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I have seen this movie many times, and I love introducing it to people who have not seen it before. Not only is it a fine suspense movie, but has all the other elements, action, romance, everything. I also like that it is a reminder of earlier times... Sometimes I think better times. Anyway, great movie, something in it for everyone. Probably Hitchcock's 2nd or 3rd best movie in my opinion.
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Less resonant than "Vertigo," more complex and layered than "Rear Window," "North by Northwest" has something for everyone. The title is from "Hamlet," especially appropriate because of the film's plot movement from NYC to South Dakato and because of the protagonist. Grant plays a character running from a protective mother, encountering a threatening version of Ophelia, and all the while putting on various "antic dispositions" while seeking to claim his own national identity and personal autonomy. Hitchcock has not only taken his British actor but his own British classic, "The 39 Steps," and transformed them into cinematic icons as recognizably American as Mount Rushmore. The protagonist's flight starts from the United Nations and threatens to take on an international theme until the thrilling and delightful climactic action sequence. The dispossessed hero on the run, Archie Leach, instantaneously becomes the American object of desire--Cary Grant--and Hitchcock becomes the consummate exploiter of American moviegoers' fears, dreams, desires in a segue that collapses fear and desire, death and sex into a closing moment as characteristically American as any conclusion in film. Besides this unforgettable edit, the film contains one of Hitchcock's 3 most celebrated editing sequences: the tennis match from "Strangers on a Train," the shower scene from "Psycho," and in "North by Northwest" the low-flying plane that threatens to harvest Gary Grant.
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on October 29, 2017
A perennial favorite. A man thrown out of his element by happenstance confronts a criminal conspiracy that upends his life and takes him on quite an adventure. All carried off gracefully by by Cary Grant as the witty, flippant and charming Roger Thornhill. Awesome movie making.
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on October 15, 2011
A little bit of railroad history was cut from the movie in the BluRay release. I do not know why such a brief scene was deleted except the editor of the BluRay thought something was amiss and jarring. The New York Central 20th Century Limited had an agreement with the Santa Fe Super Chief to attach a Pullman first class sleeper car from the arriving Super Chief in Chicago and take it in to New York City. Thus the passengers on the Super Chief did not need to transfer with their luggage from Dearborn Station to LaSalle Street Station. The whole car was switched over to the 20th Century. The reverse was true for Super Chief through passengers from NYC to L.A. In the the newly released BluRay version a brief scene which showed the silver Santa Fe car in the middle of the NY Central 20th Century Limited gray consist exiting a tunnel in New York City heading north was deleted. A bit of the original was therefore cut.
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on August 31, 2013
One of the best films by Hitchcock, and one of the most popular films ever, North By Northwest is also one of those rare films that is even loved by people who are normally sticklers for detail. No matter that most of the incidents, most of the situations, and of course Hitchcock's beloved "MacGuffin" plot device do not make sense. Every element, however unbelievable, is so well done and so entertaining that we forgive the nonsense.

Cary Grant is New York advertizing executive Roger O. Thornhill, or ROT as it says on his personalized matchbooks. He is mistaken for a government agent by foreign spies and kidnapped with the intent of murder. He narrowly escapes, and in an attempt to find out why he was targeted he goes to the U. N. building to question the owner of the house where he was held captive, only to have the man murdered before his eyes by a thrown knife, a knife that naturally ends up in Thornhill's hand. Now on the run, he heads north by northwest for Chicago, then Rapid City South Dakota, following clues to clear his name.

Eventually Thornhill and Eve Kendall (Eva Marie Saint), a member of the spy ring, end up running for their lives atop Mt. Rushmore, leading to the famous scene where they are chased across the face of George Washington while Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt and Lincoln look on.

This is a marvelous film, mixing murder and humor as only Hitchcock could do it. The musical score by Bernard Herrmann is a classic, and fits Hitchcock's implausibly clockwork plot like a glove. A tiny aside: watch the little boy at the table in the background of the Mt. Rushmore cafeteria scene, as pistol-packing Eve Kendall confronts Roger Thornhill. Obviously they had rehearsed this scene a few times, and this kid was prepared.

And you should be prepared too, prepared to enjoy a fine evening of entertainment with the Master of Suspense and his talented crew: Cary Grant, Eve Marie Saint, James Mason as Vandamm the spy master, Leo G. Carroll as "the Professor" at the CIA, and Martin Landau as a spy henchman. Pure entertainment, and now available in high definition on Blu-ray. And all those things you don't know about the top of Mount Rushmore, like the road, the luxury home and the airstrip? The film will reveal them all to you. Who could ask for more?
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Not only do I love Cary Grant, but this is an excellent thriller by Alfred Hitchcock. Plenty of suspense and an excellent storyline. Can't think of the woman's name right now, but was Hitch's favorite female actress to use In his movies. Thanks!
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on June 28, 2017
North by Northwest is a very impressive film, one that I badly wanted to love. Yet the well-paced action, dialogue, and overall look of the film is completely betrayed by the ending, which I found to be out of joint with the rest of the movie. This problem isn't crippling, but it sure leaves a poor taste in your mouth. Its still a great film, but I don't love it like I wanted to.
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on January 5, 2001
It is assumed that the buyer of this DVD would already be familiar with the movie. That it is a classic, modern or not, is beyond question. Visually, cinematically, this is probably the most beautiful of Hitchcock's films.
The DVD restoration makes this easily the most beautiful version I've ever seen of this film, and I've seen it in a theatre before. Once again, there is no comparison in richness between this DVD interpretation and the prior VHS version. Blacks are black here, whites are white, and the full spectrum of color and definition are available. The quality of the soundtrack almost changes this to an entirely different version than the earlier tape recordings.
As often, I am reminded of the miracle of cinematography, where this movie appears so immediate, yet virtually all of the actors here are long since deceased. Cary Grant was never more debonaire, James Mason never more diabolical. Eva Marie Saint is luminescent in her beauty, touching in fifties makeup and fashions. In this digital version, all the 1950's props look so new! Shiny new 1958 cars, then-current fashions; no new-old movie can duplicate this.
The DVD restoration of this movie is truly magical viewing for any Hitchcock fan, naturally, but also for a younger generation to get a glimpse of 1958 lifestyles.
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on March 10, 2017
Alfred Hitchcock and Cary Grant teamed up for a number of movies however this is by far the best Cary Grant Alfred Hitchcock collaboration great spy Thriller buy one of Hollywood's most Debonair Leading Men highly recommend watching
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on March 20, 2017
This Blu-ray release of the movie makes it well worth upgrading from the DVD copy that was released first a few years ago , this is a fine classic movie to add to a classic collection .
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