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on April 27, 2013
This is definitely an upgrade from the average cheap aluminum run-of-the-mill citrus juicers which broke after about 20oz of juice. After reading the review by someone who had used this for over two years (and going), I had to get it, since it was of stainless steel construction, which is a step up.

One selling point for me was that it was said that it is solid stainless steel. Look, these are the words of people who actually purchased and experienced these products, not just marketing verbiage. Well, the manufacturer's verbiage does not say "solid stainless steel", so I'll put that on the table as my fault as to not do EXTRA research.

So, when the juicer arrived, I excitedly ripped the box open to expose the juicer. I'll have to say that I was excited that "It's HERE!" and that my old aluminum one had broken, and supposedly it was/is better than my previous one. I was a bit disappointed because it did not have the weight of "solid stainless steel" like another reviewer had mentioned. It also "clanged" like it was "hollow". After closer inspection, it is made from heavy gauge, "possibly" stainless steel sheet metal, not a solid cast which we would be led to believe from many reviews here. Albeit, the welding and blending quality is exquisite, which could lead anyone to believe it is solid, but believe me, it is not.

I took it for a test drive and it definitely works better than the aluminum juicers, but not as solid as I would like. I can feel that it eventually will deform after some time. It definitely does not feel like the "buy it once and never have to buy another one" feel to it.

The process for squeezing juice with this squeezer is like someone else said, counter intuitive. The lemon/lime/orange half goes in the opposite way that it would naturally fit. Yes, this way prevents juices from spraying out the sides for the most part, but what tends to happen is the cut-sides of the lemons/limes/oranges tend to fold into itself, preventing full extraction. I've also tried to cut the edges to help prevent the folding, but it still happens. Dropping the fruit in "backwards" seems to work better, which the juicing half would tend to split the peel and have better extraction, but then that would defeat the purpose of the drain holes at the bottom. The bottom line is that perhaps the bowl is too small, even for small limes.

I still give this product 4 out of 5 stars because it is "better" made than the cheap aluminum ones you can buy for $10, but don't believe that this is made from solid stainless steel. Is it worth $20? Sure, I think so, but I know it won't be the last $20 I send on a juicer for sure. I'm still in pursuit of a "SOLID" stainless steel juicer. If anyone finds one, please leave me a comment.

=========== UPDATE (04-21-2014) ==========
A year later, it's still going strong. No rust, no signs that it's going to break any time soon. This was a good buy.
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on February 16, 2014
Wish i'd paid more attention to the 1 star reviews - this POS looked great and worked great - twice. On the 3rd time, the pin snapped, making this the most useless thing in my junk drawer.Sadly it didn't break till after the 30 day period - lesson learned. In the future, i'll put everything I get on Amazon thru it's paces during the first 30 days. I'm incredibly disappointed, and as a member of Amazon Prime, I do wish that they had a recourse for items that break within the first few uses, even if it is outside of the return period.
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on February 3, 2016
The best juicer I've ever used. I teach in a cooking school and we use alminum juicers. On amazon these run around $7 which seems like a good price, but they have broken time and time again. This one has a lot of heft to it and you can feel the quality. Spend the extra money and get a quality juicer. I recommend this one to everyone. It has the size to juice small and large lemons and limes as well as small oranges like tangerines or even a small navel orange. If I have to give one negative quality I would say from time to time a seed or a small bit of pulp makes it's way through the holes, but I am usually just too heavy handed squeezing the juice out when this happens. It isn't anything to be concerned about. I highly recommend this.
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on March 8, 2017
A nice press with a good feel. The reviews about the handle, being hollow and accumulating water in the dishwasher, gave me second thoughts, but my main goal was to find something sturdy. This chunk of hardware is definitely sturdy. It is also beautifully machined and polished. I tried to fill the handle with water but was unable to make any go in without using hot water, leaving the press upside down, and letting the handle cool, thus, causing a vacuum which drew the water into the handle. Therefore, it leads me to believe, the cause of the handle/water accumulation is a function of non-optimal placement within a dishwasher. In other words, letting hot water cool in the trough formed by an upside down, upper half, of the press, is the cause of this problem. There is very little space between the edges of the metal and the welding on the upper half of the press. If I find water ingress to the upper handle a problem, it would be easy to smear some food grade silicone sealant around the opening. In addition, any water, inhaled by the handle, should be easily shaken out. Not unlike a priest flinging holy water from a rather similar looking device. Of course, this lemon press is bigger than one of those.
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on December 16, 2013
I have a love/hate relationship with this juice press. I received my first one on November 20, 2013. I received my second one December 13, 2013. While the first one lasted about 3 weeks before it broke the second one broke on the third day. I love this juicer but I am shopping today for a different one. I wish Norpro would solve the problem with this juicer. This would be a 5 star juicer if the brad wouldn't break.
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on June 30, 2012
This item has been satisfactory. I squeeze the juice out of at least a lemon a day, and it works for me. The design is a bit puzzling. Holes in the bottom don't let the juice through and I am not sure why they are there. You must hold the squeezer on its side over the receptacle and squeeze the handles together. I find that if I squeeze too hard and long that some of the "oil" from the lemon skin gets into the mix and the juice is quite bitter. If I don't squeeze that hard, then there is a bit of juice still left in the rinds. So, I use the squeezer to get the bulk of the juice squeezed out and finish using my hand. All good! Much easier than trying to squeeze it all by hand. The squeezer is some kind of shiny metal, and the item feels substantial in the hands. It cleans easily with soapy water, or can go through the dishwasher. All in all, I am happy with this purchase.
Thanks to helpful comments from another product owner, I have discovered that it is my incorrect use of the item that is puzzling! He suggested that I put the lemon cut side toward the holes, squeeze and let the juice flow through the holes. I guess this is right, except that my lemons are larger in circumference than the squeezer, which makes it a bit difficult. However, I did succeed in using this method, and it works very well. Not sure how to deal with large lemons, but I guess in a pinch (no pun intended!) I can revert to my "incorrect" previous method!
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on May 10, 2013
Used the juice press ONCE, threw it in the dishwasher and it rusted at the welds. Not convinced this is actually stainless steel. I don't think this press will last very long, so back to Amazon it goes.
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Top Contributor: Sewingon December 11, 2013
This squeezer is very heavy-duty...very-very. The metal is not sheet metal at all; the part with the holes is a bit over 2mm thick. For comparison, a US nickel measures 1.88mm. The handles seem to be solid steel, or else they're welded into a solid form. I used to do some work in kitches of big restaurants, and I think this squeezer is of a quality that one would find in such a kitchen--where cost of an item of this kind was of no importance, but the goal was to have a tool that would hold up. My wife squeezes lemon halves in it, and the hemispheres come out very dry and thoroughly squeezed. And, of course, no seeds in the squeeze-out. I see no areas of weakness, either in design, build, or performance. Goes through the dishwasher easily--nothing to rust because even the rivet is stainless.
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on April 5, 2013
I needed to replace the Pampered Chef citrus press that I've used several times a week for five years. I almost always use the press for limes, mostly for margaritas and sometimes for small key limes for key lime pie, but occasionally I use it for lemons.

I've really liked the P Chef press, but the pin that holds the two pieces together now falls out, and the enamel coat is chipping off; so after reading lots of great reviews on the Norpro press, I decided to try it. When it came, just looking at it, I was concerned because the bowl that does the pressing is much rounder than the more pointed one on the P Chef press. After trying it just once on a smallish lime, I am giving it up; it doesn't even come close to getting all the juice from the lime.

I've read complaints that the P Chef press is too small for large lemons, and that it true, though I get around that problem by cutting the lemon into fourths. But for smaller lemons and most all limes, it does an amazing job of extracting every bit of juice -- much, much better than the Norpro press.

I also liked the idea of the Norpro press because I read in some review that it is made in the USA (though Amazon makes no such claim in its description). In fact, it is not; it is made in China, as is the Pampered Chef version. So given that I'm stuck with a Chinese-made juicer, I'm going with the one that works best, and for my needs, it's not the Norpro.
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on January 21, 2014
And was considering writing a review in a few months after I had pressed several hundred limes or lemons with it.

Sadly it only made it about a month before the rivet popped off one side.

I did press about 75 limes with it before this happened so if your needs are a single event this will probably get you through it.

Pretty bummed that it didn't go the distance.
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