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on May 31, 2013
I have used another similar program for several years. I decided to try Norton 360 on the advice of a friend. It was a couple of decades since I had "faith" in Norton products. Norton really has it together with this package. First, it just doesn't clean your computer without you setting the parameters. My old program would go through my registry without my permission and Norton lets you choose how to handle the registry. This is really big on keeping your computer in good running order. Before, I was always going to "Microsoft Fix It" to get the registry back into shape.

Norton 360 monitors your computer running diagnostic programs and alerts you when and how you can improve your performance. It provides a full picture of performance and exactly what programs are in the startup giving you the ability to turn off those that are rarely used or randomly added by software loading. (toolbars you don't want and cloud storage which contains tons of disrupting ads,)

Their feature Identity Safe allows you to check a web page before you even go to that page! You just type in the page and Norton gives you the page rating in real time, how safe, how long it has been monitored, etc. This help avoid pishing scams.

I use an online backup program; but, I also have an external hard drive and Norton reminds me when it is time to backup to that drive; or you can program it to do it automatically. It also gives you its own online backup that can be used anywhere on any device.

There is an identity safe included, or you can use one that is online. Using both is even better.

The family protection keeps children away from dangerous sites, stops bullying and monitors each child's site and time usage. It also monitors games and can send you an email if the ignor a warning. It provides you with easy to read reports I really don't have a need for this; but, I believe it is a geat system for a working parent.

And, it is extremely good at all the usual "bells and whistles" like online protection plus with Social Network monitoring thrown in.

I can only tell you to that with all my computer experience for over 40 years of writing programs, teaching and using my own multiple computers that it has really impressed me. Incidentally, you get downloads for 3 computers and at that price, it is a very good value.
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on June 12, 2014
Provides a single, comprehensive solution that protects you from threats, guards your files against loss, and optimizes your PC’s performance.
•Seamlessly combines proactive threat protection with automatic backup and computer tune-up tools.

Lets you share, surf, shop, bank, and socialize online without downloading threats, getting ripped off, or having your passwords and identity stolen
•Our five patented layers of protection quickly and accurately detect and eliminate almost any threat without false alarms.
•Ultra-fast network defense layer stops threats before they can reach your PC.
•Powerful threat-removal layer targets and gets rid of aggressive, hard-to-remove infections that less sophisticated products often miss.
•Browser protection blocks “phishing” websites set up to trick you into revealing your passwords, credit card numbers, and other confidential information.
•Scans your Facebook News Feed for dangerous downloads, suspicious links, and unsafe websites.
•Advanced reputation and behavior antivirus technology protects you from all types of viruses, even those that haven’t been invented yet.

Automatically backs up your files—so you don’t have to remember to do it—without getting in your way •Backs up your photos, music, and other important files to your choice of disc, USB device, or online to one of our secure data centers.
•Automatic sensors can tell when you aren’t using your PC, so you won’t be interrupted by backups.
•Protects files you back up online with government-grade encryption.
•Restores files with just a few clicks.
•Lets you download files you back up online to any computer that has an Internet connection and even share them by simply emailing a link.
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on April 4, 2014
I read another review and though huh that never occurred to me but makes perfect sense. What the other reviewer mentioned is to buy the previous edition to save money and well Norton updates for free so you basically save money and still have the most current up to date protection at the same time ;) So that is what I did and it worked like a charm and my bank account has a few extra dollars for me to shop for other goodies or pay those never ending bills ugh bills. This edition is the exact one I installed on 3 of our computers and save some time and do not uninstall this and reinstall it...just use the key and go to the renew menu and input the key into there to renew your coverage. I did end up uninstalling this and reinstalling it on one computer first and then it dawned on me I wasted time doing that and saved time on the other two and just plugged in the key. And to answer the question a lot of people have once you use the key once your coverage begins at that time for all three uses. The three uses available do NOT begin the date you install them independently. So if you buy a third computer and use the third use on it lets say a week before your coverage on the first computer ends well this third computer will as well only have a weeks worth of coverage regardless of the fact you just installed it on it. So if you only use 2/3 uses before the years time you installed use one you missed out but also it is a great deal and it only takes one wrong click to get a virus or leaving your computer open and vulnerable. Tell you what I let our coverage expire and waited about a month or two to renew the coverage/ add it again and I could tell a difference so its worth every penny and I only trust Norton. Great to have for the rest of the family that is not as computer savvy and watched what they download and such as it will not allow them to download infected things. That means it saved computer savvy mom a lot of headaches and hours trying to fix their computers too. Take that from experience and just spend the money I mean the computer was not cheap was it? I myself love my computers but do not like the cashier telling me the total when I purchase them new...
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on May 9, 2014
I purchased this as a download and it was overall a great experience. I found my download very easily in my software library and downloading it only took a few minutes. I would only recommend this option though if you have high speed internet, otherwise the download could take awhile. Being able to use it on 3 PCs was also really nice as it was as easy as logging into Amazon from each PC and I was basically done. Norton isn't the best antivirus software out there but for the price it will provide your PC adequate protection.
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on July 10, 2014
I have a long history with Norton security products, mostly good, and this one is pretty good. I'd had problems with one recent version that took out a lot of useful features, such as custom scans, and fortunately this one puts them back. It does everything I need, and it's pretty easy to use. Also, being able to install on three PC's is great, because I was able to install on both my desktop and laptop systems. In fact, this version is overkill for my uses; it has many features I *don't* uses, such as remote backup, identity protection, Facebook cleaning. All I really need is anti-virus, firewall, and registry tuneup, and those work quite well.

Two negatives, though: First, I do not want to use Norton's backup services, since I have another program for that. However, EVERY time I start a scan, Norton prompts me to set up backups; I don't want it, never will, there's no way to tell it to stop asking me, and it gets very tiresome. Also, as you'll see on forums all over the place, Norton has a really whacked definition of "idle time," and will often start doing background scans while I'm actively using my PC. This degrades performance, it can't be stopped in any way, and it will usually resume after a reboot. Seriously, Norton, you really need to have a feature to "stop background scan" when it starts at the wrong time!
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on March 25, 2013
I thought the product was great at first, but I got the iminent browser hijacker. I called Norton tech support for help, and they were wonderful, polite, helpful -- I felt I was in good hands. However, all the things they did failed to remove the problem, so they referred me to another support area which I contacted. This last group wanted me to pay $99 or $139 to remove the problem, which they assured me was serious. That Norton knew how to remove the problem, but wanted to charge extra to do it really offended me. I ended up solving the problem myself after researching it further on the web. I also used Spybot and an Eraser tool I downloaded. It took a long time, but I was able to remove the files this intrusive code had installed on my system. But I will seek out products other than Norton the next time I need to purchase security.
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on July 18, 2013
I've been using Norton 360 for two years, and before that Internet Security for 3 years (to Norton credit, Internet Security ran great until Norton 360), to say I have loyalty to a software is an understatement, but this last Norton 360 2013 is absolute junk. Right after the install, running minimal components, I noticed my computer was not running at full capacity. There seemed to be too many background checks because as soon as I logged in, I was frozen or the PC slowed down to a crawl for literally 5-10 minutes at every single restart and login. That's 5-10 minutes of waiting around until all the checks were done, after that the PC ran smoothly. However, it would occasionally slow down to a crawl again.

Since the install I've had to deal with malware, worms, and bugs which snuck past Norton 360 and it took me hours to recover everything. Two major recoveries were too much for me, I don't want to be Spartan when it comes to home PC security, but I can't risk losing my work.

In the end, I ended uninstalling Norton 360, and installing Avast! Free Antivirus and Spybot Search & Destroy. These two programs seem to be the one-two punch combo which works well on my machine.
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on October 15, 2013
Norton has been my preferred security suite for quite a long time. I have tried other security suite programs and always return to using Norton. Some internet services providers offer free or low-cost security software but they never seem to have the features I've grown accustom from Norton.

Best feature: works with any web browser (internet explorer, chrome, safari, etc....) which helps if like my constant struggle is having to use different web browsers for viewing particular web pages.

It scans when the computer is not being actively used so not to interrupt you. Allows you to back-up to an external hard drive - no more having to use endless amounts of blank CDs or DVDs. Also, has online back-up (cloud storage) with initially some free GBs with the option to purchase more at a yearly fee. Newest version has password safe to securely store logins.

Best to purchase the Norton 360 as it covers not only online use but the entire computer from virus attacks with the feature to download on up to three computers registered to one user.
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on May 3, 2013
I've had Norton as my main computer protection for many years. This year's changes, however, are not pleasing. Norton has changed the vault to their servers and you no longer have the option of a local vault. In addition, there is a very annoying Facebook Share button on the Norton Toolbar that you cannot remove. It is maddening how so many applications assume everyone wants to use Facebook. There was no problem buying and downloading from Amazon for my renewal. It is much cheaper than automatically renewing with Norton or using the Norton site to renew.
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on July 12, 2013
I always used AVG free and one day I started my laptop and I had the FBI scam on it where my camera started and the page wouldn't let me do anything with my computer and asked me to send money through western union. After starting in safe mode I found a way to download a program from Norton which removed the threat. I logged on to Amazon and went ahead and bought this software to help ensure that didn't happen again. I have installed it on 3 pcs and I have not had another incident since. This was a good price and was a good choice.
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