this but do be careful not to put loose liquid. The batter should be stiff such as bread but can be a bit looser. Don't butter the bread, it will run out bottom while cooking. oops Learned the hard way.
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on July 19, 2017
I love this pan! I've cooked quiche and tarts in this and love using it. So far everything I've cooked has turned out beautifully. The sides are
nonstick but the removable bottom is not nonstick. Although the bottom isn't nonstick, I've had no problems with it. Fast shipping and securely packaged. You can't go wrong with this pan.
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Top Contributor: Cookingon September 8, 2015
I love this tart pan. It's heavy weight and sturdy. One thing though. Because the sides are so high (more fruit and filling, yum! ) you have to roll out a much bigger crust, which means amking additional crust, not just rolling it thinner. I have not had success with store-bought pie crusts, they're just not big enough. Measure the pan down one side, across the bottom and up the other side and adjust your ingredients. And add at least an inch more, for shrinkage in the oven. But I still love it.
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on May 29, 2016
-I had this pan for a while and just used it the other day. I like it because it's deep, which allows room for various fillings. I made a caramel pecan tart, which I have made many times, and the pan worked great, no sticking. It can be tricky to separate the pan from the tart so non stick is important to keep the crust intact. I also have the Nordic Ware big round spatula which I use to separate the crust from the bottom of the pan. I have many Nordic Ware products and recommend them highly.
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