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on January 3, 2012
Our son started walking at around 10 months and we live in a two floor house so we needed gates for the stairs because he started to climb the stairs on his own. At first, I bought two different types of gates at Babies R Us and for some reason both were defective and had to return them. I don't remember the names of those gates. Going back and forth trying to find the right gate was too time consuming so I just ordered the top gates that were reviewed on Amazon. I purchased the supergate, regalo, and the dreambaby knowing that one of these gates would work out for us. So here's the review on these three gates for those of you who are researching and looking for a gate.

WORST: Regalo ($36.99)
Even though this is highly rated on Amazon, in comparison to the other two gates this gate didn't seem as sturdy. The attachments to the wall didn't feel as sturdy and the plastic components felt flimsy. I'm sure it would've done it's job but we just didn't feel comfortable with this gate in place because our son loves to hang on to the gate and play monkey all day.

PRETTY GOOD: Dreambaby Swing Close Gate with Extensions, Black ($45)
The dreambaby was sturdy and we liked it just as much as the supergate but there was one design feature that was more practical on the supergate than the dreambaby. The metal and plastic components on both the dreambaby and supergate were comparable. I would say that they were nearly identical in material and the feel of sturdiness and durability. The only difference was that the dreambaby had the latch to open the gate on the top-side of the handle area, which made it difficult to open when you were coming down from the stairs while carrying a baby. Both gates have a locking mechanism where you have to slide the latch and slightly lift the gate to open it and since you have to lift the gate having the latch on the bottom portion on the handle makes it much easier to do. I'm sure others will have a different opinion but my wife and I felt that the supergate was easier to open and just as sturdy. Our son shakes and hangs on the bars all day and we feel comfortable knowing that it will hold up.

BEST: Supergate, white ($42.50)
Easier to use latching mechanism than the dreambaby. We bought another one for the top of the stairs because we liked this one the best.
Easy to install, sturdy, pretty good design and comes with extension. Please read dreambaby review on why we chose this one.
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on October 24, 2009
I want to say first that my purpose of buying this gate was to restrict my PETS from a certain area. Although, it might work just as good for toddlers. I am extremely satisfied with this gate. I've had this gate for two and a half weeks now and it works for me altough it feels like I've had this gate for a much longer time...

My doorway is 37.5" wide, and I had to use extensions. Other gates may not provide extensions and might not even fit properly after installation, but, this gate came with two extensions and they fitted perfectly. It is really not hard to install at all. There was little to assemble and it was fairly easy. All I had to do was literally insert a couple of rods on each side of the gate, attach the extensions, insert the tension rods, then tighten the four tension rods to my doorway. Easy as that.

Even though, the instructions says to NEVER use the gate without the provided wall cups, I've shook the gate many times to see if it was stable without it and the gate worked fine without them. If you do decide to use the wall cups though, durable double-sided tape or screws are both provided. By the way, the reviewer who gave this gate a 1 star, stated that this gate is was hard to install, not really pressure-mount and had to be screwed in. I believe he was talking about using the wall cups. I just want to say that this gate is indeed pressure mount and we are given an option to use the provided double-sided tape if we chose not to screw the wall cups in if we even decided to use the wall cups at all. And as i have stated before, There was little to assemble. Installation should have been easy. The small noise the gate makes when closing is nothing to be bothered by at all.

I find that other reviews forget to mention the width of the gate's doorway. This one is about 17"-18" wide, which is a decent size. Not one of my guests or family members have ever gotten caught between gate. This gate also sits at 29" tall. At a height comfortable for adults to open.

What I love about this gate is that it opens in both directions. It is either closed, or opened all the way. If you open it all the way it will stay open. if it was not opened all the way then it will swing close. It only requires 1 hand to open the gate's door. There is a switch on the knob where you open the door. All you have to do is hold the switch and lift the gate up. the switch unlocks the piece on top of the gate, and the lifting lifts the small rod at the bottom of the door that keeps the door closed in place. Twist the knob sideways and it will lock the switch in place AND prevent you from lifting the door to open it. A plus for extra security.

There's a rail about 2" tall at the bottom of the gate that holds the gate together. It's not a problem as it becomes second nature to step over it. Don't be fooled when you first receive this gate. Before installing it to your doorway, the product will look misaligned, the door will not close, and you may think the product is defective. Don't worry because it looks like that on purpose. As you twist the tension knobs, the gate's door will come together and close properly due to the pressure.

I really like this gate and I think it is worth the money considering it is durable, it looks nice and it has a door, unlike some of the regular wooden gates that almost costs just as much.It was a great investment and I would definitely recommend this gate to others. If you are reading this, I'm sure you are considering to buy this product. Hopefully, I was much help to you.
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There are two closing mechanism: one that just holds the door closed, which allows you to open it with one hand and one move. The other one is to lock it, so you have to do two movements to open it (open the lock, open the gate).

This gate auto closes well and doesn't swing open again. Our 2yr old daughter can shake it well and it doesn't pop open. But it doesn't lock as well as gates with a different kind of closing mechanism.

Positive is that it can swing to both sides. But I am not sure if it would be a real inconvenience if this wouldn't be the case.

To lock the gate fully you are supposed to rotate a piece so it sticks out and gets fixed. This never really worked for us. The wiggle room is so close that its also tricky to setup -- if it ever works long term which wasn't the case with us. We tried it but it never really worked. We gave up using this 100% lock-mechanism, yet the gate still does its job well (including withstanding the shacking of a 2yr old).

For the 2nd floor we bought a gate with a different lock mechanism, the Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate. It's doing a much better job but has on the side wider gaps (good for a cat, bad for an 6-18months old). This one has a horrible closing mechanism but smaller gaps. I think every gate has its pro and cons. So far both work for us. I wouldn't buy this one again, though.

UPDATE: After over one year we still use this gate on the main floor since we installed it there first. After the first 1-2 months we never bothered using the correct locking. There is also not much wiggle room and it didn't bothered us. Our oldest is now two and she sometimes she stands on the closed gate door and shacks it. So far we never had any concern that the door pops open due of the locking mechanism on the bottom of this gate. In the end we also only use this gate to open in one direction but the side of the stairway became important to us here. The gate opens easily with one hand and I can some times when I carry something with both hands I slightly push the door with the foot to close it.

While I am still disappointed with the closing mechanism, I don't see any reason to replace this gate and it does it's job. The closing mechanism was disappointing enough to buy another gate for the first floor and after having a better long term comparison I know that I won't buy this model again. I would take it as a hand me down or for a low used price, but won't pay the full price for it.
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on March 25, 2017
After having several gates, wooden and plastic, from the store, this has been the best buy and I wish I would have just started out with this. Some people complained about the size of the opening......I'm not sure how big these people are, but I'm a bit of an over weight mother and I walk through with no problems. Also, read the instructions and the card that is on the gate. It is suppose to have a gap. It will close as you tighten it up. Make sure to keep tighening it until the door can close and not be pushed open, but with only the button as intended. Lastly, thank you to those who failed to read the instructions and/or the measurements of the product in the description section. I was able to get this at a fantastic price in the warehouse deals and it was in perfect condition.
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on March 4, 2015
There are plenty of features I like about this gate. The self closing is great and saves you a step every time you walk through. Installation was easy and even comes with a handy tool to make sure you get everything tight enough. Even though it says it will not fit, i had no problem getting this installed in my 39" inch wide opening. I previously purchased the Regalo and ended up returning if for this product, and im glad i did. I also found that if you are using this for a dog, you dont need the twist lock feature, it just causes and extra step when opening the gate. To disable this feature, loosen the extenders so the latch is too short to connect to the door. Another great feature about this is its ability to open the door both ways, this was a major reason why I did not like the Regalo.

Now the negatives. First, the box was ripped open during shipping and there was a small chip in the paint. I ended up covering it up with white out. Also, the door use to swing back and close automatically, now it swings back but does not lock in place. I have to give it an extra nudge each time. Also, the door closing is pretty loud. I feel like it could have been made a little better to muffle the sound.

All in all, a good product that I would recommend
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on September 10, 2016
We have 2 of these extra tall gates, 3 of the shorter versions, and 1 of their 3-in-1 playards. I've found all of these gates to be very sturdy and durable, easy to use and well made. We have a very tall, strong, toddler (99% percentile in everything), and these keep her contained. I really like that they only have vertical slats, so it's hard to climb. My one complaint about the bronze colored ones is that they don't look as nice - just brown really, and all the plastic pieces are black, which don't match. Otherwise, these are really high-quality gates, you can TRULY open and close with one hand (which is not true of the munchkin one my parents have) and have been great for a house with lots of stairs. I do also like the taller version - both because my kid is tall, but also because she has been able to open one of the shorter versions by throwing her full weight against the locking mechanism at the top, and she can't really do that with the taller gate.
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on June 27, 2016
We just purchased this gate to put across the door to our 1/2 bath. We needed a place to feed the smaller of our two dogs because Jake (the bigger male) will eat the little dog's food if she doesn't have protection. The gate is made extremely well and functioned perfectly upon installation. It took me about 15 minutes to install the gate including the two small (and included) outside sections. My door opening is 36 inches and this gate could not be better. Aside from the gate being very well made, the gate opens to the inside or the outside. It also has a hold open feature that keeps the gate from automatically closing once opened.
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on July 24, 2014
Nothing at all wrong with this baby gate. Purchased it for the bottom of our stairs. The width at the top of the gate was spanned to 39" and the bottom was spanned to 36". This is due to the railing on one side of the steps and the other side (top) was against the plaster board and the bottom was against the stair stringer. It's a bidirectional gate (not in my case due to one of the steps), easy to open, closes by itself or will remain open if you open it all the way. Installation was easy and I needed to use both extensions to accommodate my space. I've shaken it pretty good and it's not going anywhere.

I just ordered another one for a 36" opening that leads into our laundry room. I tested the gate I currently have and it will JUST work. So I know for a fact it will work for a 36" opening and 39" (but I still had more adjustment left) so the advertised width is probably right.

Another thing...I ordered one of the warehouse deals and save about $10 all because the original packaging was torn. I did the same for the second one I ordered. Thanks Amazon!
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on March 13, 2017
I love the idea of this gate. It was exactly what I was looking for with a toddler and dog at home. It worked perfect for 3 days. Now, the door does not lock back into place. It closes over but does not lock in place. My dog or daughter (1 year old) can easily push the door and open it. If I manually close it, it will lock in place. I picked this gate because of its auto close feature. Im often carrying laundry or other heavy items so the hands-free closing was key to my purchase.
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on April 8, 2014
Overall, a good gate because its strong and not too ugly.
On the down side, the latch is loud, and has the potential to wake our son (light sleeper).
The gate opening is very narrow to walk thru, perhaps too narrow while carrying our son, and we are quite thin.
The mechanism requires that you slide and pull up, and this seems like a child wouldn not be able to do it, so that's great, but the underside of the mechanism has sharp spikes...this should be softer or at least smooth so it doesnt hurt your finger.
Bad design...You can make something have ribs so its easy to grab and slide, but when you make it sharp, that just hurts.
I would not buy another one. This is my third gate, my first was a Supergate Deluxe Décor Metal Gate, for a wider opening, and that's a great gate that fits uneven openings. Not too tall, and feels lightweight, but overall great. The other gate was a Northstates Supergate classic plastic gate...nothing super about that gate...piece of junk...

Ok, so if you have fingers of steel, are thin like a piece of paper, and need a rock solid gate that is noisy when it latches closed, this gate is perfect for you!
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