Customer Reviews: Norton Utilities (For 3 PCs) [Download Code]
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on February 17, 2013
I have used Norton SystemWorks and now "Norton Utilities" for over a decade now. I am running Windows 7 so I cannot say how it works on Windows 8, but the box says it is compatible with Win 8.

The main use of this software is to clean up the computer's registry which can become out of touch after multiple software updates and uninstalls. This can lead to slowed operation or even lock-ups of the computer.

Installation note: Before installing any Norton product such as Norton Utilities or Internet Security, always uninstall the previous version first. For some reason, Norton does not gracefully update update if you try to update by nstalling without uninstalling first. I learned this a long time ago. Also, it seems best to install Norton Utilities first before Norton Internet Securiity if you plan to install both.

The good:
Not too obtrusive during normal operation.
It cleans up registry errors so that the computer is more reliable.
Includes a utility that can be used to irretrievably erase files if you want that.

The not so good:
It's clean-up scan not only cleans up cookies and Internet data you don't want but can also erase the passwords stored in Internet explorer of the sites you logged into and wanted saved.
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on February 6, 2013
I installed version 16 on a Windows 7 PC running that was also running Norton Internet Security 2013 and Norton Ghost 15 (after uninstalling Norton Utilities v.15 as required). I ran the recommended "Initial Scan" which, oddly, found lots of registry issues and cleaned out much of my Browser cookies that I wished it would have kept. The big issue, though, is that it "Trashed" the Norton Smart Firewall and it could not be fixed by the NIS program's "Fix Now" option. Then, I noticed that Norton Ghost had "disconnected" and could not reconnect to the system "hooks" it needed. I uninstalled Norton Utilities 16 but the problems remained. I had to completely reinstall the other 2 Norton Programs (which asked for their registration codes again). I then reinstalled Norton Utilities "old" v.15 and all seems to be working again. Maybe also important is that V16 seemed to have few new functions at all, just a new face and easier to follow processes. So, it can mess up your system easier than before! I would recommend that anyone using Symantec's Norton products STAY AWAY FROM THIS VERSION OF NORTON UTILITIES!
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on May 15, 2013
Platform: PC Disc|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've used various Norton products since the 1990s and have used their utilities/tools packages before. However, their software became increasingly demanding on system resources and sometimes caused problems for other programs. So I started trying other products, like Registry Mechanic and iolo lab's System Mechanic.

I was interested in trying this latest version of Norton out after using competing products for the last several years. It didn't win me back over. I find the iolo System Mechanic interface easier to navigate, and their software doesn't cause any problems. Norton's package, on the other hand, sometimes seems to go too far when it cleans things up, causing problems. For example, I set Norton's latest loose on a three-year old build recently. (I build my own PCs.) It's an AMD Phenom II 965BE-based machine running Windows 7 Professional. I allowed Norton Utilities to make some of its suggested changes. Then various programs stopped working. Norton deleted several .dll files that it contended were extraneous. However, programs needed them. Adobe Reader stopped working, among others. I had to repair several program installations after allowing Norton to savage my system. I never had a similar problem with System Mechanic or Registry Mechanic.

Worse, I have a SSD (solid state drive) in that build. Norton Utilities wants to defragment it! You don't defragment SSDs. iolo lab's software recognizes SSDs, treats them appropriately, and can even perform proper optimization on them. Norton, on the other hand, wants to treat SSDs like mechanical hard disks. Bad news. Norton badly needs to improve their software to address newer technologies.

The Norton software doesn't seem as resource intensive now, but it just doesn't compare to other products I've used recently in terms of general trustworthiness. Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice, Norton, shame on me. Install at your own risk. I'm going to be removing this software from my PC promptly, hoping that it didn't do more damage than what I'm already aware of.
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on December 14, 2012
I was using Norton Utilities 14 with no problems - Norton E-Mailed me upgrade offer - I thought why not for $9.99 - well let me just say that $9.99 cost me about 3/4 of a days work to straighten out my computer. Luckly I had my drive cloned & had to revert to the clone to fix the problems. What ever you do, If you decide to try this, make sure to create a restore point so you can un-do it as just removing it does not undo all the problems it creates in the system files etc. Reverting back to Norton Utilities 14 and trying to fix the problems doesn't work either. Be Careful !!!
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on February 16, 2013
I also received an offer from Norton to upgrade from my version 15.0 to 16.0. I tried using it for several months and hated it.
With my older version 15.0, I had no problems at all. It was easy to use. I chose to run it every day at start-up and it
would notify me when I needed to run Norton Speed Disk which allows me to optimize disk and boot performance with one
click or choose to do them individually. This is an excellent product.

With the newer version 16.0, I had to do everything separately. If I chose to run it daily then it would want do everything individually which had my computer locked up so I couldn't use it as it would not allow me to pause it. I tried to schedule
it once a week and it took at least five hours or more to run everything that was needed to get my computer up to speed.
I do not recommend Norton Utilities version 16.0 to anyone.

I contacted Norton by phone and had them help me uninstall Norton Utilities 16.0 and re-install my older version 15.0. They
also put a copy of the software on my desktop in case I ever need it. This I will back up to protect it for future use as I am
not sure my download link in my account is to valid anymore.

Version 15.0 is ESSENTIAL to my computer's well being. I wouldn't be without it.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon February 26, 2013
Platform: PC Disc|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Norton Utilities 16.0 contains several utilities to clean up your computer and possibly speed it up too. Some of them work well, some not as well, and most can be found on the internet in various forms for free. Free utilities such as "CCleaner" and "Wise Care 365" are just a couple. I installed Norton Utilities 16.0 on 2 different systems. One with Windows 7, and one with Windows 8. It installed on both without issue, and under 1 minute.

The good: The Registry Cleaner's deep scan found over 1,500 removable entries that other registry cleaners missed, and the Registry Defragmenter compacted my registry by about 7%. In my opinion, the registry utilities are the best part of the program. The UnErase Wizard may help you recover deleted files, but it's not an 100% sure thing. Disk Doctor can identify some disk problems and fix certain problems.

The bad: The Privacy Cleaner wiped out all of my cookies and saved passwords. This is partially my own fault though for assuming that the utility would only clean out tracking cookies, not all of them. You can configure what it cleans, and not remove any of your cookies. In my opinion, this should be the default setting. I probably won't bother running this again.

The indifferent: Speed Disk, Startup Manager, Registry Restore, are all utilities that you can find elsewhere for free, and none of them stand out as better than the free alternatives.

Add it all together, and I think Norton Utilities 16.0 is a good product. It's fairly inexpensive, and works well. My only reservations are the fact it can be destructive in the wrong hands, and there are free alternatives.
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on March 7, 2013
Platform: PC Disc|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I so, so regret installing this without realizing that I needed to create a Restore point. Now, I'm stuck with it plus all the problems it has created just in the initial run -- read the other 1-star reviews to get examples -- the Firewall tab disappearing erratically, loss of cursor functions in some video applications, slow loading of some Web sites, and interruptions to processing.

I'm surprised because Norton and its owner Symantec are well-established firms with a good reputation. There are many people like myself who are not knowledgeable enough to follow all the options and activities of a complex package like this that works at the operating system level. I'm around 7 on a 10-point expertise scale so I am not a neophyte but I still have to take any new system on trust; I was wary of installing this but consciously decided to try it because it was Norton.A definite error in judgement, alas.

The manual, menus and reports are minimal and often misleading. There are few explanations or advice. So, for instance, the package announces it has found X registry issues without specifying what an "issue" is or what it is doing to address it. Some of the advertised features can't be found easily (if at all; that may be my own fault but there are no help facilities) or generate arcane messages about "manual" disk management and breaches. All in all, I have no idea of what the package does and what I can do to exploit its features without causing some extra problems. I had to trust it bit there is no reagan-ish trust but verify protection. The documentation is about as useful as the "some assembly required" label on o many consumer goods and is just as short and uninformative.

If only I'd not overlooked the fact that installation wipes out Restore points (my own mistake -- there was a screen message) then I could get rid of this non-utile utility. Now I'm stick with it. I recommend you don't take the risk. Check the other negative reviews; I think my experience seems general.
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VINE VOICEon March 26, 2013
Platform: PC Disc|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This product will wreck your computer no matter what you do. I was running Kasperski Internet Security 2013 so I uninstalled it to prevent any conflicts. Once the anti-virus was removed completely I installed the Norton utilities 16 and I almost throw the computer against the wall. There were so many "errors" and "malfunctions" that were corrected and after it Norton was done much of the information was either gone or altered.
I know for a fact my machine was not in such a bad state, I've had it for 6 months. It took me a couple of days to undo the "repairs" of Norton Utilities. My computer was definitely worse after I installed this product, I had to dig deep into my backup drive to figure out what was lost, what was changed and were did everything go because the data was sent all over the hard drive.
This was supposed to be a fixer not a wrecker!
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on November 2, 2013
This product installation does not work, please do not waste your money, I tried to install Norton Utilities 16.0 – User/ 3 PC about 10 x, and failed each time. In addition, Amazon Digital Services Inc did not provide any tab in your ordering list to address when a product fails to download and install. In short, I felt like I have been robbed.
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VINE VOICEon April 3, 2013
Platform: PC Disc|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I enthusiastically used Norton Utilities In DOS and earlier versions of Windows and it saved me from deletions, disk errors,etc.; it also gave a detailed picture of proposed fixes and provided granularity for more or less expert control. Unfortunately, the current wizard-based GUI version which attempts only partially successfully to provide compatibility for a variety of Operating Systems is also unsuccessful in providing a similar level of control over computer operations. Finally I was distressed to note that complete removal of this program is not possible from the control panel but one must download a Norton Removal Utility.

Oh for the early days of Peter Norton's product.
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